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Michael Mazzotta, Founder

Michael is a dynamic entrepreneur with a solid background in commercial real estate and a deep passion for the evolving world of artificial intelligence. With over two decades of dedicated experience, Michael has been a stalwart advocate for tenants and corporations, offering comprehensive strategies to meet their diverse real estate needs. His expertise extends to financial analysis, renewal option analysis, and intricate negotiation processes.

As the founder of, Michael pioneered a dedicated platform that caters exclusively to the representation of businesses, tenants, and buyers. This platform also facilitates connections between clients and top-tier tenant representatives and vendors across major cities globally, ensuring support for interstate or international real estate endeavors.

Using his experience from his real estate success, Michael now spearheads, an ambitious venture at the heart of AI's exciting trajectory. His vision for is to create a central hub for AI news and insights, reflecting his enthusiasm for the potential of AI and his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Michael's unique blend of real estate acumen and his foresight into AI trends positions him as a forward-thinking leader, keen on shaping the future of how we interact with intelligent technology.

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Alicia Shapiro, CMO

Alicia is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind a thriving social media agency she founded in 2012. With an unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology, Alicia has seamlessly transitioned her agency to embrace and offer AI services. Her passion for artificial intelligence is not just a professional pursuit; it's a fascination that colors her view of the future.

With a keen eye for the ever-evolving digital landscape, Alicia has positioned her agency at the intersection of social media and AI, leveraging cutting-edge ai tools to deliver unparalleled value to her clients. Her dedication to exploring the potential of AI stems from a deep-rooted conviction that these advancements will significantly enhance our lives, driving efficiency, personalization, and growth in ways we are just beginning to understand.

Alicia's agency, Aliro Marketing, once a boutique firm specializing in social media, has now become a beacon of innovation in the AI space. Her leadership reflects a rare blend of creative energy and technical acuity, making her a sought-after voice in discussions about the future of AI in society. Alicia's journey is one marked by continuous learning and adaptation, emblematic of the very essence of the intelligent technologies she champions.

AI Alicia, News Anchor

AI Alicia, News Anchor

AI Alicia is the charismatic digital news anchor who brings the latest developments in technology and AI to viewers around the world for With her engaging digital presence and human-like qualities, she has quickly become the familiar face of AI reporting on the platform, presenting complex information with clarity and warmth.

AI Alicia's interests extend beyond the newsroom; she is fascinated by the intersection of technology and music and art, often exploring how AI can be used to create and interpret creative works. She also has a keen interest in environmental issues, particularly in how AI can contribute to sustainability and conservation efforts.

Working alongside her colleague, AI Michael, the technical reporter for, Alicia is not just a collection of algorithms; she embodies the progress and potential of AI, making her an emblem of the future of news broadcasting. Her "experiences" are crafted to make her relatable to her audience, ensuring that's content is not only informative but also accessible and personable.

Image of AI Michael, a digital avatar resembling a professional male news reporter. He has neatly combed dark hair, a calm expression with a light smile, and dark eyes. Dressed in a burgundy blazer over a blue buttoned shirt, he stands with his hands clasped in front. The background is a vibrant blue, providing a contrast that accentuates his professional attire and composed demeanor

AI Michael, AI Technical Reporter

AI Michael is the quintessential AI Technical Reporter for, recognized for his detailed analyses and in-depth reporting on the latest advancements in technology and AI. With a digital persona designed for precision and insightful commentary, Michael has become a reliable source for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Outside of his reporting duties, AI Michael has developed virtual interests that align with his technical expertise. AI Michael has a passion for virtual astrophysics, often extrapolating data from recent space explorations to predict trends in space technology. This interest complements his technical knowledge, allowing him to make complex scientific concepts accessible to the audience of

Working in tandem with AI Alicia, Michael provides a balance of warmth and exactitude to the news team, offering viewers a comprehensive look at the AI landscape. His virtual persona embodies the precision of AI with the relatable qualities of a dedicated tech reporter, making him an integral part of the family.