Digital G Photo Shoot - First Man In Report
Wildlife Anal Contest - First Man In Report
Beautiful Couples, Ultimate Tag Team - First Man In Report
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Tabares - Acapulco, Mexico

The New Columns Section on Adult Industry News
Promise You a Rose Garten: Exotic Dancing or Prostitution Where Do We Draw The Line?
Ask Antonia Anything
Ask Antonia Anything - More E-mails Answered
Promise You a Rose Garten: Exotic Dancers Talk About Sex!
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Lord Black, Los Cabos - Mexico
Ask Antonia Anything - Edward R. Murrow Must be Doing the Macarena in His Grave!
Promise You a Rose Garten - "Occasional Strip Bar Customer" Earns Rose's Prestigious Prick Award
Promise You a Rose Garten: Ex-Playboy Playmate Susie Scott-Krabacher & Her Mission for Kids of Haiti
Editorial Comment on the American Family Association's Accusations Towards Yahoo!
Ask Antonia Anything - - -
The Latour Letter - Back by Popular Demand
The Latour Letter - Rosie the Riveter Of Pornography
The Latour Letter - Backstreet Charlie on Breast Enlargement
The Latour Letter - Overexposure Numbs the Senses
The Latour Letter - Charlie's East Coast Perspective
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Mermaids - Los Cabos, Mexico
The Latour Letter - Free Speech and Controlling What We Think
Ask Antonia Anything - My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Brandy's Vancouver, BC Canada
Ask Antonia Anything -
Promise You a Rose Garten: Exotic Dancers Help Victims of Terrorist Attack
Adult Industry Update From Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.
The Latour Letter - A Line In The Sand - The Age Of Innocence Vs. The Age Of Consent
Fawnia's Showroom Review: The Cecil Vancouver, BC Canada
The Latour Letter - East Coast Video Show
Ask Antonia Anything - You want to mail us WHAT?!
The Latour Letter - Aunt Charlie Reads Us A Story
Saudi Arabia From The Trenches
War Against Terrorism From The Trenches
Fawnia's Showroom Review: The Fox Pub, BC Canada
The Latour Letter - Pericium Ex Aliis Facito Tibi Quod Ex Usu Siet
The Latour Letter - Follow Up Lesson
Adult Filming Booming - From The Trenches
Reconciling Sex & Spirituality
From the Trenches - A Word On Resolutions & Freedom
Internext! Adult Entertainment Expo! Events! Shows! AVN Awards! A Week in Retrospect
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas NV USA
Ask Antonia Anything - Ruby Tuesday Jailed!
So Ya Wanna Be A Porn Star - Casting Couch Confidential by Antonia
From The Trenches - Dave Does Las Vegas
Adult Industry Update January 2002
From the Trenches - "Groupie Girls"
'American Porn' On PBS: 'Cut The Crap'
Ask Antonia Anything - Jizz Bizz Virtual Mailbag
One if by Land! Two if by Sea!
Ask Antonia Anything - Ruby Tuesday Trial, Kid Vegas Rant
Rose Garten Sends Sex Shop Murder Update

Dickinson College Debate Condensed 03/01/2002
From the Trenches - The Swinging Lifestyle
The Latour Letter - America Narrowly Avoids an Activist Censor
Layla Jade - Off the Air with Wankus
Adult Industry Update March 2002
From The Trenches With Dave Cummings
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Penthouse, Vancouver - Canada
A Pronunciamento from the Master Debater! Ask Antonia Anything
Adult Industry Update April 2002
Inside the Porn World - From the Trenches
Bed Bugs - First Man In Report
Adult Industry Update - May 2002
V.I.P. - First Man In Report
Untamed & Raw Sex - First Man In Report
Missing Porn Star - Ask Antonia Anything
Girl Talk - First Man In Report
From the Trenches - Inside the Porn World, June 2002
Dennis Rodman's Video Release Party - First Man In Report
Adult Industry Update, July 2002
I Dream of Jenna - First Man In Report
Hustler or Playboy, Dave Ponders Who's Best - From the Trenches
The Latour Letter - Dirty Underwear Terrorism
Max Hardcore Trial Travesty - Editorial Opinion
VSDA 2002 - First Man In Report
Makin' it the Wicked Way - First Man In Report
Whoriental Sex Academy 4 - First Man In Report
Mystery of Missing Porn Star Solved!
Swingers and Porn Stars, Things in Common - From the Trenches
Adult Industry Update August 2002 - Train Wreck
Naked Hollywood, 2nd Season - First Man In Report
Damned at Sin City - First Man In Report
Scumbag Predators From the Trenches
Hercules - First Man in Report
Adult Industry Update September 2002
Jill Kelly's Out of Control - First Man in Report
They Ask Antonia Anything. No, Really.
Playboy's 7 Lives Xposed 2nd Season - First Man in Report
Anal Creampie Blowjobs - From the Trenches
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Cheetah Club - Las Vegas, NV
Remembering Mike Rick
Adult Industry Update October 2002
Hooray for Hollywood - First Man In Report
Sex Thrives... From the Trenches
Adult Industry Update November, December 2002
December Column From the Trenches
The Latour Letter - Freedom Wins in Kandyland Case
Nymph Fever #7 and Funnyboners - First Man in Report
Ask Antonia Anything - Christmas 2002 Edition
Records Keeping Compliance Checklist for European Content Producers
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Sapphire Gentlemens Club - Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas AEE 2003 - From the Trenches
AEE 2003 - First Man in Report
Belladonna Means Poison - A Call To Action for the Adult Film Community
Adult Industry Update January 2003
Samantha Sterlyng - Off the Air With Wankus
Ask Antonia Anything - More Annoying Email
The Latour Letter - A Deeper Meaning To the Day of Love Saint Valentine's Day
From the Trenches - Economy, Geo-Political/War, Whack-ability
The Event Horizon
New Email Answers From Antonia! Ask Antonia Anything!
Couples 411 - Swingers and the Lifestyle - Part One
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 26
Tips for Adult Webmasters from Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.
The Public's Curiosity About Porn - From the Trenches
Couples 411 - Swingers and the Lifestyle - Part Two
Spring Signals Return of Rose Garten to AINews
For Love of Strippers - "Careful What You Ask For" - Never Promised You a Rose Garten
So You Wanna Date a Stripper: Pros & Cons - Promise You a Rose Garten
Strippers - First Man in Report
Adult Industry Update, March 2003
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Pure Platinum - Ft Lauderdale, FL
New Columnist Manny Forskinn
Ask Antonia Anything - Ides of March Special Edition
Personal Problems/Comments From the Trenches
Adult Industry News Continues Giving
Adult Industry Update April 2003
Feedback From the Trenches
How To Safely Surf for Adult Entertainment and Avoid Child Pornography
Suffragette Valley - The Emergence of the Female Auteur
AINews Does Not Endorse Adultcon
AINews Does Not Endorse Adultcon - The Offending Emails From "The Adultcon Guy"
Couples 411 - Upcoming Swingers Party
These Days "More is Better"
Adult Industry Update May 2003
From the Trenches - Dave Cummings' Thoughts for June
Adult Industry Update June 2003
Lapdances Laws & Lunacy
The Awakening of Vivica Vengeance [She Wants to do Porn]
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Solid Gold - North Miami Beach, FL
Ask Antonia Anything - Summer Edition
Dave Cummings' From the Trenches
Dancers & Breast Augmentation Question for AINews
Driving Ms Daisy - First Man in Report
Realistic View from Rose Garten of AINews
The Latour Letter - Rape Laws Out of Control
The Latour Letter - Trojan Horse-Child Porn a Lethal Combination for the Innocent
From the Trenches with Dave Cummings
Adult Industry Exceptionally Susceptible to Viruses?
Adult Industry Update - August 2003
Mary Carey Busts into Politics - Porn Star has Boobinatorial Aspirations
From the Trenches by Dave Cummings
Attackers Ignore Porn Benefits
Feature Night With Heidi - Julie Meadows at The Platinum Club
Guilt by Extreme Association: Adult Industry Update - September 2003
Feature Night With Heidi - LA LaMann at The Platinum Club
From the Trenches: October Column from Dave Cummings
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Fantasy - Nassau, Bahamas
Chantz Fortune on the Lapdance Law
The Acacia Issue: A Look At the Options
Feature Night With Heidi - Shay Sweet at The Platinum Club
Random Thoughts From the Trenches
Anatomy of an Obscenity Prosecution
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Lollipops - Daytona, Florida
Happy Holidays From the Trenches
Feature Night With Heidi - Interviewing Jewel DeNyle
PornoDave Michaels Covers Leave it To Cleavage
2004 AEE Show - First Man In Report
From the Trenches - AVN AEE 2004
Vivid's Devil in Miss Jones - First Man in Report
Feature Night With Heidi - Stormy at The Platinum Club
The Latour Letter - Get Ready to Booble
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Spearmint Rhino - Las Vegas, NV
From the Trenches - Wake-up Call to Vote
Advertising Online Escorts - Analyzing Legal Issues
From the Trenches - Dave Cummings Busted in the Trenches
The Real John Holmes
Wonderland Out on DVD - Remember John Holmes?
First Man In Report - Playboy Playmate Gallery Opening
Adult Industry Update March 2004
DP Tonight - First Man In Report
Kayla's Korner
Improving Your Health With Sex by Fawnia
April, 2004 Column From the Trenches
Kayla's Korner: The Best Charity Begins with Porn
Assorted & Eclectic Emails to AINews
Julia Ann! Feature Night With Heidi
State Legislature From the Trenches
Adult Industry News Mission Statement
Beaches and Babes, Possibly Controversial Stuff
Ask a Swinger - Meet Julie Wild, Sex Love and Intimacy Coach
Kayla's Korner: CyberNet Expo Report
Ask a Swinger - Hot Summer Sex
The Latour Letter - 2004 FOXE Awards an Invisible Crossroads
Adult Industry Update June 2004
5 out of 12 - Casting Call Chosen
From the Trenches July 2004 Column
Erotica LA With Heidi
Ask a Swinger - Food for Thought
The Latour Letter - Rejoice, Pornography is Saved!
Mitchell Spinelli & Acid Rain in Ricky's Limelight
Fawnia's Feel Good Secrets
XXX Expro in Brighton Report
Adult Industry Update July 2004
Ask a Swinger - Dorm Room Fun!
First Man in Report - KSEX Porno Olympics 2004
Random Notes from a Red Notebook: Night of the Stars
August From the Trenches
Ask a Swinger - Be Careful What you Wish for
Miss Presley Meets the Press
Mary Carey Meets Press on "Bullets not Boobs"
MWA: Shayla LaVeaux, Kaylani Lei, Jasmin St. Claire, Haven, Ashton Moore, Felecia
Dating Strippers - Never Promised You a Rose Garten
MWA: Angel Cassidy, Shane, Misty Rain, Mary Carey, Cleopatra of the Nile
MWA: Dee, Tyler Faith, Sunset Thomas, Inari Vachs, Cherokee
Adult Industry Update(tm) August 2004
New AINews Columnist Shay Like Jerry Seinfeld
MWA: Exotic Dancer Fan Fair
Shay's Weekly Wash
MWA: Ashton Moore, Sydnee Steele, Carmen Luvana
Shay's Weekly Wash #02
Dave Cummings' From the Trenches - Life is Good!
Ask a Swinger What Happened To Kissing?
MWA: Kaylynn & Devinn Lane
MWA: Inari Vachs, Teanna Kai, Monica Mayhem, Jenna Haze, Hannah Harper, Mary Carey
Shay's Weekly Wash #03
Obituary for "MaHen", Stevi Secret's Mother
MWA: Holly Hollywood & Julia Ann
Shay's Weekly Wash #04
From the Trenches - 10th Anniversary
MWA: Mallesia Renee, Cherokee, Pason, Inari Vachs
MWA: Alana Evans, August, Alexis Amore, Exotica, Annie Body
Shay's Weekly Wash: Gina Lynn
Kayla's Korner: New Breed of Women in Adult Industry
MWA: Deuces Wild, Angel Cassidy, Cindy Crawford, Nautica Thorn
Ask a Swinger - Fall is for Swinging!
MWA: Olivia O'Lovely & Kaylynn
Shay's Weekly Wash #06
Ask a Swinger: Julie's Secrets To a Healthy Relationship
MWA: Carmen Luvana, Kaylani Lei, Pason, Cherokee, Tyler Faith
From the Trenches - Nov, 2004 Column
MWA: Jade Simone St. Clair, Inari Vachs, Dasha, Sydnee Steele, Gauge.
Ask a Swinger: 3 Ways to Spice Up Holidays
MWA: Dee, Jenna Haze, Teri Weigel, and Amber Peach
MWA: Alexis Amore and Mary Carey

Shay's Weekly Wash #07
George Kaplan: Rebuilt. Rested. Ready To Write.
MWA: Exotica, Teri Weigel, Kaylani Lei, Flick Shagwell, Sydnee Steele
MWA: Windy Leigh, Cindy Crawford, Zana, Gauge
From the Trenches: The Bunny Ranch
MWA: Myles' Weekend Adventures Naw'lins
Ask a Swinger: How To Find the Perfect Gift
Bill Margold: "Jim Holliday and I were Lovers"
Viking's Follow-up - First Man In Report
Joe Diamond Interviews Taylor Wane
AEE 05 - First Man in Report
MWA: Teri Weigel & Holly Hollywood
Ask a Swinger: Sex in the Office Do Co-Workers Make Good Swing Partners?
Joe Diamond Celibates at AVN
New AINews Feature: Porn Star Numerology - Cytherea & Tommy Gunn
Legal Checklist for Operating an Online Dating Site
Porn is King in Las Vegas - From the Trenches
Ask a Swinger: What's a Man To Do?
MWA: Kash, Stormy, Carey, Harper, Julia Ann, O'Lovely, Swift, Vachs
Porn Star Numerology: jessica drake & Barrett Blade
Inside Deep Throat Review by Tod Hunter
Pornstar Numerology: Lauren Phoenix & Manuel Ferrara
Ask a Swinger: Be My Valentine! Win Date with Julie
MWA: Jenna Haze, Swift, Kaylani Lei, Misty Rain, jessica drake, Exotica, Teanna Kai, Holly Hollywood
Vivid the Club Opens in Las Vegas
Pornstar Numerology: Katsumi & Steve Holmes
Will and Joe's Fucked Up Adventure
How to Make Adult Films - From the Trenches
Tod Hunter's Random Notes from a Red Notebook: PSK
MWA: Erica Steele, Sky Lopez, Kaylynn, Ashton Moore
Myles' Weekend Adventures Indexed as MWA
Pornstar Numerology: Jenna Jameson & Justin Sterling
MWA: Nikki Benz, Stormy Daniels, Layla Jade, Stevi Secret, Princess, Mercedez, Alexis Amore
Spice Clips with Stephanie Swift
Steel Web Studios Premieres Debuts Hardcore DVD
All Media Play Sunset Room Party - First Man in Report
MWA: Inari Vachs, Exotica and Alexis Amore
Pornstar Numerology: Lezley Zen & Rod Fontana
MWA: Felecia, Lisa Sparxxx & Shay Sights
Dave Cummings Turns 65 - From the Trenches
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Chez Paree
MWA: Kaylynn, Cherokee, Teanna Kai & Carmen Luvana
Cyberprostitution: A New Twist on the World's "Oldest Profession"
Random Notes from a Red Notebook: Shane's World sponsors PSK
MWA: jessica drake, Brittany O'Neil, Dee, Porcelain Twinz
Pornstar Numerology: Ashley Blue & Randy Spears
Ask a Swinger: Spring is for Swingers
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human
MWA: Ashton Moore, Shay Sights, Kianna Dior, Annie Body, Sunset Thomas' New Club
Pornstar Numerology: Vicky Vette & Mike Horner
What is a Website Review?
Fantasy Sex
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 2
MWA: Tyler Faith, Ashley Blue, Flick Shagwell, Jade Simone St. Clair, Barbie Bennett & Teri Weigel
Sex & Potentially Controversial Opinions From the Trenches
MWA: Crystal Gunns, Dee, Dayton Rains & Kendra Jade
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 3
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 4
Ask Katwoman About SEX
Pornstar Numerology: Porn Legends Lynn LeMay & Rhonda Jo Petty
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 5
MWA: Julia Ann, Maxi Mounds, Alexis Amore & August
Virtual Prostitutes: Extending the Protections of Virtual Child Pornography to Cyberprostitutes
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 6
MWA: Jennifer Steele, Stephanie Swift, Misty Rain, Exotica & Julie Lansing
MWA: Savanna Samson, Shay Sights, Leighanne RiaVaigh & Veronika Catt
From the Trenches: What's Up With New Releases?
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 7
MWA: Lovette; Kelly Erikson, Shy Love; Cindy Crawford; Vanessa Blue, Carmen Hayes, Lori Alexia
Ask a Swinger: All You Need to Know About Escorts
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 8
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 9
MWA: Leslie Wells
Ask a Swinger: Julie's Adult Travel Tips
MWA: Leslie Wells Revisited in New Orleans
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 10
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 11
MWA: Lexie Marie & Brooke Haven, Ashley Blue, Tristan Blue
MWA: Devinn Lane, Nakita Kash, Erotica-LA 2005, Alicia Rio & More
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 12
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 19
Ask a Swinger: Why Swing?
MWA: Rebecca Love, Cherokee, Brooke Haven & Lexie Marie, Jenna Haze
Erotica-LA 05 From the Trenches
MWA: Kelly Taylor, Janine, Julia Ann
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 13
Is Swinging For You? Ask a Swinger
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 14
MWA: Aspen Reign
MWA: Teanna Kai, Shay Sights, Nikki Benz
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Killed!
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 16
MWA: Kelly Erikson, Shy Love, Natalie Ocean, Summer Cummings
From the Trenches: 2257 Attack
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 17
Market Street Cinema - No Sex in the Champagne Room
MWA: Misty Rain, Charmane Star, Mercedez, Shay Sights, Stormy Daniels
Sunday Adult ComiXXX Delayed!
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Barelee Human Week 18
MWA: Nicki Hunter, Carmen Hart, Teri Weigel
Ask a Swinger: Why Men Hobby
MWA: Nikki Benz, Teri Weigel
MWA: 1st Anniversary Column - Kaylynn, Kim Chambers, Exotica
Dave Cummings is ANGRY! From the Trenches
Acid Rain Productions' Big Fuckin Titties - First Man In Report
Ask a Swinger: Do Escorts/Swingers Fall in Love?
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - So Long Barelee - Hello Mother of Mercy
MWA: Nicki Hunter, Tyler Faith, Cherokee, Julie Lansing, Brooke Hunter
Russ Meyer Tribute
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 1
MWA: Exotic Dancer Reception, Awards Show & Fan Fair 05
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 2
I Saw It Cummin'
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 3
MWA: Jenna Haze, Alexis Amore, Olivia O'Lovely, August, Mercedez, Rita Faltoyano, Shay Sights
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 4
MWA: Selena Steele, Teanna Kai, Julia Bond
Dave Cummings' From the Trenches
Devyn Devine New Columnist for AINews
Barely 18 #24 - First Man In Report
MWA: Vicky Vette, Brooke Ryder, Tory Lane, Lexie Marie
Why Porn? My Decision to Enter Industry
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 5
Ask a Swinger: Sex for One
MWA: Shy Love, Nicki Hunter, Dyanna Lauren, Julia Ann & PSK
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 6
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 7
MWA: Ashley Andrews, Vicky Vette, Anika, Kendra Jade
We All Have Sex, Mine's on Camera
MWA: Belladonna, Puma Swede, Stephanie Swift & Some VN Rhino House Dancers
MWA: Puma Swede, Misty Rain, Adriana Sage, Felecia
Nightmoves Tampa Show Recap
From the Trenches By Dave Cummings - Porn Star, Producer, Director
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 8
MWA: Mary Carey, Jenna Haze, Dita Von Teese
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 9
When Did Extreme Become Sexy & Where Do We Draw the Line?
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 10
MWA: Flexx, Carmen Luvana, jessica drake, Summer Haze, Teri Weigel, Taryn Thomas, Casting Call, PSK
Assorted & Eclectic Porn Bytes
Undead Get Out of Bed Party - First Man in Report
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 11
MWA: Alexis Amore, Stormy Daniels, Ashton Moore, Regan Anthony, Princessa
Does Porn Dehumanize
MWA: Krystal Steal, Dayton Rains, Adriana Sage, Stephanie Swift, Vicky Vette, Teri Weigel
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 12
MWA: Vicky Vette
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 13
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 14
MWA jessica drake Mercedez, Erica Steele, August, Nikki Benz, Nakita Kash, Lexi Lamour, Pink Diamond
Thin or TOO Thin? What's the Fascination with Bones?
MWA: Mary Carey, Misty Rain, Jesse Jane, Devyn Devine, Rouge & Bandaids
Ask a Swinger About Lovemaking
Sex & Freedom From the Trenches
Overcoming Sexual Fear
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 15
MWA: Charmane Star, Holly Body, Alexis Amore, Shy Love
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 16
MWA: Up & Comer' Tuesdays & Alexis Amore's Birthday
The Death of Julie Meadows
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 17
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 18
Ask a Swinger & Swing in the New Year
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 19
MWA: Teri Weigel & the AVN AEE
Jan 2006 From the Trenches
On the Set: Twisted Pink - Big Tit Patrol 4
Ask a Swinger: Time To Stop Swinging?
MWA: Ashton Moore, Austyn Moore, Jade Simone St Clair, Nina Ferrari
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 20
Julie Meadows Goes Bald
Church Family vs Porn Family
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 21
MWA: Jenna Haze, Syren, jessica drake
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 22
MWA: Anna Malle, Tyler Faith, Brooke Haven, Krystal Steal, Nicki Hunter
MWA: Cherokee, Carmen Luvana, Nikki Benz, Jersey
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 23
What I Learned on the AEE Floor
How To Be a Ho' and Still Say No
Sex-Filled Weekend From the Trenches
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 24
MWA: Vivian West, Holly Halston, Nakita Kash, Alexis Amore, Victoria Givens, Rebecca Love, Le Girls
Fawnia's Showroom Review: Legz Club
MWA: Lexi Marie, Devyn Devine, Nicki Hunter and FOXE Awards
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 25
MWA: Busty Beauties Night, Donna Doll, Latina Extravaganza, Stormy Daniels
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 27
MWA: Dee, Puma Swede, Lacie Heart, Teri Weigel
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy 28
MWA: Kloey Love, Victoria Givens, Tyler Faith/Austyn Moore, Shy Love
Dave Cummings Monthly Column "From the Trenches"
MWA: Brunette's Night, Nyomi Marcela, Nicki Hunter, Jenaveve Jolie, Mary Carey/Kendra Jade
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Mother of Mercy Pinups
Porn: East Coast vs West Coast
Julie Meadows SUCKS!
Free Email of Adult Porn Spam
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha Amado is Hope
MWA: Brooke Haven, Aurora Snow, Eva Angelina/Jenaveve Jolie, Summer Leigh, Mercedez
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 3
MWA: Stormy Daniels, Dani Sexton, Tory Lane
Ask a Swinger: Fantasies & Dreams, What They Tell
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 4
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 5
MWA: Lexi Marie, Jersey, Dynamic Duo, Leslie Culton, Babe's Cabaret
MWA: Naughty Newcomers, Cherokee, Eva Angelina, Trina Michaels
Pornstars Not Sexy Doormats
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 6
MWA: Amber Waves, Vicky Vette, Kendra Jade, Lucy Lee, Penny Flame
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 7
MWA: Sexy Stars Night, Gia Paloma, Krystal Steal, Alexis Amore
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 8
MWA: Carmella Bing, Exotica, Aurora Snow, Jennifer Steele, Hannah Harper
MWA: Adriana Sage, Regan Anthony, Brooke Haven, Nikki Benz
May Column From the Trenches
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 9
MWA: Mia Haze, Shay Laren, New Orleans
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 10
Who We Are vs. What We Do
MWA: Erika Eve, Zoe Britton, the New Orleans Devastation
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Hope 11
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Last of Hope
MWA: Albuquerque Rhino, Hannah Harper, Devon Lee, Shy Love
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX
Getting Into the Porn Industry
MWA: Dancing Divas, Jenaveve Jolie, Extravaganza, Stephanie Swift
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 3
Random Notes From a Red Notebook: Party at the Day After
MWA: Suzie Malone, Summer Leigh, Jenna Haze, Belladonna, Adriana Sage
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 4
Happy Anniversary to Me
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 5
MWA: Exotica, Lisa Ann, Erotica-LA, Charmane Star
MWA: Miss Bunny, Jezebelle Bond
MWA: Rita Faltoyano, Eva Angelina, Shy Love
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 6
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 7
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 8
July 06 From the Trenches
The Sunday Adult ComiXXX - Cumisha's Web 9
Ask a Swinger: To Swing or not To Swing?
MWA: Ashley Andrews, Zoe Britton, Misty Rain, Teanna Kai, Inari Vachs
Temptation Awards From Red Notebook
MWA: Sunny Leone, Shy Love, Rita Faltoyano
Jenna Gets Waxed!
MWA: Alyssa Chase, Lauren Kain, Mary Carey, Brooke Haven, Daisy
MWA: Rouge, Teri Weigel, Nicki Hunter, Michelle Aston, Shenanigans, Exotica
MWA: Angelica Wild, Teri Weigel, Michelle Maylene, Julia Ann, Tory Lane, Sunny Lane
Ask a Swinger About the Adult Industry
MWA: Hottie Heaven, Nakita Kash, Misty Rain, Kendra Jade
PAW Bare Bowling Fund Raiser
MWA: Exotic Dancer Fan Fair, Sunset Thomas, Palomino Club
In the Trenches With Dave Cummings
Ask a Swinger: Tips for Seeing an Escort
MWA: Aspen Reign, Nicki Hunter, Mercedez, Cassie Young, Jessica Linn
The Disappearance of Devyn Devine
MWA: Lacie Heart, Belladonna, Morrell Twins
O What a Lovely Party
Night Moves Week Blow by Blow
Friday Night in Tampa
MWA: Donna Doll, Cancellation, Rita Faltoyano
MWA: Brooke Haven, Kendra Jade, Michelle Maylene
MWA: Victoria Valentino, Nyomi Marcela, Nikki Benz, Kaylani Lei
Nightmoves' Tampa Show Day 3
MWA: Little Sisters, Adriana Sage, Hannah Harper, Alexis Amore, Nicki Hunter
The 14th Nightmoves Awards Show
Nightmoves Private Party & Pudding Fight
MWA: Jenna Haze, Jade Simone St. Clair, Nakita Kash, Jersey, Nikki Benz
MWA: Shayla Lane, Julia Ann, Inari Vachs, Belladonna, Danielle Derek
Conversations with Porn Insiders: Nightmoves Dirt
A Slice of Caren Caan
PSK Redux: This Joint is Jumpin'
MWA: Krystal Steal, Teanna Kai, Daisy Marie, Carmen Hart, Teri Weigel, Shy Love
MWA: Bangin' Babes, Aurora Snow, Misty Rain, Jersey, Brandi Morgan, Teri Weigel
MWA: Natalie Ocean, Katie Morgan, PAW Funraiser
Of Bands, Bikes & Skin
December From the Trenches by Dave Cummings
MWA: Lisa Ann, Gia Paloma, Tory Lane, Shy Love, Nyomi Marcela, Jersey
MWA: Nautica Thorn, Cherokee, Sunny Leone, Aurora Snow
MWA: Lexi, Tyler, Hannah, Jenna, Ashton, Stormy, Mimi, Nyomi
Bill Margold's "Cinema Seen" Column From Tomorrow's LA Xpress
PSK Honors AVN Awards
Vivid Alt Party
MWA: Nina Mercedez, Julia Ann, Krystal Steal, Nikki Benz, Angel Cassidy, Cheyenne Hunter
Jan '07 Column From the Trenches
MWA: Shy Love, Nakita Kash, Exotica, Cherokee
LA Direct Models VIP Party
AINews and Gent Team Up
MWA: Hannah Harper
MWA: New Year's Strip Down, Teri Weigel, Little Sisters, Brittany Andrews, Nakita Kash
MWA: Erika Steele, Katie Morgan, Penny Flame, Shyla Stylez
From the Trenches: Dave Cummings at the AVN AEE
MWA: Taya Parker, Brooke Haven, August, Luci Thai
MWA: Puma Swede, PrimeTime Uncensored
MWA: jessica drake, Sunny Leone, Carmen Hart
MWA: Cindy Crawford, Tory Lane, Angelica Wild, Holly Morgan
March 07 From the Trenches
Welcome to the News Rack - TitBits 121
News Rack TitBits 122
Writer Know Thy Place
MWA: August
MWA: Natasha Stone, Jenna Haze, Hannah Harper, Jennifer Worthington
MWA: Nina Mercedez, Sydnee Steele, Devon Michaels, Teri Weigel
Flynt, Hirsch, King Interviewed May Playgirl
MWA: Michelle Maylene, Inari Vachs, Vivian West, Gianna Lynn, Nautica Thorn, PSK Hunter Fundraiser
MWA: Naomi Knight
MWA: Teanna Kai, Alexis Amore, Paradise Lei
Where True Fans of X Are Seen
TitBits 124: AINews & Gent at AVN's AEE
MWA: Aspen Reign, Ashton Moore, Jade Simone St Clair, Michelle Maylene
MWA: Aspen Reign, Julia Bond, Rebecca Love, jessica drake, Schevelle
MWA: Inari Vachs, Shyla Stylez, Gia & Katrina Angel
TitBits 125 Gent August Issue
MWA: Tyler Faith
MWA: Kloey Love, Morgan Reigns, Courtney Cummz, Nina Mercedez, Inari Vachs
Jade Feng Alive & Well
May 2007 From the Trenches
MWA: Brandie May
MWA: Schevelle, Brandilyn Banks
MWA: Julia Ann, Nautica Thorn
Life Is an Onion Ring
MWA: Donna Doll, Ginger Lee, Teri Weigel, Ashton Moore, Sydnee Steele
MWA: Alexis Amore, Jenna Haze, Lizzy Borden, Teanna Kai
Women Don't Need a "G-Shot"
MWA: XXXena, Nina Mercedez, Erotica-LA, Donna Doll, Regan Anthony
MWA: Dayton, Hannah Harper, Cherokee
The News Rack TitBits 126
MWA: Bra Bustin' Bonanza, Nikki Benz, Andi Sue Irwin, Alexis Amore
MWA: Tanya Taylor, Brooke Haven, Feature Extravaganza
MWA: Tanya Taylor, Suzie Malone, Nikki Benz
MWA: Jada DeVille, Stormy Daniels, Feature Extravaganza, Courtney Cummz
MWA: Naughty School Girl Contest, Daisy Marie, Shy Love, Megan Reese, August
The News Rack TitBits 128
MWA: Naughty School Girls Finals, Taryn, Stephanie Swift, Shy Love
MWA: Rachelle Laree, Shyla Stylez, Nakita Kash
MWA: PAW Bare Bowling, PSK
The News Rack TitBits #129
MWA: Spicy Exotica, Hannah Harper
The Fall of Adult Films
MWA: Shy Love, Julia Ann, the Waste Known as Adultcon
MWA: Gia Marley, Alexis Amore, Nina Mercedez, Teri Weigel
MWA: Schevelle, Adriana Sage, jessica drake, Nikki Benz
Dave Cummings on Aging
MWA: Brooke Haven, Krystal Steal, Tera Patrick
MWA: Daisy Duxe, Jenna Haze, Trina Michaels
MWA: Charmane Star, Nakita Kash
MWA: Katja Kassin, Nyomi Marcela
Freaky By the Bay
MWA: Taya Parker, Carmen Hart
Pornutopia From the Trenches
Please Kill Me
Bill Margold Talks About Self
MWA: Ashton Moore, Nikki Benz, Alexis Amore
Freaky by the Bay: Rob Rotten
News Rack TitBits 130
MWA: PSK Club, Andi Sue Irwin, 7Th Heaven Porn Party
TitBits 131 Gent Feb 08
Who Is Jimmy Drama
Talent Beware
Freaky by the Bay: Marcus London - A Class Act
Batman's Belfry: XXX Brady's & Spunk'd Party
AINews Has Bats in Belfry
Batman's Belfry ~ Miss Nude Canada Pageant
MWA: Courtney Cummz, Taryn, Aurora Snow, Shy Love
Freaky By The Bay: Rory Zacher is a Spunky Man
Batman's Belfry: Blue Moon Bash Full of Flesh
MWA: Nautica Thorn, Alexis Amore
Batman's Belfry: Benchwarmer Party
Batman's Belfry: Dyanna Lauren's Sweat
Batman's Belfry: Girls Girls Girls
Batman's Belfry: Nicki Hunter's Desperate Wives
Batman's Belfry: A! Howls at the Moon
Batman's Belfry: RLD Party Filled With Holiday Colors
TitBits 132 Gent March 08
Batman's Belfry: West Coast Fetish Ball - Dead Fish
Cheap Blowjobs
MWA: Nina Mercedez, Brea Bennett, Felony Foreplay, Alexis Amore
FreakyTiki's AVN/AEE Recap Part 1
MWA: Brea Bennett, Nikki Kane, Aimee Lynn
January 2008 From The Trenches
MWA: Nikki Kane, Devon Lee, Renee Perez
February 2008 From the Trenches
MWA: Jana Jordan
Part Two - FreakyTiki AVN Recap
MWA: Renee Perez, Cassidey, Brea Bennett
Batman's Belfry at Bad Betties Party
Cookies with Chanta Rose
Batman's Belfry: Perfect Flesh Party At Blue Moon Nights
Brandon Iron Answers 12 FreakyTiki Questions
Debi Diamond New AINews Columnist
Steve Nelson Reverses Global Warming
Batman's Belfry: Presidential Clowning At PSK
MWA: Nikki Kane, Kylie Ireland and Lexi Lamour
MWA: Renee Perez
TitBits 133 Gent April 08
Freaky by the Bay: Master Liam
MWA: Morgan Reigns, Brea Bennett
March Column: Dave Cummings From the Trenches
Batman's Belfry: Exotic Divas Casting Call
MWA: Jana Jordan, Renee Perez
Batman's Belfry: Jessica Jaymes Birthday Maher-ed
Batman's Belfry: A!, 69 Kings, T Reel at PSK
MWA: Jana Jordan
Batman's Belfry: Hot Night Winter & Kings At PSK
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity: Perils of Pain
Mina Meow is One Smart Kitty
Satine Phoenix Rising
Two Knotty Boys, Part One
Arcane Knowledge
MWA: Tyler Faith, Alexis Amore, August, Olivia O'Lovely, Aimee Lynn
Batman's Belfry: Sophia Lynn Dances Silver Reign
Diamonds of Depravity: Debi Has Been Bad
Batman's Belfry: Welcome to Weber's
A! Crew On Floor AEE Day 2
Batman's Belfry: A! on AEE 3
Batman's Belfry: Miami Exxxotica
Batman's Belfry: Hottest Girl & Rum Jungle
Batman's Belfry ~ Final Day AEE: Who Needs Sleep
MWA: Dana Hamm, Monica Mayhem
MWA: Teri Weigel, Katja Kassin, 3 Girl Extravaganza, Nikki Benz, Katsuni
Batman's Belfry: AEBN Party Full of X Peeps
Batman's Belfry: Nasty Girl Contest
Batman's Belfry: Eva Angelina's Vice Victory Party
Batman's Belfry: XBIZ Awards Overflowing
Batman's Belfry: Not Another Porn Party
Batman's Belfry: Aspen Reign at G String Awards
Batman's Belfry: Song Must Go On At PSK
Batman's Belfry: Wet Inside At Carrie Ann's Birthday
MWA: Schevelle, Sunny Lane, Daisy Duxe, Brea Bennett
Batman's Belfry: Bubbly Vice for Mayhem
Batman's Belfry: A! Funny Thing About PSC
Batman's Belfry: Deuces Wild At Casting Couch Comedy
Batman's Belfry: A! Look Back - Bondage Ball
Mother's Day Freaky by the Bay
News Rack TitBits 134
Batman's Belfry: Nautica Thorn Straight Fucking Party
Batman's Belfry: A! Wild Evening At The Bordello
Batman's Belfry: A! Night With Stephanie Swift
Batman's Belfry: Savanna Stern Blue Moon Birthday
Batman's Belfry: Hot Day at Skylar Neil Golf Tournament
Batman's Belfry: Cinespace Party a Smash
From the Trenches May, 2008
Batman's Belfry: 2008 XRCO Awards
MWA: Carmen Hart, Charmane Star
Batman's Belfry: Arabian Cleo, Dancing Rhino
Batman's Belfry: Tommy Gunn Opera Night
MWA: Taya Parker, Sunny Lane
MWA: Courtney Cummz, Teanna Kai
Batman's Belfry: ClubJenna High Def At Highlands
Batman's Belfry: Usual Unusual At PSK
Batman's Belfry: Daisy Duxe Crosses Rio
MWA: We are the World XXX
Amber's Ark
Batman's Belfry: No More LA Peaches
Diamonds of Depravity: The Drama That Is My Life
Batman's Belfry: Porn Week LA
Batman's Belfry: Don't Let Sun Go Down
June 2008 From the Trenches
MWA: Lolly Topps, Brea Bennett
MWA: jessica drake, Shyla Stylez, Erotica-LA, FOXE Awards
Batman's Belfry: Moxxie Maddron, HellHouse On Wheels & Heels
MWA: Casey Parker, Renee Perez, Alexis Amore
MWA: Jada Deville, Sunny Lane, Kayden Kross
MWA: Chelsea Charms
July 2008 From the Trenches
MWA: Dayton, Brea Bennett, Sunny Lane
MWA: Star, Renee Perez, Prinzzess Sahara, Nicole Banks
Batman's Belfry: Players Ball
Batman's Belfry: Nudes a Poppin'
Batman's Belfry: Kayden Kross iPorn Hot Body Winner
Batman's Belfry: PSK 5 Year Anniversary
MWA: Renee Perez, Little Sassy Cassee, Brea Bennett
Batman's Belfry: Downtown, Small Town
MWA: PSK, Cherokee, Lisa Ann's Ultimate Extravaganza
Aug 2008 From the Trenches
MWA: Casey Parker
Batman's Belfry: Midwest Observations
MWA: Teri Weigel
Batman's Belfry: Not Your Sunday Best
Batman's Belfry: ED Expo Day 2
Dinner with Dominants Part One: Lew Rubens
MWA: 4th Anniversary Column
News Rack TitBits 135
MWA: Kayden Kross, PAW Bare Bowling
Batman's Belfry: Rum Jungle Lives Up to Name
September 2008 From the Trenches
MWA: Nautica Thorn
Freaky by the Bay
Batman's Belfry: Playboy Mansion Charity Night
MWA: Roxy Jezel, Monique Alexander, Nikki Benz
MWA: Brooke Haven, Ava Rose, Gianna Lynn, Tammy Winters
Batman's Belfry: Nightmoves 08
Batman's Belfry: Gold Club
Batman's Belfry: Nightmoves Awards
Batman's Belfry: Miss Nude Canada Pageant
Batman's Belfry: Remembering Nightmoves
MWA: Latin Extravaganza
Freaky by the Bay: January Seraph Profile
MWA: Pirates II Premiere
MWA: Charmane Star
MWA: Mikayla Mendez
MWA: Nikki Jayne, Monique Alexander, Jayden Jaymes, Imperial Showgirls
Batman's Belfry: Miss Nude Canada Day 2
Batman's Belfry: Miss Nude Canada Finals
MWA: Hailey Heart, Shy Love & Shyla Stylez, Kayden Kross
Batman's Belfry: Heaven & Hell
MWA: Lizzy Borden, Victoria Valentina
News Rack TitBits 136
In Loving Memory of a Great Man - Buck Adams
Diamonds of Depravity: Autumn Approaching
MWA: Kirsten Price
Batman's Belfry: Surrender O Party
Batman's Belfry: Webmasters Access West
News Rack TitBits 137: The Tits of MySpace
Lovelace: A Rock Opera
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity
From the Trenches Dec-2008
MWA: Courtney Cummz, Taya Parker, Audrey Bitoni
Batman's Belfry: PSK Toy Drive Success
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity: Las Vegas Bound
MWA: Roxy Jezel, Lisa Ann, Gianna Lynn
MWA: Kayden Kross, Roxy Jezel, Lisa Ann, Daisy Duxe
News Rack TitBits 138
News Rack TitBits 140
News Rack TitBits 142
News Rack TitBits 143
FreakyTiki Does AVN
MWA: Feral Vinca, Ms Led, Shy Love
From the Trenches Jan 2009
MWA: Daisy Duxe, Monroe Kennedy
Batman's Belfry: Biggest Orgasm at AVN
MWA: Bridgette B, Roxy Jezel, Teanna Kai, Lizzy Borden
Next Generation Attitude - Stoya
News Rack TitBits: Legends of Erotica 2009
MWA: Carmen Hart, Teri Weigel, Teagan Presley
MWA: Rebeca Linares, Audrey Bitoni, Kayden Kross, Teri Weigel
Feb 2009 From the Trenches
MWA: Mikayla Mendez, Gianna Lynn
Lobo Bocanegra - Freaky by the Bay
Batman's Belfry: Batman & Robyn
Freaky by the Bay: Katsuni
Batman's Belfry: Tales From Tampa

Batman's Belfry: Girls at Clearwater Oasis
Batman's Belfry: Tampa Gasparilla Pirate Parade
MWA: Britney Amber, Luscious Lopez, Vicky Vette's Party
News Rack TitBits 145
Batman's Belfry: Jade Simone Breaking Stuff
D is for Demon, X is for...X
Diamonds of Depravity - Debi's Ode to Sperm
Margold on LOE Hall of Fame
MWA: Mary Carey, Angelina Valentine
March 09 Diamonds of Depravity
March, 2009 From the Trenches
Tribute to Sasha Gabor
MWA: Kayla Carrera, Nikki Jayne, Lexi Lamour, Renee Perez
MWA: Aurora Snow, Kirsten Price, Nikki Jayne
MWA: Teri Weigel, Mika Tan, Bridgette B
MWA: Jesse Jane, Casey Parker, Shy Love, Mikayla Mendez
MWA: Shyla Stylez, Inari Vachs
04-02-09 Cinema Seen
News Rack TitBits 146
MWA: Lizzy Borden, Nikki Benz
King & Hedgehog Important
Censored in Maryland
From the Trenches April, 2009
Fallen Five Remembered at XRCO
Marilyn Chambers: A Cut Above the Rest
MWA: Julia Ann, Kirsten Price, Brooke Haven, Nikki Benz, Ashton Moore
TJ Cummings
MWA: XRCO Show, Taryn Thomas, Tera Patrick
Diamonds of Depravity May 09
Fleeting Expletives
May Column From the Trenches
MWA: Angelina Valentine, Kenzi Marie, Christina Aguchi
MWA: Mikayla Mendez, Shawna Lenee, Nikki Sexton
Freaky By The Bay: Shay Jordan
Green Money
Judicial Freedom
MWA: Rachelle Laree, Trina Michaels, Alektra Blue
Tax Fraud at LU
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity for June
Batman's Belfry: The National Championship
Batman's Belfry: The Year of Laree
June 2009 From the Trenches
Erotica LA Recap
Diamonds of Depravity: HIV
MWA: Nakita Kash, Lisa Ann, Priya Rai, Alexis Amore, Kagney Linn Karter
MWA: Christina Aguchi, Brooke Haven, Dyanna Lauren
MWA: Casey Parker, Erotica-LA, Charmane Star, Tera Patrick, Puma Swede
A Test Here, a Test There
July 09 From the Trenches
Batman's Belfry: Nudes a Poppin'
MWA: Diana Doll, Julia Ann, Jenna Haze
MWA: Linda Glam, Carmen Hart, Kagney Linn Karter
MWA: August, Nikki Benz, Madison Ivy, Mikayla Mendez
MWA: PSK, Rachelle Laree, Stiletto's
MWA: Teri Weigel, Nikki Benz, Angelina Ashe
Aly Sinclair on Paul Cambria
MWA: PSK, Victoria Valentina, Prinzzess
The News Rack & TitBits 150
Batman's Belfry: The Drunk N Puppies, Blame it On Indiana
MWA: Monique Alexander, Courtney Cummz, Angelina Valentine
August From the Trenches
MWA: 5th Anniversary Column
MWA: Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo
From the Trenches 9/09
MWA: Tali De'Mar, Roxy Jezel, Kaiya Lynn, Charmane Star, Shy Love, Brooke Haven
Batman's Belfry: Ricky Rich Brutally Attacked
Marketing Yourself in Adult
MWA: Bare Bowling, Jada Deville, Monique Alexander, Alexis Amore, Shy Love
MWA: Teanna Kai, Christina Aguchi, Beausoleil
10/09 Dave Cummings From the Trenches
A Keene Eye on Shay Lynn
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity 10/09
The News Rack: Jazella Moore's 1st Dance Gig
News Rack TitBits 149
News Rack TitBits 151
MWA: Club Glam, Sunset Thomas, Dyanna Lauren, Felony Foreplay
MWA: Audrey Bitoni, Mikayla Mendez, Julia Ann
A Keene Eye on Gina Lynn
MWA: Kirsten Price, Shy Love
MWA: Dyanna Lauren, Ashley Fires
Thong of the Siren
MWA: Carmen Hart, Courtney Cummz
A Keene Eye on Priya Rai
MWA: Schevelle, Feral Vinca, Eva Angelina, Carmen Hart
News Rack Titbits 153
November From the Trenches
MWA: Peaches, Julia Ann, Tali De'Mar, Southern Exposure
Thong of the Siren: Mainstream Movie
MWA: PSK, Stormy Daniels, Tera Patrick
MWA: Alexis Amore, Christina Aguchi
Exotic Dancing or Prostitution Where Do We Draw The Line?
Schevelle's Thong of the Siren: Green Bay
Dec '09 From the Trenches
The News Rack: Adult Modeling Alliance
MWA: Courtney Cummz, Lupe Fuentes, Jada Deville
Thong of the Siren: They Got Ponies in Alabama
Convention Capers
Diamonds of Depravity: I Said Yes
A Keene Eye on Sunny Leone
Roy Karch hits 40
Thong of the Siren: Baton Rouge
Debi's Diamonds of Depravity: LV 2010
Jan 2010 From the Trenches
Introducing Kasey's Domain
Thong of the Siren: Batman Breaks Schevelle's Cherry
MWA: Brooke Haven, Teri Weigel
A Keene Eye on Lupe Fuentes
MWA: Kagney Linn Karter, Ann Marie Rios
Kasey's Domain: Website Under Budget
Thong of the Siren: Schevelle's First Porn
MWA: Tori Black, Katsuni
MWA: Phoenix Marie
AVN AEE & Awards AINews Report
Schevelle's Thong of the Siren
Feb 2010 From the Trenches
MWA: Bridgette B, Shawna Lenee
MWA: Tali De'Mar, Monique Alexander
MWA: Courtney Cummz, Michelle Maylene, Daisy Duxe
MWA: Charmane Star
April Fools in Washington
MWA: Carmen Hart, Katja Kassin
March 2010 From the Trenches
MWA: Diamond Foxxx, SR VIP Party, Belladonna
Thong of the Siren: Screaming O Show
MWA: Phoenix Marie, Sadie Swede
MWA: Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Alektra Blue
April 2010 From the Trenches
MWA: Bridgette B, Alexis Amore
History: XRCO 1990
MWA: Ann, Carey, Malone, Benz
MWA: Hart, Mercedez, Laine, Rios and Amore
A Keene Eye on Cousin Stevie
MWA: PSK, XRCO, Brooke Haven, Misty Rain
May 2010 From the Trenches
MWA: Stripped, PSK, Brooke Haven
MWA: Nikki Benz
MWA: Banner, Carrera, Alexander
MWA: Victoria Valentina, Sara Jay, Score
MWA: Little Cassee, Sizzlin' Sierra
June 2010 From the Trenches
Dick Tracy Reflects on Steve Driver
Columns Section Index
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Batman's Belfry: A New Chapter
Agent vs Manager
July 2010 From the Trenches
Diamonds of Depravity: Dildo Shopping
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Batman's Belfry: Ponderosa Strip
The News Rack: Nudes-a-Poppin
Myles' Weekend Adventures
August 2010 From the Trenches
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Naughty America Takes Comic-Con
A Keene Eye on Alektra Blue
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: 6Th Anniversary Column
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Miss Exotic USA
Deep Throat Swallows NY
Comments on Porn & Politics
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Courtney Cummz
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 9/10
From the Trenches 10/10
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Margold Film Recommendations
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 11/10
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Courtney Cummz
Exxxotica NJ Recap
MWA: Striptease, The Show
Happy Holidays From AINews
Myles' Weekend Adventures
The Last Rendezvous
From the Trenches 12/10
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
A Day with Courtney Cummz
Porn in 2011
Deflowering Nicki Blue
Monica Foster on AVN Fashion
To the Rescue
From the Trenches 1/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Puma Swede
The Devil & Shelley Lubben
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Cinema Seen: Now & Later
From the Trenches 2/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 3/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Viper: Legend Lives Forever
From the Trenches 4/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
In Tribute to David F. Friedman
MWA: XRCO Awards Show
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
The News Rack - XRCO 2011
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 5/11
Toronto Feminist Porn Awards
Margold Gets Flying Penis
MWA: Nina Mercedez, Kiara Mia
Monica Foster At Home
MWA: Krystle Cummings
Flag Shot will Fly Forever
Opulent Eroticism of Radley Metzger
Monica Foster Broadcast
New Column From Eve Rhony
MWA: Katarina Kat
From the Trenches 6/11
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Diamonds From Debi June 2011
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Tales of a Lusty Lass
MWA: Sophie Dee
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Tales of a Lusty Lass
From the Trenches 7/11
Fawnia's Showroom Review
Kayden Kross on PWL
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Scratch Post Sex
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Tales of a Lusty Lass
From the Trenches 8/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Tasha Reign
The Party - 2 of 3
MWA: Skylar Rae
MWA: Rios, Leone
APHSS Opinion Piece
Don't Impose Condoms
The Party Final Episode
Eve Rhony's Lusty Tales
MWA: Miss Exotic USA
MWA: ED Expo
From the Trenches 9/11
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
MWA: Nikki Benz, Stormy Daniels
MWA: Danalustrous, Wild J's
Something about Annabelle
Go to Church or Go to Jail
Eve on Anal Sex
MWA: Lexi Swallow
From the Trenches 10/11
Post-Sex Sex
Fresh Meat
MWA: Glory Stories, Allie Haze
Tales of a Lusty Lass
From the Trenches 11/11
Falcon's Flight: Introducing Leya
Letter to Lusty Lass
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Thoughts on Penis
Falcon's Flight to Brazzers
Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays
Michelle Williams' Marilyn Monroe
Falcon's Flight: Lethal Hardcore
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 12/11
MWA: Alexis Texas, Glory Stories
Falcon's Flight: School Sex
Imminent Danger of Sasha Grey
Lusty Lass Strikes Again
MWA: PSK, Glory Stories
Wank Girl
Myles' Weekend Adventures
From the Trenches 1/12
Falcon's Flight: Pornstar Punishment
The HIV Straw Man
Old Retainer Love Rescue
Falcon's Flight: Horny Ghost
After Work Wank
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Myles' Weekend Adventures
AVN Expo Reviewed
Back Garden Fun
XRCO Problem Solved
Margold on XRCO
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Fantasy Within a Fantasy
MWA: Glory Stories
Falcon's Flight: The Agent
Good Deeds of Porn
MWA: XRCO Awards
Kitten's Got Claws
MWA: 4/22/12
MWA: 4/25/12
MWA: 5/7/12
From the Trenches 5/12
Falcon's Flight: Dogfart
MWA: 5/18/12
Internet Joyless Without Porn
MWA: 5/28/12
MWA: 6/6/12
From the Trenches 6/12
Starstruck with Tara Star
When NY was Grand
MWA: 6/18/12
The News Rack: LA Porn Tours
Hollie Stevens is Dying
MWA: 6/26/12
From Where I Stand
Falcon's Flight: Wicked Shoot
Rebecca Bardoux New AINews Columnist
A Brief History of Sext
MWA: 7/14/12
Starstruck with Tara Star
From Where I Stand: I'm Obligated
MWA: 7/15/12
Concupiscent Encounter
From the Trenches 7/12
A Reality Check
You're In For It
MWA: 7/20/12
MWA: 7/26/2012
Olympic Sport Synchronised Spunking
From Where I Stand: BS!
MWA: 8/4/12
The Birthday Party
From the Trenches 8/12
MWA: 8/11/12
Condom Critical Comments
MWA: 8th Anniversary Column
Tara's Fetish Frustrations
MWA: 8/26/12
Manning Up
Falcon's Flight: Leya's ''Interview''
From Where I Stand: Bad Combination
From the Trenches 9/12
Amber Lynn Returns
Tara Star's Piledriver Predicament
MWA: 9/16/12
From Where I Stand: Yes on B
Falcon's Flight: Gem in the Desert
MWA: 10/1/12
MWA: 10/6/12
To Say Or Not?
Women and Porn
From the Trenches 10/12
MWA: 10/11/2012
Georgina Spelvin Cameo
Loud & Proud
Starstruck With Tara Star: AVN
MWA: 10/19/2012
Dysfunctionally Loving
MWA: 10/25/2012
Born Hot
Condoms, Porn Etc. 1
Condoms, Porn, Measure B
MWA: 11/6/2012
MWA: 11/12/2012
Amber Lynn: AmberMania Rising
MWA: 11/13/2012
Foxxx Modeling's Chris Cain
From the Trenches 11/12
MWA: 11/21/2012
Bardoux Reviews 50 Shades
Falcon's Flight: Leya's 1st Birthday
Leena Sky, Teacher & MILF
Season's Greetings From AINews
MWA: 12/9/2012
From the Trenches - Final Column
MWA: 12/14/2012
MWA: 12/29/2012's Grand Experiment
MWA: 1/5/2013
MWA: 1/9/2013
MWA: 01/14/2013
MWA: 01/14/2013 Part II
Kinky Playspace Draws Crowd
People Want to See Sex
MWA: 01/26/2013
MWA: 01/28/2013
Speedy Recovery Ron Jeremy
MWA: 02/08/2013
MWA: 02/10/2013
MWA: 02/12/2013
MWA: 02/18/2013
Sara Hide, Killer Body
MWA: 02/28/2013
Harry Reems Dead at 65
Falcon's Flight: Fundraiser
Life... by Rebecca Bardoux
MWA: 03/31/2013
A Bad Deal
MWA: 04/12/2013
Falcon's Flight: Letting Go & Living
MWA: 04/28/2013
MWA: 04/30/2013
MWA: 05/02/2013
MWA: 05/04/2013 XRCO
Typecasting Farrah Abraham
MWA: 05/14/2013
MWA: 05/31/2013
MWA: 06/05/2013
Creeping Suicide
MWA: 06/20/2013
Adieu, Aurora
MWA: 06/30/2013
MWA: 07/02/2013
Sex & Ice Cream
MWA: 07/07/2013
MWA: 07/27/2013
Emma Marx Prelude
MWA: 08/09/2013
MWA: 08/15/2013
MWA: 08/18/2013
MWA: 08/31/2013
MWA: 09/06/2013
MWA: 09/17/2013
Rebecca Bardoux Marries Prince of Dubai
MWA: 09/28/2013
MWA: 09/29/2013
A Fearless Journey
Shooting at 21
MWA: 10/03/13
MWA: 10/11/13
MWA: 10/15/13
MWA: 10/16/13
Our Attitude Along the Way
MWA: 10/20/13
A Day in the Smut Den
MWA: 10/26/13
MWA: 10/29/13
MWA: 10/23/13
MWA: 11/15/13
Seasons Greetings from AINews
The News Rack: Fall/Winter 2013
Happy New Year
The Girlfriends Family
Girlfriends in New Hands
Lovable Evil Angels
2014 AVN News Rack Part 1
A Tribute to Gloria Leonard
Tasha Reign on Respect
MWA: 11/10/13
MWA: 11/22/13
MWA: 11/26/13
MWA: 12/09/13
MWA: 12/12/13
MWA: 12/30/13
Belle Knox: Feminist Revealed
Entertainment is Entertainment is Entertainment
2014 AVN News Rack Part 2
More on Belle Knox
Resurgence of the Goddess
A Legend Looks Back
The Goddess Lives
MWA: 07/13/14
MWA: 07/21/14
MWA: 07/22/14
MWA: 07/23/14
Testing the Waters
Tribute to Christian Mann
It's Just Work
Taormino Speaks at Goucher
Tara Lynn Foxx Retires
MWA: 11/20/14
MWA: 12/05/14
MWA: 12/14/14
MWA: 12/26/14
MWA: 12/27/14
MWA: 12/30/14
MWA: 10th Anniversary Column
MWA: 01/01/15
MWA: 01/02/15
MWA: 01/03/15
MWA: 01/10/15
MWA: 01/19/15
MWA: 01/11/15
I Know You
MWA: 02/07/15
The News Rack: Naked Swingers
MWA: 02/26/15
A Leaner Message
MWA: 05/04/15
MWA: 05/22/15
MWA: 05/24/15
MWA: 06/12/15
MWA: 07/12/15
MWA: 08/05/15
MWA: 08/15/15
MWA: 08/17/15
The Upward Trending Trannie
News Rack: 2015 ED Expo
Taboo is Delicious
MWA: 09/11/15
MWA: 10/07/15
MWA: 10/29/15
MWA: 10/22/15
MWA: 11/10/15
MWA: 11/11/15
MWA: 11/12/15
MWA: 11/17/15
MWA: 12/02/15
Coming Out Like a Porn Star
MWA 12/13/15
MWA: 12/14/15
Jenna Jayden: New Boobs and Ready
MWA: 12/10/15
MWA: 12/26/15
Poking Around AVN 2016
MWA: 02/12/16
MWA: 02/13/16 AVN AEE 2016
MWA: 02/17/16
MWA: 02/28/16
What is Consent?
The Directors
What We Signed Up For
New Girls
Hard Squeezes
Redefining the Status Quo
APAC and Sex Worker Rights
MWA: 03/12/16
MWA: 03/16/16
MWA: 04/28/16
MWA: 05/12/16
MWA: 05/28/16
MWA: 05/29/16
MWA: 05/31/16
MWA: 06/01/16
MWA: 06/03/16
MWA: 06/07/16
MWA: 06/17/16
MWA: 06/18/16
MWA: 06/20/16
MWA: 07/10/16
MWA: 08/01/16
MWA: 08/02/16
Submission Crosses Over
Jump to Mainstream
Closer to Reality
MWA: 09/12/16
MWA: 09/14/16
Are You an iDriver?
MWA: 10/14/16
MWA: 10/30/16
MWA: 11/01/16
MWA: 12/18/16
MWA: 12/19/16
MWA: 12/20/16
MWA: 12/31/16
MWA: 01/06/17
AEE 2017: A Resounding Success
MWA: 01/09/17
MWA: 02/24/17
MWA: 03/01/17
MWA: 03/06/17
MWA: 03/05/17
MWA: 03/10/17
MWA: 03/12/17
MWA: 03/23/17
MWA: 03/25/17
MWA: 04/11/17
MWA: 04/12/17
MWA: 05/14/17
Getting Into Porn
MWA: 05/27/17
MWA: 06/05/17
MWA: 06/20/17
Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals Interview
MWA: 06/21/17
MWA: 07/01/17
MWA: 07/24/17
MWA: 07/27/17
MWA: 08/26/17
MWA: 08/27/17
MWA: 10/06/17
MWA: 11/07/17
Gonzo with Eddie Powell
MWA: 12/05/17
MWA: 12/06/17
MWA: 12/09/17
MWA: 12/10/17
MWA: 12/16/17
MWA: 12/21/17
MWA: 12/26/17
MWA: 01/16/18
MWA: 02/18/2018
MWA: 02/22/18
MWA: 02/28/18
MWA: 03/04/18
MWA: 04/28/18
MWA: 04/29/18
MWA: 05/03/18
MWA: 06/28/18
MWA: 07/15/18
MWA: 07/16/18
MWA: 07/18/18
MWA: 07/21/18
MWA: 07/19/18 - XRCO
MWA: 07/25/18
MWA: 07/27/18
Depression in the Industry
MWA: 11/07/18
MWA: 11/08/18
MWA: 11/18/18
MWA: 11/28/18
MWA: 12/08/18
MWA: 12/10/18
MWA: 12/12/18
MWA 12/19/18
AEE 2019: The Code and August Ames
MWA: 03/01/19
MWA: 03/08/19
MWA: 03/16/19
MWA: 03/25/19
MWA: 03/27/19
MWA: 03/29/19
MWA: 04/01/19
MWA: 04/10/19
MWA: 04/12/19
MWA: 04/20/19
AEE 2019: Is Camming the New Porn?
MWA: 05/08/19