Submission Form for BOD*A*BING Glamour Girl of 2002:

Please print this form, fill in the blanks, and send to address below. Necessary items for contest entry…. 2 recent photos (1 close-up photo of face - 1 full frontal body photo in bikini or one-piece bathing suit *please, no nude photos*) photos will not be returned & become property of Bod*A*Bing Designs, copy of drivers license for proof of age, 100-word essay (please do not exceed 250-word count) explaining why you want to be a Bod*A*Bing Glamour Girl, also a registration & door prize fee of $75.00 along with this form. *PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION CLEARLY*

LEGAL NAME (and MODELING NAME)_______________________________________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER:_________________________AGE___ E-MAIL ADDRESS_________________

You must send a legible Photostat copy, providing proof of age (Drivers License Only)

HEIGHT:_______WEIGHT:______ BUST, WAIST, HIP MEAS.: ___________________________
DRESS SIZE:_____ SHOE SIZE:_____ EYE COLOR:_______ HAIR COLOR:_________________
SPECIAL TALENTS (IF ANY):______________________________________________________
SPECIAL INTERESTS (HOBBIES): __________________________________________________
MODEL EXPERIENCE (IF ANY):_____________________________________________________

By filling out this form you are entitling the use of your photos for BOD*A*BING DESIGNS & ALL PUBLICATIONS FOR THE BOD*A*BING GLAMOUR GIRL & ESSAY CONTEST. Once your registration is processed you will be entered in our contest and eligible for the door prize, modeling contracts, advertising, and promotion work if chosen. By signing below you have read the above statement and agree to our terms: SIGNATURE:____________________________________________________________

Personal Check, Cashiers Check, or Money Order of $75.00 made payable to: BOD*A*BING DESIGNS
SEND TO: P.O. BOX 831654 STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA 30083 WE ALSO ACCEPT VISA and MASTERCARD *Please send to Fax # 770-469-6434 or call our Office# 770-469-4231*
VISA #___________________
__________ MASTERCARD#____________________________

***This Contest is void where prohibited by law.

BOD*A*BING Glamour Girl & Essay Contest Rules:

Subject Theme:
The essay should address in 100-words or more the subject theme, "Why I Want To Be A BOD*A*BING Glamour Girl…" (Please do not exceed 250-word count)

The contest is open to anyone worldwide over the age of eighteen (or legal age in your community, state, country) at the time of contest entry. The contest is null and void where prohibited by law. Proof of date of entry will be the post office Stamp cancellation date on the entry envelope. Multiple entries by one individual will not be accepted.

Entry Fee:
Each entry must be accompanied by a check or money order in the amount of $75.00 U.S. dollars payable to "BOD*A*BING Designs". All entries will be deemed received whether or not the essay adheres to the technical requirements set forth below. No refunds shall be made by reason of non-compliance or any other reason unless the minimum number of entries is not met. A welcome and notification letter will be sent to each entrant. All entry fees may be returned if at least two hundred (200) entries are not received. However, the Sponsor/Owner reserves the right to accept less than two hundred (200) entries. Should the refund of Fees become necessary, the original fee of $75.00 less $5.00 U.S. (administrative costs) for a total of $70.00 will be returned to each entrant.

Judging of Entrants:
Judging will be done by the sponsor/owner of the company. The judge will not be required to explain the determination of the winning entry. Standards for Judging: The sponsor/owner will read and evaluate each essay and photos properly submitted with the attached entry fee. The essays shall be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, expression of thought, and a conveyance of a true desire to become a BOD*A*BING Glamour Girl. Technical Requirements: The dates of the contest are May 6, 2001 through November 10, 2001. Each entry shall consist of a formal essay of not more than 250 words in English, and shall be written, typed, or computer printed. Please state your name and address on the cover page and attach (staple) to the back of the entry form on the top left corner. Two (2) photos must accompany the submission (1 - close-up of face) and (1 - full frontal in a bikini or one-piece bathing suit.) Please no nude photos. The grand prize winner must be available for photo shoot the first week of December 2001. Deadline for determining winner: The deadline for the BOD*A*BING Glamour Girl & Essay Contest is November 10, 2001. The winner will be notified by certified U.S. mail. If the winner refuses in writing or any other form to accept the prize, the next chosen runner-up will be the winner. The winning photos and essay will be posted on this website once the prize has been assigned.

Taxes and fees:
The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes, or fees of any kind arising from the successful participation in this photo/essay contest.

State Federal and International Laws:
This contest is subject to the provisions of all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws. This offer is void where prohibited by law. Deadline and Extensions: Entries must be postmarked on or before November 10, 2001 and received before November 15, 2001. Responsibility for late, misdirected, or lost entries lies with the entrant. Sponsor/owner reserves the right to extend the deadline of the photo/essay contest and determination of the winning entry for up to 30 days.

Prize Transfer:
Transfer of the prize must take place within 7 days of the notification to the winner. Failure to accept the prize within this time frame for any reason will result in forfeiture to the next runner-up.

Copyright and Publication:
Photo/essay contest entry constitutes an assignment to the sponsor/owner of all copyrights arising under both statute and common law. By entering the contest, entrants grant further permission for the sponsor/owner to publish all or part of the submitted photos and essay without royalty or other consideration