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    The Movie That Started it All! Pornography feminists unshackle their desires and celebrate their sexuality in the patriarchal world

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AardvarK BijoU

Watch The AardvarK BijoU

Having a news site like Adult Industry News ( has it's advantages. I know most of the talent in the Adult Industry, and whenever I need someone to film for me they are more than happy to treat me to an extra special performance. The AardvarK Bijou gives you these scenes, with amateur to famous PORNSTARS, usually with funny scenarios, of all the girls I've shot since 1999.

Contact me at Steve Nelson <> if you need press releases written and sent out to everyone who is interested in your news. I also PA shoots for other companies and do complete full-service content trades. Follow THIS_LINK to see the services I provide!

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See the HARDCORE clips at AardvarK BijoU
  • Lexxy Foxx in "Lexxy Looks for Work"
  • Alisha Madison in "Blind Man's Bluff"
  • Layla Jade in "Layla Jade Pops By"
  • Payton Leigh in "Payton Gets Her Way"
  • Vanessa MacKenzie in "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over"
    • "Lexxy Looks for Work 1"
      Once it gets around that you're shooting porn, girls will show up unannounced looking for work. Lexxy Foxx did. She plays real ditzy but knows how to get her way. She was so disappointed to find out I wasn't shooting that she started crying hysterically! I had to get her inside before my neighbors called the cops! Lexxy acts like she's not the brightest bulb in the marquis, but she knows when to use her tits. What a Sweetheart! She is always so much fun, and game for anything! We begin the scene when the wrestles me down strips me naked and sucks my dick!
    • "Lexxy Looks for Work 2"
      Lexxy Foxx wanted to shoot, so she gave me a blowjob and I fucked her tits. Then she mounts me, fucks me and pushes my face into her beautiful tits!
    • "Lexxy Looks for Work 3"
      One thing I can say about Lexxy Foxx - she really loves her work! We had a blast shooting and she was all over me! She fucks me cowgirl, then sits her pussy on my mouth, then we turn to give the camera a good view of her on top before I flip her over, grab the camera and show some close-up POV action!
    • "Lexxy Looks for Work 4"
      Of all the girls I've shot I think I've had the best chemistry with Lexxy Foxx! We switch from missionary to blow job a couple of times before I pull our and shoot a big load of cum in her mouth! I think she enjoys it as much as I do! She tells me I need another tattoo. I don't think so.

    • "Blind Man's Bluff 1"
      Alisha Madison was fooled by a "blind" man - until he started groping her huge, soft, boobs - but she teaches the tit-hound a lesson by smothering his face with them! She then wraps her tits around his cock and tit fucks him before giving him a great blow job!
    • "Blind Man's Bluff 2"
      Alisha Madison rides cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. See her front, side and back angles. Beautiful booty, and big bouncy boobs!
    • "Blind Man's Bluff 3"
      Alisha Madison gets off and there's more hand-job tit-fucking. She sucks cock and gets it doggie style. Her boobs look magnificent hanging, bouncing and swaying underneath her! Then POV handjob and more blowjob.
    • "Blind Man's Bluff 4"
      Here Alisha Madison is in 69 position getting her pussy eaten. There's a couple of shots of her lovely face with a dick in her mouth.
    • "Blind Man's Bluff 5"
      Alisha Madison now blows from the side and gives a tit-job. Then I sit up and she blows me, sucks my balls, and takes a load of cum between her gorgeous gazongas!

    • "Payton Gets Her Way 1"
      Most people have misconceptions about how porn people act. Here Payton Leigh and Steve Nelson give contrasting examples of a situation the way porn people really are, and how you THINK porn people are… and then she blows me. Then, with the plot out of the way I eat her tasty pussy!
    • "Payton Gets Her Way 2"
      After shutting me up by sitting on my mouth, Payton Leigh sucks cock and rides cowgirl to her heart's content! She has such a tight pretty body! She blows me some more before she leans back to reveal her perky tits and sweet pussy!
    • "Payton Gets Her Way 3"
      Payton Leigh looks so delicious lying down - and there's even a better view of her body leaning on the arm of the couch for easy penetration. I love the way the trims her twat so much I had to feast on it! Then Payton has to suck cock more before turning around for doggie...
    • "Payton Gets Her Way 4"
      Payton Leigh enjoys fucking doggie style, then after some making out and deep French kissing turns around for some serious 69. Her pussy is delicious! She takes the cum shot in her mouth, rolls it around on her tongue and then spits it back on a very happy cock!

    • "Layla Jade Pops By 1"
      After my last shoot turned into a porno, I decided to go buy my own camera and do some more. I was testing my new camera and Layla Jade pops into the office unannounced and proceeds to teach me how it's done! She begins by giving me a crazy-good blowjob!
    • "Layla Jade Pops By 2"
      Layla, while sucking my cock, spits cold water on my dick, sucks on my balls and shows me how she got her Doctorate in Fellatio.
    • "Layla Jade Pops By 3"
      A bit more POV cock sucking and I get to eat her tasty pussy before she straddles me and fucks me with her big, beautiful, British breasts in my face! She actually says, "We're really gonna fuck on a bed?" as I drag this pornstar out of the office into the bedroom.
    • "Layla Jade Pops By 4"
      In the bedroom Layla pushes me down on the bed and sucks me hard before turning around and rides my face in a 69. Then its reverse cowgirl for this nymph. Her body is stunning!
    • "Layla Jade Pops By 5"
      Layla turns and mounts me cowgirl so I can suck on her tits while she fucks me. There's some really good close-ups of her pussy sliding up and down my cock. We flip over and she licks and sucks my dick, then we go missionary.
    • "Layla Jade Pops By 6"
      I'm eXXXhausted by this time! Layla sits her pussy on my mouth again and proceeds to suck me off. I spurt cum all over the place so hard I thought she was gonna kill me! SHE MAKES ME CUM TWICE IN A ROW!!

    • "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over 1"
      This started out as an Indy film but shows what happens when you hire porn chicks! Vanessa MacKenzie, a beautiful brunette with perky tits, apparently didn't like my material and decided she would rather blow me instead. Listen for the cameragirl's gasp of surprise when Vanessa pulls out my cock and starts to suck me off! Vanessa is pleased with herself for turning this into a porn shoot! I was really impressed with the way she tongued my balls!
    • "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over 2"
      Vanessa takes control and crawls over me in a hot 69. The cameragirl films it from every angle in what was the best 69 I had up to then!
    • "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over 3"
      Vanessa leads me into the bedroom and continues to give me a great blowjob. Then she climbs on top and slides my cock into her sweet pussy. What a sweet fuck! Transition to doggy, then...
    • "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over 4"
      Vanessa gets fucked from behind. Her svelte body looks so good on all fours! Good shots of her pussy getting pounded and her beautiful face.
    • "Vanessa MacKenzie Takes Over 5"
      Vanessa lies down and gets fucked in missionary position. You can see her tight body getting dick again and again. The scene ends where she finishes by sucking me off and getting cum spurt into her mouth. Listen to her talk with a mouth full of cum after we finish. What a delightfully messy girl!

    Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

    Pornography feminists unshackle their desires and celebrate their sexuality in the patriarchal world


    The Movie That Started it All!