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Since 1998 Adult Industry News has been publishing what is going on in the world of adult entertainment. In that time we have had numerous writers, columnists, and contributors.

Steve Nelson
  • Steve Nelson is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Adult Industry News (, an online publication covering the Adult Entertainment Industry. Adult Industry News is the only non-pornographic news site exclusively covering the Adult Entertainment Industry. Nelson created AINews in 1998.
  • Prior to 1998, Nelson was a Design and Development Specialist at Fiberset Inc. (aerospace engineering), Pattern Shop Supervisor at Flightways Manufacturing (composite tooling design), a Tooling Pattern Maker at Weber Aircraft, Mail and File Department Supervisor for Coastal Insurance, and Computer Report Distribution Supervisor/Operations Management Trainee for City National Bank.
  • With an extensive background in writing procedural manuals and proposals for other industries, Nelson has continued writing; adding reporting, journalism, videography, and photography to his resume.
  • Nelson's column "The News Rack" features busty girls and appeared regularly for a number of years in Gent Magazine, has appeared in The LA Xpress, on, occasionally in other publications, and of course, always here on Adult Industry News.
  • Steve Nelson is CEO and Public Relations Director of "PR 101". PR 101 provides elementary public relations consulting and press release services for those wanting their brand highly visible in the Adult Industry.
  • Because of Nelson's personable nature, and the fact he knows nearly everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry, he is called upon by the XRCO (X Rated Critics Organization) to screen entrance for their awards show which is an Industry-only event.
  • Nelson was honored with the Adult Industry's Carnal Medal of Honor at the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame on January 11, 2008, a rare honor reserved for those who have had a significant positive impact on the Adult Industry.
  • Nelson credits Bill Margold for being the catalyst for the idea which lead to creating AINews, and Charlie Biggs for the mentoring to help him become talent and a shooter in his own right.
  • On a personal note, Nelson, a self-described "jack of all trades" with a background in Design & Development in the aerospace industry, has been quoted saying, "If I can't fix it, it isn't broken!" He joined Mensa in 1988, enjoys backpacking in the High Sierras, was a musician for 18 years, likes reading tech manuals and Sci-Fi, and has been clean and sober since 1985.
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson <>

Rich Moreland
  • May 9, 2011, Rich Moreland contributed his first piece to Adult Industry News.
  • Rich is a social scientist, historian, and educator living the Washington, DC area. He has spent a lifetime teaching and continues to challenge college students to expand their horizons and confront their assumptions about society.
  • In January 2015 Rich's book on feminism in adult film was released. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Pornography Feminism: As Powerful as She Wants to Be focuses on the female image in porn and looks at influential women in front of and behind the camera. Not satisfied with one success, Rich has book number two in the works. It centers on Jacky St. James whose scriptwriting and directing define her as arguably the most important woman in porn today.
  • Editor-inChief Steve Nelson says, "Rich is a magnificent writer! We are grateful to have a college professor writing for Adult Industry News."
  • About a review written by Rich, director Mike Quasar said, "I think this review is actually written much better than my script..."
  • Adult Industry News offered Rich the opportunity to become further involved in writing about a business he has grown to appreciate for its diversity and social/cultural importance to American society.
  • Rich blogs about the adult industry at
  • Want to talk with Rich? Email him at the address below.
Rich Moreland
Rich Moreland <>

Myles Shaffer
  • Myles Shaffer has the longest most consistently running column on Adult Industry News starting August, 2004, to present.
  • For over a dozen years people have been reading Myles' column, and been a virtual passenger in his car and sitting right next to him at the tip rail. Enjoy his travelogue while going to some of the greatest events in the Adult Industry!
  • "Myles Weekend Adventure" (MWA) covers the feature dancers who appear in gentlemens clubs in the Los Angeles area and across the western states.
  • Myles also speaks well of deserving clubs and house dancers he visits.
  • Myles will cover large events such as the Gentlemen's Club Expo, XRCO Awards, AVN AEE, Erotica LA, XBIZ Awards, and any other events where feature dancers can be found.
  • You can find Myles behind a handlebar mustache - and white beard - pad and pen in hand, observing feature dancers and their shows.
Myles Shaffer
Myles Shaffer <>

Pamela Peaks
  • Pamela Peaks has been one of the movie reviewers for Adult Industry News since February, 2006. Read her concise critiques of the latest porn vids in the Movie Reviews Section. She knows what she likes (and probably knows what you like!)
  • Pam is a pornstar with a bust size of 50 GGG. See her movies at
  • Owner of Pamela Peaks Productions, Pam has two cable shows "Pamela Peaks in the Kitchen?!" and "Pamela Peaks Speaks".
  • Pamela Peaks' Talent Agency is her venture finding girls work in adult and mainstream arenas. Her website,, has a list of talent a mile long.
  • Pam helps throw porn parties in Los Angeles at least twice a month and has updates about what's coming up published here, and on her news page
  • Pam also does tons of adult websites for pornstars and specializes in big busted girls from her agency.
Pamela Peaks
Pamela Peaks <>

Bill Bonus
  • Bill Bonus is Adult Industry News' Head of Marketing, UK Division.
  • Bill has a background in IT, web design, photography, website marketing and SEO, and is intimately familiar with the adult industry.
Bill Bonus
Bill Bonus <>

Denny Wall
  • Movie reviewer Denny Wall has been associated with Adult Industry News since July 2003.
  • Denny's reviews can be found "HERE" on Adult Industry News (
  • Denny also takes care of some of the more complex technical issues of AINews as "Webmaster Larry" when he is available.
  • After years of coaxing we have finally gotten Denny, aka Lawrence D Wallace, to "come out of the closet" and use his full name here without fear of ending his mainstream career as a "rocket surgeon." (Or was that "brain scientist?" Denny is a rather private guy.)
Webmaster Larry
Webmaster Larry <>


Below are contributors and syndicated columnists who have been kind enough to contribute some of their fine columns, blogs and articles for publication.

Jim Legman
  • Since the beginning of 2005 Jim Legman has contributed to the Movie Reviews section when a stocking fetish movie needs a review, and occasionally contributes to other stories.
  • Jim has been involved in this fetish since 1991
  • Jim's series, "Legman's Lassies," was distributed from 1998 to 2003 through The Spunky Spur and Filmco
  • Copies of select volumes of the Legman's Lassies series can be found at They are Legman's Lassies #06, Legman's Lassies #12, Legman's Lassies #14, and Legman's Lassies #15.
  • Jim also has a clip store with all of his material, including his latest offerings, located at "Nylon Fantasies".
Jim Legman
Jim Legman <>

Tod Hunter
  • Tod Hunter has been a writer for the adult industry since 1996. First with AVN (1996-2003), Adam Film World (2003-2008), Adam Presents Amateur Porn/Adam Black Video Illustrated (2005-2006), and XBIZ/XFANZ (April 2007-August 2009).
  • Tod has occasionally shared a story with our readers from his Red Notebook since August 2004.
  • Tod also has website with commentary on porn, politics, and mainstream at
Tod Hunter
Tod Hunter <>

Former Contributors
Jenna Jayden
  • After working with our "Girl Friday" for over a year, Jenna Jayden finally is writing her first column.
  • Jenna can be found "HERE" on the Adult Industry News website.
  • Read about Jenna as she writes about her experiences in the Adult Biz as talent, in stories, and her sexual adventures.
  • There are several places on the Internet where you can see more of Jenna:
  • Jenna Jayden's Twitter Page
  • Jenna Jayden's Facebook Page
  • Jenna Jayden on
  • We look forward to seeing Jenna continue to turn up from time to time in surprising places!
Jenna Jayden

William Margold
  • William Margold has been instrumental in the starting of the XRCO (X Rated Critics Organization), FSC (Free Speech Coalition), AIM (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation), FOXE (Fans Of X-rated Entertainment), and PAW (Protecting Adult Welfare Foundation).
  • Bill sometimes shares his column "Cinema Seen" from the LA Xpress with us here at Adult Industry News, as well as sending in press releases for publication.
  • Bill Margold was the catalyst for Steve Nelson creating AINews when asked why someone doesn't write good things about the adult industry he responded, "Why don't you do it, Kid?" Nelson took the ball and ran with it.
Bill Margold
Bill Margold <>

Sheila Marie
  • Sheila Marie has consented to reveal some very personal insight in her column About Sheila Marie starting on Adult Industry News the beginning of July 2014, and briefly submitting a few columns.
  • Sheila poetically told the story of what got her into the Adult Entertainment field, and her story off-camera.
  • Sheila has been in the Adult Industry since 2001.
  • Very spiritual by nature, Sheila opens her heart to the public in her column describing the road she traveled to get where she is now.
  • Places to find Sheila Marie online are:
  • Follow Sheila Marie on Twitter: @SheilaMarieXXX
  • Sheila Marie's website:
  • Sheila is not only her own webmistress, but creates websites for others. Ask her about her reasonable rates!
  • Want to see Sheila up close and personal? Ask her about her cam shows!
Sheila Marie

Rebecca Bardoux
  • Rebecca Bardoux wrote the column "From Where I Stand" which first appeared on Adult Industry News the end of June 2012, until November 2013.
  • Rebecca's tell-it-like-it-is style will entertain and inform you from a perspective you will get nowhere else.
  • Rebecca Bardoux is a legend star and has been an actress, director and producer in the Adult Industry since 1992.
  • Rebecca also was a feature dancer for 10 years, and was on the road headlining at gentlemen's clubs all over the USA and several foreign countries.
  • Places online to find Rebecca online are:
  • Follow Rebecca Bardoux on Twitter: @rebeccabardoux
  • Rebecca Bardoux's Facebook Fan Page:
  • See Rebecca Bardoux Movies at Gamelink HERE RIGHT NOW!
  • Watch Rebecca Bardoux Movies at Hotmovies HERE RIGHT NOW!
Rebecca Bardoux

Leya Falcon
  • Leya Falcon was brand new to the Adult Industry, writing her first column for us soon after her very first scene.
  • Leya was referred to us by Bill "Papa Bear" Margold, who's advice sought to help her brand her name.
  • Leya's column was called "Falcon's Flight". Leya wrote for us from December 2011 to July 2013.
  • Read Leya's account of her experiences starting out as adult talent, behind the scenes stories, and sexual adventures.
  • There are several places on the Internet where you can see more of Leya:
  • Leya Falcon's Twitter Page
  • Leya Falcon's
  • Leya Falcon's Facebook Page
  • Leya Falcon's Facebook Fan Page
Leya Falcon

Eve Rhony
  • Eve Rhony is a professional woman who in her spare time is an opportunist sex fiend, and likes sharing her experiences through her blog.
  • Eve has been writing erotica since 2002.
  • In her column, "Tales of a Lusty Lass", Eve shares her lusty tales and laughs with our readers with exerpts from her blog. Here on Adult Industry News we urge our readers to follow the link in the box below her story to HER BLOG for the rest of the story.
  • Eve loves receiving feedback, so please comment through the "All about Eve" page on her blog.
  • Eve has shared her work with us since June 2011. All written posts are original, copyright � Eve Rhony 2011.
Eve Rhony

Debi Diamond
  • Debi Diamond is a legend star from the Golden Era of Porn.
  • Debi came to us shortly after she re-surfaced from anonymity and was inducted into the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame on January 11, 2008.
  • Debi's column is called "Diamonds of Depravity". She wrote for us from March, 2008 to July 2010.
  • This girl is absolutely one of most free spirited people you will ever meet! She is now getting back involved with the adult industry which welcomes her with open arms - and legs.
  • There are several places on the Internet where you can see more Debi: She has 2 websites, and, on MySpace, and her movies on
Debi Diamond
Debi Diamond <>

Tony Batman
  • Tony Batman's column "Batman's Belfry" has been published here since December, 2007, and is widely syndicated among adult websites.
  • Tony has been a radio show host, a master of ceremonies, a red carpet interviewer and man about town since 2004.
  • Tony travels all over the US for his company A! Entertainment.
  • Tony's personal blogsite is at
Tony Batman
Tony Batman <>

Dave Cummings
  • Dave Cummings was the oldest actively working male pornstar in America until he retired from performing when he was in his 70s.
  • He had been sharing his column "From the Trenches" with us here, and with the adult industry, since October, 2001.
  • Dave was active with the Free Speech Coalition and lobbied with them frequently.
  • Go by Dave's website, and read how to become a pornstar yourself!
Dave Cummings
Dave Cummings <>

Tara Star
  • Tara Star was not only new to the Adult Industry, but joined us during her first stay in beautiful Porn Valley!
  • Tara's column is called "Starstruck with Tara Star". Her first column appeared mid June 2012, and she left us near the end of the year.
  • Tara's wit and humor will charm you as she writes about the day to day life of a girl seeking fame and fortune in the Adult Industry.
  • Here are a few places to find Tara:
  • Follow Tara Star on Twitter: @MsTaraStar
  • Like Tara Star's FaceBook Page here:
  • Tara left the biz for a job in the real world and we wish her well!
Tara Star
Tara Star <>

Mindee Mounds
  • Mindee Mounds is our newest movie reviewer here at Adult Industry News. She is a BBW performer who started reviewing for us in April of 2010.
  • Read Mindee's Big Boob-N-Booty Forum. Mindee's Big Boob-N-Booty Forum is a fan site for all those who love it BIG! Mindee welcomes all people who love women with big boobs, big booty, both, and those in the Swinging Lifestyle.
  • Listen to Mindee's BBNB Radio. Big Boob-N-Booty Radio is ''music & porn 24/7''. Listen to great music and stay up to date on Industry news and new video releases.
  • Mindee's reviews can be found HERE in the Movie Reviews section of Adult Industry News (
Mindee Mounds
Mindee Mounds <>

Tiki Pavelle
  • Tiki Pavelle was a columnist for Adult Industry News who is located in San Francisco.
  • Her column "Freaky by the Bay" covered the BDSM scene in the San Francisco area.
  • Tiki also writes news stories, interviews interesting industry people, had been writing for us since November 2007.
  • Tiki is now part of Pipeline Multimedia, who handles PR for Industry talent.
Tiki Pavelle
Tiki Pavelle <>

Minxy Rose
  • Minxy Rose was a movie reviewer for Adult Industry News. She started in December of 2009 but unfortunately only was able to do a few reviews.
  • Minxy's reviews can be found "here".
  • Minxy loved porn and thought reviewing movies was just the best job ever!
  • She had a few opportunities come her way to perform in front of the camera but circumstances always found her either too far away or without means to make it all come together.
  • We miss Minxy, hope she will re-surface someday, and wish her the very best of health and happiness!
Minxy Rose
Minxy Rose <>

Kasey Grant
  • Kasey Grant was a contributing columnist here at Adult Industry News in January of 2010.
  • Kasey was our resident geek goddess with gargantuan gazongas. (Golly gee!)
  • Read Kasey's column for easy to understand technical information specifically for those new to the Internet.
  • Kasey's column is called "Kasey's Domain" and can be found HERE.
  • Take advantage of Kasey's wealth of knowledge on setting up and improving your website.
Kasey Grant
Kasey Grant <>

Christopher Keene
  • Christopher Keene is a photographer in the North East United States. He shoots feature dancers on stage in various clubs in the New England and surrounding areas.
  • His column "A Keene Eye", spanned from October 2009 until August 2010, and was linked to galleries of his work at the end of each column.
  • Girls wishing to have Chris shoot them, or those wanting to hire Chris, please email him at with your request.
Christopher Keene
Christopher Keene <>

  • We started publishing Schevelle's column "Thong of the Siren" here December, 2009. It's her blog about the life of Schevelle we don't see when she's off the stage.
  • Schevelle has been one of the top feature dancers in the country since 2005.
  • Schevelle travels all over the US, so watch for her coming to a club near you!
  • Schevelle's blog can be found at
  • Schevelle's appearance schedule can be found at
Schevelle <>

Mike Richards
  • Mike Richards handled graphics design and photography on a limited basis for Adult Industry News from November 2008 to July 2009.
  • He previously worked for us from November 2000 to May 2004.
Mike Richards

Julie Meadows
  • March to December 2006 we had the pleasure of retired Vivid contract star Julie Meadows writing for us.
  • Julie's column was an eclectic mix of humor with a perspective only a retired pornstar would have.
  • Search Julie's name and look for her stories among the press releases.
  • See her movies at
Julie Meadows

Caren Caan
  • Caren Caan became a friend of AINews the Summer of 2006 and helped us in many capacities.
  • Caren blogged for Adult Industry News here and elsewhere the Autumn of 2006.
  • Caren now lives in Toronto, Ontario and is greatly missed.
  • She was talent capable of believable dialogue and smoking hot sex.
  • See her movies at
Devyn Devine

Devyn Devine
  • Devyn Devine joined the AINews family in 2005 and wrote various pieces on all different subjects. Search her name for stories by and about her.
  • Her column ran from September 2005 to September 2006.
  • Devyn was a talented writer, Internet radio co-host, feature dancer, and helped pave the way for BBW girls to be more accepted thanks to her sparkling personality.
  • See her movies at
Devyn Devine

Julie Wild
  • Julie Wild was a syndicated columnist who wrote "Ask a Swinger". Julie would address questions emailed to her as a sex coach.
  • Her column ran from June 2004 to September 2006.
Julie Wild

Fawnia Mondey
  • Fawnia Mondey was our traveling dance instructor who reviewed the clubs she featured in while touring.
  • Her column "Fawnia's Showroom Review" was an entertaining romp of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • Fawnia's column ran from June 2001 to February 2006.
  • Fawnia also wrote articles on fitness, exercise, and dance instruction.
  • See her websites and and see what she's all about.
Fawnia Mondey

Julian Patrick
  • Julian Patrick wrote the "First Man In Report" from May 2002 to November 2005.
  • The First Man In Report was an on the set view of porn shoots.
  • Julian was never associated with the XRCO through AINews, because the reviews he wrote for us were done many months after he was on the XRCO website.
Julian Patrick

Joanne Cachapero
  • Joanne Cachapero is an outstanding writer who came to us back in February, 2005.
  • From 2005 to 2007 Joanne free-lanced in the adult industry, appearing in Adult Industry News, XBIZ, Eros-zine, Playgirl, NYArts Magazine, and various mainstream publications.
  • In June 2007, she went full-time for XBIZ as a reporter, and was the Daily Online News Manager when she left there in Sept 2008, to become Membership Director with the Free Speech Coalition.
Joanne Cachapero

George O. DeLorenzo
  • George O. DeLorenzo shared his creative talent with us in the form of "The Sunday Adult ComiXXX".
  • Sundays at 9 a.m. EST Adult Industry News published his column and featured his work as an illustrator of erotic action-adventure series.
  • His character models for the comics are adult stars.
  • George shared his work with us from April 2005 to August 2006.
George O. DeLorenzo

Jeremy Steele
  • Jeremy Steele's column "Pornstar Numerology" was an in-depth analyzation of pornstar personalities based on their stage names.
  • Jeremy wrote for us from January to April 2005.
  • He also is talent and continues to film to this day.
Jeremy Steele

  • "Shay's Weekly Wash" was a hilarious re-hash of quips about the pornstars he saw in the movies.
  • Shay wrote for us from September to December 2004.
  • Shay had a way with humor that brought the voice of the porn fan to AINews.

D.D. Smith
  • D.D. Smith was a lifestyle writer who drew on her own experience as a retired dancer and life experience to give advice and offer commentary.
  • Her stories came to us between May and December 2004.
D.D. Smith

Kayla Quinn
  • Kayla Quinn aka Kayla Cam was a cam girl/web designer who began shooting for other people.
  • Kayla's column "Kayla's Korner" touted the virtues of cam girls, women in the Industry, and commentary on events.
  • Kayla's Korner ran from March to October 2004.
Kayla Quinn

Nina Whett
  • Nina Whett aka Kiara Foxx was the top movie reviewer of the early "Reviewers They Say..." column. Nina was the star of numerous movies still available at
  • "Reviewers They Say..." was an attempt for team reviewers to compare opinions.
  • As personnel changed at AINews we went to a single reviewer format.
  • Nina wrote for Adult Industry News from July 2001 to October 2004.
Nina Whett

Rose Garten
  • Rose Garten wrote for Adult Industry News from May 2001 to August 2004.
  • Rose's column was everything you wanted to know about dating strippers.
  • Rose also covered breast augmentation, strip club commentary and other tidbits.
Rose Garten

Charlie Latour
  • For years prior to AINews, Charlie Latour published "The Latour Letter" in print form.
  • Charlie's "Latour Letter" column ran here from July 2001 to July 2004.
  • Charlie's pithy social, and sometimes political commentary still holds value to readers today.
Charlie Latour

Heidi Rouse
  • Heidi Rouse wrote in asking to write interviews for us. We decided to call her column "Feature Night With Heidi".
  • Her column ran from September 2003 to May 2004.
  • Heidi was a house dancer in Texas and was infatuated with Wicked Pictures' contract stars. (Who wouldn't be!)
Heidi Rouse

Rick C. Limpert
  • Rick C. Limpert covered the adult news for us from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • He most notably gave our readers an ongoing coverage of the Gold Club trial.
  • Rick was an active glamour photographer as well as a journalist.
  • Rick wrote for Adult Industry News from May 2001 to April 2003.
Rick C. Limpert

  • Antonia had a column called "Ask Antonia Anything" which addressed some of the crazy email sent in to the AINews office.
  • Her column ran from May 2001 to July 2003.
  • Her last column was published just before she was in Barcelona, Spain, made an appointment to interview Berth Milton (owner of the Private Media Empire) and flaked without calling him.

Other Contributors
  • Vivica Vengeance
  • Susan Weissman
  • Manny Forskinn
  • Rebecca Burns
  • Michael Scott
  • Jennifer Lynn
  • Austyn Moore
  • Troy Williams
  • Ricky Woods
  • Dennis Wall
  • Scott Cohen
  • Peter Moore
  • Lynn LeMay
  • Kiki Encina
  • Bob Ellis
Other Contributors