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March 30, 2005 12:00am
MWA: jessica drake, Brittany O'Neil, Dee, Porcelain Twinz
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures This Week: jessica drake, Brittany O'Neil, Dee, and the Porcelain Twinz! Bonjour! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. Let us speak of beautiful, sexy women.

jessica drake

Thursday, March 24th, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to spend my evening in the company of Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake.

What can I say about jessica that I haven't said before? Probably nothing, but I'll give it a try.

jessica drake is a beautiful, long legged woman with long blonde hair and a lovely, slender, yet very shapely body. Her costumes are generally colorful and quite sexy, she performs very well on stage, and she does a decent job of interacting with randomly selected lucky tip rail customers.

jessica is well spoken, friendly, and loves to meet her fans.

If any of the readers gets an opportunity to see and meet jessica drake, I highly recommend that they do so with all due haste!

There is a new house dancer at the downtown Rhino, called Lily, that I'm becoming friends with. I haven't a clue as to how tall Lily may be in her bare feet, but when she is in costume, she appears to be about five feet nine or ten inches tall. I have no idea what sort of shoes Lily may wear. If there ever comes a day when I have completely memorized every little detail of Lily's face and body, I might take the time to look down and see what sort of shoes she may be wearing. However, at this moment, I could not care one iota less about her choice of foot ware!

Lily has a cute and somewhat pretty face, and a lovely, all natural body. She is friendly, she is a good conversationalist, and she has a fantastic sense of humor.

If any of the readers find themselves in the vicinity of the downtown Rhino, stop in, meet Lily, and buy a few dances with her. While I can not yet speak from experience, I strongly suspect they would not be disappointed.

Brittany O'Neil

Friday, March 25th, I went to Taboo, in Arcadia, to see and meet Brittany O'Neil. As an extra added bonus, just as I was about to enter the club, Pamela Peaks walked in. We recognized each other and instead of being bored out of my cotton pickin' mind waiting for the feature to take the stage, Pamela and I sat together and had a very nice chat. We even sat together at the tip rail for Brittany's show and walked together over to the area where Brittany was signing after the first show.

This beautiful woman is somewhat taller than average and has long, thick, blonde hair. Her body is, in a word, voluptuous. She performs on stage so well as most. I can't say much about her interaction with the customers since the dancers at this club must maintain some distance between themselves and the customers while nude. However, Brittany did seem to do a good amount of flirting and teasing such as winking, smiling, and blowing kisses.

I only saw the one show, so I am hard pressed to describe Brittany's costume. It was a very colorful, pink affair which looked somewhat like a short skirted nurse's uniform. I'm not certain that is what it was supposed to be, but that is the only thing that comes to my feeble mind.

I do believe that Brittany O'Neil is well worth going to a club to see and meet. I myself would like to see her again in the near future. In fact, I will try to remember to recommend her to some other clubs.


Saturday afternoon, March 26th, I went to the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino to see Dee's matinee show and to chat with her for a bit.

Since I have reviewed Dee a couple of times in the recent past, I'll attempt to keep this brief.

Now that Dee has been featuring for approximately one year and has gained experience, she is much more confident and is showing a noticeable improvement in her stage performances, plus her interaction with the customers if much, much better now, not that any of these were ever bad.

For her matinee show, Dee wore a very cute school girl sort of costume. I noticed after she had removed her skirt and blouse that she was wearing ordinary, white, yet very sexy, lingerie underneath rather than the usual flashy, sparkly, costume bikini sort of undergarments. While speaking with her after the show, I asked if her choice of undergarments for the school girl costume was intentional. She assured me it was intentional, and that my assumptions were correct. Dee feels that her choice was quite appropriate. After all, how many school girls wear a stripper's bikini bra and G-string underneath their uniforms?! Think about it. (Dee is the only feature dancer I have seen who has apparently thought of this idea, since she is the only one I've seen who is doing it.)

If any of the reader find themselves faced with an opportunity to go to a club to see and meet Dee, I highly recommend that they do not pass up the chance. Dee performs well, is well spoken, friendly, extremely sexy, and has a great sense of humor, plus she loves to meet her fans.

The Porcelain Twinz

Saturday evening, March 26th, I went to the Blue Zebra Cabaret, on Lacy Street in Los Angeles, to see the Porcelain Twinz.

I first met the Twinz during the champagne reception prior to the start of the Exotic Dancer Awards Show 2003, in Las Vegas. I also saw them perform during the Exotic Dancer Fan Fair after party Saturday night of that weekend. However, the performances I saw at Fan Fair, in my opinion, took nothing away from the fantastic show I saw on this night!

The performances of these ladies are in general somewhat different than the run of the mill feature shows. The Porcelain Twinz perform shows that are more along the lines of fetish-burlesque performance art than the ordinary dancing usually seen at the clubs, and their shows are very erotic.

First of all, the Porcelain Twinz are not just a duo act. They are in fact identical twin sisters! The Twinz perform very well on stage. The one show I saw this night was, in two words, Extremely Hot! The show was well choreographed and very sensual with lots of simulated girl/girl sex. Do not misconstrue my meaning. The key word here is simulated. I am not saying that the ladies performed incestuous sex acts upon each other.

The Twinz are sexy looking ladies of about average height and very very nice looking, all natural bodies. Also, they are very nice, quite friendly, and appear to love meeting and speaking with their fans.

So far as I am concerned, the Porcelain Twinz are an absolute must see! And, for those readers who live, or will be, in the Los Angeles area in late May, according to the L.A. Weekly, the Twinz will be featuring at the downtown Los Angeles Silver Reign the last weekend of that month.

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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