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January 05, 2000 06:59pm
Julia Parton, Full of Life
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Company Press Release

This interview took place in a very large suite at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas during the adult film convention in early January 2000. Julia is no longer in the Adult Industry but the interview flows with such high energy that it would be a crime for me not to show the world what a wonderful person she truly is! I especially want to thank Rick Simonelli of SexSuperstars for being such a wonderful host.

Julia Parton and Venus De Light are on a bed as I entered the master bedroom. There is a blizzard of activity with women so hot they could melt a glacier. The makeup room is separate from the main room and the girls are running around in various states of undress. I tried to keep my composure.

Venus De Light: Don't try this at home…

AINews: What, interview TWO beautiful half naked girls on the bed at the same time?

Venus: "We're professionals!" (Laughing!) That's what we say to guys when we're on stage.

Julia Parton: Hi. How you doing, Steve?

AINews: I'm doing great. This is fantastic. First, Julia, I want to say how glad I am that you've recovered from that terrible accident!

Julia: Thank you very much. I'm very glad myself. Definitely.

AINews: There were a lot of people that were asking me, "How can I get a hold of her?" and "What happened?" and there was a lot of chatter about it but no one knew the details!

Julia: No one got told anything about it. I just basically put a letter up on my website saying if you wonder why the site is not being updated, I'm like… strapped up! (Laughs!) I didn't think I would ever model again. At all.

Venus: Or dance.

Julia: Or dance. I'm actually going to attempt to dance on the 31st of July. I'm going to do a lot of sitting down and playing with myself on the floorshow, because the splits are definitely out! (Laughs!) But, I still look all right.

AINews: You look great! Where are you going to dance?

Julia: I'm going to be at Tootsie's in Ft. Lauderdale. Then after that I'm going to Defiance Haven in St. Martin. In the Caribbean, is it?

AINews: I think so.

Julia: I'm so stoked.

Venus: Where's that place?

Julia: I don't know. It's an adult haven, and they sent a thing inviting me to come and I was going to go and check it out. Ginger Lynn is going, were going to do a shoot while we are out there too.

Venus: That's awesome.

Julia: Yeah, I'm going to dance for three days and then we are going to fly some models out and shoot me and get a villa up there.

Venus: Pick me, pick me! [Raising hand]

Julia: You want to go?

Venus: Pick me!

Julia: Venus is all… (Laughing!)

Venus: That's on tape!

Julia: I'm in trouble if I don't come through now. Venus heard me say it. (Everyone laughing!)

Julia: Now Julia is having her lips done. [To makeup artist] That's ok I don't think they are going to take any of me for a little while. [Julia pauses for a moment] Sorry about that. It was a rough recovery. I had to learn to walk again. I had to learn to talk again. At one point I didn't even know my name, so I had to learn to think again and as you heard me bitching for the past two days the one little side effect that's left over from the accident is my brain is fucked up!

Venus: Your memory?

Julia: My memory is so out of control

Venus: Just smoke a lot of pot.

"God forbid I smoke pot! Don't say that, OK?"

Julia: God forbid I smoke pot! Don't say that, OK? (Laughs!) Other than that, I really pissed off a friend of mine, Nicky Nova. I worked with her probably two or three times and I interviewed her for Danni's Hard Drive, all this stuff and for some reason, one of the things that left my brain after my accident was all the girls I interviewed for Danni's Hard Drive. Just those girls. I only forgot them. I knew I had seen her somewhere before, but I couldn't remember her name.

Anyway, we went to a photo shoot in Jamaica together and I walked up to meet all the girls because I was the last girl to arrive, and I was like HI, nice to meet you I'm Julia and I went to shake Nicki's hand and I said Hi, nice to meet you and she went, Gasp, how could you forget me. And she went off! And she was all upset because I had done a photo shoot with her. And when I went back and looked later, I went back and got on my computer, and I went, "Where do I know this girl from?" and oh, my God! I had interviewed her, I've done a movie with her, and I didn't fucking remember her. She was so mad at me!

Venus: Didn't she know about your accident?

Julia: I told her, I said, "Oh, my God, I'm so sorry, I don't remember half my life, I swear to God!" I've forgotten the names of two of my cousins. Cousins that I'm related to.

Venus: So then she still didn't understand?

Julia: Well, she just kinda snubbed her nose up at me the rest of the trip. I was kissing her ass constantly, "Please like me again". I finally gave up. I think she forgave me ultimately, but she was mad! But, who wouldn't be insulted, "Excuse me, you were just eating my pussy two months ago, you don't remember me!?" (All laugh!) We didn't do THAT good of a movie together, it was simulated, but still, I should remember her, being down THERE! (Laughing!) I looked at the pictures…

Venus: You should have just waited till you got her naked and then gone, "Now I remember you!"

Julia: Now I remember you! (Laughs!) So if you are one of my friends and I walk past you at a convention and I don't say Hi. Please re-introduce yourself.

Venus: Even if… (Laughing!)

Julia: Even if I've known you for 20 years, I'm gonna have forgotten your name. I may remember your face if your lucky, but I will have forgotten your name. (Laughing!)

Venus: How frustrating.

Julia: But seriously, they said about a year before I would start to process information correctly again. I had a lot of swelling in my brain, I almost…

Venus: It's a good thing you're so smart.

Julia: They almost did brain surgery on me.

Venus: You could afford to lose some brain cells there, and still be really smart.

Julia: It's a good thing I started with a 4.0 in College. Now I'm just a C average. (Laughs!)

AINews: I don't know... they look like they're a D to me.


Julia: They're Double D. That was the other good side effect, cause I haven't danced in 8 months and I've put on ten pounds and eight of it's all in my tits.

Venus: I thought you had a boob job, that's how big they are.

Julia: I'm a 34 double D right now and I was a 32 C 'cause I've always been a tiny little girl I just look big on film, you know? But I have double D tits now.

Venus: They're beautiful, they're just phenomenal.

Julia: Wow, they're big, and my little roll right here my little tiny bit of a belly. That's what I'm going to live off of my first week on the road. It will be gone in three days of not eating and dancing. I just call it my little love handle. (Laugh!)

Venus: I would keep the boobs and the love handle rather then lose the boobs.

Julia: Yeah, I know. I've got to try to stay at this weight.

Venus: It's sexy. I think a little pooch, womanly, tiny little, is very sexy.

Julia: Yeah, I have that little pot right there. I've always had that puff anyways. [Sarcastically] I'm FAT! No I'm kidding! (Laughing!) I'm joking, I'm not fat.

AINews: She's not fat.

Venus: She's not fat at all!

Julia: Not yet. I was FEELING fat. It was a long hard road.

Venus: Just her breasts are fat.

Julia: My breasts are fat.

(All Laughing!)

"I'm the perfect woman. See? Fuck my brains out and I'll forget your name tomorrow!"

Julia: And my brain doesn't work. I'm the perfect woman for any man. (All Laughing and applause!) I'm the perfect woman. See? Fuck my brains out and I'll forget your name tomorrow! (Laughing!) I've always wanted to be a dumb blonde, now I just need the hair! (Laughs!)

AINews: [Through tears from laughing] This is funny stuff!

Julia: We should definitely be recording this. [Looking at the tape] Oh! We are! (Laughing!) Next question!

AINews: Are you doing any magazine shoots?

Julia: Actually we are probably going to do some test shots. I'm not sure. Shooting for magazines has got to be a totally separate thing. We are going to do magazine stuff later on. This particular shoot, we're shooting for all the girls that are in it who own their own web sites, to share the content. So this way we don't have to shoot on that expensive kind of film as much. It just costs a lot to shoot for a magazine. It cost me $1500, in film and processing and everything else just to shoot one layout that they might pay me $2000 for and then they own it. The only point of doing that is to get in the magazine, I figure.

Venus: And she has been in a zillion magazines…

Julia: I will probably do some more. When I go to St. Martin and shoot I am going to fly Jeff [photographer] out there. I bet you my ass I get a centerfold or something out of that layout. Definitely, we'll shop it around see who wants it. Probably, Club. I love Lisa Lesaro. She always gets first pick of anything. She's the editor of Club. She's wonderful, a really nice lady.

AINews: Well in that case, let's talk about the shoot today. What's going on here?

Julia: We've been shooting, this is the third day, and I'm like at the point now where I just don't care if I don't like my makeup, I don't care! And get in front of the fucking camera. We'll PhotoShop it, all right? We'll fix your fucking eyelash then, OK? (Laughs!). But we've been shooting for three days and what we did is we invited all our friends, which was a last minute thing. Initially, bless her heart, and I'm not going to diss her, because I love her, Penelope Pumpkins planned the very first one we did like this. Where we all got together at Danni's Hard Drive and Sam Dixon too. And we all got together Sam Dixon produced it and all the girls showed up and we shot together and we all get to use the content on our web sites.

If anybody knows anything about being a Webmaster of a web site, trying to find content that isn't on every other site in the world is very difficult. So this is stuff we know is our own, that we own and that we give each other the license to use. Anyway, Penelope had us set up to do the second one, here at VSDA and with like three weeks notice, she had to pull out. She couldn't come and had to cancel the whole thing.

Venus: Sam Dixon must have canceled too.

Julia: Well, we didn't invite him the second time.

Venus: He was involved with the second one.

Julia: That's one of the reasons. She doesn't want to involve any other producers. The one thing we screwed up the first time is we involved someone that wasn't one of us in the shooting process and it's not gonna happen again because we want to own our own pictures. That's the whole reason we're doing it. It's to own our own pictures, not so some guy can come and shoot a million pictures for free, because you couldn't get these girls in the same room under any other circumstances, for any amount of money. So we're getting this great fabulous content! We shot Saturday, we shot you, Venus, me and Becky [Sunshine], right?

Venus: Saturday it was you and I.

Julia: Just you and me? We shot you and me and then Sunday was you and me and Becky at the Pool, and then we shot Laurie Wagner last night, single. And then today, we have all of us, Selena Steele, Venus, Becky Sunshine, Me and then we are waiting for, and she better show or I'm going to spank her, Nina Hartley is going to join us and Angela Summers said she would as well. But they have to work VSDA first so they will be coming in the afternoon. And then all the girls that participate in the shoot whether they shoot one day or all three days, get to use all the content from all three days on all the other girls, on their sites. It will be three or four thousand pictures.

Venus: Major payment for the girls. Major payment, because if you were to like pay us what it would cost to buy all this content, each girl would have to give at least two thousand dollars to buy this amount of content.

Julia: Yeah, we've shot so much film it's just ridiculous! And up until today when the camera had to go home, Goddamnit, we shot video footage of everything! We have got like so much funny stuff! We have to put this in the interview too, because we were talking about it last night…

Venus: And the webmasters are SO CUTE!

Julia: Aren't they cute? We all have cute webmasters. SexSuperstars.com has young stud muffins that run the place, alright?

Venus: They are so CUTE!

Julia: Stud muffins, and MY little muffin and the three of them lined up between those three, oh, my God! How can a girl even shoot with them in the room? I don't know! (Laughs!)

Venus: I was looking forward to coming today just to sit and look at them again!

Julia: Venus is all sad because Andy left! (Laughs!) He is a pretty one isn't he? Yeah, they are really great guys.

Venus: Yes.

Julia: But what really struck us immediately, when we went to go to the video convention was the fact that they have the porno convention in the very next hall to a children's convention. A children's gymnastics…

Venus: "Future Strippers of America".

Julia: Of course then Miss Delight here has to pop off the other day, "Oh, look there are the future strippers of America." I'm like, "Every one of those kids that doesn't get a gold medal will be a stripper before she's through."

Venus: Even if they do. Look at Stephanie Evans. Well, she won a silver medal.

Julia: She's like, "All strippers were gymnasts." But, we were very upset about it, as you know. You were upset about it too. Who ever plans these things… Can't someone sit sown and like use their brain? I mean I don't even HAVE a brain, and I knew better than to do that!

Venus: Well, when the people from the gymnastics convention called up, they should have told them…

Julia: …"We've booked you next to a porno convention, bring all your youngest children." I was walking past children who were three, four, five years old, six, seven years old…

Venus: But they were wearing sluttier costumes than us.

Julia: They were wearing sluttier costumes then we were, but they were allowed, they were kids. It was horrible to be gasped at by the mothers. It was like, "Oh! Look at those big boobed girls walking by my child!" I almost turned around and smacked one of them that said something.

Venus: We were dressed…

Julia: There were so many children in this casino right now you can't believe it. Here at the Venetian, I guess they give a special rate to guests who gamble under the age of eight. (Laughing!) There was about three thousand children under the age of ten walking through the Venetian at all times during this entire porno convention.

Venus: I think the Venetian should ban Children from their casino.

Julia: I don't think you should have to legislate parenting but apparently it needs to be done. We need to make a law that parents don't take their children to places like this. If they are not smart enough to do it on their own! I am so pissed at every one of you born again Christian mothers that stuck your fucking nose up at me in that elevator, how dare you bring your children here! How fucking dare you look at me like that! I didn't bring your children here! You brought your children here! AND ANOTHER THING!

(Lots of laughing!)

I'm so MAD at this woman! This woman gave me the dirtiest look and we've got a video of her. We were in the elevator, videoing us, just goofing off. We weren't doing anything we were going to use or whatever. But we were in the elevator, and you see there is only one person in the elevator that wasn't with us. It was a mother standing in the corner just cringing, and there was this look on her face like, "Oh, my God! oh, my God!" She was horrified and Andy being the little smart ass that he is got a good close up of her. Looking horrified. I would just killer die to put it up on the website.

Venus: Our backs were facing her so she didn't think anyone could see her.

Julia: She didn't know we had a camera on her making her face. She's so lucky that I am ethical 'cause it would be up on the Internet tomorrow just to spite the look on her face. So you know that has been sort of aggravating. What a beautiful hotel though. What a great place to have a convention.

Venus: We just need them to ban children.

Julia: Yeah, let's just ban children. That's all we ask. I think children own the rest of the world don't they?

Venus: They can go to the Holiday Inn.

Julia: I know there is all kinds of stuff for kids to do, believe it or not, in Vegas.

Venus: I don't think the Bellagio has kids stuff at their hotel. I don't think they let kids around here at all. Go to Circus Circus or the Excalibur or something!

Julia: There is no kids' stuff here at all. That's why I can't believe they did this. They must have needed money bad at the Venetian.

AINews: There were girls that were so self conscious about all the kids around there that they stopped, opened their travel suitcase, and put on something over their show costumes.

Julia: Yeah, I would have worn a trench coat over my outfit. Venus was very uncomfortable. She had on fishnet stockings, and a patent leather mini skirt. Her big boobs and a little tiny top and she had to walk past all these women and their children.

AINews: Rikki LiXXX stopped and pulled on a whole dress over her outfit.

Julia: Yeah, It's just none of us had any intention of offending…

Venus: None of us had any nudity or anything.

Julia: Well, but still, it's just the principal, you know what? At eight years old no child needs to hear the answer to, "What's that mommy?" You know what, you have your whole life to figure that out. Stay a child for a little while.

Venus: That's true.

Julia: That's the only thing that really annoys me, is that no one lets their children be children. "Look lets show my eight year old some tits!" And then tell them it's WRONG and see how long it takes them to run the other way. People are crazy.

[Rick Simonelli, walks into the room.]

Julia: Rick was telling me on the way back up here at midnight last night, a woman with her baby in a stroller, coming up on the elevator, and Rick says, "How old is that kid?" "Oh, seven weeks old." At midnight awake in a stroller, going up an elevator in a casino. That's where you just take the children from them and go "You know what? Your not allowed to have children. We're tying your tubes and I'm taking this one with me. Thank you." (Laughs!) Don't get me started.

Rick Simonelli: Too late!

Julia: I'm an anarchist. But, anyway, the shoot I think is tremendously successful, already. Even if we didn't shoot one more roll of film I'd be happy with what we got.

AINews: And it's all going on CD?

Julia: I'll burn it all on to CD for all the girls - or how ever they want it. Venus wants it zip drive, it's easier for her. So I'll do it different ways. Some of it we did shoot real film so we will have to scan and edit all that, but all the digital stuff will be done immediately if not sooner.

AINews: Boy, model releases must be a pain in the butt.

Julia: OH, my God! Well, this is the thing, we didn't want to sign model releases because we didn't want to take the chance of anyone using our images. So we filled out these ridiculous page long limited license agreements, which I have to thank Brittany Andrews for, because she sent me one to use and I copied it and changed it a little bit.

Basically we licensed each other to use our pictures and Sex Superstars produced it.

AINews: This kind of model release idea is kind of new. It's pretty innovative, isn't it?

Julia: I don't think it has ever been done. I've never heard of anybody doing it before as far as on the level of what we just did. I mean obviously Brittany has been doing it when she's licensed someone to use her pictures, this is the agreement she sends them. When she sent it to me I was like, "This is brilliant!" This is so much better than a model release because at the bottom of it, it says with five days written notice you can pull your pictures out of where ever they are at. Which you can't do when you shoot for a magazine or something.

No, when you're 92 and you've found God, and you've got three kids and a degree in whatever they could show your nastiest pussy shot with your name next to it on the cover and centerfold of FuckMe.com.

This way is much, much better. All the girls are really interested in doing it. The next one, I think, will be much bigger because I'll actually plan it ahead of time knowing that I'm planning it. I didn't know I was planning this one. I thought I was showing up to shoot it.

AINews: So this is more impromptu.

Julia: This is more impromptu than I wanted it to be. The second one we do will be much more organized. I will be able to give people a month's notice and have a month to find a location. We were lucky to find the locations which we did on this shoot. Because usually you need advanced notice to find a place to shoot like that.

AINews: So Selena bought that for you as a present?

Julia: She did. Isn't it pretty? She bought us matching ones for our shoot that we just did

AINews: I've got to say that you and Selena look like a sister act when you work together.

Julia: We really do. We're going to go out as a duo this year for a couple of bookings to promote the auction site. Maybe do some live webcam stuff out on the road.

AINews: I hope it's some place close by so I can see it.

Julia: I know, I hope so too! Otherwise we'll have to fly you out. (Laughs!) We'll have you flown out to cover the event.

AINews: That sounds so prestigious, I like the sound of that.

Julia: You want first class tickets, right?

AINews: I'd ride on the WING!

Julia: I spend my partner's money like it's my own, don't I? (Laughs!) He's all… A silent partner is flipping me off. (Laughing!) We're going out as a duo and because we're wearing these little outfits and we were standing next to each other they were saying, "You guys look like sisters."

Ironically, Selena is the person that started me dancing. She bugged me for a year.

She pestered me. She bugged me. I said no. I said no. First of all, I had never been in a strip club. Ok yes I'm a porn star, but I had never been in a strip club. When she said you should go and dance. This was when she had just started dancing, I'm like ummm, I don't know. I saw a strip club in a movie once and it was dangerous. There was gangsters and shit in there. I'm not going in there. It looks like a very scary place, you know. So she bugged me, she said, "Oh, Julia, you'll love it, you'll love it. It's wonderful you'll love it." I kept saying, "No, no no…"

Finally she just gave my number to an agent. Without my permission. (Laughs!) And the agent called me up. She's all "I have a booking for you." I'm thinking it's a modeling job. I'm all, "Really?" And she says, "Yeah, I've got a booking for you dancing out in Rochester, New York." And I'm like, "No, I'm sorry, I don't dance." And she's like, "Well, they'll give you three thousand dollars..." And I went, "Well, maybe I'll dance just once." (Laughs!) And that was how it started, I've been a dancer right up until my accident. Selena did it to me. She dragged my ass out there. Now that I'm injured and need to be easy on myself, she's got to go out on the road with me so I don't have to dance as much. I can just lick her pussy and people will be happy. (Laughs!)

That's the best kind of show if you're a feature dancer, being a duo is the way to go. Because half the time you just lay on your back and have a good time. That's really easy on the back. Really great on the feet. (Laughs!)

AINews: That's good advice.

Julia: Yeah, good advice, if you're tired of dancing lay down and take your clothes off because that's what they want to see you do. Well, we'll be just doing more of a live video type show, that's all. Slightly interactive. (Laughs!) Interact with me beyond a certain point and I will box your ears. (Laughing!)

AINews: This is plenty interactive. [Referring to interviewing them on the bed]

Julia: Yeah, definitely.

AINews: I'd like this to go on forever, but I know it can't.

Julia: Ohhh, bless you're heart. Well thank you so much for covering this.

AINews: Thank you very much Julia.

Julia: You are very welcome.

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Interview with Ela Darling

Derrick Pierce Interview

Interview of Holly Heart

Canadian Foot Porn

Karlie Montana Interview

BBW Eliza Allure Interview

Chanel Preston Interview

Shelly The Burbank Bomber

BiBi Jones Interview

An InnerView of Katsuni

Freaky by the Bay: Heidi Hanson

An InnerView of Stormy Daniels

A MiniView of Monica Mayhem

Scott Janke & Jazella Moore: The Interview

A MiniView of Devon Michaels

A MiniView of Sunny Day

A MiniView of Rucca Page

A MiniView of Heather Barron

Freaky by the Bay: Jesse Jane

A MiniView of Anjelica Lauren

A MiniView of Nikki Jackson

A MiniView of Kitti Lynxxx

A Man of Many Talents - Jack Lawrence

Delotta Brown Again

A MiniView of Sara Jay

A MiniView of June Summers

A MiniView of Teri Weigel

A MiniView of Kendra Secrets

A MiniView of Sexy Vanessa

A MiniView of Sashabrabuster

A MiniView of Gina DePalma

A MiniView of Candy Manson

A MiniView of Kitty Langdon

A MiniView of Sinnamon Love

A MiniView of Kitty Lee

A MiniView of Victoria Valentino

A MiniView of Savannah Jane

Debi Does Las Vegas - A MiniView

A MiniView of Carly Parker

A MiniView of Alexis Silver

A MiniView of Donna Doll

A MiniView of Regan Anthony

A MiniView of Cinnabunz

A MiniView of Wanda Lust

A MiniView of Raven Black

A MiniView of Sheila Marie

A MiniView of Pamela Peaks

The View From the Top

A MiniView of DeLotta Brown

A MiniView of Daphne Rosen

A MiniView of Anita Cannibal

A MiniView of Cumisha Amado

A MiniView of Cara Lott

A MiniView of Cleopatra of the Nile

A MiniView of Moni Michaels

A MiniView of Golden

A MiniView of Ms Panther

A MiniView of Totally Tabitha

A MiniView of Kayla Paige

A MiniView of Bethany Sweet

A MiniView of LaRue McCay

A MiniView of Midori

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Lovette

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Keisha

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Venus De Light

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Bobby Hollander

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Brooke Hunter

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Juli Ashton

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Bridget "the Midget" Powerz

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Miss Sharon Mitchell

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Danni Ashe

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Sabrina Johnson

Julia Parton, Full of Life

Zarah Lee's American Bukkake

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Teri Weigel

An Interview with Bubbles

AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Ariana

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