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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!


March 14, 2000 08:52am
AINews Exclusive: An InnerView of Bridget "the Midget" Powerz
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

Since this interview Bridget retired from porn, and there are rumors that she is comming back. She is one of the most pleasant people to talk to! I'm looking forward to seeing her again soon.

AINews: I'm here with Bridget Powerz. Hi, Bridget!

Bridget: [In a sexy voice] What's up? (Laughs)

AINews: I usually try to make the people I interview comfortable, but in this situation you can probably make me more comfortable by telling me what's politically correct and what's not.

Bridget: I think it's all about what a person feels, like are you talking about the word midget and dwarf?

AINews: Yes

Bridget: Laughs

AINews: …Because for the life of me I don't know what to say.

Bridget: Most little people think there's a politically correct way, like if you want to call someone fat or black, like there is a politically correct way, I don't believe in any of that garbage. I don't buy into it. Call me a midget, call me a little person, call me anything you want, because you aren't trying to make fun of me. You know what I mean? It makes no difference to me. If you are fat, you're fat. If you're black, you're black. You're a midget, you're a dwarf, who cares. People shouldn't be so sensitive.

AINews: That's good to here. I couldn't help but try to tread lightly, just in case.

Bridget: I'm not a sensitive person about anything like that. I've had my share.

AINews: How long have you been in the business?

Bridget: About three years, actually

AINews: What have you done?

Bridget: I've done lots of stuff. Everything, but anal, I don't do anal. I want to with Ed Powers, though. I want him to be my first. I've been doing a radio show with him 97.1 every single Friday for a year. So I have been just seeing him every Friday and I am just falling in love with this guy, and we have been bonding, so. You know, I like to work with people I bond with on a certain level. I don't like to just sleep with someone like that. Everybody I work with there is some kind of bonding that I go through with them. So, they always end up thinking I am pretty cool. What you see up on the screen is me with these guys, but you know behind it I have gotten to know each and every one of them. There is something special there. That's why I want to do my first anal scene with Ed.

AINews: What did you do before you got into the business?

Bridget: Hmmmm. Let's see. I'm an entertainer. I do multiple entertainment. I'll entertain anybody, anywhere, anytime. And no matter what it is, if it is something sexual, adult, if it is bachelor parties, singing, commercials, television, radio, I do it all. I have a television show right now. Before the [Adult] Business I was a fire breather, a sword swallower, I used to do freak shows. I used to do a lot of commercials and movies, lots of stuff like that when I was younger. I got older and kind of got sick of the roles I was getting. All they would call me to do were leprechaun roles, elf roles, fairy roles, and stupid little roles that weren't real. So when I turned Eighteen, I thought about getting into the adult business, but I didn't know how. There's a funny story about how it happened. But anyway, I got into the business and so here I am. I like doing it because it's real. You know what I mean? It's real. I'm not dressed up as an elf or doing all this crazy stuff. I do that sometimes in some of my movies, but there is a balance, you know? There's a real person doing stuff and then there's fantasy stuff. I think we need that in Hollywood, mainstream as well. Modeling and all that, there needs to be a some kind of balance. Kids are going to grow up thinking that Elves and Leprechauns exist and that little people don't exist and we are just figments of someone's imagination. It's a problem.

AINews: So what you do on film is what Bridget really does in her personal life. In other words, you are not an elf or one of those gnome people, in your real life, but you have sex in your real life.

Bridget: I do have sex, but the sex I have on film, I add an entertainment value to it depending on my character and role. I know people that do that in Porn. They say you are just supposed to go there, have sex, get your money and go, but I think that I bring an extra part into it. I did a really great movie called Innocence Lost. It got an award or something, but my scene was probably the best scene out of the entire movie - they even told me that - and they just said that you were such a pleasure to work with. Because I added a certain thing to it so it's not just a "jack-off, lets have sex" thing, It's "jack-off, let's have sex, Gee, that's kinda neat!" That kind of scene is more real and I'm more into that. I try not to just look like I'm trying to get my money, but actually into it. That's what I try to add.

AINews: Why did you change from mainstream to doing adult? You had a story there.

Bridget: Mainstream, Adult, I think it's all the same. I really do. It's all behind a camera doing something. Some people, they see the adult as something very naughty. Wrong. But I don't think so. I think it's all a part of us just as anything else is. How I got into the adult business? Cute story. I love to go out to nightclubs and stuff. A lot of little people don't, but I always do. And I like to dress up and look really cute. I was kinda hanging out at Goth clubs for a couple of months and I kind of got into the style of Goth and Punk. I incorporated that, I don't know if you noticed that, anyway, I was at this great Goth club in Long Beach. I was just dancing and this Gay guy, totally Gay and flamboyant, really great guy, dancing with me bumping up doing nasty, dirty dancing. I was like, "Oh God, he's Gay!" But he gave me a napkin with his phone number on it and he said call me. So I was like, "He's gay, he's gay, he's gay!" So I called him up and it turns out he's a make up guy for these people who are doing a porno for the first time. And they were just so amazed when they saw how cute and sexy I was and how well I could dance. I have this sexual nature, a sexual energy about me, he said. He felt it and he was getting turned on, and he said you gotta do porn. So I tried my first one and I had such a great great time! Meanwhile, I actually wasn't supposed to be in this one but [the girl who was booked to do it] didn't do it. So we had somebody else play the part and she was supposed to shoot eggs out of her butt but she couldn't so I did it. So that is when I started doing gross stuff.

AINews: Wait a minute! You shot eggs out of your butt?

Bridget: For my first porno I got introduced to porn by this gay guy and it was a tribute to me that [the other girl] wasn't in it and I shot eggs out of my butt. I was butt double. A stunt double kind of thing. So you don't really know its me, but it is really me. I had so much fun. I explored my body. I found out the things I could do and the things I couldn't. I am learning a lot more about my body and I think I am getting a lot more self esteem and more aware of my body and how it works and also better about myself actually. I have a lot more self-esteem. Who knows? It's a good thing.

AINews: What guys were you working with?

Bridget: What guys?

AINews: I saw some pictures of you on the Internet of you and Sasha.

Bridget: Sasha Gabor, yeah.

AINews: What was that from?

Bridget: Probably a Gang-bang. I've done two gangbangs, one with five guys one with four. I think he was in both of them actually.

AINews: I saw a write up on it in Hustler I think.

Bridget: Those guys I didn't really pick, they kind of all came and I met them, but I worked with them a second time because I liked them so much. But I've worked with Rod Fontana, Skip, I've worked with Ed. I don't know if you know Mickey Blank's Shooting Star, I've worked for him. He does a lot of videos and he gets me some really great guys but a lot of first time people. I really like to meet them and we kinda hang out, we party, we have fun. (Laughs) GET NUDE.

AINews: Fun stuff.

Bridget: Oh yeah.

AINews: Are you under contract with anyone?

Bridget: No.

AINews: It doesn't sound like something you plan on doing.

Bridget: Never. I wouldn't want to be tied down. Like with a contract you do four movies for a certain company, yes. But, not where I am exclusive with anybody, because I want to keep myself open and free. So everybody can get a little piece of me.

AINews: That's kind of nice to know. Are you touring at all?

Bridget: Well, I went to England once to do some adult business stuff.

AINews: Like the festivals and stuff, over there?

Bridget: No, actually I did a two month layout thing for Sunday Sport. It was kind of an exploitation thing.

AINews: What do you mean?

Bridget: Well, it's all exploitation. They made me up to be this little sex girl that is coming over to England. I was going to do this little movie and I was going to get laid by all these guys. And you write in, it's a contest. They showed pictures of me. For two weeks they like showed pictures. There was this other little person originally, she got no response because she was so ugly, and big and fat. I was so cute. People saw me and they tripped! They got more that 20,000 entries, and they picked 10 guys. I had to work with them. Each and every one of them. I only got to have sex with two of them because it was pictures in the magazine, it wasn't a movie. They were all pictures. So the promo said I did ten but I just did two... hehe. They were nice to me and they paid me a bunch of money. I got to go there for a month, all kinds of expense paid. I got money for taxis, I was treated like a queen, I stayed in the best hotels…

AINews: That's great.

Bridget: I like doing things like that. I've been in New York. I've met Howard Stern. I was on the Roseanne Show. I'm going to do the National Enquirer Television Show very soon. I am working with them right now. So I do radio, I do cable shows. I love radio. Love TV. One day, I would love to get my own music show on mainstream television, non-cable, like CBS or something. I'm working on that. Maybe, one day.

AINews: Tell me a little bit about the music.

Bridget: I've been singing since I was a little girl. Love to sing, but I'm not ready, you know? When you know you're ready, you're ready. I'm still working on just getting people together and training and all this great stuff. And getting connections and learning how to hustle, learning the art and the business. Not just the mechanics. So, I'm really into music, I love to sing, I have a really great voice, I think, so.

AINews: I would like to hear you sing some time, unfortunately I can't type what you sound like otherwise I would have you sing something right now.

Bridget: That's OK. You can tell I have a nice voice, very strong.

AINews: When I first saw you the motivation for asking you if I could interview you was I thought you were so fucking cute I wanted to hug you.

Bridget: Its funny you should say that. I can't go out anywhere by myself with out a bodyguard, especially at night in L. A. Even with bodyguards I have trouble, walking down the streets outsides clubs, a lot of people. People will just randomly come up to me and go "Oh, my God, You are so cute let me pick you up!" They pick me up like a baby, they give me to their friends, it's amazing. It gets out of hand. Now I have to have bodyguards with me, they go, "I'm her bodyguard, please put her down".

Please. It's gotten crazy. God, after doing Howard [Stern], everywhere I go, people recognize me. I got mobbed once. At Grumman's Chinese Theater. I was shooting a porno there and I was on Marilyn Monroe's little thing, It's called Bridget Goes To Hollywood. I was there with my hands on the little thing shooting this little thing. A couple of like Asian people started clicking pictures. They thought I was a movie star or something, because the cameras were there and the sound thing you know the mixer. Then the next thing you know a couple of white people, all of these people, then everyone started coming up, they thought it was a big deal. Nobody knew why they were there but they were all looking at me. They didn't even know who I was. This one person goes, "I know, that's Bridget Powerz" A big old huge mob, and it was insane, because no one really knew me except a few people, but you know.

People recognize me a lot. Even in my car. They just see me from my face up and they just recognize me. I had this lady roll down her window and go, "You're Bridget Powerz, your so cute! I just think your doing great, keep it going!" She just drove off, she was all happy. I get that all the time. I'm hot.

AINews: Do you have a website?

Bridget: Uh, uh.

[Food arrives]

Bridget: Mmmmm

AINews: Do you want some of this stuff?

[Break while we eat.]

AINews: Where were we? We talked a little bit about how you got in the business and why you changed from mainstream into doing porn, who were some of the first people you met when you came into the business?

Bridget: Sharon Mitchell and Jim South, those were the first people I was introduced to. Of course, it's good to get information from a male and female perspective, point of view. So that is what they did for me.

AINews: What's this about a movie where you came out of a suitcase?

Bridget: It was my idea, cause as a little girl I always planned vacations and I always would hide myself. I just thought it was cute. And I had a fantasy that it would be kinda neat if you could have a man in a suitcase, cause you know, I could never get men and stuff, cause I was little and stuff and guys aren't interested. So I had a fantasy about having a man I could open a suitcase, pop him out, and it would be a little man, but he was like real. I thought about this years later, when I thought about it, I thought I'm gonna reverse it. So I stuck myself in a suitcase. So that is where the idea came from and originally I called it "Bridget the Midget's Suitcase Sex Story", but it might have a different title now. But it's so cute! (Laughs)

AINews: It sounds wonderful.

Bridget: I'm popping out of the suitcase Here I am! I think it was a silent film. Yeah, we did it in a silent film. The art aspect of this porn. (Laughs) See I told you I add art to it. It was a silent film (Laughs)

AINews: I believe that there is a lot of porn that is art.

Bridget: Yeah, you should see some of the amazing scenes that I've done. Mixed in with all that terrible stuff. My stuff is art.

AINews: Now I want to go out and rent all your stuff.

Bridget: I have a big ego.

AINews: You do?

Bridget: Uh huh.

AINews: Tell me about it.

Bridget: Well cause I'm all small, I want to make up for this smallness by being big. So I just extend it. Do you feel it? [with her foot under the table]

AINews: Yeah, don't stop.

Bridget: OK go on.

AINews: Let's see, what movies have you done recently? Do you have anything coming up?

Bridget: Yeah, I'm going to work with Ed Powers very soon. I just worked with this lady named Cumisha, she has been in the business about 20 years. AINews: Cumisha Amado

Bridget: Yeah, Yeah, I just worked with her, did this great film, at a tattoo parlor. It was lots of fun. Me and a guy named Lucky Star. Black guy.

AINews: Lucky! He was my roommate.

Bridget: I've been seeing a lot of him lately. He's been around. Lucky.

AINews: Yeah. What other kind of roles would you like to portray that you haven't done? Can you think of any off hand that …

Bridget: You mean in the Adult business? Well, there is one I'm going to do very soon, coming up, it has to do with a genie, being me in a lamp. A bunch of men finding it on a beach and using it. They rub it and something pops out! (Laughs)

AINews: That's cool.

Bridget: Yep, that's my little creation. I'm sure it's been done before, but I haven't seen it so. Might as well. It hasn't been done with a little midget genie girl. It needs to be done.

AINews: You then….

Bridget: I Dream of Weenie

AINews: That's great!

Bridget: I Dream of Weenie! (Laughs) We are going to try to do a take off of I Dream of Jeanie. At the beginning of it we are going to try….

AINews: Porn always rips off mainstream…It's OK.

Bridget: It's OK, it's funny, it gives it more of an edge. You watch something mainstream and wonder what it would be like from a porn aspect.

AINews: I always fantasized about going to bed with Barbara Eden as a kid watching I Dream of Jeanie. I always wondered why they weren't in the sack.

Bridget: I know. I used to like think of all the porno that they could do so It's great, things like this it's just great to do take offs.

AINews: Do you like roles where you are dominant or you are submissive?

Bridget: Dominant. I'm dominant in every single movie I do. I never am submissive and if someone is dominant, we will both be dominant together. It just makes it even more interesting. To be in control... except one time, I wasn't in control, and this guy took total control and just starts doing his thing with me and I totally was being to, to dumb, not letting me…and I just slapped him! I jumped off him and said "Hey you! Stop it!" So I didn't work with him any more. They got a five minute scene and I quit.

AINews: I guess that has something to do with respect then?

Bridget: Yeah, very much so. I mean, every guy has a fantasy of taking girls and spinning her around, but you don't really do it. He tried, it just doesn't work. Can you do it is it possible?

AINews: You mean like this?[I move my hands like I'm spinning her around in my lap] [Lots of laughing]

Bridget: Every guy has a fantasy of doing that with a midget, I swear to God. They all say I've always wanted to have a midget sit on my cock…

AINews: Better be lubricated!

Bridget: ...And spin her around… I know he tried to do that and that's why I slapped him and told him you can't do that! (Laughing)

AINews: Do you like working with new talent or experienced talent?

Bridget: I like working with anybody, new or experienced, because, one person you get to work with and one person you get to teach with. I like them both.

AINews: Like you said before, you like to get to know them first.

Bridget: Totally.

AINews: To bond with them and then it doesn't matter, right?

Bridget: Yeah.

AINews: How do people get a hold of you to book you?

Bridget: That's a good question. Call me… but I don't want to have my phone number out on the Internet. My website is just getting going.

AINews: What about Jim South, can he get a hold of you?

Bridget: The thing about that is he will get a piece of it, you know what I mean? Some people don't want to go through that. I don't want to have an agent.

AINews: How do you get work now?

Bridget: Connections. You go to conventions, get a thousand cards and call them all back and then fill out a thousand forms out of those thousand forms each person has a connection with 5 other people. Then that becomes five thousand, then ten thousand. You know how it multiplies out. To me I got it from like a million.

AINews: A million?

Bridget: (Laughs) 35 or something like that. Really 35.

AINews: That's not to bad.

Bridget: No not in a year. Only 2 a month, less than 2 a month. Some girls I know do two a day. Once a week, some do it every a week twice a week.

AINews: Those girls are hopefully putting it into mutual funds or something to provide for themselves later on instead of spending it. Do you have a wish list of guys you would like to work with or girls you would like to work with?

Bridget: Yes, I wish I could work with Donita Dunes every day, because she is so beautiful. And ummm, lets see a wish list... yeah, I want to know about a certain person but I want to do a porn, you know cartoon characters, you know Club Kids? It's a certain kind of style, they dress up in pink, they have pink hair, blue lipstick, you look like a cartoon but your real. I want to do a porn with a bunch of Barbie Doll looking girls. I want to be the little Club Kid. I want to do one with like a strap-on and I just want to do a whole bunch of blondes with big tits that look like Barbie dolls. It's called a Barbie Doll Blowout or something like that. That's one I really want to do. I always liked Barbie dolls, I always had fantasies of doing Barbie dolls, cause I used to play with them.

AINews: Are you condom only, condom optional, what are your limitations?

Bridget: It depends on the situation, on the person, have they been tested a lot. It depends on the situation. Most of the time I… I really don't remember… Probably one or two times I've used them and sometimes in the middle of a scene we will just rip them off. They will be like I don't want this and I'll be like Well god that's mean, keep it on. Lucky did that. He took it and ripped it off. And I'm like, "What the hell is that for.

AINews: I give the girl the option, whether or not she wants to use it or not.

Bridget: Sure, sure it should always be up to the girl.

AINews: The last time I worked she wanted to, but when the scene started she changed her mind.

Bridget: There are some guys that want to use condoms.

AINews: I don't blame them, but she had just been to AIM and I saw the results and felt pretty confident.

Bridget: I get my tests all the time.

AINews: How long would you like to perform before going into music?

Bridget: I'll do a couple more, maybe five or ten more something like that. I kind of want to leave it at fifty, fifty different films. That's my goal, something like fifty.

AINews: It was kind of nice finding pictures of you on the Internet.

Bridget: Yeah, I hear I am really hot on the Internet. I hear I am all over the Internet.

AINews: I have to go on and look now after this interview. I have to go on and find more.

Bridget: People tell that me all the time. Downloading pictures of me.

AINews: In fact I have one of you as a screen saver.

Bridget: I have a screen saver?

AINews: I made it. It's you from the Ed Powers Show. The time with Sharon Mitchell and Talisian. Rachel Worth took a really great picture of you and they put it on the Internet.

Bridget: Yeah, yeah, I remember that. Talking to Dave Norwood

AINews: Are you really psychic? Do you know what I'm thinking?

Bridget: Stop that!

AINews: Are you politically active? Are you with any anticensorship groups or would you like to be?

Bridget: I would like to be. I would like to get into the politics of changing world perceptions.

AINews: It's a noble cause.

Bridget: I want to change the world perception, especially children's perception, of what little people are. Who and what we are. Because, and this I know because I talk to kids. I know a lot of young kids 8 years old, 6, I talk to them all the time, I ask them questions every time I get a chance. I always ask kids about leprechauns, elves, fairies, dwarves, and midgets, just to get what they are being fed! I have come to this naughty, naughty, terrible, sad, sad conclusion and I've been doing this since 15 talking to kids and little people. And it is the saddest thing in the world, but the big problem is, and this is something I would really like to do something about, is the way the world perceives little people, and I think the way the world perceives anything, a lot of people choose their perceptions based upon what's on television, radio, the media.

That's how they look at things, based on what they are fed by that. And if you watch television, movies or anything, little people, they are always being made fun of. Hey I can go on and on. There are a few movies where they haven't and it was a good thing. Like Simon Birch, but most of the time, Willow, any movie, they are all being made fun of or they are being shown in a way that is not true. Fantasy. For instance, great movie Labyrinth, with David Bowie, a little person, a female, they had her play a dwarf. That was her character, they called her dwarf. The dwarf had a costume a mask big nose big feet, big voice, everything was big. It's OK, it's entertaining, but if a child sees it. And that is all they see and they don't see anything else they grow up as an adult with a certain perception of what a little person is. So when I am walking down the street and a child sees me for the first time, sometimes they are scared because they have seen the movie Leprechaun, or something like that.

Sometimes they laugh and think I am a little fairy and I can give them wishes and they come and ask for wishes. They get all this stuff but they never see me for what I am, they ask me all the time, are you an elf, are you a leprechaun, and they ask me this. It is really sad because I've been to meet these young kids, now I am talking about little people, not average stature kids. Now with little people, whenever a little person goes out and they get this feed back, because of the way we show them, and the little people get this feed back, they feel very, they have low self esteem, they don't feel good about themselves because wherever they go they get this stereotype of who and what they are. It is 100% every time and so a lot of little people don't leave their houses. A lot of the young kids especially growing up, stay at home, you know. They are in their teenage years. They should be out there having fun. That is how I got my self-esteem.

That is why I see the world the way it is because I said I am never going to be like that. I don't care what anyone calls me. I don't care what people think. All I care about is how I see myself and that is all that matters. A lot of little people are not taught this. A lot of them stay at home and don't leave and don't do anything because they are afraid to go out by the way people react to that. And it is kinda sad and I would like to help them in a way. I think that Hollywood needs to do in radio and movies and stuff more little people in a different point of view. And they have been lately. The movie Elizabeth, I don't know if you've seen that, but there is a little person in this movie Elizabeth, a great masterpiece work of art. It shows pretty much what little people the roles we were given, in the renaissance time. We were either made fun of. We were all actors, little people were all actors. I want to do this really great movie but you know how elves and leprechauns and all that stuff came about? It is just like the mermaids stories, drunk sailors seeing dolphins swimming.

The story of the Fairy for instance, let me go back and think about this it is very logical, and it makes a lot of sense. Years ago when the fable first started, it was probably some drunk guy, drunk off his butt, walking through the forest and little people back then, we were so rare to find one that a lot of them probably didn't live in the village that they were in. A lot of them probably left and lived off in the woods. In little houses and built a little place for themselves because they were not like everyone else. And there are a lot of types of little people. Thousands of different types. It was probably a pituitarian type of dwarfism person, who had this dwarfism. Didn't know what was wrong, probably left, went into the woods, cause everyone looked at them funny. Pitutarian is exactly proportional to you but small. So they are the ones that look like the fairies.

Probably this guy was drunk and saw this little midget girl probably making her own clothes. That is probably why leprechauns were green because these guys lived off in the woods. And they probably dyed their clothes in green and stuff because that was what was around. Most of these stories come from drunken people seeing little people run around the forest doing crazy stuff. Especially if you are drunk and trip over, probably a leprechaun, this I love. A drunk trips over a rock fell down, a little midget person lives in the woods comes over and says what's wrong, can I do something, can I get you something, he was so drunk he thought the guy was offering him three wishes. He bandaged up his head, picked him up, gave him some tea to help him with his hangover and stuff. And that guy is like well, I tripped over this rock and this leprechaun gave me three wishes. And look I'm OK now. That is probably how the story started. He told somebody, and you know stories get big. There are so many explanations for these little fairy tales and fables that the world has so grown on and to this day the only role a little person can get is a role like that. Which is not real. Which is funny, the irony of it is it is derived from us anyway.

That is the irony of it and that's why they think it is real. Because that is why I want to do a story about this, that is why I want to do children's movies explaining what leprechauns are how they started. That would be great. Imagine the scene a great scene like that. I really would like to change the world's perception of that. I am doing a bunch of shows and I talk about this openly. Something like this I'd like you to type everything I just said so that would be a really great message. That is why I like to do porn though.

AINews: Why, why do you like to do porn? Other than the obvious.

Bridget: Mainstream you don't have that kind of power. Because everyone owns everyone. You know what I mean you just you don't have that kind of power. In porno you have a lot of freedom and power and choice of what projects you do. You know what I mean? 'Cause it's such an easy business to do, so, you have a lot of freedom of choice. So I balance out what I do. I'll do a leprechaun thing, like for Playboy, I'll do the Elf thing, but I'll make it cute. You can't make fun of me, but I'll make it cute. I'll add a balance to it. So everything I do there is a balance to it and a real person is doing something. It's not like, a couple of people have done that to me and I don't like it.

AINews: How involved are you in the editing phase?

Bridget: That is a good question. The editing?

AINews: Yeah, that would be a good phase for you to be involved in.

Bridget: Not really, but every time I watch them they come out good. I'm very good. If you want to take pictures of me I'm very photogenic.

AINews: I wish I had my camera. What am I going to put online with this interview?

Bridget: I look good too, right now.

AINews: You do. I'll have to see you again.

Bridget: Uh huh. ... AGHHHH, I ate a hot pepper! (Laughing) You want to see me stick a straw up my nose?

AINews: Well, let me put on my glasses.

Bridget: I'm kidding, just kidding.

AINews: Not really, I don't really want to see you stick a straw up your nose.

Bridget: I can stick it up my nose and ram it up far enough; I used to do freak shows. You didn't know that about me did you? I used to do my renaissance fairs.

AINews: I keep having this fantasy of you and this really, really tall girl. She's like an Amazon Woman. Huge breasts, like unbelievably tall, like 6'6" or something.

Bridget: OK, this girl was 6'4". Kari Sparks?? She was huge, she was like tall, she was so huge, she was like an Amazon. And she is sexy! She is big boned. She is gorgeous, like Cumisha. (Laughs)

AINews: Amazing! Thank you, Bridget.

[Go by and visit Bridget at http://bridgetthemidget.com]

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