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Brea Bennett at Twistys

May 15, 2003 09:56am
In Support of JKP Banning Their Girls from KSEXradio
Source: KSEXradio
by: Company Press Release

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) -- Jill Kelly Productions [JKP] announced that performers who are contracted with their company will have no affiliation with the internet broadcast station, KSEXradio.com, because of comments made by show host, Wankus, and scattered other DJs on the nightly, live adult entertainment forum. The statements that are in question were in reference to KSEX show guests [in some cases JKP girls], who did not fulfill their obligation or commitments with KSEX, by scheduling appearances and not attending them, without the benefit of letting the radio station know they wouldn't be there, and without calling after the fact to reschedule or simply apologize. In some cases, the performers in question were hosts of their own shows, who let thousands of fans down by simply "flaking" and not providing the company a courtesy of a phone call or e-mail.

KSEXradio.com has provided a positive and friendly adult community experience for thousands of performers, companies and products that chose to promote themselves on the internet broadcast forum, and will continue to do so.

In a daily radio broadcast on KSEX, consisting of many personalities, a lot of information is being sent out over the airwaves. Of the dozens of shows, many hosted by big name adult stars, there will frequently be comments, segments and features that may address stereotypes, opinions by individual DJs and/or harmless 'bits' that may offend some who listen. Management at KSEXradio.com, will not endorse specific opinions, but does accept, and in most cases allow, creative expression and will continue to respect the on-air talent's free speech rights.

At no time, in the history of the station, did any host(s) on KSEX direct fabricated or incorrect statements regarding Jill Kelly, Jill Kelly Productions [JKP] or any performers contracted by that company. Wankus [Host of the Wanker Show], at no time spoke badly of JKP, on-air, or in media interviews. Wankus merely pointed out that many of the talent, under contract at JKP, have missed shows, without notification to the station. A topic he brings up from time to time, when talent from any company doesn't show up.

In a JKP company press release, and on a story printed on AVN.com, Kelly says, "Tragedy has a tendency to put things in perspective and I'm sorry, but calling KSEX and letting them know may seem a little small and unimportant at times like those."

Wankus, asks, "so is she essentially saying, when something else comes up, it's okay to ignore other commitments the girls may have made?" He continues, "This is exactly the kind of behavior we at KSEX are opposed to. If you worked for IBM and God forbid, your mother dies, do you not call them and just go on handling your crisis? Even if you're in too bad of shape to call, in most cases, someone can contact your other obligations and keep them in the loop that a problem has arisen. We have people cancel and reschedule on us all the time. We have no problem with them, because they let us know. That's really all we need, some courtesy."

It is also stated that KSEXradio and adult news site, TopProTalent.com are affiliated with each other and those claims are incorrect. KSEXradio.com [the company] has no affiliation with TopProTalent. The site is owned and edited by Wayne C. Lewis [Wankus], but not funded or controlled by the internet radio station. Comments made by writers or the editor of TopProTalent should not in anyway be connected to KSEX.

In regards to the KSEXradio "Flake List" published on the web site, Wankus says, "This is a way of reminding talent about how important their presence is, when they commit to doing something. Producers, directors and movie companies appreciate the list, since they are also facing problems with performers not living up to their responsibilities. In some cases, producers are calling me before they book girls to ask how reliable they were with KSEX. Performers don't go on the list for missing shows, only for not contacting us when they miss, especially days after." the names stay on the Flake List until they make good on a commitment with our company. At that time, KSEX removes their name and they are welcome back to promote themselves as often as they wish. No grudges, no bad press."

KSEXradio has no black list. There is no bad blood. If talent notifies this company of a scheduling problem or a last minute hiccup with a slot they're locked in to, they can be rescheduled to a new date and time. In the case of Star E. Knight, and now new contract girl, Cindy Crawford, these performers hosted shows on KSEX and for whatever reasons, left their responsibilities as hosts, without notifying this company.

Wankus continued, "I would call Cindy and get her on the phone a few hours before the show. I'd ask, 'are we gonna see you tonight?' She'd say, 'yes, I will be there.' Then she wouldn't show up. Two days later, I'd track her down again and she'd say, 'well I was on set.' Umnnn....so was I, waiting with her fans--for her, on her own show. This is not an isolated incident. It's a behavior that has happened with a couple of dozen other performers, some from JKP and others independent. After repeated calls from our office, dozens of emails and continual attempts, these performers were nowhere to be found.

Jill Kelly's announcement to ban her talent from KSEX is a bit of an over reaction in Wankus' opinion. "That's like saying, Letterman talked smack about my company, so we will have nothing to do with CBS," he said, "ban them from my show, but don't close the door on a member of the media, increasing in popularity. And your PR person, Jason Sechrest, hosts a show on KSEX. You [JKP], a company he represents, made him press release that, you're taking your talent off of his show, as well as any show on KSEX. Pretty odd twist that makes no sense to me. If I owned JKP, I'd be yelling at my contract girls to stop making my company look bad because of their actions...but hey that's me."

"After reading the press announcement and Jill Kelly's defense of performers who didn't meet their responsibilities," Wankus closed, "If it's viewed as appropriate behavior for JKP's contract girls to break commitments without notification from time to time, then KSEXradio is in full agreement with her pulling her association with the station. We, as well as the fans, like our hosts and guests to show up to their scheduled appearances."

In the past, KSEXradio has had nothing but complete respect for Jill Kelly and her contributions to the adult business throughout the years. It is our position that we have supported her since our station's existence by featuring her, as well as her performers, promoting new projects, web sites and providing entertaining exposure.

It is a shame that she feels so strongly that we have wronged her and we hope that the relationships between our two companies mend in short time.

Info - KSEXradio.com
Contact - Wankus@KSEXradio.com

The Industry Loves KSEXradio.com

"It's where I go for the best aural sex in town" - Don Benn - Editor Adult Stars Magazine and Porno News Network

"KSEXradio is by far, the best live entertainment for adults on the web..." - Chef Jeff editor, TheIndustryVoice.com

"Talk about sex!... Take the liberty to link your libido to KSEXradio.com!" - Steve Nelson, Editor Adult Industry News, AINews.com

"...always so sizzling hot that I use it to get turned on before I perform in a sex scene!" - Dave Cummings, DaveCummings.com

"Non-stop erection! The End" - Alexander the Poet - AlexanderThePoet.com

"The day I saw Max Hardcore fuck Catalina in the ass while she pissed in a bucket made me a loyal listener for life!" - Bigwink - Editor AdultFilmFan.com

"Wankus is one sick, twisted, fucked up mother fucker, He is the only other person I know who has turned a personality disorder into a good living...I love him." - Mike South - Owner South River Video - MikeSouth.com

"KSEXradio.com is a compendium of Machiavellian callidity as a bi-product of human nature." - Dirty Bob

"I bought a membership to see the webcams, even though they offered me a free one!" - Barry Hulagon, TopProTalent.com

"Simply the only internet radio station I ever listen too..." - Layla~Jade British born XXX Pornstar 300 + movies and counting, LaylaJade.com

"KSEX always brings out the best, in the best of the adult industry" - Max Hardcore, MaxHardcore.com

"It's popularity has gone beyond that of the adult world, as it's not only the hottest place for 'adult' talk on the Internet, but it's one of the most outstanding web talk radio stations period! It's bold, it's brash, it's unapologetic, unabashed, and it's divinely sexy!" - Jason Sechrest, JasonCurious.com

"Know more about porn than you really wanted to!" - Tim Goddard, WildVelvet.com

"The place that keeps you cumming and coming back" - Rachel Worth, Worth-a-Million.com

"The only place where true Rockin 'n' Rollin' lives, thrives and strives to inform and entertain 24/7, what else is there?" - Sherman, CrossroadsEdge.com

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