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Brea Bennett at Twistys

August 27, 2002 08:38am
Sharon Mitchell, Bruce Vilanch, Bret Wolfe on Young & Curious
Source: DV8 Inc
by: Company Press Release

It's funny how KSEX Radio can turn from a quiet office into a bustle of porn activity almost instantaneously, just like it did last Friday. One moment the halls are quiet, the next Jason Sechrest bursts in decked out in Abercrombie & Fitch pajama bottoms, followed shortly thereafter by comedian/writer/openly gay funnyman Bruce Vilanch wearing the coolest t-shirt declaring "I Dream of Weenie" (in the familiar font you'd expect it to, naturally), and soon after that, Bret Wolfe appears wearing a black sleeveless tee that shows off his nicely-defined arms.

But where is Sharon Mitchell?

"Sharon will be here about five minutes after the show begins," Sechrest assures the assembled. "She's never let me down."

And so the players take their places: Sechrest behind the mike, Vilanch on the couch, and Wolfe sitting off to the side away from the webcam's eye. Nadia's Theme plays into Sechrest's introduction to the show, and leads him into his first topic for the day: The young.

"You know, I was thinking about the show," Sechrest tells the audience, "And we touch on the curious, but not so much on the young. And I was thinking... older women, younger men... which is appropriate, seeing as two of our guests are Sharon Mitchell and Bret Wolfe.

"And then there's Bruce Vilanch," he continues. "I would fuck Bruce just to get on 'Behind the Music.' Bruce is like the king of VH-1. Him and that weird-ass Michael Musto. Well, no, he's more the king of E... And I don't mean E! Entertainment television."

Sechrest goes on to lament turning 23 this year ("I worry about death - soon I'll be 30, then 40, then you die... Thank God Sharon isn't here yet."), his annoyance over the term "twink," and how there needs to be a sexual boot camp for the young and uninitiated so that they don't become scarred for life if they're choked during sex. Meanwhile, Mitchell sneaks in (also looking fab in a red top with denim Capris) and takes a seat on the couch next to Vilanch, leaving the listening audience none the wiser.

After taking a quick call from gay XXX sensation Rod Barry (who Sechrest claims is becoming a weekly caller and fan of the show), our host launches into the news, saying, "It's been a really slow week for news - AVN.com can tell you that." Seeing as there's nothing new to report, he uses the time to plug his new articles and columns in Club International and BadPuppy magazines. And with that, he introduces tonight's guests, calling attention to Vilanch's shirt.

"Barbara Eden gave it to me," Vilanch says, offering explanation. "It was a misprint."

Sechrest laughs and asks Mitchell how her day was.

Mitchell smiles. "I was knee deep in chlamydia today, with a sprinkling of herpes."

"Bon appetite!" Sechrest crows. "You should do a show."

Mitchell tells Sechrest that between running AIM Healthcare Foundation, going to school and "babysitting heroin addicts," she has no time. So Sechrest segues back into the subject of the day, and asks about having sex with the young.

She turns to Vilanch and says, "You can take this."

After the laughter dies down, Vilanch says that sex with younger men can be fun, but the generation gap can cause problems at times.

"Once I was having sex with this young man, it was while I was working for Bette Midler," Vilanch recalls. "He asked me, 'was the Rose based on a real person?' I told him yes, Perry Como, and he didn't know who that was, either."

Mitchell revealed that she got involved in the adult industry when she was 17 ("Back in 1975, nobody cared."), and she went through a phase where she liked older men. But since then, she says she enjoys them older, but the occasional youngster is okay. Of course, Sechrest asks her if she'll have sex with him before grilling Vilanch about why he's missing from "Hollywood Squares."

"They were doing the show for less money, so I left," Vilanch states. "There was no homophobia, not really."

Sechrest takes that ball and runs with it, asking Vilanch how many mainstream Hollywood performers are gay and not discussing it. Vilanch says there's nobody he can think of off hand, but Mitchell says that there are many straight male performers who are phobic enough that they won't do a "double penetration" for fear of getting labeled as such.

"We have that problem on 'Hollywood Squares'," Vilanch jokes.

Sechrest then broaches the topic of the GayVNs, asking Vilanch why he didn't host. There was no controversy - just that Vilanch was writing for the Academy Awards this year and unfortunately, GayVN ran right around the same time, so he couldn't do both. But he says he loves the industry, and names Jeff Stryker and Ken Ryker as two of his faves.

"I meet all of these guys at the GayVNs - Chad, Wayne, Zack, and once this little boy came up and said, 'I watch you on TV all the time,'" Vilanch recalls. "And I said, 'What a coincidence!'"

As the laughter ceased once again, Sechrest tells Vilanch with all sincerity, "I really appreciate all that you've done as a gay celebrity."

Sechrest moves on to discuss the possibility of a major Hollywood star admitting that he's gay, and asks what could be done to make them feel comfortable about their sexuality despite having leading man or action hero status. Vilanch suggests that a studio bankroll the star's next three films to ensure that he has work, in order to prove that he can still be a draw. But Vilanch doesn't think that the industry is overly homophobic.

"I can't think of anyone who is afraid to be in a room with me," he says.

Sechrest mock sneezes, "Kevin Spacey!", then asks Vilanch about the movie, "Ice Pirates."

"It sounds kind of like ass pirates," Sechrest observes.

"It kind of was, while we were filming it," Vilanch jokes.

For those not in the know, Vilanch explains that "Ice Pirates" is a sci-fi space spoof movie starring Angelica Houston in one of her first roles. "Ted Turner reruns it on one of his 475 channels all the time," he adds.

Time for a break followed by this week's AVN Insider Top Ten List, then Sechrest introduces Bret Wolfe, saying he can't believe the intensity Wolfe puts into his performances, and how it shocks him that Wolfe is such a nice normal guy despite fucking like a demon on camera.

"I mean, even T.T. Boy has just become a life support for his cock," Sechrest says. Wolfe, seated next to Mitchell, covers his mouth as he giggles. Sechrest asks Wolfe if he really does enjoy sex as intense as the performances he gives on video (he does), then asks the three when each of them lost their virginity. Wolfe says 17, Mitchell says 12, and Vilanch doesn't remember.

"You're still a virgin!" Sechrest tells Vilanch.

"What have you heard?" Vilanch demands. "Then cancel all those checks!"

Sechrest howls, then asks Wolfe why he lost "It" so late. Wolfe admits that he was a bit of a theatre geek in high school, and notes that he was president of the drama club. He admits that he's still a bit of an introvert, but gets more extroverted when he's out with friends. He plugs his new column at CockRing.org (titled "Wolfe Bytes"), and mentions his participation in the upcoming JoeyandCarlo.com Pool Party in Palm Springs. Seeing as everyone in attendance is going to be at the party, Sechrest asks everyone to explain their participation.

"So far, I'm going to be hosting an amateur porno star search," Vilanch says. "We're trying to establish guidelines, but I'm going to be the Paula Abdul of the judging panel."

Mitchell goes next, saying, "I'll be there with Aim doing testing, counseling and handing out condoms."

And Wolfe? "I'm appearing."

"On the first night I'll be there for the kick-off party, which is an underwear party hosted by myself and Ryan Idol," Sechrest adds, then uses this as an opportunity to ask Wolfe who he'd like to fuck aside from Vilanch. Wolfe says he'd like to fuck everybody and admits he's done double penetrations in his private life, but not on camera.

"I've had a lot of cock," Wolfe says, adding his favorite scene so far was with Chad Hunt in Falcon's "Aftershock." Wolfe then recalls the story that he told in his AVN "Fresh Off the Bus" profile about how he got into the industry - Chad Hunt picked him up at a bar, screwed the hell out of him, and introduced him to Chi Chi LaRue the next day. Sechrest then asks him about another story he told in his "Fresh Off" - how he got his name.

"Well, I want to say the stories I've told were to make it sound a bit richer. In my 'Fresh Off' I told a story about how it was the name of a guy I had a crush on," he says. "But in reality I was in my car stopped in front of a Del Taco on my way to a 'Live and Raw' and I had to come up with a name. So I thought, Brad Pitt - Brad, Bret. I like Bret. Okay, Jason Hawk is a good name. Hawk, cougar, wolf. Bret Wolfe, I like that - that's good."

"What they don't know is his first name was Del Taco, but he had to change it," Vilanch teases. Everyone laughs.

"Wow, a newcomer in gay porn that can take the abuse you do, I have a boner just thinking about it," Sechrest tells Wolfe.

"I love it all," Wolfe admits. "I like it hard and passionate in every way."

Satisfied, Sechrest announces that it's time for a round of Screaming Orgasms, and gives an example of what to do as his guests sit watching, transfixed as he moans and "oh yeah's" into the mike.

"Well, that was mine," Vilanch announces after Sechrest stops groaning seductively.

"You'll have to buy the videotape to get mine," Mitchell adds in.

Sechrest tries to talk them into doing a group Screaming O, but when Sechrest starts moaning again, Wolfe, Mitchell and Vilanch just sit there watching him.

"Why is it that whenever Sharon Mitchell is on the show, nobody does a Screaming O?!" Sechrest wails.

"I get Meg Ryan money for a Screaming O," Vilanch shoots back. Laughter follows.

Sechrest thanks everyone for listening, and with laughter still echoing throughout the room, the mikes go dead on yet another episode of "The Young and the Curious."

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PST) on KSEXradio.com. Tune in this coming Friday evening for special guests Keri Windsor and Jeremy Tucker.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast, featuring Keri Windsor and Jeremy Tucker, please contact:

Jason Sechrest
DV8 Incorporate / DV8 Public Relations / JasonCurious.com
8205 Santa Monica Blvd., #1-175, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 650-1952
Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@AOL.com

The Movie That Started it All!

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