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Club Jessica Jaymes - Official Website

July 29, 2002 03:15am
Last Friday Young & Curious with Sam Phillips & David Forest
Source: DV8 Inc
by: Company Press Release

(BURBANK, CA) -- Last Friday night, July 26th, former Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips, agent/manager David Forest, and gay porn newcomer Rhett O'Hara appeared on KSEX Radio's "The Young & the Curious" with host Jason Sechrest for live interviews and hot talk!

The show begins with host Sechrest regaling tales from his outing at Micky's the night before, wherein he found himself with his hand down the pants of an adorable little Latino boy on the dance floor of the club. "Dude, it was uncircumcised," sighs Sechrest. "I have such an issue with this. It just seems like there's so much to work with. It's like cock and then some. I think it all stems from my own insecurity with not knowing how to suck an uncircumcised cock. I need to be taught. Maybe my guests tonight can help me."

Before introducing the evening's guests, he does his regular briefing of "The Week in News" including Jeff Palmer being featured in Paper magazine, Rocco Siffredi's motorcycle accident, Dayton leaving VCA, director Chad Donovan's upcoming soot "Riding Boys in Cars" for All Worlds, and Digital Playground trying to make Tera Patrick's cover of Bizarre sound like it's the cover of Harpers Bazaar.

Sechrest introduces Sam Phillips to the show as "one of my closest friends, a chick who has done it all; from mainstream fashion modeling to the pages of Penthouse magazine. She recently wrapped on the nationally syndicated Columbia/Tri-Star television series 'Men are From Mars/Women are From Venus' and tonight she's taking to the famed stage of Hollywood's Improv to showcase her stand-up and improv abilities." Phillips thanks Sechrest for the warm introduction and for giving her the opportunity to come on his show.

Sechrest asks her how it feels to be back on the radio waves. "It feels great!" she exclaims. "Of course, I'm coming back to the talk radio circuit. I've got my own solo show in th works. I'll never lose my voice, dude. I'm just taking some time off, doing tons of other things." Phillips goes on to explain that she left 97.1 FM's "Sheena & Sam Show" in October of last year due to creative differences with both the station and co-host Sheena Metal. "I'm still here though. I'm gonna be 95 years old with my titties down to the floor and my pussy lips around my neck, but I'll still have this voice so... "

The former Penthouse Pet then gives her two cents on uncircumcised cocks: "I think they're fantastic! A dick is a dick. It's kinda not disgusting. It's like an anteater. It's like Snuffalumpagus."

"Yeah, but who wants to suck Snuffalumpagus's dick?" screams Sechrest, frightened at the thought.

They each notice Sechrest's mother is in the chat room watching and give a shout out, giving Phillips an easy segue into the story of her own parents and upbringing. "I was born in Savage, Maryland, but my parents left the Army when I was one and then moved to Brooklyn where I grew up. I got my ass kicked every fucking day. I tend to think I was a fantastic child, though my mother would tell you otherwise. When I became a radio host, I had to rub it in her face because I was being paid for saying such scandalous shit when she used to punish me for saying the very same things as a child. I had the dirtiest mouth a little girl could have."

She explains her relationship with both parents were not good when she was growing up, though each have improved over time. "My father abandoned me when I was five. My mother was very abusive, mentally and physically. I had zero relationship with my father for quite a few years, but he just recently had emergency open-heart surgery. So first of all, I have to say that I'm a firm believer in cutting your parents out of your life until they know how to act appropriately towards you. I didn't speak to my father for the longest time before I didn't think he deserved to speak to me until he started treating me like a father. Then the open-heart surgery happened and I realized he could die and we would still have all of this unresolved shit between us. I know if he died, I would never forgive myself for not saying, 'I love you. I don't like you, I don't agree with you, but I love you.' So, I reached out, sent flowers, we've talked. But to have a relationship with him today, we have to ignore the past. It's all pretend, pretend. Pretend the past doesn't exist so we can just deal with the present."

Sechrest explains he had his own traumatic childhood, not far off the mark from Sam's, though he has forced certain members of his family to talk about and deal with the past from every possible angle so that all involved could move on with peace. "Oh, believe me," sighs Phillips. "I tried that, too, at one point. I believe you need to have a license to raise a child, just like driving a car. But we can all forgive our parents for what they did when we were younger. What's important is how they treat you when you're older because now they are older and should know better."

As her story continues, Sam Phillips left home at the age of 13. "My mother threw me out in my underwear, this whole long story. I went to the streets. I lived in the Village because I knew it was predominantly gay and no one would hurt me or rape me there. I was a young girl, who happened to look like a young boy at the time, and I became an instant fag hag. That has never stopped. I call myself a gay man trapped in a woman's body."

By the age of 18, Phillips had moved to Paris "unattended and unescorted" to become a mainstream fashion model. She quickly found herself featured in the pages and on the covers of Vogue, Mademoiselle, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, and more. It wasn't until years later that Phillips became an adult entertainment personality through her famed Penthouse centerfold.

"I started shooting for Playboy first," she says. "I still wonder the day when those pics will come out. I did my small camera hoot for Playboy and they said they weren't interested and I said that's fine because I fucking like Penthouse better. I don't know what they're paying now, but at the time, Playboy was paying $25,000.00 for a centerfold and Penthouse was paying $5,000.00. Of course, my first thought was Playboy for the money. But Playboy has you sign over your name in a contract, owns your naked body from that point forward, and pays you the money over the course of a few years. With Penthouse, I was able to do whatever I wanted. I negotiated my own deal with them and they were so supportive, so fantastic. I love that company. I have a great relationship with them to this day. I hire so many 'Pets' and incorporate them into my other projects."

Phillips claims she's been an exhibitionist all her life, though in recent years it's become more a part of her private life. "When I was a kid, I was like a little Lolita. I've gotten way less expressive as I've gotten older. It used to be a part of my public life and it's become a part of my private life. I was always naked as a child though, having little boy scouts chase after me. I was always caught diddling the neighbor's children."

As the star's career began to shift back to the mainstream, she decided to stop doing nudity for a number of reasons. "In 2000, I was doing 'the Sheena & Sam Show,' a great article came out in the Los Angeles Times, I got a fantastic agent, and I just decided that my nudity days should be limited. I was 34 at the time and I know I was a hottie when I was younger, that's how I want people to remember my image. My tits are all fucked up too, so factor that in. I just had my seventh breast operation. I've had continuous problems: hardening, capsulation, misshapenness -- every horrible thing that could happen to seven pairs of tits has happened to mine. So, I thought if I stopped doing nudity I just wouldn't even have to worry about them anymore. The last naked thing I did was 'the Bare Wench Project 2.'" Phillips cites the movies as one of her favorites, though she also especially enjoys "Angel 4: Undercover" and "Sexual Mallice."

Sechrest asks her about life on "Mars/Venus," at which point she gets a little weepy. "It's too bad that show got canceled, dude. We had such a great time. I've never done anything as big in my fucking life. That show must have had forty producers, all these executives, the biggest crew you've ever seen in your fucking life, and still everyone got along. No gossip, no bullshit, no issues with anyone else, nothing. We were just all utmost professional. We were a midseason replacement show and we thought were were testing for another show. We didn't even expect to be on as long as we were. I took it the hardest when the season was over though. I was devastated because I wouldn't be going in and spending my days with these people. We were a family and we all know my own fucked up family background now, so I'm sure you can understand."

Before the commercial break, Phillips mentions that later in the evening she'll be performing live stand-up and improv with fellow host Ric Overton of "Eight Legged Freaks" at the Improv's "Red Light Comedy District" in Hollywood. "It's a bunch of top comics and we incorporate sexy chicks into the mix. Tonight we've got Nikki Nova, Keri Windsor, and KSEX Radio's own Heather Lyn. So you have to come down. We do it once a month! Keep your eyes and ears open for the next date if you can't make it tonight."

After the break, Sechrest reads AVN Insider's "Top Ten List" of unambiguously, unnatural porn chicks, before bringing his second guest, David Forest to the KSEX couch. He immediately hits Forest with the question: "Foreskin: Friend or Foe?"

"Being a Jewish boy," he begins, "we don't know too much about foreskin, but I kinda think it's kinda fun. You make sure it's nice and hard and don't even know it's uncircumcised."

"But the boy I was with on the dance floor was very hard," claims Sechrest, "And there was still just so much skin to pull back. I hate even talking about it. Pulling skin back until there is no more? It sounds like something out of that Jennifer Lopez movie, 'the Cell,' doesn't it?"

"I will say, Billy Brandt had me put it in his contract with Pacific Sun that if he were to have any sex with uncut boys, he had to be personally able to clense them himself," reveals Forest.

Sechrest asks if he feels he aids his stars in becoming high-maintenance divas. "I am only an extension of them, thank you very much," he insists. "I'm only a personal manager. They set the pace, I take the slack and I take the flack. I would say that most of the big stars already have that going when I get with them. I don't tend to take on someone from the very beginning of their career because there's no way for me to tell if they'll become a star. I have to see them a year later. It's very rare for me to take someone on in the beginning of their career."

The host then asks Forest how he was approached to appear on VH-1's "Driven: Motley Crue" special that aired earlier this week. "A few months ago, a producer that was doing the show called me from New York and say they were doing this special and wanted to interview me. It was no money, but I did it anyway because I thought it would be a nice tribute. I went to a hotel conference room and gave them my two cents worth. I am a little blase about acts like that because they were young kids at the time I knew them and I wasn't all goo-goo GA-GA. Everyone else on there thought they were just the most amazing thing in the world and I was just sort of like, 'Yeh, they were big.' I have managed a lot of different stars before and since then."

Sechrest asks what it was like managing Stevie Nicks, who he calls not only one of his favorite entertainers, but one of his favorite women in history. Forest replies, "She was a diva from the very beginning, but she was 20 when I got involved with her and I was 18. She knew she was a good little singer, but this band she was in at the time, Fritz, just couldn't stand her. They knew she was a good front woman and she made them different from other local bands, but I had to drive her to jobs because they just wouldn't take her. I'd take her to buy her clothes even and from the very beginning she was into the scarves and the long, flowing things. She was beautiful, really. Although, the most beautiful of all was Lindsey Buckingham."

Forest says he fell out of the music business in 1981 and that things didn't go his way. "I started finding out about drugs. One thing I've told you, Jason, in the mainstream music business, you can be gay or you can be a partyer, but you can't be a gay partyer. Eventually, I met a porn star hustling out on Santa Monica Blvd. And started representing him. I met some porn producers from him, then met Jeremy Scott, Leo Ford, and things just started."

Sechrest asks Phillips if she enjoys watching gay porn. "Dude, yes!" she cackles. "I love it, are you kidding me? Because there's nothing more erotic than two hot men enjoying one another. I look at myself sometimes as a guy so I can easily put myself in the other guy role so it's not boring to me."

"What do you think of guys jacking off?" asks Forest to Phillips.

"I think it's hot!" she exclaims.

"Well, tonight, I promised I would announce what's going on with my second Forest Films venture," he reveals, "And it's going to be a movie called 'Four Aces.' it's really going to be incredible. I've got the most creative, most awarded director in gay porn, Wash West, directing. He's always wanted to do this project. It will feature four giants in the business, each in their own solo masturbation segment, with each one representing one of the elements - air, earth, fire, and water."

Sechrest asks who has signed on for the project and Forest answers, "We have Mannie, Moe, Jack, and me." the host says he would pay good money for a video with David Forest in a solo masturbation, for entertainment value if nothing else. Sam Phillips agrees and says she's put down her cash for the footage as well.

"I'll be really honest," says Forest. "One of the four aces will be Ryan Idol. This will be his first movie back. Another one is an amazing guy, everyone seems to like him, Billy Herrington. We'll keep the other two a surprise for now."

"Four Aces" isn't the only new project Forest is taking on. He has a new stud for the stable at the Forest Family. "I have brought somebody very special, very new, to the show with me tonight," reveals Forest, "And I think you will really love him, Jason. His name is Rhett O'Hara."

"Oh my God!" shouts Phillips. "Like Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara! Ding, ding, ding! I win the prize! You're very cute, Rhett."

"You're absolutely gorgeous," returns O'Hara, who confesses he is bisexual. He is also 21 going on 22 this September.

David Forest says Blue Blake turned him onto the performer, who has a scene opposite Caesar in Big Blue's forthcoming, "Cowboy." O'Hara says he's done eight or nine scenes, some of which are still in production phases, and claims he's "strictly toply."

"They always say strictly," grins Forest. "I'm very strictly, too."

Sechrest asks O'Hara which of his features he feels is his finest, the cock or the ass? "Well, it depends on what kind of person you are," he answers. "I have a huge cock, but some people say I have a nice, round ass too."

The host suggests we judge for ourselves and the star drops trou live on the air. "What an introduction!" laughs Phillips. "Oh, that's fantastic. That's beautiful. You can tell he's a young boy."

"Oh my God, he's fucking gorgeous," breathes Sechrest. "His cock is really wide."

"It might fit in your ass," smiles Forest.

"I highly doubt that, consider I've been fucked only three times in my life," he laughs.

"I know, I know," sighs Forest, "But we can try!"

"Well, I can't decide which I like better, your cock or your ass," says Sechrest, "so I'll just have to try both."

"Well, after your deal with Sam at the Improv tonight, you should stop by," says Forest. "We're going to the Msr party in a limo and we're filming the whole outing tonight with a bunch of boys for ForestMen.com. We're all going back to my house after, so come by if you're up around 2:00 am or so. We'll still be going."

"I'm sure you'll be going long after that," chuckles Sechrest.

Sam Phillips, David Forest, and Rhett O'Hara each separate fake their own "Screaming Orgasm" as the show is brought to a sizzling close; Phillips most husky, O'Hara's most sensual, and Forest's most hysterical.

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PST) on KSEXradio.com. Behind-the-scenes video footage, photos, and highlights from each episode can be seen exclusively at JasonCurious.com.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast, please contact:

Jason Sechrest
DV8 Incorporate / DV8 Public Relations / JasonCurious.com
8205 Santa Monica Blvd., #1-175, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 650-1952
Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@AOL.com

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