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July 22, 2002 03:23am
Jill Kelly & Julian Open Up on Young & Curious
Source: DV8 Incorporate / DV8 Public Relations / JasonCurious.com
by: Company Press Release

(BURBANK, CA) -- Last Friday night, July 19th, porn star turned enterprise Jill Kelly and her husband, porn star turned director, Julian took to "The Young & the Curious" with host Jason Sechrest for some hot talk, live on the air!

The show starts, as usual, with Sechrest's briefing of "The Week in News" from both the straight and gay sides of the adult entertainment world. Soon thereafter, he introduces Jill Kelly and Julian, immediately asking when they last had sex. The answer is "yesterday morning," as they explain that sex isn't the most integral part of their relationship. "We don't have sex nearly enough for my taste," sighs Kelly, "But I've been retired from performing on camera for a while now. Julian, on the other hand, just retired a few weeks ago. He's a little burnt out on sex at the moment." Both guests make a vow to the listening audience that they will start to have more sex, as they are anxious to start a family. So anxious, in fact, that Jill Kelly says she's stopped drinking altogether for the past two months and claims smoking is the next to go.

Kelly explains that since both have stopped performing on-camera, they no longer have an open-relationship of any kind. "We've discussed bringing a third person in, but I don't know if that will ever happen," she says. "It would need to be someone we really know and really trust."

Sechrest suggests that if it were anyone it'd be Jill Kelly's best friend, Jenna Jameson. "I always figured Jill and Julian were hanging out with Jenna and Justin [Sterling], swapping sex partners all the time."

"No, Jenna is the same way," refutes Kelly. "She has a problem with anyone going near her man."

"Well, she sure as hell doesn't have a problem with me going near her man," cracks Sechrest. "From what she's told me, it would totally turn her on."

"You're different though," she laughs. "You're Jason."

With that, Sechrest turns the topic of conversation to Julian and his track record with women in the industry. "They all look very similar," notes the host. "Stacy Valentine, Brittany Andrews, Julia Ann, Jill Kelly. You obviously have a thing for dominant blondes with big tits. Who was the biggest whack job of all the girls you've dated though? If there was one girl who you would actively warn another guy against dating, who would it be?"

"Julia Ann," says Julian, without hesitation. "I won't go into it, but she's definitely the one I'd warn somebody against."

Sechrest says he's found Julia Ann to be the sweetest, most endearing personality who has the ability to snap and turn into a completely different person at a moment's notice. "I don't want to say anything against her because I really like her," he continues. "I just think... well, I won't even say anything. Something about screws and tool sheds."

"And being short a few," nods Julian, wide-eyed.

Julian says he just wrapped on two movies for Jill Kelly Productions this week; the last feature he shot for the company, "Adult Movie," was nominated for the 2002 AVN Best sex Comedy. The two new Julian features for JKP are the forthcoming "Perfect Pink 13: On the Wild Side" and "Natural Wonders."

"His new stuff is just incredible," says Jill Kelly. "He is amazing at what he does as a director, so much better than I. He also just got the lead for a mainstream superhero comic book thing, so hopefully that will take off and make us lots of money so we can retire. We'll always be partners in everything though. We're partners in life, so that makes him a part of the JKP family."

Sechrest mentions that Julian's title at Jill Kelly Productions is Manager of Operations. "Knowing that," he hesitates, "I'd like to ask how exactly you're managing Operation Tabitha Stevens."

"I think she's had enough operations," quips the stud. His wife throws her head back and howls with laughter.

Tabitha Stevens recently cited a lawsuit against Jill Kelly Productions for residuals. Kelly has commented that the lawsuit is "frivolous" and that Stevens is in breach of contract, having left JKP before her contract had ended.

"She walked away from the contract and not only that, but she took our series 'Dripping Fucking Wet' and started it as 'Dripping Wet sex' for a different company. The weird thing is that I just saw Tabitha a couple of hours ago while I was getting my nails done. We didn't speak to each other, but I think it was all in the eyes. I had to keep counting to hundreds. It was very hard for me to bite my lip. But hopefully the justice system will prevail. Sometimes people get away with murder, but we will fight this one vigorously."

Sechrest starts in on a thought and loses it, distracted by Julian's beauty.

After a brief commercial break and the week's "Top Ten List" courtesy AVNInsider.com, Sechrest resumes his thought. "What is the deal with JKP and Jim South of World Modeling?"

Kelly answers, "It's a touchy situation. He was my agent for years and you're supposed to pay an agency fee for the models he has. My issue is that I don't feel I should pay him $80.00 per girl when I get the girl, I book the girl, I do all the work. If he does the work, I have no problem paying him, but otherwise I'm not going to. I know Sin City has the same policy with World Modeling. I used to continue to send new girls and guys his way, despite the fact that we weren't paying him, but I won't even do that now. I guess too many guys had been calling so I got a threat from someone who works there and now I won't even send girls before I don't take kindly to threats."

On to the next question, in what has become a bit of a lightning round for controversy. "Why no black men, Jill?"

"Actually, it never came up," she claims. "I think the one time I was going to do it, I ended up having a boyfriend and not doing guys at the time. I've been in and out of relationships through my career and that's really determined what I can and can't do in my work. That's really the only reason why though. I've done black girls."

Sechrest asks which of the JKP contract girls have made the biggest splash. Kelly answers, "They've all just come so far, but right now the most emails I'm getting are for Jenna Haze." Sechrest agrees as publicist for JKP that no other girl is getting more attention and that everyone wants an interview with Jenna Haze.

"Now that Jill Kelly Productions is in its second year, has running the company gotten easier or is it still hard for you?" asks Sechrest.

"It's never dull, that's for sure," she sighs. "It's very difficult. I'm still learning. I can't do the directing thing much anymore. I'm too nice to talent. I have visions and thoughts of things I'd like to do creatively, but it's too hard for me to get the most out of my talent when I'm also their best friend. When I tell a girl to pick it up or be more energetic, they take it personal and they cry, so I have to keep my mouth shut or I seem mean."

"But she has to run a company," interrupts Julian, "And sometimes that means she can't be the girls' best friend, in my opinion. She wants to be nice and treat them good, but at the same time she has to be the boss. Sometimes that takes being mean. So I think that's where I come in now." He laughs and she nods affirmatively.

"I would've never expected that," says Sechrest. "I always thought Jill would be more dominant. So you're the top in the relationship, huh, Julian?"

That comment gets the chat room buzzing and it's time to bring up the taboo topic of Julian's past in bisexual porn. Julian smiles and talks openly about the subject, his demeanor dramatically changed from past years when breaching such a conversation. "I think I did two bisexual movies, I never did gay. I did a handful of solo masturbation videos too and a handful of single layouts. It seems like every couple of years someone finds a reason to bring this up. I really did it for the money. They gave me ridiculous amounts of money with the hopes that I would do full gay movies."

"Another thing a lot of people don't realize is that he only received oral in the movies," pipes in Jill Kelly, defending her man, "And in one of them he was blindfolded."

"I had the blindfold on and I was fine," he explains, "But then it came off and I started struggling. I've heard people say, 'Oh it doesn't look like you were struggling,' but of course it doesn't because they edit that out."

Sechrest asks Jill Kelly if she's watched the movies. She stumbles over her words and turns bright red. "Have you masturbated to the movie, Jill?" Sechrest asks again.

"You know," she sighs, flushed. "I haven't found the movie, but I have seen the pics and I have jerked off to them, yes. I've tried to talk him into messing around with another guy, but he won't do it. It's just not part of his sexuality."

Sechrest asks Julian if, at the time he did the movies, he was having bisexual tendencies or curious about gay sex in general. "Yes," he answers honestly. "I know the experience now though. It's something that happened, I now know what it feels like, and after having tried it, I just know that it's not me."

Julian feels that homophobia is slightly rampant in the straight porn community, but claims people who deny their past or present in gay porn don't help that situation.

"You have to remember that these guys are having sex with 500 women a year," says Kelly. "Four-ways, five-ways, gangbangs, they've done it all! What's left? Naturally, they start thinking about being with guys because they've done everything else. There's nothing left but boys. They'll all deny it, but I know for a fucking fact that it's the biggest bullshit there is. Some of them are into the transsexuals, some of them are into hookers. I've been around it for years and I've learned that they just can't face it."

"When people ask me about it directly, I'm not going to lie to them," says Julian. "It's not a topic of conversation I'm going to bring up, but I'm not going to lie about it either. The only time I lied about it was when I first signed with Metro and they asked if I'd done anything like that. I told them no and it just so happens that they had produced one of the movies so they already knew. I just wasn't proud of it, I didn't want them to know, and I didn't want it to affect my job."

It's hard to not notice the massive amount of tattoos adorning both Jill and Julian's bodies. The host has them show each of them off to the audience, resulting in some clothes coming off for the KSEX web cam viewers. "I can't believe you're having me do this," laughs Kelly. "I haven't shaved my legs." Sechrest looks at Julian's legs and notes that his are, however, shaved to perfection. "Isn't that pathetic?" she moans. "He's such a flamer."

The show comes to a close with a round of "Screaming Orgasms" as both Jill Kelly and Julian moan and grunt sweet nothings into the microphone. "Oh, suck me Jason," moans Julian.

"Suck his big hard cock," Jill Kelly says, helping along the fantasy. "Suck him good, Jason."

"It tickles! It tickles! It tickles!" jokes Julian in an ultra-femme voice, bringing the fantasy -- and this week's show -- to a crashing halt.

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PST) on KSEXradio.com. Next week's episode, Friday, July 26th, will feature special guests Sam Phillips and David Forest. Behind-the-scenes video footage, photos, and highlights from each episode can be seen exclusively at JasonCurious.com.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast with Sam Phillips and David Forest, please contact:

Jason Sechrest
DV8 Incorporate / DV8 Public Relations / JasonCurious.com
8205 Santa Monica Blvd., #1-175, West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 650-1952
Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@AOL.com

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