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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Brea Bennett at Twistys

June 30, 2002 11:53pm
Doria, Blue Blake on Young & Curious
Source: DV8 Incorporate
by: Company Press Release

(BURBANK, CA) -- There was no vacancy on the KSEX Radio couch last Friday night as Doria and Blue Blake took to "The Young & the Curious" with host Jason Sechrest for some hot talk, live on the air!

The show begins as usual with Sechrest regailing tails of how he had a "piece of ass" the night before and eventually he calms himself before breaking into "The Week in News." it's a slow news week, as Sechrest tells it, commenting on the "Brad's Buddies" shoot that went down and all the Vivid girls getting their own action figures. Sooner than later he introduces his first guest, web model and web mistress, Doria, to the listeners. She appears wearing a tight white Doria.com t-shirt that shows off her URL almost as much as it shows what you'll find there. "It's all about the marketing, baby," says Doria as she lifts the shirt and flashes her tits. "And the nakedness!"

Sechrest says he put Doria on the same show as Blue Blake for a reason; both are shameless self-promoters. "Oh cool!" she laughs, eyeing Blue across the room. Sechrest explains he's waiting in the wings and will be brought on in the latter half of the hour. Doria puts it all together for us: "He's a sexy man! A big man! A big, sexy man!"

Speaking of "big," Sechrest notices Doria's bustiness is perfect in proportion to her body. "Thanks," she smiles. "I wanted to get them bigger, but then I thought about all the cute clothes I have. I didn't want to get a new wardrobe."

"Well, they are perfect," says Sechrest.

"More than a mouthful!" she smiles, pulling out a postcard she holds up to the camera. "This is one of my latest projects," she announces. "It's the first-ever three-dimensional porno. There's some softcore sex in it, some hardcore sex, a little something for everyone. It comes complete with the 3-D glasses you need and everything." an autographed copy of the innovative sexvid can be purchased through Doria's aforementioned site.

Sechrest says he was treated to an advance screening of the movie in January at the AVN Expo. "Scott Styles stood outside waiting to see my reaction to his scene with Kim Chambers. It's fucking phenomenal. Straight guys will love it because it's just a full-on shot of Scott shooting his load out at you. I felt totally drenched when I walked out of there."

"It looks like a horse," confirms Doria. "With the glasses, it looks like this huge horse dick shooting out at you. It's like attacking you."

In other Doria news, she says that after years of attaching herself to the softcore scene as a webmistress, she's taking on more hardcore girls' sites these days. "They're so much easier to deal with," she explains. "They aren't all worried about showing too much pussy. I've gotten a little more explicit on my own site these days too. The low lips are opening up a little further each year!" Sechrest asks if we will ever see Doria with a cock inside of her. "Well, I do that every night with my man, but I don't know. I've stuck with the acting and web site stuff for so many years, that would be such a big change, but you never know. Anything is possible!"

Doria says that even with the softcore work she's done, it has prevented her from going mainstream. "I was one of the finalists for 'Survivor,'" she says. "I mean, I was in the top twenty. I was so sure I was going and then they saw my web site and I was out."

As for taking on gay men's web sites, Doria seems anxious for such ventures. "I would love to do something like that!" she says, half-moaning in an orgasmic state. "I have lots of lesbian action, but I need to get some dick on the Internet for those days when I'm not getting enough at home. I do love working with the girls though because they trust me and it's like a female bonding thing. But all my friends growing up were gay! They said they loved me, but they didn't want to fuck me. When a guy tells you you're beautiful, it's usually because he wants to get into bed with you, but when a gay guy says it, they really mean it!"

"A gay guy could want to get into bed with you too," says the host. "He just probably wants to cuddle with you instead."

Doria admits to getting off on watching two guys together: "I've only seen it on video, but I think those big ding dongs going up that ass it's hot."

Sechrest, doing his best James Lipton, reveals that before becoming a part of the adult entertainment community, Doria was a stewardess. He asks how many times she had sex on an airplane. "I was there for seven years and I only did it twice because I didn't want to get caught because they will fire you. But both times it was with these fine ass passengers on overseas flights. I was a total sky slut, I admit it, but it was all part of the job, you know!"

"Part of the job?" questions Sechrest. "I didn't know that's what they meant by, 'Come fly the friendly skies!'"

After her foray as flight attendant, Doria took on a series of low-budget B-films. Sechrest asks her about her first. "Oh, I can't even remember," she hesitates. "I mean, it was like over 10 years ago. I was a cocktail waitress. I think it's 'Out for Justice.' it was a Steven Segal film. I was an extra and they upgraded me." Doria says she still does B-movies, but insists that her web site be plugged in the movie's credits. "Eventually though, I went and auditioned for Playboy TV's 'Night Calls' and that was that."

Doria explains that she was the second to host the show, one of Playboy's highest rated in history. "The first was Griffen Drew," she explains, "And then I came along. You know, I wasn't fired from that show, even though that's what a lot of people say. The contract was up and it wasn't renewed. I asked for a couple hundred dollars a show -- "

"That's all?!" asks Sechrest, appalled at the amount. "I mean, I know they pay shit, but come on!"

"Exactly!" she exclaims. "It's not much money and I was kind of insulted they didn't renew because it was their #1 show. I just wanted something more to get me set up for the next season and they chose to go another way. Which was fine. My pride is much more important to me. I went back on the show for their Valentine's Day special recently and that was a real surprise to everyone. There's so many politics and gossip in any line of entertainment. I used to think it was just Playboy when I was working for them, but then as I branched out I found that it's everywhere. You can't escape it."

Sechrest asks if she is into girls and if so, was she ever into any of the girls at Playboy. "Oh I've always been into girls!" she laughs. "But strange girls. Not girls I know. I want to fuck them and send them home. What am I supposed to do, make them breakfast? My boyfriend says I walk around like I have a dick, but you know I think I really understand men. I mean, I even understand things like prostitution. Who wants the headache the next day when you can get a blowjob and a piece of ass for a couple hundred dollars? You're already out a buck and a quarter by the time you take the bitch to dinner, you might as well go the extra fifty, fuck the dinner, get it off and get her home. I understand it! Really, it's fine. It's not totally legal, but it's fine."

Doria says she didn't start having sex with women until she was 23 years old, although she lost her virginity at 17. "The first girl I messed around with was a flight attendant in my class. We were on a layover somewhere. I'd just started flying and I was going through troubles with my boyfriend. We decided to have two bottles of wine and bitch about men. Next thing I know, she's asking me if I've licked a pussy and she tells me it's kind of rubbery. I'm thinking it doesn't sound to tempting the way she's describing it, so she decides to just go down on me. ... The experience was great, but I totally freaked afterwards, of course. She was in my airline class and I had to see her a lot and worked with her. So I told another girl about it in confidence and she, instead of being the friend I thought she was and telling me everything was ok, she told me I had sinner and started leaving things in my mailbox telling me to find Jesus."

Sechrest relates to a similar experience and reveals that he lost his virginity at 17 to the most published nude model of 1998, Sara St. James, who did B-movies under the name of Jacqueline Lovell. "We dated for about eight months and she was huge reason for my moving to Los Angeles in the first place."

"She was a wild and crazy girl!" laughs Doria.

"I know," remembers Sechrest, "But she ended up marrying one of my best friends and became this total Catholic chick who told me I was going to hell if I didn't get out of the adult entertainment business. She went psycho-religious, like took every nude layout of herself and burned it in a bonfire. I was really in love with her and to have her tell me I was going to hell for my sexual preferences and that sort of thing, I've never really gotten over it."

"Where is she now?" asks Doria.

"She's still married, but she's in Florida now with her first child," he says. "In fact, I think she works for the Catholic Church. At least, that's what she was planning on last time I spoke with her."

"We're going to have so much hate mail from this show," laughs Doria.

"I seriously doubt that the people who would send the hate mail are listening to KSEXRadio.com," says Sechrest.

"You'd be surprised, I get that kind of stuff from my site all the time," she insists.

"Well then what are they doing at your site in the first place? Obviously, they've just finished getting off on you and they feel guilty about it so they're going to send you an email about how you need to see the light." Doria laughs in agreement.

Sechrest inquires as to what it's like working with Julie Strain? "She is magical," says Doria, her eyes lighting up. "I've been doing her site, Julie Strain.com, for three and a half years now. We first met about ten years ago on a movie called 'Dark Secrets.' She was auditioning me for the part and I was scared to death about meeting her. I had these foam rubber falsies in, trying to make my boobs look bigger because this was pre-operation and I was auditioning for T&A movies. But surprisingly enough, she booked me on it! We've been friends ever since. She's working on four films right now so she's very busy. Even I usually have to email her if I want to get hold of her!"

The host wraps the first half of the show by asking Doria what she attributes to her success. "I took chances Jason," she sighs. "There were times when I was pretty down and I've had my cut of being like, 'God, what am I gonna do?' but then I just started building on the Internet and it saved my ass. It's my baby, man. It's my life."

After a short break, the show returns with the week's Top Ten List of "Things We Want to See More of in Adult Movies," the list for which can be found on AVNInsider.com, and then the introduction of legendary gay XXX performer-turned-director Blue Blake. The second his royal bum finds its way to the KSEX couch, Sechrest can't help but pick up on the accent. "Oh fuck, now I'm going to have this horrible fake English thing going on," laughs the host. "I'm all of a sudden married to Guy Ritchie and everything I say has to be pronunciated so perfectly."

Blake tells us he's just wrapped on "Caesar is Cowboy," a movie that, oddly enough, has nothing to do with cowboys. "It's a movie about a character named Cowboy O'Conner who has burnt his father and cousin to death in a fire after they tried to molest him. It's very very dark."

"Well, AVN will love it!" Sechrest cracks, referring to the earlier Top Ten list in which they request more "uplifting and happy storylines."

"Well, my first movie [as director] was 'Demolition Daddy' and that one was a homicidal mass murdering maniac, but it was nominated for GayVN Awards so go figure," he smiles.

"Do you remember that's where we first met?" asks the host. "The year that movie was nominated, I interviewed you at the GayVN's."

"Yes and I seem to remember you looking very different, wearing a lot of makeup, but you look so fresh now. You're just chicken at the moment it's really a great look for you." Sechrest explains that he created his androgynous "DV8 Boi" character to attract attention within the industry during a time when nobody knew him. "You certainly don't need that now," confirms Blake. "This is much better! I'm surrounded by glamour in this studio. The stunning Doria! If you haven't seen her in the flesh, she is absolutely stunning. And witty and charming as well!"

"It's a terrible combination, dah-ling," she says with her own faked English accent.

"Everyone does those bad accents," says Blake. "And it's always like Dick Van Dyke in 'Marry Poppins' is how they all do it too. Horrible, horrible, fake cockney accent. I didn't even realize until I was 16 that he was supposed to be doing a British accent in that movie."

Blake says he was sitting next to Julie Andrews (the woman who played "Mary Poppins" for you straight folk out there) just three nights before at dinner. Sechrest and Doria are anxious to hear how she was looking.

"Oh God, if I tell you it's just going to sound...," he hesitates. "Well, not too bad, really. Just very lesbian. She looks a little like she may be over-indulging in botox. And of course, she was with Blake Edwards, her husband, who is unfortunately older than dust. He was looking a little bit Tututkaman. ... But I shouldn't say such things. I really do love you, Blake. I even named myself after you!"

"Somehow I don't believe that," questions Sechrest.

"Well no, it's actually not true at all," he admits. "I named myself after someone I fancied when I was ten years old, Andrew Blake. He played for the school rugby team and he would make me suck him off."

Doria gasps, "Oh God, that's a movie I would like to see!"

Blue Blake swiftly brings the conversation back to gay icon Julie Andrews and mentions that he caught the role she made famous in "Victor/Victoria" when it was being played by Liza Minelli on Broadway. "It was during my run of 'Making Porn' in New York that I saw it," he explains. "Poor Liza, because she'd just had her hips replaced or something tragic, there are so many stairs in that show and she just sort of wobbled her way through the whole production. It was quite sad, really, but fun to see!"

Sechrest asks if "Victor/Victoria" is indeed the role that made both Andrews and Minelli lose their voices. "Wasn't it because of the high-range they have to sing for the show?"

"Well, with Julie there were nodes on her vocal chords during the production and with Liza I think it was more like the liquor or something," says Blake.

Sechrest tries desperately to bring the conversation back to porn, having had his fill of gay musical talk for the day.

"The idea of 'Cowboy' has been around for a while," reveals the director. "Caesar and Tom Katt, who both star in the movie, just competed in a bodybuilding contest here in California and placed 4th and 5th in the state. So I just saw this as an opportunity to cast two people who both looked so extreme. It's a fetish shoot really. I've been very lucky with the bodybuilding thing. I've always dated bodybuilders. In fact, Mr. Olympia is my ex-boyfriend. I got into bodybuilding myself during my ten years in the marines." Blake claims the royal marines are undoubtedly "harder," although the American marines are probably "hotter."

"What people don't realize is that we're on these ships for days and there are these toilet stalls that you can go in and have some other guy totally suck you off without seeing who they are. It's great because you never know if you're sucking your higher ups."

"Sign me up!" moans Doria, who is close to orgasm, playing with her tits beside Blue Blake.

Blake tells us he was born in Nottingham. "When you read my old school reports that my parents saved, they all say, 'Blue is going to be a big star!' I was the lead in all the school plays so I sort of split very quickly from Nottingham. When I started doing porn, my mother would take the flyers I'd send her and crop them at the naked parts to show all her friends. She'd tell them all I was a B-movie star."

Blue Blake says he's been hanging out with a girl from "The Real World" recently who will be doing "Making Porn" with him at a future date. Sechrest screams loudly and puts his hands together in prayer position. "Please tell me it's Melissa!" he begs.

"Oh no, actually, but I have a funny story about Melissa," he says with a sly smile. "So I'm at this party and I recognize Melissa, who lives in West Hollywood, sitting over there talking to this cute looking girl and I'm like, 'Oh, you're Melissa from the Real World.' I'm practically ignoring her friend the entire time and then I find out from my friend that it's that Mormon chick from the same season who accused her parents of being hideous and then they show up and are really sweet. Anyway, my friend tells me she's a compulsive liar and can't stop sucking cock. Biggest liar and cock sucker on the planet, apparently."

"But that's what makes that season of 'the Real World' the best season ever," says Sechrest, "because it was all centered around Julie's coming of age and learning that the world isn't Mormon and she can go out and suck as much cock as she wants."

"Here, here!" toasts Doria.

Sechrest goes on to say that Melissa is the female version of himself and he's never related to anyone he's seen on television more. "She's got so much energy," he says, "And she's so complex. All these different sides to her. One minute she's happy and bouncing off the walls and then the next minute it's all drama and she can't stop crying. God, how many times have I been there?"

"Yes, but what about Eric Neiss from the first season? Remember him?" laughs Blue. "I think I could eat his ass forever."

Sechrest agrees he's a cutie, but think he could get annoying real fast.

"Speaking of drama, I've heard there was so much of it on the set of 'Tales from the Tree House,' your famed twink movie," says Sechrest. "Do you find directing twink porn to be more difficult?"

"When I came into this business, I really found a niche because I have lots of bodybuilders in my movies, most of whom are gay for pay. I was reading a lot of reviews that said I really know how to do muscle and I thought, 'Well, I can do more than that.' So I decided to do 'Tales from the Tree House' which is a total twink production and there was so much drama! For starters, there was this five-way scene and all the stars are like 21 years old or younger. All of them had something against another and didn't want to work with them. They were constantly crying to me and complaining, but the weird thing is that they treated me like I was their father. Truly, they were very sweet guys. It was just a difficult shoot."

Doria asks what "gay for pay" is supposed to mean.

"Most of them have girlfriends and some of them even bring their girlfriends with them to the set so they can get hard before they have to fuck a guy," he explains. "It's not that difficult, really. I mean, I could take viagra and totally shag a girl, but then I'd be straight for pay."

The show "cums" to a close, as it always does, with a round of "Screaming Orgasms" from the guests on the KSEX couch. Doria and Blue each moan out each other's names, grabbing themselves in unmentionable areas.

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PST) on KSEXRadio.com. Next week's episode, Friday, July 5th, will feature special guests Jill Kelly and Julian. Behind-the-scenes video footage, photos, and highlights from each episode can be seen exclusively at JasonCurious.com.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast with Jill Kelly and Julian, please contact:
DV8 Incorporate
P.O. Box 351544, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone/Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@aol.com

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