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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Eva Angelina at Twistys

June 24, 2002 10:47pm
Jason McCain, jessica drake on Young & Curious
Source: DV8 Incorporate
by: Company Press Release

(BURBANK, CA) -- Surprises were in store for the KSEX Radio couch last Friday evening! Due to the very nature of the hush-hush exclusive interviews, both guests for "The Young & the Curious" were kept under wraps up until the moment the show went live with host Jason Sechrest taking to the mike to introduce his guests for the evening.

The show begins with Sechrest in fits of laughter, explaining he's in such a good mood because of his all-boy four-way orgy night before. "I can't tell you who it was," laughed Sechrest, "But I can tell you I feel so damned good today!"

The music is cued for his "Week in News" segment and Sechrest comments that the score makes him feel like Dan Rather every time he hears it. "Or Connie Chung!" he exclaims. "Yes, I really am Connie Chung. Whisper something into my ear and make it something dirty!" Sechrest dishes on everything from Rocco Sifferedi being in town and the new Vivid contract girl, to Shay Sights multi-thousand dollar Michael Ninn film and gay performer turned director Chad Donovan's latest release "Movin' On 2: Palm Springs."

The news segment comes to a close and Sechrest introduces his first surprise guest, crossover sensation and "very old friend" Jason McCain. He's dressed very sleek in all black, t-shirt and slacks. "God, you look hot tonight!" says Sechrest.

"Yes, I do!" affirms McCain with a half-joking and half-assured cockiness.

"You are a completely different person than the boy I met when you were getting into the straight porn world a few years ago," comments Sechrest.

"I think for the better," says McCain.

"You think?" hesitates Sechrest. "I think you're probably a lot smarter, that's for sure. Back then you were really naive and innocent."

"I was like a kid in a candy store," he explains. "All the pussy I want? Are you sure?!"

"It was a beautiful innocence and you can never go back to that," says the host. "Doesn't that sadden you? It's sad for me!"

"Yeh, well, I'm sure I'm still naive about a lot of shit," says McCain. The star discusses how that innocence was on display the night before at Club Micky's "Cocktails with the Stars" in West Hollywood where he did a live interview and autograph signing with host will Clark. "They really did stars with my cock tail," he laughs. "It blew me away. I had no idea. There was a line of people out the door. We ran out of things for me to autograph. I come from the straight porn world so I'm not used to having fans. It was shocking though. I got bombarded for the first time." Sechrest affirms that he had never seen such a turn out at the weekly event. ["Cocktails with the Stars" runs each Thursday night from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm at Micky's in WeHo.]

"One fan of mine flew all the way from New York to see the show," says McCain, wide-eyed and in awe. "He brought me a picture of Jenna Jameson because he knows how much I love her and this club shirt. I call it my Dale Dabone shirt. I think I might give it to him."

"It's very Dale Dabone!" laughs Sechrest, who says he saw the shirt on the night in question. "It's bright orange and yellow and red but it's sheer in some places. It would look perfect on him. And besides, he wears the same two god damned shirts everywhere he goes, so it's time he had a third."

Jason McCain's gay sex debut in All World's "Porn Academy" is slated to hit the streets any day now. Sechrest asks him if he actually does any fucking in the movie. "Yes, I fuck Danny Lopez," answers McCain. "He was funny! Kept telling me that I would like his juice before the scene because his ass was like a pussy and tasted like papaya. I had a lot of fun doing that movie. 'Porn Academy' is basically the story of these guys who want to get into porn so they go to this training base where Chi Chi LaRue, Chad Donovan, will Clark, and Ron Jeremy are drill sergeants who instruct them on how to become a great porn star. I'm the token straight boy of the bunch. The role was really written more towards my character. I play this kind of arrogant dunce who has been in hundreds of straight movies with women, but wanted to give it a start in the gay world. So I'm always missing classes and I'm always getting yelled at by the headmasters because I feel like I was making porn when these other kids were bagging groceries."

Sechrest says he's heard that one of McCain's scene is a solo masturbation in which he cums all over a mirror watching himself, then drops to his knees and laps up his own jizz. McCain will promote the movie by taking to "JC TV Live" on Sechrest's site, JasonCurious.com, for his first ever live chat and solo jack-off show on Monday, July 1st at 8:00 pm (PST). "The editor of the movie says he'd never seen someone who seemed so into themselves, but that's really what my character was supposed to be," says McCain. "We did do that scene and it did turn out pretty hot, I have to say. When Wash West comes and applauds you, I think that says a lot."

West is the highly acclaimed director of "Porn Academy," as well as the greatly successful mainstream indie release "The Fluffer" and the 2002 GayVN Best Video of theYear "Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony." McCain describes the director as being open to actor's ideas while staying true to his own vision. "He's very funny," he claims. "He gets his shit done, does it well, and knows what he wants."

Other memorable moments in the movie for McCain were fucking Blake Harper with a dildo, who reportedly thanked him after the scene in the dressing room, and learning how to suck dick by practicing on Chad Donovan as instructed by drill sergeant Chi Chi LaRue. "First Chi Chi had us practicing on dildos, so I have that in my mouth for a while," he reveals, "But then we used Chad for practicing on the real thing. Afterwards, there's this graduation orgy and we all get our diplomas from Ron Jeremy. He tells us to go out and have fun and turn on America. I'm like the last guy in line at the graduation and he grabs my ass. I love him! Uncle Ronny's a cool cat."

Sechrest logs onto the Internet and goes to Atkol.com, a bulletin board for fans of gay entertainment where there's a thread of questions for Jason McCain. One poster who calls himself "eminem" asks if he feels more of a demand in gay porn to keep his body in shape. "I keep it very well known that I'm not a gym rat," he answers. "I'm not going to be the sculpted guy. You're never going to see me coming out looking like Billy Glide. It's not that I feel like I'm above it, it's just not me. I couldn't spend all my days in the gym."

The same poster asks if the change in career is a reflection of a change in the star's own personal sojourns. "Say that again?" requests McCain. Sechrest laughs and says that the next question on the board was to ask him if he knows what a "sojourn" is. "This was all a part of my personal life before I started doing it on camera," says McCain. "Tid bits, here and there. I mean, you're not going to see me on a float at gay pride and you're not going to see me at the white parties. This is just a part of my sexuality."

IdolDude on Atkol asks why he denied ever having anything to do with gay porn and why the sudden change of heart? "I just got to a point where I didn't care what the people in the straight industry thought of me anymore, when in the beginning I did. I'm my own person and if they don't like it, they don't like it."

Another poster, Aloe, asks what it's like to have sex with Jason Sechrest. Dead silence falls over the air before both Sechrest and McCain burst out in hysterical laughter. "Um, I don't know," says McCain. "I can neither confirm or deny. ... No, really, it's absolutely fabulous. Usually he just begs for mercy."

"When I'm with Jason, that's probably very much the truth," admits the host. "And it's so not me with anyone else. He has a way of bringing out a side of me that I'm not comfortable with other people seeing."

Atkol's "esckey" asks how a pussy and tit kind of guy winds up doing gay porn and fellow poster "eminem" writes back that it's called bisexuality. McCain agrees. "I prefer the fairer sex, but -- "

"Who says they're fairer?" asks Sechrest.

"Yeah, that's true. Fairer? One-month bleeding low-down bitches," he jokes. "No, if there's a guy who catches my eye, I'm secure enough to mess around with him. I've never had a real relationship with a man though. Yet."

Ziggy writes in wanting to know what it was like having to fuck "all those icky girls for all those years and how does one prepare to put their mouth or tongue anywhere near that stinky pussy?" McCain answers, "If you're a gay guy and you want to eat pussy, you have to think of the clit as like a tiny little penis. Just think of the pussy getting wet as juicy little nuts on your chin. And if it smells bad, tell them to wash! There were a few girls who I had to work with in straight porn who I was not into at all, but you just have little mental things in your head, fantasies that turn you on, and you get through the scene. I used them all the time to make the scenes go faster, but really I have a great resume of women I've been with on camera. There were only a few that I didn't enjoy."

The final question on Atkol comes from the Real Roxanne who asks what he prefers sexually and if he would allow money to manipulate him into doing something he wouldn't normally enjoy. "No amount of money can make me do something I don't feel comfortable doing."

Sechrest wraps up the first half-hour by mentioning McCain's second gay XXX performance will be shot next week in the first ever Forest Film, "Brad's Buddies." McCain says his scene will be with Dane Brando. "Brad's Buddies is a call service and I play one of the boys. Brad calls me at my house for a job and my jealous boyfriend, who is being played by Dane, answers the phone and yells at Brad and fucks up the job for me. So I get pissed because that's supposed to be my rent money and I bang the shit out of him. It's a real passion-aggressive scene because we're supposed to be boyfriends too. It should be interesting!"

McCain is quick to make it known that he doesn't intend to the leave the straight industry altogether. "I had a meeting with a director today about being in a bi movie next month and I have a movie from Jill Kelly Productions that is coming out any day now. I still get my test every 30 days even though some guys on the gay side don't do that sort of thing. I protect myself, I do my tests, and I can sling my cock in both worlds just as easily."

Sechrest gives him props for being one of the few to take the risk and balance both industries before taking a quick commercial break. When they return, Sechrest does the week's "Top Ten List" courtesy AVN Insider "Poor Heidi Pike-Johnson," says Sechrest. "We always refer to her as 'poor' Heidi Pike-Johnson so you get this mental image of her over there at AVN, overworked and underpaid, ripping her hair out. For some reason, the top ten on AVN Insider was not updated this week so we have the same fucking list we had last week. And the archives are gone too! Poor Heidi Pike-Johnson had better put that on her extensive to-do list for next week. We should get her on the show some time anyway! Jason, have you ever met Heidi?"

"Heidi who?" he asks, absent-mindedly.

"Poor Heidi Pike-Johnson, follow the conversation!" he laughs.

"No, I have not met her, but I hear she'll be on set for my 'Brad's Buddies' scene next week for AVN."

Sechrest then reads off "The Top Ten Videos These AVN Editors Wish They'd Seen in the Review Closet Before Anyone Else Did" for the second week in a row and just as he's wrapping it up, his second surprise guest bursts through the door.

"Ladies and gentleman, jessica drake!" announces Sechrest. McCain starts to drool all over himself as jessica and her sexy friend sit on either side of him. Both girls take off their shirts and sit back on the couch in nothing but jeans and a bra.

"I am sorry I'm late," says jessica. "I've been shooting this movie for Simon Wolf Productions all day, it's called 'the Gypsy's Curse' and I am the gypsy. I just did a scene and they did the pop and I jumped in my car and drove here as fast as I could."

"Where did the guy pop?" asks Jason.

"Right here," she says, pointing to her chin. "I would've come to kiss you, but that's why."

"Hey, I'd love that actually!" laughs Sechrest. "I love when a guy cums on a girl's face and then kisses her. Are you into that?"

"Yeh, I think it's hot! Evan [Stone] was told to kiss me once right after he'd cum all over my face. It was pretty fun."

The sex starlet then introduces her friend, Delorian, to the audience. "I met her in Texas at Caligula 2. I was sick and she stayed at the hospital with me until 2:00 in the morning and she said she wanted to be in the business and I believe in karma so I said I'd help and here we are!"

"You have the most perfect stomach I've ever seen in my life," notices Sechrest. "Are you a performer?"

"I am now," she winks. Both girls snuggle up to McCain and caress his body.

Sechrest congratulates drake on her recent marriage to straight sex stud Evan Stone and asks how long she's been a married woman. "15 days," she says. "After he proposed to me, I asked when he wanted to get married and he said right now. I don't think he understood the planning that was involved in this sort of thing! It wasn't huge but it was very elaborate. We were married on top of Crystal Bay that overlooks Lake Tahoe. We were on top of a mountain basically. Monique Alexander was my maid of honor and her dress blew open during the ceremony. Her boobs flew out. It was a beautiful thing! After the ceremony, Evan and I had sex in the limo on the way to the reception. Like five minutes after we were married, he was in me. We got to the reception and his dad helped me out of the car asking me why my dress was around my neck. It was very embarrassing."

Sechrest takes a call from listener "John" who asks jessica how Evan and his rock band are going. "Both are great!" she exclaims. "I'll let him know you said hello." John says he's a fan of many straight male porn stars, but his favorite has always been Jason McCain. jessica says she's never had sex with McCain, but watched him on a set one day and was definitely intrigued.

"So would you rather watch him have sex with a woman or a man?" asks Sechrest.

"You," replies drake without missing a beat. "In fact, I was told I would see that if I came to the show tonight." McCain and Sechrest tell her that the night is young and curious.

Sechrest throws out the name "Sin City" and the guests all quiet themselves to hear what jessica will have to say.

"Yes, Jason, I've opted to go in a different direction," she says with heavy emphasis on the word "opted." "Although they said in the press release that it was an amicable split, the press release also said that they had chosen not to renew my contract, when in reality it was my decision. I'm the one who came to them and said that I wanted to go in a different direction. The whole thing has just given me a headache because of the way I approached the situation to begin with. I gave Michael Raven a heads up three month ago and told him I wanted to work for other people. He was fine with that and then right before my contract was up, he said that I really needed to talk to them more about it and propose something because it would be disrespectful not to. So I told him I wanted to produce and direct. I don't know if they didn't have faith in my ability to do anything else but fuck or maybe they were tired of seeing me fuck, I'm not really sure, but either way it was something they didn't want to pursue, so I didn't want to pursue them any further and in that way, it was an amicable leave. I would like to believe it was just a poorly written press release that made it seem not so amicable."

Sechrest laughs heartily. "I shouldn't be laughing," he says, "But it's just funny to me because I am a publicist in this industry." the star compliments Sechrest on his success in Pr and cites the two months that Michael Raven paid out of his own pocket for Sechrest to do publicity for jessica drake as two of her happier months with the company. drake also names Raven's "Beast" as her best experience with the company. "I had a dialogue coach, it was an eight day shoot, we did my first anal scene and they made a music video from it. There were lots of nominations for that movie too. I was very proud of it. Just came out on DVD too!"

Sechrest asks drake how she would describe Raven. "Very powerful," she says quietly. "He's a very powerful person. There can be a lot of stess involved in working with him, but I really thought we were like family."

"What do you mean you 'thought' you were like family?" probes Sechrest. "Did you find out you were wrong or something?"

She pauses for about 20 seconds before cracking a smile and saying, "You're good! You get it out of people! ... You know, I just wish that things could have gone down differently between us. I guess I should've gone to everyone at the company and told them I was planning on leaving, but I didn't. I just went to Michael."

"Why only him?" asks Sechrest.

"I didn't think I could go to anyone else. I didn't think I should," she explains. "I went to Michael because I thought I could talk to him like a friend and he would relay my feelings to the higher ups. But when it all went down a few weeks later, the higher ups were like, 'What do you mean you're leaving? What's going on here?' ... So I regret having not gone to them myself from the beginning. I suppose that's my own fault."

Still, drake remains happy with the change in her career. Aside from the current lead in the Simon Wolf movie, the star is shooting two movies for Digital Playground and two for Wicked Pictures within the next 30 days. "They're chomping at the bit to get you!" says Sechrest, who reminds listeners that for more jessica drake they can check out her official web site at www.jessicadrake.com. drake says she's also in Playboy magazine this month, in an ad for Playboy TV's "Sexy Urban Legends" on page 152. She's also featured in layouts for Gallery and Leg Show magazines, on newsstands now.

"When are you going to do a bisexual movie?" asks McCain, who is still playing with Delorian on the couch beside drake.

"First I want to be a little lube girl," she smiles, "because I'm going to be too shocked. I've watched gay porn, but I want to see it in person. I want to help clean up and wipe and stuff. When I'm around it, I'm just entranced. I have to gasp."

The show ends as it always does with a round of "Screaming Orgasms" from the guests on the KSEX couch. Delorian and jessica take off their bras and each stick one hand down their pants and the other on Jason McCain's crotch. "Oooh, he's already hard!" laughs jessica. "Jason's got a semi!" All three of them talk dirty to each other, moaning their way up to a screaming climax as Sechrest brings the show to a close.

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PST) on KSEXRadio.com. Next week's episode, Friday, June 28th, will feature special guests Doria and Blue Blake. Behind-the-scenes video footage, photos, and highlights from each episode can be seen exclusively at JasonCurious.com.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast with Doria and Blue Blake, please contact:
DV8 Incorporate
P.O. Box 351544, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone/Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@aol.com

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