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Eva Angelina at Twistys

April 15, 2002 02:54pm
Alexa and Caesar on KSEXRadio
Source: DV8 Incorporate
by: Company Press Release

(BURBANK, CA) -- KSEX Radio premiered their latest opus on Friday evening, "The Young & the Curious," hosted by adult entertainment personality Jason Sechrest. The show lived up to its promise of being the only globally broadcasted, live Internet talk radio program to cover all angles of adult entertainment, bringing you the best of both worlds as Sechrest and his guests explored territory familiar and unfamiliar, touched and untouched, straight and gay, young and curious. Adult film and video superstars Alexa and Caesar took to the mike as guests for the show's launch, giving Sechrest exclusive scoops and some surprising announcements throughout the evening.

"Tonight, we've got exclusives Barbara Walters could only dream of getting," said Sechrest during the show's open. "You know she's as home listening right now. What else would she be doing on a Friday night? She's not getting all trussed up in her best club outfit like the rest of us, getting ready to head down to the 7969 to party with the trannies on a Friday night, I can promise you that. No, Barbara's in the privacy of her home, listening to KSEX Radio, diddling herself, and wondering why it wasn't her who booked Alexa for that first post-Wicked contract interview. How could she let it slip through her fingers?"

As the show progressed to its "Week in News" segment, Sechrest dished on the XRCO Awards, twink porn sensation Christian Owen's training bases as a "bottom" on the net, gangbang star Houston's plans to tour New England, and straight sex performer Dale DaBone's return to the blue screen, before introducing the show's first guest, Alexa, to the KSEX couch.

Dressed like a true diva, donning all purple, and looking like a rock star, it wasn't long before Alexa's top was popped for the anxious viewers of the KSEX in-studio web cam. Immediately, Sechrest noticed something had changed. "You have nipple rings now!" he gasped. "Those have to be relatively new because I know they weren't in there when I had a taste of them a little over a year ago."

"Oh my gosh, that's right! It was in the limo after the AVN Awards. It was you and... who was that other guy?"

"Jason McCain," Sechrest reminds her. "He had one boob and I had the other. That became quite the crazy night, but we won't go into that in too much detail."

"No," laughs Alexa. "Let's not."

"They do taste good though and I have missed them," concludes Sechrest on the subject, "so I hope to see them more throughout the night."

Though Alexa recently wrapped production on Metro's "America the Beautiful," she claims that it was not her first post-Wicked venture as it has been highly touted and publicized. "Not at all, actually," she explains. "I had shot and am still shooting a lot for Jules Jordan and I had done a scene with Julian for New Sensations."

Alexa cites Julian as the best on-camera fuck she's ever had. "We dated for a couple of months after hooking up on the shoot," she reveals. "He's back with Jill Kelly now though. It was really obvious he was still in love with her the entire time I was with him. I'm really happy for both of them."

Sechrest asks Alexa to take her time answering the next question. "Really search your soul on this one and you don't have to answer right away, but I would be crucified by the industry if I didn't ask you... Do you still feel you're too good for porn?"

"No," she says, without hesitation. "Not at all. I never did. I said some things that were wrong because I was being very dramatic when I left the industry. Not only did I make a bad decision, but I handled it the wrong way. I made a mistake and I am sorry to anyone I hurt in doing that, especially Wicked. And that's not saying that I don't have issues with Wicked outside of that, but for the way I handled that situation in particular, I do apologize because my contract hadn't been fulfilled.

"I never wanted to go mainstream," she continues. "I had a lot of people telling me that I should, but it wasn't even anything I really wanted to do. I just got caught up in what a lot of people were telling me."

"Even after all of that, Wicked still agreed to take you back with open arms when you returned to Los Angeles and returned to making videos," says Sechrest. "I know, just from being on the set as press at Wicked shoots that they treat their talent like absolute queens."

"They did not welcome me back with open arms," says Alexa, correcting the statement. "They would like for you to believe that I'm sure, but that is not what happened."

"Well, from the way the Wicked press releases and announcements to AVN.com read," explains Sechrest, "they welcomed you back to their family to fulfill your contract and they were going to have you star in 'Women in Uniform.' you failed to appear on set and they decided to sever all ties with you."

"I didn't show up because I was sick in the hospital," explains the former Wicked contract girl, "And I got yelled at by them because of it. I was willing to have a doctor write a note for illness, but I also understand that when you flake enough, they don't really care. They'd had enough of me flaking and we washed our hands of each other and went our own ways. That was fine with me, at that point. I was ready to do that anyway."

"Would you ever go back to Wicked Pictures?" asks Sechrest.

"I don't want to say never because that is a harsh word, but it would take a long time to rebuild our trust and I don't know that they're interested in taking the time to make that happen. I would consider taking a contract with another company, but only if it was good. It would have to be very different from the contract I took before. I am enjoying being a free agent right now."

Though the company may claim to have severed ties with the star, Wicked Pictures contract director Brad Armstrong certainly isn't keeping his distance. "He called me up the other evening and asked me to go to the XRCO Awards with him," she smiles. "I love Brad. I thought it was a really sweet offer, but I have had enough of the controversy."

Another Wicked contract director, Jonathan Morgan, helmed one of Alexa's most critically acclaimed features, "The Gate," casting her as a veritably psychotic "girl interrupted." She remembers the experience fondly. "It was really fun playing that character. I had an acting coach with me on set and he helped me get into it. I had a lot of stress going on at that time so it was easy to get in that psycho mood. ... I enjoy the acting part of my job more than I enjoy the sex part. The sex is good! Don't get me wrong, but the acting is just so much fun."

"Was sex with the Wicked girls good?" pops Sechrest with a wry smile.

"Do I have to answer that question?" she giggles.

"Yes, you do, in fact! Because I have always wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with Devinn Lane I have such a crush on her. She strikes me as the type who would be very aggressive!"

"She is very aggressive, but so am I, so she couldn't dominate me if she tried," claims Alexa. "She's a great contract girl though. She's perfect for it because she's very business minded. She has her head on straight and she knows what she wants. She's a decent person.

"I've also had sex with Serenity!" Alexa offers up to the discussion.

"She was just at KSEX the other night," says Sechrest of the other former Wicked star and owner of Las Vegas Novelties. "We talked about you. She was going to show up tonight for the show."

"Oh yeah, how is she?" asks Alexa. "That would have been intriguing, had she shown up."

"I was quite surprised to hear it myself, but she said she'd love to come!" says Sechrest.

"That's funny because she trashed me to one of my friends, but I'm sure if I saw her, it would be a different story," she smiles.

"That's funny because she said the same thing about you," laughs Sechrest. "You have to give her the benefit of the doubt though. You didn't hear it directly from Serenity, so your friend could've just been making the whole thing up."

"Well, I heard it from two different sources who don't know each other, but who knows? I try not to listen to the gossip anymore," she says. "I don't even read AVN these days."

After a quick commercial break, the show returns with the week's top ten list, courtesy AVN Insider. "The Top Ten Things that Never Happen in Porn Videos" is available along with hot photo galleries, celebrity columnists, on-set reports, and much more at AVN Insider, the source for all your porn news needs.

Alexa then slides down a space on the couch so gay pornster Caesar can join in the mix for the second half of the evening's live show. "Thanks for having me," he says into the mike.

"Well, I haven't had you yet, but I'm really looking forward to it," quips Sechrest. "We've talked about having sex for quite some time and we just can't seem to make it happen."

"Yes, we have!" he laughs, turning bright red.

"You know, there are people who tell me -- and let's face it, this show is all about me -- that I look a lot like your ex-boyfriend," suggests the host.

"Similar, yes," confirms Caesar. "You're both shorter than me and have dark hair. He's a little girlier than you, I think. He's very queeny, does drag and that sort of thing."

"I can be pretty androgynous too," offers Sechrest. "You've seen me in makeup and shit."

"It's all good," says the deep-voiced and deep-throated bodybuilder in his most straight sounding of tones. "Naked is better though."

Sechrest reveals that Caesar is one of the few gay adult video stars to be in a very happy and healthy marriage to a woman. "A lot of people would automatically assume that means you're gay for pay."

"No, I am bisexual," says Caesar. "I was married to my wife and then we separated and then we got back together. It was during the separation that I started doing the gay porn thing so when we go back together, I told her we had some things to talk about. She had always known I was that way though, even when I thought I was hiding it from her and getting away with it. She likes it a lot actually. I have had boyfriends while still being married to her."

Caesar says he met his wife seven years ago, while on leave from the marines during Christmas. Alexa pipes in that she loves marines. "Who doesn't love marines?" ponders Sechrest. "I'm sorry, I know I'll be nailed to the cross for saying this, but ever since 9/11 happened, I can't get enough military porn. Those tapes are skyrocketing right now. Even in straight porn! 'Women in Uniform' from Wicked Pictures, right Alexa?"

These days, Caesar is focusing most of his attention on the Mr. California bodybuilding contest, to commence at the end of May. The star is very dedicated to the craft, forcing himself to eat large quantities of food every two hours. "Even though half the people behind the scenes of bodybuilding are gay, they still have an issue with it so I try to keep it quiet," he explains. "People forget this, but I was a bodybuilder when I started [performing in videos.] I just had a brief lapse, a really bad year, where I stopped lifting and it took me a while to get back on track."

"Why was it a bad year?" asks Sechrest.

Caesar pauses hesitantly. "You really want to know?"

"Sure, why not? Alexa knows all about bad years, don't you? We can talk about it."

"It was only my personal life that got off track," he explains. "This business has always been very good to me though, I'm very fortunate there. It's just sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I like drugs a lot and I messed up. I partied, I played the game, and now I am back in the right direction. I don't have a problem with people who do drugs. I just know now that it's not for me because I can't control myself obviously when I do it. Bodybuilding has got me back on track though."

"How much to you bench, free weights?" asks Sechrest.

"I have no idea," answers Caesar.

"That's fine because I have no idea what I just asked you," the host admits. "A fan of yours emailed me wanting to know so I thought I'd ask, but I don't have a fucking clue what I just asked you."

Caesar laughs, "Sometimes I'll do 405, but we do it for reps, not for ones, and -- "

"Right, right," interrupts Sechrest, "I have no fucking clue what you're talking about. Alexa, how much do you bench, free weights?"

"I can lift my pit bull over my head," Alexa giggles girlishly.

"Really?" says Sechrest, impressed.

"Well, I work with horses all the time... wait, let me rephrase that," she laughs.

"Oh do you, now?" says Sechrest, even more impressed.

"I train them! Nothing sexual, just... never mind."

Sechrest gets the conversation back to Caesar and asks which gender he lost his virginity to. "I was nailing my neighbor boy first when I was twelve, and then I had sex with a woman the next year," he confesses.

"That's bad ass!" shouts Alexa in shock.

"It didn't seem wrong at the time," he continues.

Sechrest's jaw is dropped in amazement. "Wait, are you serious? You stuck your dick in another guy's ass when you were both twelve years old?"

"Yes, twelve years old," he confirms.

"You know, Christian Owen is in the studio audience tonight. He's twelve years old," jokes Sechrest. "He says that he's twenty, but it's all a lie. He's really the next Traci Lords. He'll have an 'E! True Hollywood Story' made about him someday."

"We were just looking at straight mags, like Hustler magazine," laughs Caesar, as he regales the scenario from his youth. "We were like, 'Damn, you got that. You can do that too.' and he just happened to be... "

"What? Open-holed?" exclaims the curious host. "Didn't it hurt him?"

"I don't remember really," he says.

"I would like to see a picture of you at twelve years old," says Sechrest. "I mean, not so that I can picture you having sex or anything, but just because I want to see what it would be like... Ok, wait. That was just the total wrong thing to say."

"When you get that picture, could you email it to me?" asks Alexa.

"You all are a bunch of sick mother fuckers," laughs Caesar, putting his hands behind his head.

"Did your armpits look that cute at twelve years old?" asks Sechrest.

"No, they were a little smoother," he says, in an obvious attempt to try to turn everyone on even more. "So by the time I got into high school, I started talking about strap-ons and people would say, 'Oh that's gay,' and I'd say, 'Oh yeah, you're right! That is!' I eventually realized that anything with a guy's ass is not going to be good in high school. I played football so, you kind of have to play the game."

"Yeah, but those jocks in high school, they're so horny, you can get them to do anything," says Sechrest.

"I never tried," admits Caesar.

"Why not? I have a blueprint I made in high school that I can give you on how to turn a straight boy gay in a matter of thirty minutes." Sechrest brings the conversation back to his body, which has recently been bulked up due to his passion for competing. "You have received a great deal of criticism from your fans for the fact that you are so much larger now than you were before. When you read on the Internet where people post a picture of you and say you look 'bloated' or 'fat,' that's got to hurt, doesn't it?"

"At first, it did hurt a little," he says, "But I just try to ignore them. If they want to come into my life and live it for me, they're more than welcome to, but it's my personal life. What do they look like anyway? You know, you get one bad photo of you out there and all it takes is that one photo to freak everybody out."

Sechrest turns the discussion to Alexa for a moment. "Do you ever get any negative reactions for the way you look?"

"Oh yes, all the time," she says. "Wicked told me that I need to lose twenty pounds when I left them and I look exactly the same now that I did then. I thought about what they said, but I decided I didn't want to get hooked back on speed again just to make them happy."

"Am I the only one here who doesn't do drugs?" asks Sechrest.

"No, I'm 100% sober now," says Alexa.

"Oh good, because so am I. And Caesar is sober now too, right?"

"Well," laughs the sex stud. "I smoke my weed, but that's a well known fact."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Its 4:20, 24/7 for you, isn't it?" asks Sechrest. "It gives you that deep, throaty voice."

"It's kind of sexy though," says Alexa, eyeing him up and down, playing with her tits for the camera.

Sechrest says, "You know, if Alexa has her tits out, I really think you need to have yours out too, Caesar." After some probing, he consents to taking off his shirt and revealing his sculpted torso. "I want to know whose tits are hotter."

"He does that flexing thing and I dig that," says Alexa.

"Oh you can't flex your breasts?" he asks, jokingly. "Tell me about the tattoo on your chest, Caesar."

"That's my son," he says. "Dm is my son, which I don't get to see because of this industry. He's seven years old now. Or not, eight actually."

"Wait, are you telling me that you don't get to see your son because you're a gay male porn star?"

"Yeah, pretty much," says Caesar.

"Oh my God, that's heartbreaking." Tears well up in the host's eyes, causing a similar reaction in Caesar's. "You can't see him at all? How much does that bother you?"

Caesar is silent for about ten seconds, attempting to hold himself back from becoming emotional. "It's a little irritating, yes," he says, "But it's the Midwest, so being from Indiana..."

"Oh fuck, I think it's illegal to be gay in Indiana," cites Sechrest. "Seriously, I think it might be. I grew up there until I was thirteen."

"Well, if it is illegal then there are a lot of felons on the street," says Caesar. "It's just an ex-girlfriend of mine who won't let me see it. She lied and it's a long story so... next please."

Per the star's request, the subject is changed, this time to Caesar's surprise announcement. "It has been about a year since we've seen a movie from you," says Sechrest, "And I doubt that it was from lack of offers. You were holding out for the right project, correct?"

"Holding out for the right money," he smiles.

"The quality of the production is important to you too though, I know," says Sechrest. "Have you ever shot a movie and been unhappy with the final product?"

"I don't really watch them," he says. "I'll fast-forward through them, but I don't critique."

"I'm always critiquing myself," says Alexa. "I will look at it and decide which positions look bad and which ones look good. The best thing to know in porn is to suck in and spread! I learned that from watching my videos."

"Well, you find that to be the case too, don't you, Caesar? You're always sucking in those cocks and spreading that ass," laughs Sechrest. "Speaking of spreading that ass, your career started with... well, a bang! A gang bang actually. In retrospect, do you think it was a bad decision to start off with something so extreme? A lot of people would say, 'Where do you go from there?'"

"Well, it was my eighth movie, it wasn't my first," corrects the star, "And no, I don't really care. People said it would ruin my career, but I went on to win the Best Newcomer award at the GayVN Awards that year, so I guess it didn't."

"Well, with an ass like that, how could you not use it to the fullest of its potential?" winks Sechrest at the star.

"It was fun," he smiles boyishly. "I enjoyed it!"

"Tonight, you have a very special announcement to make," continues the host. "It's been over a year since you've made a movie and finally, there's one on the way."

Caesar confirms that to be true. "Today, we finished negotiations with Big Blue Productions for a movie called 'Cowboy,' which I will be the star of. It will shoot for five days at Joshua Tree in June right after the contest so I'll be in great shape."

Caesar claims he first met Blue Blake at a Grabby awards ceremony in Chicago and then went on to star in the director's "Married Cops Do." Blake first conceptualized "Cowboy" years ago and will be writing, producing, and directing the vehicle for Caesar.

"Your manager, David Forest (http://www.forestmen.com), sent me a picture of your co-star in this upcoming movie, Brad Rock," says Sechrest, "who I had no concept of until now, but woof! He is so fucking hot! Did you choose this guy specifically to be the one who tops you in the movie?"

"We had some input, yeah," laughs Caesar, "But I'm even more anxious to find out who I'm going to be topping. It seems like only a quarter of the scenes I do, I get to be a top in, so I always really look forward to that."

Caesar says of all the men he's has the pleasure of working with, his romp opposite Adison Scott in Falcon's (http://www.falconstudios.com) "Bad Behavior" was probably his most enjoyable to date. "We had the most chemistry I think," says Caesar. "Off camera he was just a really good guy and he's into bodybuilding so everything was cool with us. We hit it off good. Cameron Fox was cool to work with too. I bottomed for him and that was a great scene, even though I really think it should've been the other way around with how girly he is, but whatever. Most of the time, directors won't put me with my types. I like boys. I like Jason Sechrest types and Christian Owen types."

"Little twinks, basically," Sechrest adds. "Little flaming fags."

"I would never fuck myself," Caesar confirms.

"Would you ever have sex with Alexa on camera?" asks Sechrest.

Caesar's eyes widen at the mere thought. He looks at her and then looks back at his interviewer. "Off the mike, yes," he laughs, "But I could never do a bisexual movie. [My wife would] kill me."

"Your wife is one hot woman though," says Sechrest. "She could be a porn star, herself."

"She could be whatever she wants to be," laughs Caesar, with an all-knowing grin.

The show wraps a round of what Sechrest likes to call Screaming Orgasms. "Get your lube and wet naps ready," he says. "Here's how the game is played. At the end of each of our shows, our victims on the KSEX couch will fake an orgasm, or not fake if they so choose, for a minimum of thirty seconds! And it's relatively easy. It'll go a little something like -- "

And with that, Sechrest goes into a series of convulsions for a half-minute as he leads up to his own over-the-top orgasm. The in-studio audience and guests applaud as he smiles politely like Meg Ryan and asks, "Any questions?"

"Can we not play the game?" asks Alexa. Fortunately for the listeners, that was not an option.

"I'll go first and it'll be real fast too," says Caesar.

"No, you have to do it for thirty seconds!" laughs Sechrest.

"I don't do that for thirty seconds," he claims.

"Well, lead up to it then," suggests the host.

"Lead up to shit! Come suck my dick," he says, grabbing his crotch.

"Don't tempt me," smiles Sechrest.

Caesar moves in closer to the mike and says, as though he's reading from a script, "I'm getting ready to cum. I'm gonna cum. Uh. I came."

"Can we have someone from the audience help us?" asks Alexa. She brings her boyfriend out from the crowd, a twenty-something dressed like a punk rocker. She starts breathing heavily from the second he sits with her on the couch and as he plays with her pussy, she brings herself to a climax, concluding the first ever episode of "The Young & the Curious."

"The Young & the Curious with Jason Sechrest" airs each Friday evening at 5:00 pm (PDT) on KSEXRadio.com. Next week's episode, Friday, April 19th, will feature special guests Gina Lynn and Sky Donovan. Behind-the-scenes video footage and highlights from each episode can be seen exclusively at JasonCurious.com.

Media interested in attending the next live broadcast, please contact:

DV8 Incorporate
P.O. Box 351544
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone/Fax: (818) 786-2428
Email: DV8Boi@aol.com

HardArt Films

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Danni Ashe Awarded

New Wave Porn: BrightDesire.com

XBIZ Trophy Girls

Adult Webcam Conference

Hirsch XBIZ Keynote Speaker

Hill and Howard Raw

Night, Rai, Moore, on Inside

More w/Mo Celebrates 100

Introducing Bitcoin Porn Sites

Rock'N'SeXXXyu Radio This Thurs

Mindbrowse with Royalle, St. James

Raven Bay on Jukeboxx

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