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Club Jessica Jaymes - Official Website

February 13, 2002 12:19pm
Star E. Knight & Asia Carrera Blow All Circuits in
Source: DV8 P.R.
by: Company Press Release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) -- Just in time for Valentine's, Jill Kelly Productions (http://www.jillkellyproductions.com) will release "Web Mistress" on both VHS and DVD this Wednesday, February 13th. Asia Carrera stars as the adult Internet impresario, a role all too familiar to the "butt-kicking" mistress of www.asiacarrera.com, with Star E. Knight as the innocent ingénue she takes under her wing. The video, directed by Wesley Emerson, boasts an all-star supporting cast featuring JKP exclusive Ashton Moore, Dayton Raines, Nina Dolci, Summer Haze, Alexis Amore, Colt Steele, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher, and Dillon Day. In addition, President/Coo of Jill Kelly Productions, Jill Kelly herself makes an appropriate non-sex cameo.

It all starts at the copy machine where Star's character is up for a promotion to Vice President. Randy Spears enters the copy room and distracts her from her work by commenting on how hot her panties look and how great her pussy would taste. We soon find that the two have been involved in a secret inner-office romance and while the rest of the company runs around oblivious, Randy talks Star out of her clothes. He bends her over the copy machine and pulls her panties aside, her ass in his face and her pussy in his mouth. Sooner than later, Star drops to her knees and services Randy's cock; jerking him, licking him, and stopping in between to suck on his balls. Then, with Randy standing and facing Star as she lies on the counter top, he starts to fuck her, one leg over his shoulder, still donning a five inch pump. He flips her over for a bit of doggy style before she kneels at his cock, sucking on his balls again while he jerks a load into her mouth and onto her chin. The perfect way to start our feature!

Enter Jill Kelly, dressed to the nines in business attire as her character Mrs. Dixon, supervisor to Star and wife to Randy's character. "You done making copies?" she asks as the two back away from each other and try desperately to explain themselves to no avail. Mrs. Dixon sides with her husband and fires her employee. Star exits the room in tears as Mr. And Mrs. Dixon smile at each other smugly. "Worked just like you said it would," Randy laughs. "Now you're a shoe-in for that Vice President position."

Star arrives at her home, only to find a scantily clad Asia Carrera dancing around her living room. While this may be something many of us would love to come home to, Star seems less than amused. "My house is being shampooed," explains Asia, and of course it is. "I thought I'd stop by and kill some time here until they're done. Why are you home so early?"

"I've had the shittiest day," says Star, as she grabs herself a much needed drink. "I've just been fired."

Asia sees potential in Star and it's evident from the start as she begins telling her best friend about her own career in e-commerce as a web mistress and nude model. "I don't punch a time clock," she smiles, "And you shouldn't either."

The doorbell rings and its Steve Hatcher, come to whisk the company car away from Star. "But I need that car to go find a new job!" she pleads. He apologizes and cites company policy.

"Let me reason with the man," whispers Asia, directing him over to the couch. She straddles him and takes off her top, allowing him to suck on her perfect pair of tits. Star watches the scene wide-eyed and shocked at her girl friend's wild exhibitionism. Asia continues unphased, now giving Steve the blowjob of a lifetime, until Star eventually rises from her end of the couch and walks over to lick on his nipples. The two girls take turns on his cock and balls, passing it back and forth between their mouths and tongues. Soon, Asia is bouncing up and down on his dick while Star rides his face and suckles Asia's breasts. They bend forward so Asia can smack Star's ass and Star can feel up Steve's balls while Asia slides her wet pussy up and down his prick. When it's Star's turn to get fucked, Steve decides to bang her doggy style. She comes to a screaming climax with Steve inside of her, both of them watching Asia finger herself. Finally, Steve lies on his back while both hotties take turns jerking and sucking him until he erupts. "That was great," he sighs. "Now all I need are the keys and I'm out of here."

"Well, I tried," Asia sighs. A pouting and disappointed Star hands over the keys, though it truly can no longer be the "shittiest" day of her life, as her pussy has been up close and personal with two hot guys and one hot girl in the course of the past twelve hours. Sort of puts "getting fired" into perspective, doesn't it?

The next morning, Star puts her resume online and schedules some interviews, but still can't get anywhere without a car. Asia, whose house we can only assume is still being shampooed, is having breakfast in Star's kitchen and offers to drive Star to her appointments throughout the day.

A relieved Star hops in the bathtub to get ready for the day and decides to relieve herself a little bit more as she reveals a massive dildo from beneath the water. She sucks on it and runs it all along her body, rubbing it against her pussy, before setting it aside and fingering herself to a screaming orgasm. Asia walks in on her unannounced. Star is shocked and embarrassed, though God only knows why - it's not like they didn't just fuck a dude together yesterday afternoon or anything. Nonetheless, Star plays shy and wraps a towel around her wet and naked bod, asking Asia to go find something for her to wear.

Five interviews later, Star has been told she's overqualified for every job and contemplates taking a job as a secretary. "Mind if we stop by one of my web companies?" asks Asia. Star nods in approval, claiming she's always been curious to see what it is that keeps Asia making bank.

Asia introduces Star to one of the site's web technicians, Colt Steele. There's chemistry between Star and Colt from the moment they meet. "A lot of girls here are like you," says Asia, showing Star the monitors. "They're uncomfortable performing in front of an audience, but they're comfortable here because they're alone in a room with just a web cam and a computer." Star is obviously intrigued and beginning to warm up to the idea when Colt decides to take her around to watch some of the models.

Star and Colt walk in on Alexis Amore sandwiched between Nina Dolci and Ashton Moore. The three hot-bodied women take turns going down on each other in a hot lesbian lick fest. First, Alexis fingers Nina and licks at her clit while Ashton busies herself sucking on Nina's nipples and eventually moving around to eat Alexis's pussy from behind. Then, Alexis spreads her well toned legs and brings them up over her head as the two blondes lick and finger her muff like mad before fucking her with a double-headed dildo. Ashton thoughtfully gives Alexis a second fake cock to suck on while Nina continues to shove the double-header in and out of her dripping puss. The still insatiable Alexis pulls the second cock out of her mouth and shoves it inside of her with the other dildo, turning the scene into a fiercely erotic double vaginal penetration. As Star and Colt decide to exit and move onto the next room, the girls finish each other off with Ashton strapping on a big black cock to give Nina doggy style.

"You could do this just to make some extra money until the hot offers start rolling in," suggests Asia, but Star needs no more persuading. She's decided to give it a go. Colt and Asia give their naughty newbie the fake name "Barbie" (of course they do) and tell her to report for duty first thing in the morning.

Star seems awfully comfortable during her first day on the job and proves she's a natural as she starts to play with her pussy for a guy in the chat room who goes by the name of "Gentle Touch." All the while, Star harbors a sneaking suspicion that the man on the other end of the computer is actually the site's technician, Colt Steele. She licks her fingers and plays with her pussy, typing naught thoughts to Gentle Touch until her computer crashes and the screen goes blank. She calls Colt in to fix the system and tries distracting him by rubbing her hands all over his body. He resists her every temptation and hands her the keyboard once her computer is back up and running.

Meanwhile, Asia is watching the newcomer's every move and playing with her own pussy as she does so. She picks up the phone and dials a brief extension, "Hello, John? It's time to earn your pay." Dillon Day enters the room and drops to his knees servicing the web mistress. After a few minutes of him sucking on her moist and pierced pussy lips, she's ready for his cock. They find an empty studio with a bed and Asia rides him reverse cowgirl, her ass facing him. Dillon gets another view of her beautifully shaped ass when the two switch to doggy style before her lays her down and plows her missionary. He takes her legs and spreads them wide, so that when his cock is deep inside her throbbing pussy, his balls bang up against her tight and puckered asshole. As soon as Asia gets off, she's on her knees sucking and jerking him, playing with his balls until he shoots a massive load all over her face, in her hair, and onto her chest.

A few doors down, Dayton Raines is playing with herself for a few customers on web cam when Summer Haze walks in looking strained and anxious. "I'm doing a private with a girl who says she wants to see me do anal with another girl!" she says, frightened. "I'm nervous! I've never done anything like that before." Dayton tells summer to chill the fuck out and decides to help like the Good Samaritan that she is. They make their way back to summer's room and Dayton jumps right in with two fingers up her friend's flower. She gets summer wet as all hell, getting her nice and relaxed for the upcoming anal penetration. Summer returns the favor and goes down on her before Dayton straps it on and makes Blondie suck it submissively. Soon, summer is on all fours begging for Dayton to stick it in her. Her wish is Dayton's command as she gives it to her doggy style, carefully slipping it in and out, back and forth, between her ass and her pussy. She then brings Summer to a raging climax, making her suck her own juices off of the dildo while she bends forward and shoves four fingers inside of her pussy.

A few weeks later, Star E. Knight's "Barbie" is now a pro and largely responsible for making Asia's site one of the top ten most visited on the net. Star decides she'll stay on the team, if not for the love of the job, then to play out her online affair with her first-ever customer, Gentle Touch. "It's been a long time since someone has been able to sweep me off my feet with just words," says Star.

Asia looks at Colt and rolls her eyes, knowing that Gentle Touch is really her web techie. "Here we go again," she sighs.

Cut to the movie's final scene, indisputably the hottest of the feature, where we find Star sucking off Colt as he puts his hands on the back of her head and thrusts his cock up into her pretty little mouth. He fucks her face and she deep-throats him to the best of her ability. It's then her turn for some oral pleasure while he licks up, down, and all around her pinkness, playing special attention to her aching clit with his fingers as he does so. Star guides his cock inside of her and rides him with the two face-to-face. He grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them apart, banging her pussy from below, and she screams out in ecstasy. Colt flips positions with his favorite web model, sliding her over and fucking her missionary, then doggy style with his balls banging against her clit, harder than we've ever seen Star E. Knight fucked before. It's made clear, here perhaps more than ever, that this JKP exclusive is one who likes it as aggressive and hard as possible! As the two fuckers come to climax, so does our presentation with Star creaming all over his cock before he pushes her tits together and slides between them, shooting all over her face. She extends her tongue to catch all the cum that she can before licking his cock completely clean.

The DVD presentation of "Web Mistress," also available on Wednesday, February 13th, features not only an exclusive hardcore gallery from the set of the film, but also includes galleries from JKP videos "Shayla's Canadian Amateurs," "Haven's Magic Touch 3," "Adult Movie," and "When the Boyz are Away, the Girlz will Play 5." the DVD extras also include two behind-the-scenes reels, one from Jill Kelly's final film ever, "100% Jill," and the other from the recently released JKP feature, "Power sex."

This Valentine's Day, get caught up in the web and go deep inside the mistresses, Star E. Knight and Asia Carrera, in "Web Mistress," available on VHS and DVD from www.jillkellyproductions.com.

For photos and/or screener copies of "Web Mistress," please contact:
Jason Sechrest, DV8 P.R.
P.O. Box 351544, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone/Fax: (818) 786-2428 Email: DV8Boi@aol.com

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