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October 20, 2013 07:30pm
MWA: 10/20/13
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Kristina Rose, Courtney Cummz, Chanel Preston

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This column will be a discussion of three beautiful women. So let's more right along without any further ado.

Kristina Rose

Thursday, October 3, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to spend some time with Kristina Rose and to observe her one show of the evening.

To start her show, Kristina came onto the stage carrying one of those fan blade on a long plastic rod toy that small children like to hold out the window of moving cars. She wore a pair of big gold hoop earrings. She also wore a black fuzzy mouse ears hat similar to the ones worn by the kids in the casts of the Mickey Mouse Club series.

For anybody who doesnít know, there was a Mickey Mouse Club series that ran from 1955 to 1960 on the ABC television network. Then it was revived on the Disney Channel from 1989 to 1996.

Kristinaís mouse ears hat had a red and white polka dot bow between the ears both in the front and the back. She next wore a pair of white gloves with a band of ruffled lace at the wrist of each glove. Kristina also wore a black bracelet on each wrist over her gloves. The bracelets appeared to be made of leather and were decorated with what appeared to be a row of rhinestones or possibly shiny metal studs or eyelets. Next she wore a black blouse that was tied together between and just beneath her breasts. With the blouse, she wore a multi-colored crinoline petticoat as a mini-skirt. Under her blouse, she additionally wore a dark blue bra that was decorated with lots of tiny sequins and had narrow white stripes radiating out from the middle of the breast cups in a starburst fashion. Beneath her crinoline petticoat, "Mini-skirt," Kristina wore a red G-string-like thong.

On her legs, Kristina wore a pair of mid-thigh length black fishnet hose with a band of red lace at the top of each. She also wore a thin red ribbon wound around her right leg from the bottom of her right buttock down to somewhere inside her boot. And speaking of her boot, Kristinaís footwear was that same pair of black, almost knee-high, boots that are laced up their backs, are open at the backs of Kristinaís heels, and have stiletto heels and platform soles. (Apparently Kristina really does like those boots, and that is just fine with me. The boots look great with every costume Iíve seen her wear them with.)

As usual, Kristinaís interaction with nearly every single tip rail patron was excellent during this show.

Kristina performed her show to, "Put it in Your Mouth," by Akinyele, "Lolli Lolli," by Three 6 Mafia, "All I Want to Do," by Mac Dre, "Oh Lets Do it," by Waka Flocka, and, "Show Out," by Juicy J.

Kristina performs well on a stage, and she interacts very well with randomly selected tip rail patrons.

I always enjoy seeing Kristina perform, and I have observed a good number of her performances to date!

Kristina is a lovely young woman that has brown hair with blonde highlights. She also has brown eyes. She stands five feet one inch tall and weighs one hundred fifteen pounds. Kristina measures a very sexy 34A-25-37.

Kristina is friendly, smart, well-spoken, and she is a very capable conversationalist. In addition to all of this, she thoroughly enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

It is my recommendation that anybody who gets an opportunity to go to a club to see Kristina perform and to meet her in person should never allow the opportunity to slip away from them. I do believe they would enjoy the experience.

Kristina can be found on KristinaRose.com and many other websites on the Internet.

Courtney Cummz

Friday night, October 4, I drove out to the Rialto Spearmint Rhino to spend a little time with Courtney Cummz and to observe both of her shows of the evening.

For her first show on this night, Courtney wore a black and light gray more-or-less striped choker that was decorated with a row of rhinestones. She also wore small red and white, vertically striped, short-sleeve-like pieces on her upper arms. Next she wore a piece of material that consisted of a series of red and white, vertically striped, triangular pieces tied around her waist serving as a nearly non-existent mini-skirt. She also wore a black latex bra and panties set that were decorated with small gold chains. Courtney additionally wore a red G-string. On her lovely legs, Courtney wore a pair of black, mid-thigh length, fishnet hose. Over her hose, she wore a pair of somewhat above knee-length leg warmers. For footwear, Courtney wore a pair of almost knee-length, shiny black, high-heeled boots that laced up their fronts and had platform soles of moderate height.

During this show, Courtney performed to, "Domino," by Jessie J, "I Cry," by Flo Rida, "Letting Go," by Sean Kingston, and, "Sexual Healing," by Max-a-Million.

To begin her final show of the evening, Courtney wore white armbands, one on each arm, that went from her wrists to almost her elbows. The armbands had a blue stripe around each end and two narrow blue stripes on their far upper portions. Each of the stripes had a horizontal row of little sequins around their middles. Courtney also wore a white sleeveless midriff top with blue trim. The top was held together with black lacing in the front. Her top had, "Dodgers," spelled out in blue letters across the back. Next Courtney wore a pair of white shorts with a very wide vertical blue stripe on each hip. LA was spelled out in white letters in the center of the blue stripe on the left hip. Cummz was spelled out across Courtneyís butt in blue intermingled with lots of tiny silver sequins. Beneath her shorts, she wore a white G-string. Courtney finished out this costume with a pair of almost knee-length, white, high-heeled boots. The boots had platform soles of moderate height, and they also had zippers on the inside of each leg.

Courtney performed this show to, "We Run LA," by Dr. Hollywood, "Donít you Worry Child," by Swedish House Mafia, "Obsessed," by Mariah Carey, and, "Live Young, Wild and Free," by Wiz Khalifa.

Each of Courtneyís shows ended with a game of cooter ball. (the only thing unusual about that on this evening was the fact that three or four guys missed the good-sized glass during the final show of the night. Courtney not only makes it very easy for the customers to toss a wadded up dollar bill into the glass, but she does everything in her power to help make certain it does go into the glass! About the only way to miss whenever Courtney plays cooter ball is to be blind in one eye and canít see out of the other!)

Courtney performed great interaction with almost all of the tip rail patrons during both of her shows starting with yours truly early on during her first show of the evening.

Courtney is beautiful, smart, friendly, and very well spoken. She also enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

The ever so sexy Courtney stands five feet six and one half inches tall, weighs in at one hundred twenty-seven pounds, and she measures a great-looking 34D-26-36.

Courtney can be visited at: CourtneyCummz.com

Chanel Preston

Saturday night, October 5, I went to the Blue Zebra Cabaret, in North Hollywood to say hello to Chanel Preston.

I had intended to observe both of Chanelís show of the evening, but I ran into a problem. I had wanted to get some hardcopy prints made of some photos Iíve taken of Chanel in the past and give them to her when I got to the club.

I thought I had left my house in plenty of time. However, when I stopped at the nearest Cvs store to my house, I found out that their photo machines were only working for the one hour developing. The only employee I saw said that I wouldnít be able to get my prints until 10:30PM. I stopped at another Cvs on the way to the club. That store gave the appearance of the lights being on but nobody was home. So I continued to the next Cvs just to find out that their photo machines were out of service. An employee told me about a nearby 24 hour Cvs, and he said it was only about one and a half miles away. It turned out to be almost four miles away in the wrong direction on the north side of Burbank.

I finally got the prints I wanted made, but because of all of the trouble I went through, I got to the club in time to see a couple of Chanelís girlfriends picking up her tip money. Yes, I had succeeded in missing her first show!

For her final show, Chanel wore a red bra that was practically covered with red sequins. She also wore a red corset that laced up the back with black lacing. Next she wore a pair of red bikini panties. The finishing touches to her costume was a pair of black shoes with ankle straps, stiletto heels, and platform soles of moderate height.

Chanel performed good interaction with randomly selected tip rail patrons during her show.

I wonít be able to list the music Chanel performed to. This is because of the fact that by the time Chanel and I were able to speak with each other about her music, she couldnít remember what she had danced to. She did know that her first number was by Bass Nectar, and she remembered that one of her numbers was a Britney Spears song. (Unfortunately the way this club is laid out, it is next to impossible to get close enough to the DJ booth to speak with the DJ without going into areas that the customers are not allowed into. Therefore, I was not able to seek the DJís help with Chanelís music.)

Chanel has light brown hair, brown eyes, and she is five feet eight inches tall. Chanel declined to tell me what she weighed, and she stated that she really didnít know specifically what her measurements were. Therefore, I am going to have to go with what I can find on the Internet, and most people over the age of twelve who has ever used a computer knows just how unreliable information found on the Internet can be. So the readers should take the information about Chanelís weight and measurements with a grain of salt, and I refuse to be held liable for any information I might find on the Internet.

According to what I have seen on the Internet, Chanel weighs one hundred twenty-three pounds, and of the three websites I found that listed measurements for Chanel, the most believable numbers I saw were 32D-26-32.

I have known Chanel for a couple of years now, and in my own personal opinion, she is intelligent, friendly, and well-spoken. It additionally appears to me that she enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

Chanel performs reasonably well on stage, and she is well worth a trip to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person. Therefore, nobody should ever pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see her perform and to meet her in person.

Chanel's official website is located at ChanelPreston.com

That will do it for now good people. Let's all return here the next time and continue to discuss gorgeous women and good times. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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