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Eva Angelina at Twistys

October 16, 2013 10:35am
MWA: 10/16/13
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Zombies Rule, Kristina Rose, Katie Morgan, Amelea Dark

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. Okay folks, this column will be about a somewhat unusual play and some very sexy woman. Now the readers will possibly be curious enough to continue reading to see just what it is that I am speaking of.

Zombies Rule

Friday night, September 27, I went to the Tre Stage Studio, in Hollywood, to finally observe a performance of the play, "Zombies Rule."

My long time friend Sammi Ross was there as a member of the cast.

Sammi did a good job of portraying her character as did all of the cast.

The play, like a few Hollywood horror movies of recent years, is about Zombies attacking living humans who then become Zombies themselves.

Unfortunately, there are only two more performances to be performed on Friday, Oct 4, and by the time this article has been published, the fourth will have come and gone.

Kristina Rose

After the play had ended, and Sammi Ross and I had a nice chat between performances, I hit the road and made my way on out to the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino where I spent some time with Kristina Rose and observed both of her shows of the evening.

When I first arrived and walked around the corner of the building toward the entrance to the club, the first thing I saw was Kristina and two of her friends walking toward me. Kristina was on her way into the club to start her first show of the evening.

For her first performance, Kristina did her, "Convict Show."

During this show, Kristina wore a pair of black fingerless gloves and carried a black toy nightstick. She wore an orange mini-dress with a pleated skirt area. The mini-dress had a black patch over the left breast. Upon the patch was a number made with four white digits. The patch looked similar to a prison convict number. Under her mini-dress, Kristina wore a black leather harness affair that was decorated with shiny metal studs and consisted of a series of straps. At one point at least some of the straps were held together between and just below her breasts with a fair-sized shiny metal ring. The harness went over her shoulders, around her waist, down through her crotch area, and back up to the strap around her waist. Kristina next wore a sparkly green bikini bra. The bra was trimmed with yellow along the edges and also had yellow straps. Next Kristina had an orange string that went through her crotch area, wound around her body up to and looped around her arms. Kristina additionally wore a purple G-string-like thong. On her legs, she wore a pair of black and white horizontally striped almost hip-length stockings, and her footwear was a pair of black almost knee-high boots. The boots laced up their backs and were open at the backs of Kristinaís heels. The boots also had stiletto heels and platform soles.

During this show, Kristina danced to, "Murder was the Case," by Snoop Dogg, "Wipe Me Down," by Lil Boosie, "Soldier," by Destinyís Child, "Oh Lets Do it," by Waka Flocka, and, "Show Out," by Juicy J.

Kristina performed her, "Little Devil Show," for her last time on stage this evening. She wore a headband with two horns that sparkled under the stage lighting and a bright red bow-tie. Next she wore a fluffy red bra. She also wore a black latex corset-like piece that was decorated with two horizontal rows of shiny metal eyelets. The corset-like affair also had a bunch of long red scarves attached to it to form a facsimile of a mini-skirt. (The scarves were made with material similar to that which crinoline petticoats are made from.) Under her red bra, Kristina wore a smaller black bra that had no breast cups effectively exposing her beautiful breasts. When Kristina removed her mini-skirt-like piece, she revealed a pair of red bikini bottoms. Beneath the bikini bottoms, Kristina wore a black G-string that had a barbed red tail attached to the back. Kristina additionally wore a pair of hip-length black fishnet hose on her legs. Over the fishnets, she wore a pair of mid-thigh-length black leggings. Kristinaís footwear was the same pair of boots that she had worn during her first show, and they worked quite well with both costumes.

During this show, Kristina performed to, "Devil Inside," by Inxs, "Thatís What They Like," by Lil Boosie, "Lolli Lolli," by Three 6 Mafia, "All I Want to Do," by Mac Dre, and, "Bizzy Body," by Paul Wall.

Kristina does a very good job on the stage, and her interaction with randomly selected tip rail squatters is generally always good.

I have always enjoyed seeing Kristina perform, and this occasion was no exception!

The delicious-looking Kristina has brown hair with blonde highlights. She additionally has brown eyes. She is five feet one inch tall and weighs in at a lovely one hundred fifteen pounds. Kristina's very sexy measurements are 34A-25-37.

Kristina is very friendly, she is smart, and she is capable of holding an intelligent conversation with anybody that is up to the task! To top it all off, Kristina truly enjoys meeting and speaking with her fans.

I do recommend that anybody who might get an opportunity to go out to a nearby club to see Kristina perform, and to meet her in person should not allow the opportunity to sneak past them. I'm reasonably certain they would enjoy the experience.

Kristina can be seen at KristinaRose.com and many other websites on the Internet.

Katie Morgan

Saturday, September 28, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to have a little chat with Katie Morgan and to observe her one show of the night.

For her one show of the evening, Katie did a great performance that was very reminiscent of an old time burlesque performance.

During this show, Katie wore a flower-like gadget in her hair on the left side of her head, and she carried a small black feather fan. She also wore several long strands of pearls around her neck. Next she wore an all white, floor-length, negligee that was trimmed with lots of feathers. Katie also wore a black blouse-like piece of clothing. Next came a black bra that was decorated with a bunch of tiny rhinestones and a pair of old fashioned black and white panties. Under the bra, Katie wore a second, smaller, black bra, and beneath her panties, she wore a black G-string. Katie additionally wore a black garter on her left leg, and she also wore a pair of mid-thigh length black hose on her legs. Katieís footwear was a pair of black shoes with ankle straps. The shoes had very unusual platform soles in that they were an odd shape and serves as both soles and heels.

Katie gave a great performance, and her up-close, personal, and in your face interaction with every single person seated at the tip rail was excellent.

Katie performed her show to, "Itís a Ruse," by Rosey, "Seven Nation Army," (Katie said that this was a cover and that she couldnít remember who performed it.), and, "Mouth," by Bush.

At one point in time after she had performed her show, I commented to Katie that if anybody in the industry deserved to be referred to as a superstar adult entertainer, it was her. I then said that I didnít believe there was anybody in the adult entertainment industry that was any more famous than her. Katie responded with, "Well there is Jenna JamesonÖbut Iím catching up!"

Nobody should ever mistake Katie's little girl sounding voice and her great sense of humor for an indication that she is dumb as some people have. Quite the contrary, Katie is highly intelligent, well-spoken, and can converse intelligently with anybody that possesses half a brain.

Katie's personality is one of the bubbliest, upbeat, positive, and happy-go-lucky I have ever come across in my life. She is also one of the friendliest women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and she loves to meet and speak with her fans.

Thinking that I already had Katie's physical statistics, I neglected to ask her about them. Therefore, I will have to rely on the Internet for the information, and we all know how unreliable information found on the Internet can be.

The following is the information about Katie that I have compiled based on the many varying descriptions I have found on the Internet. (I have never seen so many descriptions of one woman that do not agree with one another.) Katie has blonde hair. (That part is obvious based on the many times I have seen her in person.) Her eyes are blue, or possibly green, I think. (I had to copy, paste, and greatly enlarge a photo of Katie from the Internet to make this wishy-washy determination.) Katie is about five feet four inches, or five inches, or six inches tall depending on where you look. She weighs approximately one hundred six pounds, and her measurements are 35C-24-35. (the two or three websites I've seen that list Katie's measurements claim that her hips only measure twenty-five inches, but that is impossible in my opinion. There is no way that Katie's hips are that scrawny and narrow!)

I highly recommend that nobody should ever allow an opportunity to go to a club located within a couple hundred miles of their home to see Katie perform and to meet her in person. The experience will be well worth the trip!

I didnít ask Katie about an official website thinking that I already had that information. However, it appears that Katie no longer has an official site. At least I havenít been able to find one. But an Internet search will turn up a lot of photos and information about Katie, so happy hunting people.

As it turns out, TheKatieMorgan.com does still exists, and it has links to Katie's Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and a couple of other links. So far as photos, etc, I didn't see any. But then, I really didn't have time to thoroughly explore the site.

Amelea Dark

Shortly after I had entered the club on this night and taken a seat, I was approached by a lovely house dancer that works under the name of Amelea.

The house dancer proved to be none other than Amelea Dark. Amelea is a director of personal fetish adult films. She told me that she has also worked in front of the camera a couple of times. (At one point, Amelea showed me a photo of herself directing Angela Summers in a film.)

Before the evening was over, I had the privilege of observing Amelea performing on the stage two different times. Therefore, I can say that she is a really good dancer. She even does some good pole work.

I feel that Amelea could be a feature dancer with little effort. In fact, it is my opinion that she is already better than several features Iíve seen over the years.

Amelea is not only a good-looking woman, but she is very friendly and an interesting conversationalist.

Amelea has black hair and blue eyes. She is five feet seven inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-two pounds, and her measurements are 34B-26-36.

That will just about do it for this time around good people. We should all return here the next time to see just what I have managed to get myself into next. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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