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Eva Angelina at Twistys

August 10, 2012 03:02pm
The Birthday Party
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

Eve Rhony's Tales of a Lusty Lass: The Birthday Party.

The room was swaying a little, I had been drinking champagne all evening, celebrating a friend's birthday. Jane had chosen a great venue and the DJ was pumping. I had asked Sofia to come with me, she is one of my lovers and she is very giving and obliging, great company for a good night out. In bed, Sofia likes to be told what to do. We clicked when we discovered that we were both bisexual with a similar attitude toward sex. Over the years we have had lots of fun.

I watched her now, dancing with some guy she knew from years ago. She was getting him worked up, I could tell from her body language and the expression on his face. The beat of the music gathered pace and the two dancers with glowing faces came toward me.

"Eve, this is John, we dated at university — he's married now, worse luck." She laughed, throwing her head back and displaying her slender neck and throat. I wanted to step forward and bite it. But instead I smiled at John and proffered my hand.


His hands were like plates, wet with sweat but fingers long and slender. A pianist perhaps. I imagined how huge his penis might be, looking at those hands.

"Eve, you've got to tell John that you and I fuck, he won't believe me."

I looked over Sofia's shoulder where a pinch-lipped woman glared at our cosy group. That must be the wife.

"Like rabbits" I confirmed, grabbing Sofia's waist and pulling her close.

John practically dribbled. I stroked the side of her breast as I breathed words against her neck just loud enough for him to hear.

"What do you think Sofia, shall I let him watch me pleasure you?"

Sofia smiled broadly.

"I know you want him to fuck you with that huge dong" I whispered more quietly. She smiled more and looked at him.

"You're kidding right?" John blushed.

Sofia gave him a come hither look as she kissed my cheek and squeezed my waist, accepting the suggestion.

"You'll have to slip away from Miss Lemon over there, meet us in that fancy bathroom upstairs." I shook his hand again, as if saying goodbye and steered Sofia toward the stairs.

"You little cock tease" I muttered in her ear as I pushed her through the bathroom door. The room was luxurious, a velvet chaise lounge, huge mirrors and gold taps.

There was no-one in either cubicle so we entered one and closed the door behind us. I lifted my skirt flashing my naked cunt. Sofia sat on the toilet seat and stuck out her tongue, looking up at me waiting. I thrust my cunt toward her mouth.

"Lick it, taste my juices, when he gets here I want him to taste my scent on your lips."

Sofia groaned with lusty anticipation and lapped obligingly, her neck awkwardly crooked. We heard the outer door open. Sofia's eyes widened. I opened the cubicle door and saw John standing sheepishly in the middle of the room.

"I should let him watch me finger you" I said, watching John's face. He returned to the main door and bolted it. There were other bathrooms available so we needn't be disturbed.

When he turned to face us I had seated Sofia on the chaise lounge and bunched up her skirt. I bent to slip my fingers in as John stood mesmerised. She was already wet. I worked my expert fingers in and out brushing over her clit and occasionally giving her fat cunt a slap followed by a soothing lick. Sofia threw back her head and gasped, moving her body seductively.

"Kiss her" I told him. John tasted her lips and then licked his own. The aroma of sex heavy in the air. Sofia was in heaven. I pulled Sofia's tits loose from her bustier top and John tentatively stroked them while I sucked and fingered her sweet and juicy cunt.

"Get on you knees" I tugged at Sofia, helping her into position. I stood at the head end and again lifted my skirt for her to sniff and lick between my legs.

From this position I reached forward and gathered the fabric of her skirt, pulling it up around her waist. Her taut little arse poked up. I instructed Sofia to part her legs nicely for the young man.

"I'm going to watch him fuck you my darling."

John didn't need telling twice, he knelt behind her sprawled legs. As he loosened his trousers his erection poked out of his shorts. My predictions had been right. Huge and twitching.

I instructed Sofia to part her legs nicely for the young man. She moaned again, loving the control.

I watched him steady and position himself. His cock bumped against her backside then nudged toward her opening. Sofia let out a loud gasp as he entered her. I shoved my pussy onto her mouth to keep the noise down and between him and I we used her from either end.

A muffled chomping accompanied her gasps and moans as he pumped quickly, grasping her hips for leverage. With each withdrawal I saw his glistening cock increasingly coated in her silky juice. I could feel my own orgasm rising and knew Sofia would follow soon after me.

"I'm coming on her face" I announced to the pair of them, playing with my nipples as I reached an efficient climax.

Satisfied, I bent to cup her face in my hands and kiss her shiny face. John was hammering away now and Sofia's face had that glazed, "nearly there" expression. I reached beneath her and fingered her clit, strumming across the surface as he thrust his length again and again. John stiffened, his spunk rising.

"Come my love" I whispered sweetly in her ear.

"He's going to fill your creamy hole with his spunk and you love it — you slut."

As John ground the last drop from his cock into her gushing hole I kissed her long and hard. She came fiercely, straining and growling. Her hands reached back and pulled on John's thighs, pulling the last of him into her. I pinched and slapped her clit, giving it a good sloppy rubbing, she was so wet — she'd wet all over his cock, it was dripping down there! I brought my hands to my mouth and tasted their mingled juices. Stuck my hand up mine and thrust it under John's nose. His tongue lashed out and licked across my fingertips. "you'd better get back to Miss Lemon" I smirked.

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2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show