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Kayden Kross at Twistys

June 26, 2012 12:44pm
Falcon's Flight: Wicked Shoot
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Company Press Release

As a fairly new starlet with a feminist outlook, and goals of optimizing every opportunity to sustain longevity in the adult industry, it should be very obvious that one of the women I look up to the most is Stormy Daniels.

This woman entered the industry and quickly became one of the biggest names in the business, obtained mainstream fame and is now directing her own films while still performing and being a new mother on top of it all; next to Jenna Jameson she is probably the most entrepreneurial minded woman that the industry has seen.

I had met Stormy a few times before but I never expected or even thought she would put me in one of her films, so when I was told she chose me to be in a scene for one of those films I was thrilled!

The morning of the shoot the sky was dark and angrily raining cats and dogs, it was freezing outside with no signs of clear, blue skies anytime soon. Driving to the set I thought this could end up problematic knowing that we were to be filming outdoors so I was a bit nervous that the shoot would have to be cancelled or rescheduled. Luckily this did not happen.

By the time it was time to shoot the actual scene the skies had cleared making the perfect backdrop for the pool party scene we were about to create. Though I was grateful the weather had improved, there of course had to be some sort of other technical difficulties pop up, just the story of life but as always, I make the best of every situation while learning from it and boy did I learn a couple of tough lessons that day!

Alongside Tommy Gunn and Tasha Reign, I was hot and horny ready to have some great sex; I wasn’t letting anything get in my way. Before we began filming I discussed my do's and don'ts with one of those don'ts being that I don't kiss men and would do some extra cock sucking if need be to make up for the lack of kissing as I have done in every scene I had filmed prior. Well, Stormy was not having this and explained to me that this was a film with romance, the target audience being couples and it was not just the gonzo-style type film I was used to so the kissing needed to happen.

I Never break my no kissing rule, even in real life I do not like to kiss men, it’s just weird to me and a bit of an invasion of my personal face space. I took a moment to myself and debated if I could actually break out of my comfort zone and kiss a man and I decided that for Stormy I would break my no kissing rule as I wanted to give her and Wicked exactly the type of scene they were looking for, I did not want to disappoint.

Kissing problem solved, we were ready to move along to start filming when up popped the little surprise that Wicked was a condom only company these days, I had always just thought it was just the choice of the performers. Despite the new condom law I had never filmed with a condom before so I was a bit nervous about how it would work out. Thinking that the condom used would have to be latex I thought I was screwed due to my allergy to the rubber, however, in a stroke of luck (pun intended) we had the non-latex option.

I was happy when finding out I could still film the scene without ending up in the emergency room with a swollen pussy or end up dead of anaphylactic shock but little did I know that filming with this piece of polyurethane on this guys dick would be one of the most painful experiences in the entire history of my sex life on and off camera.

The scene was being filmed in a new style that I had never done before, basically we would do each position starting in soft-core then switch straight to hardcore, whereas I was used to filming one before the other. As the scene was being filmed, I was enjoying eating the pussy of Tasha Reign and being fucked by the thickness of Tommy Gunn’s cock but was starting to get frustrated because of the way it was being filmed (soft-core, hardcore, soft-core, hardcore) I could not get off for anything and this had never happened to me before.

I was horny, I just wanted to fuck all the way through hardcore, get off multiple times and squirt everywhere as I had done in every scene prior but I now felt like a guy with blue balls, only without the balls. I guess you could say I had blue vagina the whole time.

On top of having blue vagina, I also ended up with what felt like a ripped vagina. I could feel that stupid piece of polyurethane ripping my pussy, I felt like at any moment my vagina was going to burst into flames. That little shit dried up my pussy like nothing I had ever seen before, I thought about asking for lube but did not want to interrupt the scene nor did I want to end up irritating my vagina any further with chemicals.

Bad idea. No matter how much I hate lube (I usually don't even need it anyway) I learned that the next time I must film with condoms that I Need to use it lest I be left for a couple weeks with a vagina that felt like it had millions of microscopic tears. I still slightly ache at the very thought of how my pussy felt after this scene.

So folks, what have we learned today? If Stormy Daniels want you to kiss, you do it, if you're filming with a condom and it dries you up make sure to ask for the lube, and that not every scene filmed will result in explosive squirting orgasms.

I still thoroughly enjoyed my experience even though it was very different from any other scene I had shot before and I did have to learn a couple of difficult lessons. How I see this is that every scene I film is a new adventure filled with lessons to be learned and experiences to be had in order to shape me into the legendary porn star I am bound to become.

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show