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May 08, 2012 06:24pm
Falcon's Flight: Dogfart
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Leya Falcon

The year is 2012 but still for some reason there are those people out there that are highly opposed to seeing white women with black men, even in the adult industry. For everyone that has been with me since day one, you know that I started out refusing to film interracial scenes because of two very valid reasons one of them being that I was misinformed and told that filming interracial would ruin my career.

I quickly found out that I was just being fed opinions and not facts; I am not sure why I believed these opinions because when you look at some of the most successful starlets out there such as Bree Olsen, Lisa Ann and Sasha Grey, they have all been filming interracial since the start.

Along with the misinformation I was given, I had just one other thing stopping me from venturing to the "dark side" in my films, my extremely insecure husband. Though I had already separated from my husband (yes, he is black) at the start of my career, he wanted me to promise him I would only film scenes with white men, his reasoning was that he didnt want any competition and thought I was going to find another black man in porn and run off with him and any slight chance our marriage had to survive would be gone.

The promise I made to my husband is something I really wanted to uphold because for some strange reason I was still considering reconciliation. This all changed when he decided he wanted to run away from any responsibility that needed to be taken so a couple months ago I decided it was finally time to do what I wanted to do and not let anyone else dictate what I am going to do regarding my career, and what I wanted to do was incorporate some big black cocks into my scenes.

Dogfart Network was the company to book me for my first interracial scenes and it was quite the adventurous day. I arrived to set and was greeted by Director Billy Watson in the back of the studio where I immediately told him I am horrible at parking and I needed him to parallel park for me, he obviously didnt see the seriousness of my situation because he thought he could just direct me and it would be fine. Wrong! I tried, I really did, but when he saw I really couldnt park he said to just let him do the parking. I hopped out of the car forgetting to put it into park and it just started rolling away and wouldve crashed into the tree if Billy werent so swift in his car rescuing skills.

I was extremely embarrassed and felt like it made me look like one of "those" dumb blondes but at least my car was parked and not smashed, I still cannot get over how I got out of the car without putting it into park! After the parking fiasco, I took my quick trip to the gloryhole to film for that and then it was time for the interracial pickups scene which didnt start off too pleasantly due to my forgetting to bring a snack to eat, my runny nose and watering eyes from my allergies and my body temperature which seems to be permanently stuck on freezer mode.

Starting with a quick behind the scenes interview, I was greeted by the Creepiest looking clown painting you would ever see, I swear that clown is a federal prison escapee but that clown was nothing compared to how freezing I was when we went outside to film the intro. The wind was blowing, the temperature felt like it was zero degrees out and I couldnt get my nose to stop running no matter how much of my saline spray I put up there, I was so cold I had to literally sit in front of the space heater in a little ball to warm myself up enough to film the scene.

I must be honest and say the scene looked like it wasnt going to happen, I was getting the strangest looks from both my costar and from Billy and I honestly had no clue why. Despite my freezing body, my runny nose, my growling tummy and the lack of chemistry with my costar, I was determined to still film this and make it an awesome scene.

Starting with a blow job and then doggy, the scene was filmed all POV which was a new style of filming to me and honestly wasnt doing much for me due to the lack of hard fucking, I was bored and not enjoying it so I had to call cut and say I need to be on top because I need to be fucked hard and if I am not being fucked hard then I need to at least be able to do some hard fucking.

The change of position to cowgirl is exactly what the scene and I needed; I was finally having fun, getting off and squirting all over my costar, the camera and Billy who was behind the camera. When we were done I was satisfied that we got a great scene and I got to get off like crazy once I got to be in control but as I was getting ready to leave I had to ask what was going on with everyone and why everyone was looking at me so strangely and the answer was no surprise to me.

Apparently everyone thought I was on drugs or alcohol (though I was 100% sober) because of the fact that I hopped out of a car without putting it in park, the way I act naturally is extremely odd and I couldnt stop my nose from running. I had to laugh because everyone always thinks I am on something when the only stuff I am on is psychiatrist prescribed for my attention deficit disorder and my anxiety and lately the only time I have been drinking is when I am at stripper work.

Right before heading out for the day, Billy Watson asked me if I would tell him the truth if I thought he had a small cock. Thinking this was the strangest request yet from a director, I told him I will tell the truth but if I start laughing he cannot get offended. I kind of thought he was joking but since this guy provided me with three different big, black cocks that day I thought if he really wanted me to judge his cock it was the least I could do. Not even 3 seconds later, I sat there seeing this small cock sticking out of Billys pants in which I then burst out in extreme Laughter and spoke my truthful opinion, he is not tiny but he is pretty small and I would not want to fuck such a small penis.

Finding this a very strange end to a very interesting and fun day, I asked Mr. Watson if I could write about his small cock in my column entry about my first day at Dogfart and obviously he agreed or you would not be reading about his small cock right now. I must say that this day of shooting with Dogfart has got to be one of my most memorable and I cant wait to have some more fun adventures (minus the creepy clown painting)!

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show