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March 28, 2012 12:51am
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Source: Myles Shaffer
by: Company Press Release

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. I had planned to drive to Rancho Cordova to see Riley Evans, at the Gold Club Centerfolds, on Thursday, March 1. I was then going to drive home the next day. Then I had planned to head east to Phoenix, Arizona, and cover the 5Th Annual Porn Star Ball on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4.

Unfortunately, Riley had to cancel due to an unexpected illness. What a shame that illnesses doesn't have the common courtesy to give plenty of advance notice in order for people to be able to plan their schedules around the offending illnesses. But that's life.

That left me with only the trip to Phoenix, but when the dust had settled, I ended up having to cancel that trip also for various reasons.

I do believe I may have missed out on a lot of fun by not being able to make the Arizona trip at the last minute.

The fun times started off with Coolin' Out Entertainment hosting the official pre-party for the Porn Star Ball at Bottoms Up Gentlemen's Club, in Phoenix, on Friday, March 2.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4, the Porn Star Ball was held at the 910 Live Club, in Tempe, with adult film stars meeting and greeting, hip hop and rap artists performing, a few of the adult film stars performing feature dancing shows, and the illustrious Tony Batman doing the emcee honors.

The weekend was polished off with an official after party, held at Le Girls Cabaret, in Phoenix. The party was hosted by the very sexy and lovely Taryn Thomas.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let us move on to what I have managed to do recently.

Glory Stories

Friday evening, March 9, I went to the iO West Improv Theater, in Hollywood, to observe, Glory Stories, have a lot of good old-fashioned belly laughs, and say hello to a bunch of fine folks.

"The Lusty Horde," consisting of Nick Armstrong, Brandon Barrick, Tim Jennings and Dave Park on this particular evening, opened the show.

Once, "The Lusty Horde," had finished entertaining the audience, it was time for the headline act, "Glory Stories."

For this particular evening, the cast of, "Glory Stories," consisted of: Nick Armstrong, Amanda Barnes, Brandon Barrick, Neil Garguilo, Patrick Ian Moore, Dave Park, Neil Ruddy, Rebecca Stevens, Andy Trask, and featuring Sasha Knox as the guest story teller.

Both acts were a barrel of laughs and did a great job of entertaining.

Sasha Knox also did a great job as the guest story teller. Not only was she beautiful and dressed very sexily, but she was very funny!

Jonni Lynch and Nikki Nefarious were both in the audience for this performance. Therefore, I got a chance to say hello to Jonni, and I finally got to meet Nikki.

The next, "Glory Stories," will take place at 11PM the evening of March 23 and will feature Charmane Star as the guest story teller. That should be a good one, so everybody that can should plan to attend! (Unfortunately, time has gotten completely away from me; therefore, this event has come and gone.)

Britney Amber & Jayden Cole

Saturday, March 17, I drove up to Fresno to say hello to Britney Amber, to meet Jayden Cole for the first time, and to observe all three of their shows at Gold Diggers Gentlemen's Club.

Britney and Jayden's performances started off with Britney doing a solo show.

For her solo performance, Britney danced onto the stage carrying a pair of silver pom-poms. She also wore a fluorescent yellow bracket on each wrist. Her outer costume was a somewhat tight, black, mini-dress with a vertical white stripe around each shoulder. In the middle of each of the stripes was a much narrower red stripe. Across her chest were white letters that spelled out the words, "Tackle Me." A large number 10 was located under the words. Beneath her mini-dress, Britney wore a black bra and an orange, G-string-like, thong. On her legs, she wore a pair of black, above knee-length, socks with two horizontal white stripes around their tops. To finish out her costume, Britney wore a pair of stiletto-heeled black shoes with platform soles of moderate height.

This show was ended with a game of cooter ball with 8X10's and DVD's for prizes.

Britney performed her solo show to, "Beat the Pussy Up," (I'm not certain who the artist was on this one.) "Bump N' Grind," by R. Kelly, I think, and, "The Dope Show," by Marilyn Manson.

A while later, Jayden did her solo performance. She also wore a pair of yellow fluorescent bracelets, one on each wrist. Her costume for this show consisted of a black choker with lots of sequins, a black, halter-like, midriff top, also with lots of sequins, a wide black belt decorated with lots of shiny metal studs, a very short, blue denim, mini-skirt, and a black garter covered with sequins on her right thigh. Beneath her mini-skirt, Jayden wore a small pair of black panties, and for footwear, she wore a pair of slightly above knee-length, black, high-heeled boots.

For her solo performance, Jayden danced to, "Beautiful People," by Marilyn Manson, "Personal Jesus," also by Marilyn Manson, and, "Enter Sandman," by Metallica.

Jayden finished her solo show by tossing out 8X10's to the audience.

To finish up the evening, Britney and Jayden performed a duo show.

During this last show, Britney wore the same fluorescent bracelets and a short, long-sleeved, black jump suit. The jump suit had a small racing patch on the left shoulder, a wide yellow stripe down each side, and black and white checkered stripes down the outside of each sleeve. The jump suit also had a wide belt with a large plastic buckle. Beneath her jump suit, Britney wore a white bra and what appeared to be the same orange thong. Britney's footwear seemed to be the same shoes.

For this final show, Jayden wore the same fluorescent bracelets. Jayden also wore a green choker and a pair of green wristbands. She additionally wore a ruffled green mini-dress with white trim. Beneath her mini-dress, Jayden wore a green bra and a G-string-like green thong. All of these items were literally covered with green sequins. Jayden also wore a gold sequined garter on her right thigh. For footwear, Jayden wore a pair of above knee-length, white, high-heeled boots. Each of the boots had a small strap and buckle at the top of their shafts.

The ladies ended their duo show by tossing 8X10's out to some of the luckier customers.

Their duo show was performed to a combination of all six of the songs they had collectively danced to early in the evening.

The beautiful Britney Amber has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She is five feet five inches tall, weighs in at one hundred fifteen pounds, and her measurements are 36D-25-36.

Jayden Cole is a lovely young woman with auburn, or dark red if you prefer, hair and blue eyes. She stands five feet ten inches tall. When I asked about her weight and measurements, Jayden declined to tell me stating that she was a lady and that I should Google her. So here goes with the information I found on a website that is dedicated to Jayden. According to what I saw, Jayden weighs one hundred thirty-two pounds, and she measures 35C-24-36.

I have always found Britney Amber to be an extremely friendly and very charming lady with a great, fun-loving, personality and a wonderful sense of humor. Plus she loves to meet and chat with her fans.

While I wasn't able to spend a lot of time speaking with Jayden Cole, she did strike me as being quite friendly and more than willing to meet and speak with her fans.

Both of these young women did very well on stage; therefore, I do recommend that people make the trip to any nearby clubs to see them perform and to met them in person if given the opportunity.

While I'm not certain as to whether or not it is an official website for Amber, a lot of good photos of Amber, a few of which are rather hardcore, can be found at: ClubBritneyAmber.com

Jayden can be found at: ClubJayden.com


Golddiggers is an about average-sized topless club with a full bar. On the main floor, there is lots of seating and a good-sized stage with one brass pole in the center. Behind the main floor area is a room with the bar, two flat screen televisions, and one pool table. Behind that room is another room full of black couches. This is obviously where the house dancers conduct their lap dance business. The club's furnishings are somewhat simple yet comfortable.

Golddiggers has a friendly staff and a crew of nice-looking house dancers and waitresses. I was especially impressed by Star, the lovely hostess with the mostest at the front door, and a beautiful house dancer named Charley. (I didn't think to ask her how she spelled her stage name.)

Because the club has a very good security staff, there is rarely ever any trouble. The security team takes care of business; therefore, if a customer doesn't cause any trouble, they should feel reasonably safe. If they do cause a problem, they will be immediately ejected, as they should be!

During the time I spent in the club, I was treated very well by Eric the manager and Jim the owner.

Having never visited this club before, I don't know what the average weekend business might be like. What I can say is that, possibly because the club was having a St. Patrick's Day Celebration and 13Th anniversary party weekend, plus having two beautiful feature dancers, business was booming during this particular Saturday night!

So if any of the readers happen to live in the Fresno area, or might be traveling through with some extra time on their hands, they should by all means stop by Golddiggers, check the club out, have a drink, and possibly get a dance with one or two or three or more of the dancers.

And that good people will just about do it until I can find something else to write about. We should all meet back here the next time to continue the discussion of gorgeous women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show