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March 23, 2012 12:34pm
Back Garden Fun
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

Eve Rhony's Tales of a Lusty Lass: Back Garden Fun

She turned the key and with a sturdy shove, shouldered open the door. She groaned relief as she slung down her bags and kicked off her heels. Finally, her journey's end, now she could relax. Her boss had given her the afternoon off, her annual leave started here.

Stepping through the lounge she unlocked and unslid the patio doors onto the garden. The summer's day burst into the room and smiling about nothing in particular, she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. Within a few minutes she had slipped on a skimpy bikini, poured a long cold gin and tonic, rolled a joint and spread the blanket and cushions on the sunniest patch of lawn.

She stretched out luxuriously and sighed her appreciation. Smoking the joint and sipping the gin, she fell into a dazed stupor. Her mind emptied of everything work related. These were her days off, her holiday. It was time to detach and reconnect with her other self.

The sun was scorching her back, burning through the centre of her rib cage and frying her heart. She put out the joint, glugged her gin and turned on her back. Spreading her legs wide, she let the suns rays wash over her mound, nicely camel-footing through her flimsy bikini. She took off her top, secure in the thought that the garden could not be overlooked.

Closing her eyes, she was assaulted with visions of psychedelia as the light hit her eyelids. Red, pulsating kaleidoscopic patterns sucked her brain in. She felt she was falling. She breathed deeply and as she slowly exhaled, relaxed her shoulders and unclenched her hands and jaw.

Like something from a sci-fi movie she shot through the galaxy of stars, deeper into the universe, the clouds and showers of stars parted as she flew passed, revealing ever more configurations of shape and colour. As she lay there in a state of trance, she became aware of sounds around her. A stereo blared Bollywood style music into a distant neighbour's garden. Birds twittered cheerily and the old lady next door appeared to have employed a gardener or handyman to do some work. Over the garden fence she could hear their conversation.

"I thought you'd be ready for that cup of tea now."

"Yeah, lovely"


"Yes, please thanks."

"How are you getting along? I must say you've made a lovely job of that lawn."

"Thanks, yeah, it's going well, I'll get onto the flower beds next."

"They are neglected, I know, but since my husband became unwell we've not managed to do nearly as much as it needs. It seems such a shame to let all our years of hard work simply disappear under a jungle of weeds and long grass. That's why we decided to get someone in. At least this way we can still enjoy it. I wonder would you be interested in maintaining it? If you do a good job obviously, and if it would be business sense for you of course?"

"You've got the right idea, you obviously put a lot of toil and love into this garden, it's productive and functional as well as ornamental. You should be proud and you're absolutely right to want to preserve it. What a crying shame that would be to let it go to waste."

"I'm glad you can understand my sentiment so well."

"Well, I'll get on then, the sooner for you to enjoy. Thanks for the tea."

The sun beat down and the gentle conversation had lulled her into a molten pool of flesh. Her splayed legs felt hot and sexy, her pussy purred in the heat. She bet herself that she was wet. Looking down at her bulging fanny, (for you in the US, "pussy") she appraised the way the fabric had ridden up her crack, outlining her lush lips. Her brown belly crinkled as she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at her body. She could see where her fanny was protruding beyond the confines of the teeny gusset.

Releasing one of her arms from behind her, she reached down and slipped her fingers inside the crotch and between the silky lips of her vagina. As predicted, she was wet. Dipping the tip of her finger into the mouth of her hole she collected the velvety juice, like a bee gathering nectar. She took that honey and spread it up and around her clitoris. Her body shivered with pleasure. She brought her finger up to her nostrils and took a long draft of her scent; she smeared that finger along her top lip then popped it into her hot mouth to suck on the taste.

She heard a crash from the garden next door.


It sounded like he'd fallen over, the gardener next door, into a shrub. She heard him stumbling and struggling to get up, more snapping of branches, more curses.

She stifled a giggle. As she listened attentively to these sounds her eyes scanned the dividing garden fence. From the angle where she lay she could see vast stretches of sky and swathes of next doors garden through the numerous large gaps in the fence!

She could also see the gardener's arse as he gradually straightened up from his fall.

Not bad, she thought. He rubbed his back and mumbled something to himself. She held her breath as she watched him. What had made him trip? Straightaway, she knew, as he turned to look over his shoulder at the spot that had caused the stir. Their eyes locked.

He had been peeping at her through the fence! Spying, leering, ogling. She immediately wondered had he got a hard on? Had he wanted to wank at the sight of her? As her indignance wrestled with her carnality, she felt her insides melt.

He approached the fence. His handsome features contorted into an expression best described as sheepish. As he neared, she grabbed her top, sat up and hastily covered her boobs.

"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I wasn't spying on you. I need to repair the fence and I was checking the damage, seeing what needed to be done. I didn't know you were there, until I reached this part of the fence."

She didn't know what to say all she could think about were his sparkly eyes, his boyish grin and that bulge in his shorts that answered one of her questions. Even the wrestle with the hydrangea hadn't quelled this engorged stalk. "Ok" she said, "let you off this time."

He laughed, grateful that she wasn't snooty.

"Are you ok?" she asked then, "you didn't hurt yourself?"

"No, thanks, all in one piece I think." He laughed again.

She wondered if he knew she could see his package.

"Anyway, better get on." He turned away suddenly, embarrassed maybe. She let out her giggle then, lay back and once again closed her eyes.

The sound of a man labouring nearby filled her with lust. She numerously fantasized about workmen scenarios, the plumber coming to fix a faulty leak and ending up plugging her hole, the window cleaner getting a clear view into her bedroom, seeing her on her knees, licking her neighbour's cunt as she sprawls back on the bed. He gets his knob out and has a precarious wank through the glass. Washing off his come at the end. As she imagined the gardener next door, she thought of him watching her and becoming aroused. She felt her innards stir.

Keeping her eyes closed, she felt down her body with her hands until they were poised at her crotch. She pushed a finger back inside where it was warm and slippery. Three fingers firmly scooped at her hole and rubbed the satin fluid into her clitoral nub. She sucked in her breath, randy for sex.

Peeping up from beneath shuttered lids; she scanned the length of the fence. Would her imagination be rewarded? There, there he was, smiling down at her from a space where the wood had rotted away, a few feet away. He was watching her face but had clearly been watching her hands. Maintaining eye contact, she smiled back as she again raised her fingers to her lips. His eyes opened wide and his mouth fell open as his hand automatically reached for his knob.

She glanced inside the house at the cool wood floor and low broad sofa. She gave a slight jerk to her head and asked him, "Time to take a quick break?"

Nodding, he walked back to the house calling out to the old lady:

"Just gotta pop out, get some more compost, be back soon."

"Oh, ok dear," she replied, "see you in a while."

He slipped round to the house next door and made his way stealthily up the side to the garden. She wasn't there. He looked back toward the house and in though the patio door. She was reclined on the sofa, tanned and sleek. Her breasts were bared and shiny with sweat. She beckoned him in.

He stood before her, unsure what was required. He needn't have worried. She stood, up close and grasping his wrist brought his hand up to her breast. The rough fabric of the gardening glove grazed her exposed nipples and they hardened accordingly. He closed his fingers around the supple flesh and squeezed gently. His other hand she placed on the small of her back and pulled herself into his embrace. He clutched her to him and as her arms encompassed his neck he mauled her pert arse cheeks, pulling them apart and probing with the roughened leather mitt. A large mirror on the wall opposite afforded him a perfect view of what he was doing. He could see her anus stretched and clean looking, a neat dark inviting hole. She breathed into his neck, the air rasping in short urgent gasps. His cock, big and hard pressed against her belly as she squirmed erotically. She rubbed herself up on his thighs and tilting her hips, ground onto his erection.

"Take off your shorts" she said, pulling at the fingers of his gloves. His hands, freed were sweaty and gritty, ingrained earth around the nails. She steered his palms down to her inner thighs and pushed them between her legs. His fingers slid immediately around her lips and clitoris, she was wet really wet, sopping. He groaned. He unzipped his shorts and pushed them to the ground. His boxers followed. She stared greedily at his glistening cock, as it stood proud and bouncy, poised for action, ready for the order.

"Sit down here" she indicated the sofa and left the room. He sat as he was told, his legs as far apart as the shorts around his ankles would allow. Immediately she returned, biting off the corner of a condom wrapper and placing it next to him on the sofa. She sat on his lap, her back to him, her feet between his legs. Bending forward, she unlaced his boots, loosening them before pulling them off. As she did so, her cunt spread over his balls and her arse nudged his penis. He sat back enjoying the treatment. When she had rid him of his socks and shorts she turned herself around to face him.

"Put that cock inside me" she told him, as she straddled him, pulling open her own vagina and hovering above the tip of his beautifully proportioned dick. Grasping his cock he quickly rolled on the condom and held it perfectly positioned while she lowered her juicy, gaping hole onto him. He slipped straight in and she groaned appreciatively.

"Now I'm going to cream all over you" she said as she began grinding and jerking her hips, pushing herself fully down onto him, getting him deep inside her. Her body writhed and bounced wildly as she took full advantage of his arousal. She gripped the back of the sofa as she wriggled her clit against his pubic bone. He looked up at where she squirmed above him, her face glowing, her moist lips parted in a smile.

"Suck my tits" she told him. He grabbed her tits, squeezing and mauling the nipples, sucking fiercely on the red hard buds.

"Oh yeah that's going to make me come. Oh huh yeah." Pushing her tits into his face she humped and jerked erratically, her thighs spread wide, her cunt squashed open.

"I'm going to cream all over your cock oh-oh-yeah-here it comes ohhh! Oohhh! Huh! Hu h h." Shuddering and twitching, her limbs stiffened as her hot juices gushed over his stiff knob. At that moment she was so open to him she thought she could have got his balls up there as well.

Gradually the orgasm subsided and her body relaxed. She was soft and supple now. Every muscle felt warm and malleable. Briefly she slumped against him, breathing heavily, holding his head between her breasts. He licked at the salty skin there.

To his surprise she began to squirm slowly, rousing his erection, he grasped her hips in encouragement. She slipped herself up and down his shaft, her juices awash. As she raised herself up she seemed to shift slightly so that as she came back down, her arse was ever nearer to his knob end. In the next moment he felt his cock lodge at the opening of her anus. Gently she encircled his helmet with her dilated hole, ensuring her juices had lubricated his tool. She lowered herself onto him slowly and gently, allowing her sphincter muscle to relax. He gasped as the tight hole gripped his cock, sliding in and out, slowly and gently at first. He noticed her vagina lips were still spread and her swollen clit nudged his belly. Her tits bounced perkily in his face, erect nipples grazed his features. Occasionally he nibbled at the hardened teats, making her gasp. He jerked her hips now, no longer able to hold back his building orgasm. As he did so she ground her clitoris onto his stomach, his cock buried deep inside her arse, pumping away, pulled back and forth, in and out, up and down.

"I'm going to come again in a minute" she said. She threw her head back and arched her spine, pushing him tighter and deeper into her. She rode his hard-on; her arse was getting juicy. She could hear his cock slurping in and out. He was fucking her harder now. She looked at his face, he had a dirty lustful expression smeared all over it. She was starting to come:

"Spunk up me, spunk up my arse, oh yeah, I'm coming, here yes, yes, please, ohh!"

Watching her orgasm again was the final trigger he needed. He pulled her hips down onto him as he squirted hot cum into her hole. He pumped his hips as he ejaculated into her, grunting with pleasure. They sat very still then, nestled together while his hard-on slowly subsided. Eventually she slipped from him and stood, hand out-stretched. "Come for a shower then you should be getting back to work."

She winked and pulled him to his feet. She scrubbed him down under the hot gush of water in a perfunctory manner before handing him a clean towel and stepping into the shower herself. She let him watch her for a little while before pulling across the curtain. When she emerged he was dressed and standing by the door.

"You'd better get back" she smiled.

"Yeah, bye then, em cheers."

She watched him leave the way he'd come and as she listened she heard the old lady.

"Oh there you are dear, I was beginning to worry, now cup of tea before you get stuck in?"

She strained to hear his response. His voice was soft, weary, he sounded dazed, stunned.

"Yeah em yes, cheers em, please, yeah." She heard him laugh softly to himself as he returned to his work and catching sight of her randy self in the mirror, she let out her own giggle and fixed herself another drink. As she sat in the garden once more, keen to catch the last of the afternoon rays, she wondered if she'd be getting her back garden maintained on a regular basis.

Visit me at http://everhony.wordpress.com

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