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March 02, 2012 06:20am
Skindustry Events
Source: Skindustry PRoductions
by: Company Press Release

Skindustry Events:

1) Vertical Pole Showdown 1 - Winners!

This past February 19 at the Show Palace in Darien, WI was the site of Skindustry's first Vertical Pole Showdown and the house was packed for a night of fierce competition. Everyone supported all the ladies with cheers and applause as they presented some incredible pole shows. The scoring in all the rounds was close as the ladies brought the best of their best to compete in this athletic competition. The event was hosted by the always entertaining Tony Batman from A! Entertainment. In the Elite Division, Gara Bare, representing Pole Chicks, took 1st Place and $750 cash; Independent Sedona took 2nd Place and $500; and Myth, representing Lookers, took 3rd Place and $250. All winners also received a trophy. The finals had a 1.5 point spread between 1st & 3rd place with a difference between 2nd and 3rd Place being a 1/4 of a point!

In the Expert Division, Pebbles, representing Lookers, took 1st Place and $750 cash; Serena, another Lookers representative, took 2nd Place and $500; and Allie representing Pole Chicks took 3rd and $250. All winners received trophies as well. In this division, 1.25 points separated 1st and 3rd Place with another 1/4 of a point difference between 2nd & 3rd Place!

Just goes to show that these ladies don't fool around when it comes to a competition and Skindustry strives to bring it's audiences a great show as well.

2) Vertical Pole Showdown 2 Date: April 22, 2012 Place: On the Border, 10741 S. 27th Street, Franklin, WI 53114 Phone: 414-761-6440 Registration: 2pm to 5pm Competition Starts: 7:30 PM

Round 2 of the Vertical Pole Showdown is being held at Skindustry's home club and hosted by Tony Batman of A! Entertainment. This two-division pole competition is open to any female pole artist regardless of their experience level and ensures each competitor will be assessed against a pool of talented pole artists with similar experience levels. The two levels of competition are:

The Expert Division - for those artists who are new to pole fitness, pole dance or pole competitions. This division is perfect for pole instructors, students or enthusiasts to showcase their talents, and will prepare the artist for progression to the Elite Division, and beyond. This division will compete for titles, gift packages provided by our sponsors and advancement to the Elite Division.

The Elite Division - for those artists who have advanced pole experience, previous pole competition experience, and/or pole competition titles. This division is intended for advanced pole artists and aerialists, and will showcase the dedication, perseverance and passion required to reach the elite level of this sport. This division will compete for cash, titles, gift packages provided by our sponsors, and a seat in the Vertical Pole Championship.

The judges for this competition is a star studded list including: Pole Industry Icon Pantera Blacksmith (also doing a guest performance), 2011 Apfc Men's Winner Derick Pierson, 2009 Idpfa Pole Fitness Champion Amanda "Shadow" Duffy, and Nashville Pole Queen Katheryn "Pole Kat" Bouchillon.

It's evident that Skindustry's newest event is shaping up to be one to not only want to compete in, but one not to miss! Clubs and Studios:

For VIP and table reservations contact: Brian Hopkins On the Border, General Manager Email: skindustryproductions@yahoo.com Phone: 414-975-5180

3) StripperPalooza 5

Date: May 20, 2012 Place: Angel's Gentleman's Club, 3215 King Highway, Kalamazoo, MI 49048 Phone: 269-344-2162 Registration: 2pm to 5pm Competition Starts: 7:30 PM

Angels is proud to host another round of StripperPalooza, the traveling version of Skindustry's flagship exotic dancer competition Stripperfest. Hosting StripperPalooza 5 will be Tony Batman from a! Entertainment.

The StripperPalooza competition is tailor made for local clubs across the country. But still open to all competitors anywhere. It's also open to any feature entertainer that hasn't booked with a national booking agency for longer than two years prior to the date of the competition. This competition, with a $4000 prize pool, features three distinct categories:

Queen of the Stage - a "showgirl" category where contestants present themed shows that may include theatrics and props. This is a great chance for up and coming Feature Entertainers to present and develop new shows to an audience. Prize money for this category for the top three finalist totals $1,500 with First Place winner receiving $750.

Queen of the Pole - a "vertical pole" category focusing strictly on the athleticism, pole maneuvers and tricks. Prize money for this category for the top three finalist totals $1,500 with First Place winner receiving $750. The winner of the Queen of the Pole also receives an automatic berth in the Vertical Pole Showdown US Open in the fall of 2012! Hottest Stripper - a beauty competition featuring "runway walks" in the Little Black Dress and Bikini rounds. The final round has the top six finalists giving a brief showcase of their stage skills in their Hottest Stripper Outfit. Prize money for the top three finalist totals $1,000 with First Place winner receiving $500. All six finalists also receive plaques.

All clubs and studios that get involved have the opportunity to promote their establishments and dancers at StripperPalooza as well as any Skindustry event. We'll announce your business name and location numerous times throughout the night and give you the opportunity to distribute any promotional materials or merchandise you may have as giveaways during any Skindustry event. There are also seats on the judge's panel reserved for club and studio executives that have ladies competing.

Clubs and Studios:

For VIP and table reservations contact:

John Saidman Angel's Gentleman's Club, General Manager Email: licroiceman@hotmail.com Phone: 269-414-6121


For more information about either the Vertical Pole Showdown or StripperPalooza, please contact:

Kim Miller-Anderson Skindustry Productions, Director & Industry Liaison Email: skindustrypolefitness@gmail.com Phone: 262-344-1703

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show