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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Eva Angelina at Twistys

February 17, 2012 11:45pm
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

MWA: Miss Polechamp USA, Babe's Cabaret, LV, Glory Stories, Hailey Heart

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This column will be about a contest, an evening of good belly laughs, and a beautiful woman who has graciously decided to come back out of retirement. (The lady has told me that she didn't really retire per se. She merely took time off to help her ailing mother. Now that her mother's health is better, she has decided to get back on the road.)

Miss Polechamp USA

Thursday, February 9, I drove up to Las Vegas to observe the Western Regional Miss Polechamp USA Contest.

For whatever reason, only five contestants signed up for this particular contest. Why, I have no idea. There were plenty of efforts made to get the word out in lots of time. Oh well, the five ladies that did sign up to compete did a great job of making it an interesting event.

The contestants had five minutes each to strut their stuff. Some of the ladies chose to use two songs for their performances while others performed to an extended version of one song.

The first lady to perform wore a pink flower in her black hair. She also wore a pink bra and a small, pink, ruffled mini-skirt. Beneath the mini-skirt, she wore a black G-string, and her footwear was a pair of pink, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled shoes with clear straps.

Contestant number two had dark brown hair and wore a purple gown, a purple bra, and a pair of purple bikini bottoms. On her feet, she wore a pair of clear shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles.

The third contestant had blonde hair and wore a black bra and thong set that was decorated with a considerable amount of sequins. She also wore a pair of clear shoes with platform soles and spike heels.

Light brown haired contestant number four wore a long sleeved white fishnet top, a black bra, and a black G-string. She additionally wore a pair of clear stiletto-heeled shoes with platform soles.

And finally, contestant number five had very long red hair, and she wore a black bra and a pair of black bikini bottoms. The bra and the bikini bottoms were connected with a series of interlaced straps. She also wore a wide black belt that was decorated with designs made with metal studs. As for footwear, there was none. Contestant number five performed bare-footed.

I might take a moment to mention that house dancer Nina did a great job as the official pole cleaner. Nina quickly and thoroughly cleaned all three poles after each contestant had finished her performance.

Contestant number two, Leesi, won best breasts and she took third place in the contest.

Contestant number five, Pink Puma, won second place.

Contestant number three, Jedda Antonio, came out on top as the first place winner and will go to Tampa, Florida, to compete against eight other regional winners in the Miss Polechamp USA finals.

Unfortunately, not everybody can win in a contest; therefore, contestant number one, Violet, and contestant number four, Innocent, didn't win any prizes.

While I didn't get a chance to speak with Violet after the contest had ended, I did speak with Innocent for several minutes. She told me that even though she didn't win anything, she felt that she was a winner simply because of the experience and the exposure she had gained by competing. She agreed with me that just being able to say that she had competed was a credit in itself.

I would like nothing better than to see all five of the young ladies eventually become successful feature dancers!

Adult film mega-star, director, and screen writer Stormy Daniels was a guess judge.

Former adult film star, feature dancer, and one of the best pole dancers in the world, Nakita Kash, was in attendance. But then, why wouldn't she be there? After all, she is the founder and producer of Miss Polechamp USA.

Babe's Cabaret, Las Vegas

Babe's Cabaret, Las Vegas, has a large square stage with a sizable runway-style portion jutting out from the middle of the front edge. This stage comes equipped with three brass poles. There is also a small square secondary stage with one brass pole. The club has a full, well-stocked, bar. It also has a good-sized adult store. In addition to the main floor area, the club has two elevated areas. The one elevated area on one side of the main stage appeared to be used as a lap dance area. The other elevated area located across the main floor from the front of the main stage contained the secondary stage. It was located at the front and in the middle of this area.

Babe's Cabaret, Las Vegas, is a very nice-looking, comfortable, club with a friendly, helpful, staff. The club's house dancers are all good-looking, friendly, young women.

This club, like many of the other Las Vegas clubs, does not charge the locals a cover charge, but normally charges tourists a twenty dollar cover. (I think there is a one drink minimum, but I don't remember for certain.)

Even though Babe's charges the tourists a cover, and it is a bit off the beaten path, it is not the tourist trap that many of the other Las Vegas clubs tend to be and is well worth checking out. I myself may return to Babe's in the future, if I have any extra time. (Extra time in Las Vegas is hard to come by for me, especially since I don't often go to Las Vegas unless it is to cover an adult industry event.)

Glory Stories

Friday evening, February 10, I went to the iO West Improv Theater, in Hollywood, to observe, "Glory Stories," with the legendary Nina Hartley as the guest story teller.

Before the show started, Patrick Ian Moore brought adult film star Sasha Knox over and introduced her to me. Yes, I have finally had the extreme honor of meeting Sasha. The readers might remember that Sasha has been in attendance the last two times I've been to the theater, and I failed to meet her both times.

I found Sasha to be a very lovely young woman with a great personality and an excellent sense of humor. (She even appeared to fully understand my dry, cynical, sense of humor.) Per Sasha's own words, she has become a regular at the, "Glory Stories," performances.

The opening act on this night was, "The Lusty Horde." The cast of, "The Lusty Horde," were Tim Jennings, David Park, and Andy Trask.

The headliner act was, "Glory Stories," of course, and the cast on this night consisted of: Amanda Barnes, Brandon Barrick, Sean Cowhig, Neil Garguilo, Tiffani Ann Mills, Patrick Ian Moore, David Park, Neil Ruddy, Zabeth Russell, Rebecca, Stevens, Andy Trask, and the always beautiful, personality plus, Canon Wing.

As I stated previously, the legendary Nina Hartley was the guest story teller for this performance of, "Glory Stories." As an extra added bonus, Nina brought her adult film director husband, Ernest Greene, along to help. Ms. Hartley and Mr. Greene made a great comedy duo, and they absolutely stole the show! And, the casts of, "The Lusty Horde," and, "Glory Stories," gave the greatest performances yet! They get better every time I see one of their shows!

I think it is great that Sasha Knox has become somewhat of a regular at the performances of, "Glory Stories," and I wish that more people from the adult entertainment industry would start showing up. After all, it provides lots of good laughs which is a great way to relieve stress after a long day of conducting business and having to deal with the world in general. Also, I've never known the cover charge to be more than five dollars, the drinks seem to all be reasonably priced, if one wants a drink. There is no drink minimum. Also, the last I knew, a valet parking lot a short distance south of the club on Cosmo Street only charges a five dollar parking fee to people who get their parking tickets validated at the theater.

The iO West Improv Theater is located at 6366 Hollywood Boulevard at the corner of Cosmo Street.

The next performance of, "Glory Stories," will take place Friday evening, February 24, and Kelly Shibari is scheduled to be the guest story teller. Following will be a performance the evening of, Friday, March 9. The guest story teller scheduled for this performance will be none other than Sasha Knox! (Both of these events will be must-sees for me!)

Hailey Heart

Saturday, February 11, I drove to Phoenix, Arizona, to spend the evening with Hailey Heart and to observe all three of her shows at the Hi-Liter.

For her first show, Hailey wore a red, white, and blue costume with white stars. The costume was obviously made to resemble the American flag and was decorated with lots of sequins. The costume consisted of a long-sleeved, floor-length, cape-like jacket, a bra, a thong, and under the thong was a blue G-string. The costume was completed with a pair of high-heeled, platform-soled, white cowgirl boots.

Once Hailey had stripped down to her G-string, she spread a blanket-like, for lack of a better description, large square piece of material on the floor. The, "blanket," was red and covered with red and white hearts. Hailey then ended the show with a body lotion bit.

Hailey performed this show to, "American Witch," by Rob Zombie, "Porn Star Dancing," by My Darkest Days, and, "We No Speak Americano," by Yolanda be Cool Vs. Dcup, I think.

To start her second show, Hailey wore a black head clip, hair clip? (One of these days, I really must find out what the official names of those things are.) She also wore an orange feather boa and a pair of orange, fingerless, elbow-length gloves. The gloves were decorated with sequins and long strings of silver beads. Next, Hailey wore a ruffled, orange, skirt-like item, decorated with little black bows, and an orange corset that had black trim and was practically covered with sequins. With the corset, Hailey wore an orange bra that also had black trim and was also covered with sequins. Hailey additionally wore an orange thong that had two chains of silver beads hanging from each hip and a small black ribbon that was attached to a silver medallion. The medallion and ribbon combo was attached to the middle of the front crotch panel of the thong. Beneath the thong, Hailey wore an orange and black G-string. To finish out her costume, Hailey wore a pair of clear shoes with stiletto heels.

To end this show, Hailey spread the same, "blanket," on the floor and then proceeded to do a hot candle wax bit and play a game of hooter ball with the customers.

Hailey's music for this show was, "Lady Marmalade," from the sound track of the movie, "Moulin Rouge," performed by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Pink, "Cold as Ice," by Foreigner, "Feeling Good," by Michael Buble, and, "A Perfect Lie," from the television show, "Nip/Tuck, I believe.

During her final show of this engagement, Hailey wore a gold and white costume.

She wore a white cowgirl hat with a large star in the front. Under the hat, Hailey wore a black hair clip. (Here we go again.) Next she wore a long-sleeved midriff jacket decorated with fringe made with long gold chains. With the jacket, she wore a matching pair of long pants. (The pants also had their fair share of gold chain fringe.) Under the jacket and pants, Hailey wore a matching bra and thong set, and beneath the thong, she wore a blue G-string. Every piece of the costume that possibly could be was virtually covered with sequins. Once again, Hailey completed her costume with a pair of clear shoes with stiletto heels.

Once Hailey had stripped down to her G-string, she once again spread her, "blanket," on the stage, placed a small plastic wading pool on top of it, filled it with water, and proceeded to bath herself. She then allowed the customers to stick dollar bills to her wet skin.

During this show, Hailey performed to, "99 Problems," by Hugo, "Redneck Woman," by Gretchen Wilson, "Before He Cheats," by Carrie Underwood, and, a Preston Techno Mix that Hailey said she put together herself. Hailey also said that the Carrie Underwood song was, "If He Cheats," but I can't find that title anywhere on the Internet; therefore, I believe she meant, "Before He Cheats."

The above listed songs are in the order that Hailey said they would be played. However, the DJ goofed and played them in the following order. "Before He Cheats," "Redneck Woman," the Preston Techno Mix, and, "99 Problems."

Hailey's long beautiful blonde hair hangs down to nearly the tops of her buns. And, she has a body that would cause a dead man to become aroused!

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of thinking I already had Hailey's physical statistics. The last time this happened, all I could find on the Internet indicated that Hailey's measurements were 32F-25-35. I haven't a clue as to how accurate those measurements are. (A 32 bust just doesn't sound quite right to me, but what do I know?)

Hailey is a very friendly and quite charming lady. She is very well spoken, and it seems obvious to me that she definitely enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

Hailey performs very well on stage, and her interaction with the tip rail customers is good. So, I do recommend that anybody who might get a chance to go out to a club to see Hailey perform and to meet her in person should take full advantage of the opportunity!

While there still doesn't seen to be an official website for Hailey, some really good photos of her can be found at: Pure-Talent.com

That will just about do it for now folks. Please join me back here the next time to continue the discussion of beautiful, sexy, women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show