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Eva Angelina at Twistys

February 05, 2012 10:21pm
Falcon's Flight: Horny Ghost
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Leya Falcon

"If youre not 10 minutes early, you are late." This is a statement I fully believe in and do my very best to live by. Time is money and I believe showing up early is only proper work ethic and shows everyone else that their time is just as valuable as yours.

Despite my best efforts to always be on time I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I showed up late to set a couple of weeks ago. With my alarm set and my phone on as loud as it would go I somehow failed to hear my alarm or the multiple phone calls from LA Direct trying to figure out where I was and didnt end up waking up until exactly 9 A.M., which is when I was supposed to be on set.

Jumping frantically out of bed I literally ran into the shower and rushed my way through it, grabbed my bag of stuff I needed to bring to set and ran out of the door. I did not pass go, I did not collect $200, I did not get my coffee or any breakfast, I was running purely off of adrenaline.

Arriving at the Brazzers studio at 9:40 A.M., I found everyone sitting around waiting for me so I could get my hair and makeup done so we could get on location and film. I honestly felt and still feel so terrible about making everyone wait, so I want to take a second and sincerely apologize to everyone at Brazzers as well as my co-star and the extra in the scene for being very much behind schedule! It was not intentional at all and I hope that nobody holds this one incident against me.

In a teeny tiny "town" about 40 minutes outside of Vegas is where you will find the old bar where we filmed my scene for Big Tits in Uniform. Being very cold and dark, the bar had a very strange vibe coming from it and I could tell immediately that we had a special guest on set that day, an apparently very horny male ghost that obviously wanted to make his presence known.

Before going into the dialogue we had to get the solo stills out of the way and thats when my suspicions of a spirit floating around there was confirmed through the noises of a Pac Man video game machine. The machine was completely silent until I started taking off my clothing and every single time I would take off a different garment it would go off making noises, it was like the ghost was cheering me on and getting a ghost boner from all of the unexpected action happening in his place of living (or un-living?)

The cheesy porno dialogue came next in where I was playing a sailor that went to the bar looking to get fucked. The dialogue was pretty easy but our ghost friend wanted to make it difficult by continuing to make strange noises throughout so we had to keep repeating the same lines until it was finally decided that all of the machines in the place should be unplugged to stop the odd noises.

Even after the unplugging of the machines strange noises would still pop up, such as my phone turning itself back on when I had turned it off before we started filming, but we did end up getting through it fairly quickly. By this time I was starving, I just wanted to eat something but because I was so late, there was no time for a break so we had to get straight to the fucking.

The fucking part was filmed on a plastic couch thing that was a bit wobbly even though it was attached to the wall, I am not sure if they set that up on purpose since plastic is easier to clean squirt juices off of but it was the most difficult surface I have fucked on thus far in my career and the old wooden floor was no walk in the park either.

When this scene comes out you will see that I ended up ripping a hole in the couch from trying to hold on and not fall on the floor while being fucked hard and adding extra slip and slide with my cum.

You may also notice some strange faces as I was practically involved in a threesome as our little ghost friend kept floating by appearing as a shadow in the shape of an old man. This was a very interesting scene and I cant wait until it is release so I can see if maybe the ghost was captured on screen somehow.

I was so thankful when we were done because I got to finally eat after not eating all day and I must say that this little bar in the middle of nowhere has the best chili bread bowls ever!

After eating we headed back to the studio where we were all welcomed back by a baby doll on the concrete that was set on fire earlier in front of the Brazzers studio. I am not exactly sure what it was about but I found it really fucking funny and it was a nice comical ending to my day that started off extremely stressful!

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show