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December 10, 2011 09:59pm
Falcon's Flight to Brazzers
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Leya Falcon

When I found out I was shooting for Brazzers, I had to admit I wasnt too thrilled about it remembering that the company had been mentioned in the industrys latest HIV scare earlier this year. In addition to that, I have heard from another female adult actress that Brazzers is awful and theyve "ruined the industry" and she would hate to work for them while another woman that used to be in the industry said that everyone that works for the company is a total douche bag.

Well, I am here to say that despite the preconceived notions I had about this company, they were a COMPLETE pleasure to work for and would absolutely love to film with them again!

The morning of my first shoot with Brazzers I arrived a little early to the warehouse where we would be shooting and immediately felt welcome and at home. I was lead into the wardrobe room and handed a script that is when I found out I would actually have some lines and was super excited about it because my previous two scenes I had filmed with other companies was basically just straight up fucking with no plot to it whatsoever.

Getting made up to play the character of a southern country bumpkin who seemed innocent but is actually a horny little slut, I ended up with pigtails and an atrocious outfit consisting of cowboy boots and a brown collared dress. If I had to choose a character to play, a country girl would be the last I would choose but I was ready for it nonetheless because I love role play and being able to actually act in the scene instead of just playing myself getting fucked.

The set was an adult movie theater that I would walk into, get hit on by creeps, get saved by my costar and end up of course, having sex with him. After shooting the stills and parts of the scene that actually had lines, it was time to get to the fun part starting with the ever-so-classic blow job. My costar had no idea what he had coming with me. I started easily then went into a little bit of deep throat and had his entire cock and balls covered in what I call my Spiderman spit.

As none of my scenes have been released to the date that I am writing this, I will explain exactly what my Spiderman spit is, though I am sure once my scenes are released that will be one of the things I am best known for. Spiderman spit is basically just like it sounds, slimy and stringy and sticks to everything. Its kind of like my mouth is cumming. When I remove my mouth from a cock you will see my Spiderman spit as a huge long sticky string of saliva that is hard to break and when you try to break the string it just sticks to your hands and sort of looks like I am building a spider web, I really cannot wait for everyone to see it for themselves as I am sure the visual is much more flattering than the description.

When it came time for actual penetration I ended up squirting everywhere, even on the camera man/director. The theater seats were soaked, my costar was soaked, the floor was soaked, and I came so much that they had to keep cutting so that we could wipe up the floor because we kept on slipping and sliding. I asked why they seemed shocked because it says right there on my profile for my agency that I squirt, they responded saying that most girls say that but they cant actually do it or do not do it to the extent that I do it and that I was giving certain other stars known for their squirting a run for their money. I was very happy to hear the positive feedback and to be honest, from now on I think my agency should warn the companies that book me to make sure they provide raincoats for the entire crew.

After quite a bit of fucking in very odd positions due to the theater chairs we had to work around, it was time to set up for the money shot in the face. The only problem was that my costar couldnt cum for anything! I thought that was very inconvenient for adult films but I am sure there are many men out there that wish they could have that problem and many women that wish that their men had that problem. I honestly was just tired from all of the squirting and putting so much effort into the fucking with working around the movie theater chairs (and actually breaking a couple of the arms on them) that I was ready to get the cum on my face and go home. I was lying down on the floor waiting for about 40 minutes before my costar finally came back and was ready to finish the scene.

After the scene was finished I was so happy to go home and get some much needed rest so I could shoot another scene for them the next day, it was a long shoot but a ton of fun! My costar was fun to work with as he also had a sense of humor.

The people of Brazzers were not at all what I had thought they were and the whole experience was just fun, even when waiting for my costar to cum I enjoyed the little chit chat that I had with the crew. I would love to shoot with Brazzers regularly, theyre professional, fun and the fact that they are in Vegas is also a major plus!

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show