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November 08, 2011 12:05pm
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

At a recent girl's night out a group of us were talking about this blog and what it is that I think I'm doing. One of my friends Alison was questioning my morals whilst I defended my stance by describing the number of ways I feel I'm contributing to sexual education and sexual equality.

To my surprise, an older friend of ours who's now in her late sixties agreed with me. When she and her husband were first married, she was unaware that women were entitled, or even expected, to have fantasies.

She believed that her randy thoughts and dreams were somehow wrong and never dared to share her desires with her husband. With much courage I thought, she told us the following story.

We were about five years into our marriage, Pete was working and I was a young, stay-at-home wife. One afternoon, whilst cleaning the house, I discovered Pete's porn stash.

My tummy flipped over with fear as I felt the rising hurt, insecurity and anger. Reason soon followed as I told myself that all men probably have a secret stash. Curiosity then got hold of me and before long I was sprawled on the bed, leafing through the pages and gazing at the beautiful buxom women displayed there.

Heat rose through my body and I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my cleavage and bulging boobs. I caressed my heaving bosom as I slowly turned the pages taking in every frame.

When I reached the "readers letters" page I couldn't believe what I saw. There in black and white were descriptions of erotic fantasies, just like the one's I had suppressed. One in particular stood out, it was about a woman "whacking off her cunt." I had never heard this expression but could guess what it meant. I wanted to read about such things whilst "whacking off" my own sweet pussy.

Suddenly feeling full of mischief I positioned our full length mirror opposite the bed. Lying back I checked that I had full view of my body and face. I caught my own eye and smiled saucily. Undressing and removing my panties I found that I was getting hot and wet. I squirmed with anticipation.

Before long I was propped up on the bed, legs wide apart. As I looked at the arousing pictures and read the randy letters and stories I began to play with my pussy. Excitement and heat surged through me as I watched in the mirror and began jerking myself off in earnest. My cunt was pouring out juices and as I smeared these over my vibrating clit I became increasingly engrossed with how much I was enjoying myself.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and there was Pete (home unexpectedly early). The mutual shock seemed to freeze-frame us momentarily. Fleeting thoughts that he'd think I was a slut and reject me flashed through my mind but I was too far into it to think of this for long. I held his gaze in the mirror and I slowly continued to stroke and fondle my wet gaping pussy.

Sexual excitement registered on his face and he began to undress. His cock already hard, he stroked his shaft and grasped it as he came to stand beside the bed. Perhaps it was our uncertainty but we used the mirror to watch each other's pleasure growing. By this time he was wanking and squeezing his big hard dick and although he rarely said a word in bed he started telling me to "wank that cunt" and "play with that juicy pussy" while he was going to "spunk all over you." I had never seen him so excited, his dick was red, his face was redder. His breathing rasped as his eyes fixed on my cunt and my finger-work. I looked at this randy scene in the mirror and within moments I was writhing, arching and "whacking" it good.

As Pete watched my face contort he jerked off faster and faster, his hot sperm shooting out to land on my pussy and stomach as I shook to orgasm. Holding his dripping dick he knelt to rub the hot swollen end onto my clit. He flicked it across my pussy in the same way he'd seen me touching myself and as I came again, the look on his face was sheer joy. When we talked about it later — over a nice cup of tea — he confessed to this being a fantasy of his, catching a woman playing with herself but had assumed I would think it degrading or dirty. Well, we never looked back and as you all know Pete and I have been happily married all these years.

Please visit me for more lusty tales http://everhony.wordpress.com

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show