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October 13, 2011 12:14pm
From the Trenches 10/11
Source: DaveCummings.com
by: Dave Cummings, Porn star

I was the US Army officer who accompanied the Army Chaplain in Berlin in 1966 to notify wives of their husband's death in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, I was the Commanding Officer of a 4th Infantry Div unit in 1968 during the enemy's Tet Offensive involving near-constant ambushes, rockets, and mortars against us. It was a combat situation, yet luckily, I lost none of my hundreds of soldiers (thanks to a unique system of bunkers we built for refuge during the rocket attacks), though some soldiers experienced minor shrapnel wounds. Our base camp perimeter was the target of probes by Viet Cong trying to get inside our barbed wire and claymore mines to blow up helicopters and fuel bladders at the combat gunship airfield across the street from my command.

I'm now part of a large group of military retirees/veterans who participate in "Welcome Home" events at military bases for our troops returning from Middle East deployments, in escorting caskets/hearses/family to mortuaries and military funerals, and in military ceremonies involving "Angel" flights bringing fallen military back to the San Diego Area and their families for burial. Last Tuesday, at a San Diego area Marine Air Base, we honored a 22-year old Army Ranger who was Kia in Afghanistan last week, and escorted his hearse to a mortuary; then, Saturday, we escorted him and his family to, and participated in, his funeral.

I've experienced combat, and I've seen and participated in some of what CBS showed recently on their "Sunday Morning" segment about the dignity with which the military returns Kia personnel to America. This link shows that report, and is almost exactly what we do here in San Diego.


I realize that this column is supposed to focus mainly on sex, but bear with me on this one. Thanks!

Concerning the above mentioned Army Ranger who died in battle in Afghanistan, here’s a copy/paste of an email concerning his arrival back on American soil the Tuesday before his Saturday funeral last week. I sent this email to my son, an Army "Brat" — "Mike, I’ve just came back from being part of a group of active duty and retired soldiers and Marines who met a plane carrying the casket of an Army Ranger Sgt. who was killed in combat last week in Afghanistan . Military police provided on-base escorts to the flight line for us, the family and the military honor guard and many active duty folks who just wanted to be there to honor the fallen soldier, including us all saluting the plane as it was landing, and as it pulled up in front of us (next to a giant Air Force C-5), and as the casket was unloaded and placed into the hearse, and as the hearse later drove between our two lines of American flags. Approx. 50 of us then escorted the soldier to a mortuary 8-9 miles away; for that trip, as we were escorted from the runway and towards the exit leading to the freeway, Marines piled out of their work sites along the route to salute the hearse, and drivers pulled over and stood by their cars to salute/place their right hand over their heart. Very impressive and sincere, something I wish every American could have witnessed. The Highway Patrol took over as we exited the base—they had traffic stopped on the freeway, and they, local police and sheriff motorcycle authorities facilitated our convoy to the mortuary 11 miles north of the base. For the funeral this coming Sat, we will form an American flag honor guard to salute the Sergeant as he’s carried out of the mortuary, and again at his gravesite 23 miles to his final resting at a historic military (VA) national cemetery."

Besides the above honoring for the Active Duty Army Ranger Sergeant, I am privileged to have participated in other military events, too. Two weeks ago, our group formed a Patriot Guard line of American flags for the urn of a retired individual for his military funeral at the newly opened VA National Cemetery bordering a San Diego Marine Base. Since most of his career was in Army Intelligence, a US Army Honor Guard was a major part of the funeral, including the presentation of the American flag to his wife, and the playing of "Taps". It was somber. Afterwards, as a retired US Army Lt Col, I sought out the Army Honor Guard and thanked them for being there and for their dignified participation.

The next evening as Marines and Sailors were returning from a 7-month Middle East deployment, we were there with our lines of American Flags for them to walk between and into the arms of their families. I particularly focused upon welcoming home those single men and women (yes, there are also military women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan) who didn’t have family there to greet them. As I was driving home, I was reminded that I almost had tears of sadness during the previous day’s funeral, and in contrast experienced feeling some tears of joy for those returning safely from overseas combat areas. I also feel a little bit like I am comfortably back in the military, though in a different role!

Yes, the last month did include sex, lots and lots of sex. Swinger events abound in San Diego, so I have inserted myself into that social crowd, something made easier for this single guy by me being "Dave Cummings". Many women want to know if they are pretty and sexy enough to get a porn star "up" and off. And, husbands are so proud of their mates that they sometimes arrange the session.

Swingers are a cross-section of American society, so there are all ages, sizes, shapes, and personalities. They are happy people, the kind I enjoy hanging out with; and, their culinary skills for pot luck events is legend. For them, sex is sex, and lovemaking is for their spouse. Fortunately, besides formal swinging events, I get "sex fun" with them at other times, too. Besides swinging, there are many women who just want a no-strings-attached sex session from time to time; my challenge is to make time for them in between so many things I do.

If they are at least 18 and reasonably attractive, consenting, willing to use condoms, and are breathing, I’m usually agreeable to play with them. Yes, I prefer the younger ones, but I have to admit that some of the middle aged females are fabulous in bed!

Dave Cummings

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