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September 22, 2011 12:08am
MWA: Nikki Benz, Stormy Daniels
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This time around, I will be writing about two lovely ladies who are both superstars in the adult film industry and both very good feature dancers. These two ladies are well worth the time and effort to get out to a club to see them perform and to meet them in person. Now if that doesn't make anybody want to continue reading, I don't know what would. So let's get to it without any further delay!

Nikki Benz

Thursday, September 15, I drove out to the Deja Vu Ultra Exotic Lounge, formerly the Hustler Club, in Redlands, California, to spend a little time with the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2011, Nikki Benz, and to observe both of her shows of the evening. (in the past, I have normally caught the first show in this club then left. The reason for that is the fact that the club has always been packed every time I've been there, and a lot of the customers have been clearly and heavily under the influence. I learned a long time ago that the only way I can tolerate drunks is if I am one of them. But hey, this time it was my friend Nikki, so I decided to stay for both shows.)

To start her first show, Nikki wore a green costume. For starters, she wore a wide wristband on each arm. She also wore a bra, with a neck strap, and a corset. Next she wore a mini-skirt with a jagged, for lack of a better word, hem. This resulting in long, narrow, inverted triangles of material hanging down a few inches much like some sort of fringe. Beneath her mini-skirt, Nikki wore a pair of small bikini panties. Nikki's footwear with this costume was a pair of knee-high black boots with stiletto heels and platform soles. The boots appeared to be laced up their fronts.

This show was performed to, "Bottoms Up," by Trey Songz, "What's Wrong with Them," by Lil Wayne, "Live Your Life," by T. I., and, "I'm On One," by Lil Wayne.

For her final show of the evening, Nikki carried a red cat-o-nine tails style whip. On her arms, she wore a pair of somewhat above elbow-length, fingerless, white gloves that were trimmed with red lines and a red cross on each. The gloves also had red lacing along their bottom edges. Next up was a bra with a neck strap. The bra was trimmed with a red line across the top of each breast cup, and a red cross between the breast cups. Nikki also wore a white corset with red lacing in the front and a white, ruffled, mini-skirt. The mini-skirt was trimmed with a half inch wide red line on the hem. The mini-skirt also had a built-in crinoline petticoat. Under her mini-skirt, Nikki wore a pair of red lace bikini panties. On her feet, Nikki wore a pair of knee-length, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, red boots that laced up the front.

During this show, Nikki danced to, "Hold it Against Me," by Britney Spears, "S&M," by Rihanna, "Only Girl," also by Rihanna, and, "Inside Out," by Britney Spears once again.

Nikki Benz Again

Friday night, September 16, I went down to the Westminster, California, Deja Vu Ultra Exotic Lounge, formerly the Hustler Club, to say hello to Nikki Benz once again and to observe her first show of the evening.

For the one show I saw, Nikki came onto the stage wearing a black fedora and a black pin-striped business suit jacket. She also wore separate large white cuffs on her wrists. (Until Nikki removed the jacket, the cuffs appeared to be parts of the jacket.) There was a double strand gold watch chain hanging in loops from the right pocket of the jacket. With the suit jacket, Nikki wore a white necktie. Beneath her suit jacket, Nikki wore a corselet and a pair of black short-shorts that were covered with sequins. Under her shorts, she wore a pair of black and white polka-dot bikini panties. The panties came complete with four black garter straps that were attached to a pair of black fishnet hose. Nikki's footwear for this show was a pair of black knee length boots with stiletto heels and platform soles. The boots laced up the front.

This show was performed to, "John," by Lil Wayne featuring Rick Ross, "Niggaz in Paris," by Jay-Z, "I'm On One," by Drake, and, "Motivation," by Kelly Rowland.

Nikki performs very well on stage, and she commits great interaction with the tip rail squatters.

The always beautiful Nikki Benz, who just happens to be the 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year, is five feet five inches tall, weighs in at one hundred fifteen pounds, and she measures 34DD-24-34.

In addition to being a beautiful woman, Nikki is smart and extremely friendly. She also has a very good sense of humor, and she truly enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

I do highly recommend that nobody ever pass up an opportunity to get out to a nearby club to see Nikki perform and to meet her in person!

Nikki can be visited at: NikkiBenz.com

Stormy Daniels

After saying good night to Nikki Benz, I raced over to the Anaheim California Girls to speak with adult film superstar, director, and screen writer Stormy Daniels and to observe her final show of the evening. (I almost got there in time for Stormy's first show, but not quite. I did get an opportunity to speak with her during her first signing.)

For her final show on this evening, Stormy wore a black choker around her throat. She also wore a black jacket. Under the jacket, she wore a black bra and a black corset-like piece with a neck strap. The corset had purple lacing in the front and was loosely laced together in the back. Stormy additionally wore a pair of black, elbow-length, fingerless gloves with purple lacing on the tops. Next Stormy wore a purple lace crinoline-style mini-skirt with a jagged hem, for lack of a better description. Beneath the skirt thing, she wore a black thong that was decorated with rhinestones around the waistband. Beneath everything else, Stormy wore a little flesh-colored bra. (She could pull the breast cups aside to reveal her beautiful breasts while on stage, and she could quickly use it to cover her breasts whenever interacting with the tip rail customers. Don't forget, this was Anaheim, a.K.a. Mickey Mouse's back yard.) Stormy wore a garter covered with silver sequins on her right thigh. To finish out her costume, Stormy wore a pair of black sandal-like shoes that had ankle straps and stiletto heels.

Stormy danced this show to, "Pussy Licker," (or is it, "Pussy Liquor?") by Rob Zombie, "Judith," by a Perfect Circle, "#1 Crush," by Garbage, and, "Undead," by Hollywood Undead.

Stormy Daniels Revisited

Saturday evening, I drove down to the Santa Ana California Girls to see Stormy Daniels again. If I hadn't taken time to eat, hadn't stopped to buy lotteries tickets, and if I especially hadn't been required to circle the block three times just to end up parking on the street a couple of hundred feet from the club, I would no doubt have been able to observe both of Stormy's shows on this night. (There was also the brief delay at the front door.) As it was, I walked into the club just in time to see Stormy already fully nude, performing to her last song, and playing a game of, "stick it to Stormy," with the customers.

The one song I was able to hear during this performance was, "Whenever, Wherever," by Shakira.

Stormy's final performance was her, "Vampire Show." She came onto the stage wearing a black cape with a pointed hood and a bright red lining. She also wore a pair of fingerless, elbow-length, black gloves. Beneath her cape, Stormy wore a black bra and a black corset. The corset had pink or possibly red lacing up the back. (It was hard to tell the difference under the colored stage lights.) Stormy also wore a skirt-like piece that hung in long, narrow, strips almost to the floor. Beneath the skirt piece, Stormy wore a black thong. And lastly, she wore a pair of black shoes with ankle straps and stiletto heels.

Near the end of this show, Stormy did a hot candle wax bit followed by a game of cooter ball.

Stormy performed this show to, "Dragula," by Rob Zombie, "Bloodletting," by Concrete Blonde, "Cry Little Sister," from the soundtrack of the movie, "The Lost Boys," and, "Animal Within." (Stormy couldn't remember who performed the song, and I haven't been able to figure it out myself.)

Stormy is another gorgeous lady who performs well on a stage and does an excellent job of interacting with the residents of the tip rail!

Once again it slipped my mind that I've never asked Stormy about her physical statistics, so once again, I'll have to go with information gleaned from Wikipedia.

Now I do know that Stormy has blonde hair and blue eyes. (That part of her description is obvious.) As for the rest of the story, according to Wikipedia, Stormy stands five feet seven inches tall, weighs one hundred thirty pounds and measures 36-26-36. Wikipedia doesn't mention Stormy's cup size, but I would guess it to be no less than a 'D'.

Not only is Stormy a very beautiful and sexy woman, she is obviously quite intelligent and very well spoken. She is additionally a friendly woman with a good sense of humor, and she loves to meet and chat with her fans!

Stormy is one of the best feature dancers around today; therefore, it is my recommendation that everybody should get out to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person the very first chance they get. (Stormy was a touring showgirl before she moved to Los Angeles and became a Wicked Pictures contract star.)

Everybody should take a long, close, look at Stormy at: StormyDaniels.com

Okay folks that will just about do it for now. Up next will be another one of my insane trips, so stay tuned and read all about it. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show