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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Brea Bennett at Twistys

September 19, 2011 01:17am
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

MWA: Bare Bowling, Tessa Lane's Birthday, Richelle Ryan

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This time around, I'll be writing about one of the most interesting bowling events a person could ever hope for, an out of the ordinary birthday party, and a drive to Arizona to see a hot woman. Is anybody curious enough to read on? If not, it will be their loss!

Bare Babes Bowling

Sunday evening, September 4, I attended Protecting Adult Welfare's Bare Babes Bowling event.

A house dancer I met within the last month met me there. The young lady is seriously thinking about getting into the adult film industry; therefore, I had her join me at the event in order to be able to introduce her to some industry people that can help her get started. I won't mention her name because of the fact that she doesn't have a screen name yet, and I certainly will not put her real name in print.

Update: The young woman in question has signed with Ideal Image Management with none other than Tee Reel as her mentor. Her name is now Marilyn Michelle, and she is immediately available for adult film work.

The people in attendance whom I knew or had at the least met before were: Kiki Daire, Rich Hansen and his lovely wife who are the owners of GlamorGirl Magazine, Ron Hightower, Tod Hunter, Erika Icon, Devon Lee, Tessa Lane, my illustrious editor-in-chief Steve Nelson, Sensi Pearl, Powder, and Tee Reel.

The people I met for the first time during the evening were: Larkin Love, Nadia Night, Sami Sorrentino, Ginger G Spot, Jeska Vardinski and transsexual adult film star Brittany St. Jordan.

While the turnout for this event was smaller than I would have expected, both talent and fans, it was a lot of fun and everybody certainly seemed to enjoy the evening.

I definitely enjoyed the event, and I do believe that was mainly because of the fact that with fewer people in attendance than normal, I was able to spend more time enjoying the company of people I knew and chatting with brand new acquaintances.

Tessa Lane's Birthday Bash

Monday night, September 5, I went to the Federal Bar, in North Hollywood, to attend Tessa Lane's Birthday Bash.

The people in attendance that I knew or had met before were: Tessa Lane, of course, it was her party after all, Tera Knightley, Tee Reel, Jeska Vardinski and Adam Wood.

On this evening I met Katie Jordin for the first time.

While it was a nice party, and I did enjoy seeing some people I think of as friends, the place quickly became quite crowded with lots of people I'm certain got carded before they were allowed to enter. Because I really don't care too much for large crowds, and because I was surrounded by so many young people I was starting to feel like a non-paid babysitter, I said my goodbyes and called it a night a little after 1AM.

Richelle Ryan

Saturday, September 10, I drove to Phoenix, Arizona, to spend some time with Richelle Ryan at the Hi-Liter Gentlemen's Club and to observe the first two of her three shows of the evening. Well, as it turned out, I wasn't able to spend all that much time with her. After all, the lady was there to earn a living, and spending time answering questions doesn't pay the bills.

While I had originally planned to stay for all three of Richelle's shows, I was getting tired, starting to feel sleepy, and getting rather frustrated. So at 11:30PM, I decided to not stay for the final show, left the club, got fuel and starting the long drive home through the dark desert. (I'm going to kill myself attempting those one night turn-arounds someday. I just hope I don't take out any innocent strangers in the process.)

At the start of her first show, Richelle wore a blue jacket with long red sleeves. The jacket had a series of white stars on the front and a small American Flag on the back. Next she wore a vertically striped red, white and blue mini-skirt. Under her jacket, Richelle wore a blue bra with white straps and red trim around the edges of the breast cups. The bra also had a white star in the middle of each breast cup. Beneath her mini-skirt, Richelle wore a blue thong with a waistband that was red on the front half and white on the back half. The thong also had a white star on the front of the crotch panel. Richelle's footwear for this show was a pair of knee-high, high-heeled, white boots with platform soles. Every piece of the entire costume, with the exception of the boots, was literally covered with the appropriately colored sequins.

Richelle ended the show with a game of hooter/cooter ball and rides for five.

The music for this show was, "Whoomp There it is," by Tag Team, I think, (Richelle couldn't remember who the artist was.), "Tootsie Roll," by 69 Boyz, I think, (Once again, Richelle couldn't remember the artist.), "Rock that Body," by the Black Eyed Peas, and, "We are Who We are," by Kesha.

For her second show, Richelle wore a black, or maybe dark blue, and silver costume. When the show started, she was wearing a black cowgirl hat with silver trim around the brim and a silver star on the front of the crown. Next she wore a jacket with fringe on the sleeves that appeared to be chains of rhinestones. She also wore a pair of chaps-like pants with fringe on the legs that once again appeared to be chains of rhinestones. Richelle also wore a pair of fingerless elbow-length gloves. The jacket, "chaps," and gloves were all decorated with stars. Beneath her jacket, Richelle wore a bra that had a star on each breast cup. Under her, "chaps," pants, she wore a thong with a silver waistband and a star on the front of the crotch panel. On her feet, Richelle wore a pair of knee-length, high-heeled, platform-soled, black boots. Every piece of this costume, with the exception of the boots, was once again covered with the appropriately colored sequins.

Richelle ended this show with another game of hooter/cooter ball for 8X10s and a game of land a bill on the small of her back and make it stay there for DVDs.

Richelle's first song for this show was, "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)," by Big & Rich, and her second song was, "These Boots are Made for Walkin'," by Jessica Simpson. What her third and fourth songs were, I haven't a clue. Unfortunately, Richelle was too busy with customers after this show to speak with me long enough for me to ask her about the last two songs or to determine exactly what the color of her costume was. (If this sort of thing keeps on happening, I'm really going to have to go see my eye doctor and get new lenses for my glasses regardless of what it costs me!)

Richelle Ryan performs well on stage, and her interaction with the denizens of the tip rail is quite good.

Richelle has reasonably long, light brown, hair and green eyes. She stands five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-five pounds, and her measurements are 34F-25-34.

Based upon the little bit of time I have been able to spend with Richelle during the two times I've been around her to date, I would have to say that she is very friendly and has a good sense of humor. And I believe that she does like to meet her fans.

I do recommend that if anybody were to get a chance to go out to a club to see Richelle perform, they might not want to allow the opportunity to sneak past them.

Richelle can be checked out at: RichelleRyanOnline.com Okay folks, that's a wrap once again. We should all meet back here the next time to continue the discussion of hot, sexy, women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show