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September 08, 2011 01:11pm
MWA: Miss Exotic USA
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Miss Exotic United States Semi-finals and Finals!

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This column will be about the Miss Exotic United States Pageant semi-finals and finals which were held in conjunction with the 2011 Exotic Dancer Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since there were a good number of talented and beautiful young women involved with these two events, I'm certain everybody will continue reading this column in order to learn all they can about the events.

Miss Exotic United States Pageant Semi-Finals

Sunday, August 21, I drove up to Las Vegas to cover the Exotic Dancer Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo.

That night, I went to the Little Darlings Gentlemen's Club to observe the semi-finals of the Miss Exotic United States Pageant and to take photographs of the event.

Because I needed to photograph the pageant events this year in addition to taking notes, I will not be able to describe the performers and the contestants costumes in detail, but I'll do what I can. (Don't even expect me to be able to tell anybody about the music the ladies performed to this year.)

There were some great feature dancers performing as guest stars this year in addition to the statewide winners vying for the Miss Exotic United States title.

The guest celebrity emcee for this year's semi-finals was none other than the founder of A! Entertainment News, Tony Batman!

The co-host and the first guest star performer was A! Entertainment Girl Krystle Cummings.

Krystle's costume for her guest star performance was so elaborate it is almost impossible to describe. She wore a hat similar to what a naval officer would wear a couple hundred years ago. The hat had something like a black feather boa hanging from the back of it. Stuck into the boa-like piece were three large feathers, a white one, a yellow one, and a dark blue one. Around the edge of the hat brim was a series of small white feathers. She also wore a long-sleeved mini-dress that was a reddish-pink and gold color with some red trim in the front. (Maybe I should call it a frock coat instead of a mini-dress.) Krystle's boots were obviously designed to go with the costume. (I'll be darned, if I am going to attempt to describe those boots!) Beneath her costume, Krystle wore a red bra that was covered with sequins, and a pair of long, gold, pants, also covered with sequins. Under her pants, Krystle wore a red thong. The waistband of the thong was covered with red sequins.

Following Krystle as a guest star performer was Krystle's good friend Serenna Starr.

For her performance, Serenna wore a long red low-cut, ankle-length dress that had a red and black vertically striped bodice, spaghetti shoulder-straps, and was split up the left side to the hip. Beneath her dress, she wore a small black bra and G-string-like thong set. On her legs, she wore a pair of sheer black, hip-length, hose with wide black lace bands at the tops. Serenna's footwear was a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

After Serenna, the Evil Pin-Ups made a guest star appearance. The Evil Pin-Ups are Jaded Dawn and Shay Lynn.

Jaded Dawn wore a black top-hat with a pink hatband, above elbow-length black gloves, and a white bustier with pale blue floral-designs. The bustier also had long, light pink, feather boa-like stuff hanging from the bottom edge from hip to hip around the back. The bustier also had a large hot-pink bow in the back. She also carried a long, hot-pink, feather boa. She additionally wore a pair of dark red bikini panties that were covered with sequins. On her feet she wore a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

Shay Lynn wore a black top-hat with a red hatband. If I remember correctly, she carried a long black feather boa. Next she wore a red and black corset, and red and black bra, and a pair of dark red bikini panties covered with sequins. The bra was also trimmed with strings of red beads and red ribbon bows. She also wore a pair of well above elbow-length red gloves. Shay's footwear was a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

Toward the end of their performance, Jaded and Shay each played with a pair of flaming torches.

Now came time for the contestants to perform, and the first contestant up was Miss Exotic Illinois, Lillith Sinn, representing the Gallery, De Soto, IL.

Lillith came out of her outer garments so quickly, by the time I had finished jotting down some notes and turned my attention back to my camera, she was already down to her underwear. However, I think I remember seeing her dance onto the stage in a long red dress, but I could easily be wrong. What I can say for certain is that Lillith wore a small red bra with sequins on the breast-cups, a small pair of black bikini panties, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

Once Lillith was down to nothing but her shoes, she performed with a long toy snake. (Lucky snake!)

By the way, Lillith is my kind of big. She told me that she is five feet eleven inches tall! I love tall women, but then, I simply love women, period!

The next contestant to perform was Miss Exotic New York, MI, representing the Deja Vu Corporation.

I'm going to call MI's performance her Poison Ivy Show, because I believe it may have been modeled after something from one of the recent Batman movies. Although, I could be wrong since I've never seen any of those movies. (I suppose I got my fill of corny Batman stuff back when there was a Batman television series years ago.)

For her show, MI wore a long red wig. She also wore a green bustier and green thong panties, both with gold trim, and a pair of white, spike-heeled, shoes.

Miss Exotic Texas, Destiny B. Wilde, representing Desiree's Gentlemen's Club, San Angelo, Texas, was the next contestant to perform.

Destiny performed what I'm going to call a jungle queen show. For this she carried a good-sized plastic bone. Next she wore an artificial leopard-skin collar, a black bra with leopard-skin breast cups, and a leopard-skin loincloth-like piece. She also wore a leopard-skin thong, knee-length leopard-skin leggings, and a pair of high-topped, high-heeled, black shoes.

After Destiny came contestant Miss Exotic Wisconsin, Miss Holiday, representing Weasel's, Eagle River, Wi.

All I remember Miss Holiday wearing was a piece of black material on her left arm that went from her wrist up to halfway between her elbow and her shoulder, a black thong, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. I'm certain she started her show wearing more, but by the time I finished writing down some notes and turned my attention back to shooting photographs, that is all she was wearing.

Following Miss Holiday, the show continued with contestant Miss Exotic Alabama, Lil Bit, representing Boobie Bungalow, Elkton, TN, taking the stage.

For her costume, Lil Bit wore a white hat, a bra-like white halter-top with black trim, a pair of white bikini shorts with black trim, and a pair of black shoes with stiletto heels. Beneath her shorts, she wore a black G-string.

Lil Bit was followed on stage by contestant Miss Exotic Nevada, Alice, representing Little Darlings, Las Vegas, NV.

Alice's costume consisted of a lovely shade of green corselet, a black G-string and a pair of stiletto-heeled black shoes. She also wore a pair of hose on her legs, but I have no idea what color they were, nor do I know whether they were sheer or what. This is the reason why. At the start of her show, Alice sat down in a chair behind a Japanese style screen with a strong light casting her silhouette onto the screen. She then slowly and very seductively removed her hose one leg at a time. She later danced with a pair of small fans and did some rather good pole work.

Alice was followed by contestant Miss Exotic District of Columbia, Leah Bay, representing Silk T's. Leah's costume looked like some sort of a marching band uniform. The outer garments of the costume were basically a dark green with gold and some black trim. It consisted of a band helmet-style hat, a long-sleeved jacket, and a rather short mini-skirt. Beneath her jacket, Leah wore a green, black and gold bra. Under her skirt, she wore a black G-string with a green, gold and black front panel. She also wore a pair of white ankle socks and a pair of black shoes such as what a marching band member might wear.

Up next came contestant Miss Exotic Tennessee, Pleasure, representing Boobie Bungalow, Elkton, TN. Pleasure's costume was a white cowgirl hat with a black hatband, a black halter-style top, for lack of a better description, and a small pair of white short-shorts with a black waistband. Beneath her shorts, Pleasure wore a quite small thong. And on her feet, she wore a pair of almost knee-high, black, high-heeled boots with white heels.

Pleasure was followed by contestant Miss Exotic Florida, Natasha Vega, representing Xcitement Magazine. Natasha's costume was something to behold! Her jacket was really only two long black sleeves with silver fringe and held together with a black strap across the backs of her shoulders. Next she wore a pair of rather small black shorts with silver trim. She also wore a bra that was more of a series of interlocked straps decorated with shiny metal studs than it was an actual bra. Natasha also wore some sort of a black choker with something shiny in the front around her throat, and beneath her shorts, she wore a black thong that was almost a G-string. Natasha's footwear was a pair of black, spike-heeled, shoes that were more a series of straps than shoes. Her footwear also came equipped with platform soles of moderate height.

And the final contestant to perform was Miss Exotic South Dakota, Cody Cox, representing Cody Cox Bar and Grill, Dallas, SD.

Cody's costume for her show was very nearly indescribable. It was the most elaborate and beautiful cowgirl costume I believe I've ever seen! Cody wore a good-sized white cowgirl hat with a red hatband and an embroidered red rose with green leaves on the front of the crown. She also wore a long-sleeved white jacket and a pair of long chaps-like white pants with a bright red waistband. Both the jacket and the pants were decorated with red and with green, or possibly blue, symbols that appeared to be the symbols of the suits of a deck of playing cards. The jacket and the pants also had lots of long, gold, fringe, and they were both practically covered with sequins! Beneath her jacket and her pants, Cody wore a bra and thong set that matched her jacket and her pants. Cody's footwear was a pair of spike-heeled, platform-soled shoes that were held to her feet with a couple of clear plastic straps. Additionally, the shoes appeared to be hollow and transparent with a purplish-tinge to them. Cody also wore a garter on her right thigh that was covered with gold sequins. I swear, that costume should have won a prize all by itself!

The show ended with Sondra Saxon making a special guest star performance.

For her appearance on stage, Sondra performed her, "Top Gun," show.

Sondra's outer pieces of her costume were all black. Her top was a long-sleeved jacket-like garment that had several military aviation-style patches attached to it, two on each shoulder and one over each of her breasts. Sondra also wore a pair of long pants. The pants opened along the outside seams of the legs for easy removal.

Beneath her top, Sondra wore a gold sequin encrusted bra, and under her pants, she wore a thong that was also covered with gold sequins. Beneath the thong, she wore a black G-string. For footwear, Sondra wore a pair of stiletto-heeled black shoes.

Sondra has come a long way in a short time. She was a finalist in the 2009 Miss Exotic United States Pageant, and now she was a guest star performer in this year's events. (the same holds true for Krystle Cummings. Krystle was also a finalist in the 2009 event and a guest performer this year.)

Additionally, Sondra took Natasha Vega under her wing earlier this year, and she has been teaching her well. If fact, when I saw Natasha perform this night, I was absolutely amazed at how greatly she had improved in the short time since I met her in San Angelo, Texas, and saw her on a stage last April. In my opinion, Natasha is already so good a performer as the vast majority of the feature dancers I've seen over the years and considerably better than quite a few I've seen.

Any club owners and/or managers reading this should check into booking Natasha Vega to feature in their respective clubs. Everybody less should not allow an opportunity to go to a club to see Natasha perform and to meet her in person slip past them! Yes, Natasha has already had some feature gigs around the country, and I'm certain that she will get a lot more bookings now that she has attended an Expo.

Helping with the production of this year's contest was none other than the great feature performer Vanessa Young.

I ran into a good number of people I know during the evening who were not in the show including Skylar Rae (Actually, I believe Skylar was a contest judge.), Tony (Sondra Saxon's assistant), and Tim Hinojosa. Tim is the general manager of Desiree's Gentlemen's Club in San Angelo, Texas.

I also saw and spoke with Rio Rivers. Rio is the owner, director, and producer of the Miss Exotic United States Pageant.

I always enjoy time spent in Little Darlings. It is a nice, comfortable, club with some good-looking house dancers.

Karaoke XXX

Monday, August 22, I started the evening off by finding the way to the Red Label Bar to check out the first hour of Karaoke XXX. While there, I saw and spoke with the Evil Pin-Ups, Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn, and Rebecca Love. (I was later told that a good number of adult entertainment industry people I know showed up after I had left including Tali De'Mar.)

Miss Exotic United States Pageant Finals

After leaving the Red Label, I moved over to Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas to observe the finals of the Miss Exotic United States Pageant and to shoot even more photos.

The master of ceremonies was once again Tony Batman. ( At a point about halfway through the show, Batman asked the audience if they were ready to see more. He then looked straight at me and asked, how about you Myles? Are you ready for some more fun? I yelled out, let's do it Batman, or something to that effect. Batman then greatly surprised me when he said, "I love your writing by the way. Very nice." After the show had ended, I thanked Batman for the unexpected plug. I then asked him, "How much do I owe you?" He chuckled and said, "Two dollars and fifty cents.")

Batman kicked things off by introducing all of the contestants, one at a time, who then posed together for group photos.

The first guest star performer to take the stage was the lovely Sondra Saxon.

On this night, Sondra performed her, "Conan the Barbarian Show." She came out onto the stage carrying a sword and wearing a headband that was decorated with a design create with silvery metal studs. The rest of the costume was basically made with all black leather. Just about all of the pieces of the costume were trimmed with real rabbit fur. Sondra also wore a pair of wristbands on her arms that went from her wrists up to her elbows.

She also wore a jacket-like piece and a piece that was somewhat like a corset. Next Sondra wore a bra with breast cups that were practically covered with silver sequins. The breast cups were also trimmed with rabbit fur along the top edges. Sondra additionally wore a thong, and beneath the thong, she wore a black G-string. She also wore a red garter on her left thigh. On her legs, she wore a pair of almost knee-length leggings that were made with leather and rabbit fur. Sondra's footwear was a pair of black shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles of moderate height.

Next to make a guest star performance was the talented Krystle Cummings.

Krystle performed this show in what appeared to be the same costume she wore Sunday night but without the gold pants.

The last guest star to perform was Rain, a.K.a., Dancer Rain, who is one of the greatest pole dancers touring the club circuit today.

Rain came onto the stage carrying a pink Japanese bamboo umbrella and wearing a blue or possibly green kimono with a multi-colored flower design. (It was a bit hard to determine the exact color because of the colored stage lighting.) Under the kimono, Rain wore a white bra and G-string-like thong set that was decorated with little green flowers made with sequins. Beneath her thong, Rain wore a flesh-colored G-string. Rain's footwear for her show was a pair of transparent, high-heeled, platform-soled, shoes that were held to her feet by transparent plastic straps.

The first contestant to perform was Cody Cox. On this night, Cody performed a Little Red Riding Hood show wearing an extremely appropriate costume.

Cody came onto the stage carrying a brown wicker basket in which she had a Cookie Monster puppet. Nearly all of the pieces of Cody's costume were literally covered with the appropriate colored sequins. The majority of the various pieces of Cody's costume were red, as they should have been.

Cody wore a hooded cape, of course. What at first appeared to be a short red dress with a white bodice turned out to be a shiny, white, off-the-shoulder midriff-blouse, a corset and a short skirt. (The edges of all the red pieces of the costume were trimmed with narrow lines of white.) Beneath her outer garments, Cody wore a red bra, a red G-string-like thong, and a red garter on her right thigh. On her feet, Cody wore a pair of white ankle socks and a pair of black and white shoes.

After Cody was down to just her shoes, socks and thong, she positioned herself on her back on the stage floor with her legs up in the air and spread in a wide V. She then pulled her Cookie Monster puppet out of her basket, placed him down by her crotch, and did comical things with him while the DJ played, "Cookie Monster Sings C for Cookie."

Next to perform was contestant Destiny B. Wilde.

For her performance, Destiny wore a black top hat, a choker encrusted with diamond-like stones, a black bra and a black G-string. She also wore a pair of black, knee-length, boots with spiked heels and platform soles. In addition to the rest of her costume, Destiny wore a set of wing-like large pieces of silvery satin material. While she danced, Destiny twirled, whirled and swirled the wing-like pieces in such a way as to make them swoop and billow about and around her body.

After Destiny came a performance by contestant Alice. Alice wore the same costume and performed the same show as Sunday night.

The next contestant on the stage was MI. MI performed the same show wearing the same costume as she did Sunday night. The one exception was that she used two house dancers as extras instead of two men.

Miss Holiday was the next contestant to perform. She wore a beautiful, shiny, floor-length, blue gown with slightly below elbow-length sleeves. The gown was slit up the front nearly to Miss Holiday's crotch area, and it had a plunging V-neckline. It also had large billowing, lighter blue, pieces of material such as that used to create crinoline petticoats attached at the ends of the sleeves and the bottom hem. Beneath her dress Miss Holiday wore a white thong that was decorated with a design made with silver sequins. And her footwear was a pair of white stiletto-heeled shoes.

Contestant Pleasure followed Miss Holiday with her final performance.

Pleasure performed the same show wearing the same costume as she did Sunday night.

The last contestant to perform during the finals was the sweet and sexy Natasha Vega.

Natasha performed a completely different show from that which she performed on Sunday evening. This was what can only be called a, "Nurse Show."

Her costume for this show was literally covered with white sequins and decorated with red sequins. She wore a white nurse's cap encrusted with white sequins and having a red cross in the front and a one inch wide red line across the front both made with red sequins. She also wore a short-sleeved white midriff top with a one inch wide band of red sequins around each sleeve and a red cross made with sequins on each shoulder. The top also had a large red cross of sequins on the back. Next came a white mini-skirt with a series of red crosses around it. Beneath the top, Natasha wore a bra with red straps and white breast cups with a red cross on each. Of course everything about the bra was white and red sequins. She also wore a red crinoline petticoat under her mini-skirt, and beneath the petticoat, she wore a red and white thong. Under this thong, Natasha wore an even smaller black thong. Natasha's footwear was a pair of black shoes with spike heels and platform soles of moderate height. The bodies of the shoes were a series of leather straps.

Next came a break in the show during which two talented house dancers performed one after the other.

Now it was time to present the awards.

Most Beautiful Face was won by Alice, and Destiny B. Wilde was awarded Best Breasts.

According to the judges, Leah Bay had the Hottest Buns. (Leah does have a nice looking posterior.)

Lillith Sinn was credited with having the Hottest Legs, the Hottest Body Award went to Lil Bit, and the judges decided that Alice had the Hardest Body.

Pleasure was given the Hottest Gymnast Award, Cody Cox won the Most Original Show Award, and the Best Show Award went to Natasha Vega.

Miss Holiday won the Hottest Stage Personality Award, the Hottest Newcomer Award went to MI, Pleasure took the Audience Favorite Award, and Miss Pole Champion United States was won by Natasha Vega.

The Miss Exotic United States third runner-up was Miss Holiday, Natasha Vega was the Miss Exotic United States second runner-up, and MI and Pleasure tied for Miss Exotic United States first runner-up.

And Miss Exotic United States 2011 is Alice representing Little Darlings, Las Vegas, NV.

Conspicuous in her absence this year was Miss Exotic United States 2010, Ryan Stone. Why she wasn't there to pass along the crown, I have no idea. Miss Exotic United States 2011 was crowned by the legendary Heather Banks and Krystle Cummings.

I was later able to speak with Heather Banks, and it was great to see and speak with her. It had been entirely too long since I had seen her!

Okay folks, that's it for now. Up next is the Exotic Dancer Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo and the Exotic Dancer Awards Show, so please stay tuned. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show