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Club Jessica Jaymes - Official Website

September 03, 2011 02:16pm
The Party Final Episode
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

Dear Lusty friends, big apologies for the lapse, I suffered a laptop crisis. In the meantime, I've been writing by hand, a joyful respite from the keyboard, screen and reading glasses! A further benefit has been that scrawling with my right hand leaves my left hand free to touch myself up while I'm telling my tales! Haha! More fun for me... So read on for the final episode of the Party (the story of my first ever lesbian sex and the ignition source for my sexual proclivity).

... There I was, gagging for another taste of woman. My legs still trembling from my last encounter, I descended the same staircase I had climbed and listened once more to the house. A low throbbing hum seemed to fill the air. Distant and near floorboards creaked and moaned. Furniture shuddered heavily. Voices cried out, laughed and grunted. As I listened to the sex stirring the very foundations, I felt my insides melting again and a renewed surge of lust filled my bones. Eagerly I pushed open the next door I came to. The sound of gushing water hit me first. As I pushed the door fully open I saw a beautiful bathroom, white marble and glass. A huge bath in the centre and a long marble slab of a bench along one wall framing the "his and hers" basins. In the corner was a large walk in shower, which was clearly occupied.

The glass was steamed up but I could see the pert buttocks of a young man squashed up against glass. Two palms pressed against the glass either side of this sight. Another BJ I thought... Oh well, I was here now and if I wasn't mistaken another two for one opportunity was presenting itself. Quietly I walked toward the huge cubicle, stepping out of my dress as I approached. As I rounded the glass wall I realized the occupants were both guys. My face must have been a picture as when they spotted me they both laughed. The blow-jobee grabbed my hand and pulled me to them. The blow-jobber nearly choked on the slippery wet cock and looking relieved rose from his kneeling position to hug me closer to them. The hot water gushed down onto our slippery bodies and I felt two erect penises pressing into my sides.

"What have we here Ben?"

"A willing wench Chas, what shall we do?"

"She found us, I think you'll find she's in charge"

"Damn, forgot that, so what'll it be my love?"

"I want you two to take me, use my body however you want but don't take too long about it."

The two men laughed wickedly.

"Oh we can certainly oblige you there" said Chas winking at Ben.

A heavy hand bore down on my shoulder, pushing me to the floor. Kneeling I opened my mouth willingly and took in one gleaming clean cock, then the other, sucking, licking and deep throating until both cocks were rigid. They pulled my up by my armpits and guided me toward the marble bench. Together they raised me up to perch between the basins, legs dangling toward the floor. Ben bit my nipples and fingered me roughly, stretching open my hole and sliding juices around, lubricating my genital area.

I winced but the erotic scene fueled my desire and the fleeting pain just made me wetter still. Chas was stroking his cock, sustaining his erection and seemingly contemplating what to do next with this willing passive body. Ben positioned himself and entered me. I gripped the edge of the bench to steady myself as he rammed his rod all the way in. Mercifully I was so well lubricated that the sense of being filled and roughly taken didn't hurt. Still, a gasp escaped me and as Ben got going I looked longingly at Chas. His hand stroked and wanked his cock as he watched intently the piston motion of cock and balls slamming into pussy. I felt so lewd and open and randy. The attention of two men was making me squirm and writhe.

"I want you both at once" I heard myself pant.

Ben grabbed my arse and told me to wrap my legs around him. As I clung on, he shifted round and resting his own buttocks on the bench, helped me lift my legs so that I knelt astride his cock, my knees resting on the cold hard marble. As we adjusted our bodies and tempo I was aware of Ben's hands pulling my arse cheeks apart. Suddenly I felt a cold wet finger pressing against my anus. I jumped, squeezing my rectum tight shut.

"No!" I cried, trying to climb off Ben's erection.

"Sorry love, you gave yourself over to what WE want." Chas' voice reminded me over my shoulder. In the mirror I saw his cheeky grin as he reached for a bottle of moisturiser.

"This will have to do" he said to himself as he flipped open the lid and squirted a big blob into his palm.

He slapped the cold cream between my cheeks, poking an index finger inside my anus, spreading the lubricant.

In my naive state (I had never had anal sex before) I couldn't quite believe what was happening. Ben, pressing his hard on deeper into me, pulled open my cheeks to help his friend find his way. Chas' bell-end probed and pushed at the tender spot and eventually the muscle gave way and he eased his length in. Pain seared through me, my eyes watered and I felt stupid and resentful for giving them full control. Both men held me in place, there was no escape. I willed my body to relax and accommodate this new experience. Chas reached round and gripped my breasts as he found his rhythm and drummed into me. Looking in the mirror once more I caught my own reflection, wet hair plastered to my head, a wild look in my eyes. My body looked used and torn, red in some places and marked by pressing fingers and strong grips.

The sight was pure erotica, abandonment and lust. Suddenly I found myself pushing back, trying to get Chas' cock all the way in. He sensed my need and pushed harder, faster. As we bounced in unison I could not help but bear down on Ben. The pressure of my clitoris against his pubic bone aroused me so much that I stuck my arse out inviting Chas to do his worst. My new willing posture and grunts of desire urged the two men on to the point of orgasm. Grasping and jerking my hips to his own tune, Chas announced the arrival of his spunk and as he tensed, Ben raised my backside, pulling me up and sliding away from Chas. I felt hot splashes on my skin as Chas spunked his load over my back and rump.

Ben pushed me roughly off his own erection. I fell backward, awkwardly, painfully, I lay sprawled on my back on the cold tiled floor. Ben stood over me then and wrenched on his tool till once again hot rain splattered down onto my face, tits, hair. Gloopy, sticky, salty, yum! I licked my lips lasciviously, looking from one weeping fading erection to another. Fleetingly I cast them both smiling lusty eye contact. Aware that time was of the essence, I scrambled for my card. Not caring about my disheveled, naked, spunked on appearance, I marked my card and gave them my name. Suddenly I was weak and needed to be alone.

"Go now" I remembered I was the "one in charge" of the scenario. Grabbing their cards and clothes, they said their goodbyes, friendly and business-like. I sat on the edge of the bath and tried to focus.

The door opened and a beautiful forty-ish blonde woman peered in. I tried to lift my chin and give her a smile but I was limp, numb but buzzing. Parts of me ached and felt things they'd never felt before. Other bits, my vag for example, were alight, singing and burning for more. But I couldn't move. "Sandra" she introduced herself as she closed and bolted the door behind her. Tenderly she stroked my hair and crouching down she cupped my chin and looked into my eyes.

"Ah baby, let's have a look at you."

I just heard, "Cor yeah, lets have some of this" and burst into a big grin.

Sandra smiled and turned on the taps, clicking the plug into place.

I thought to myself that I wouldn't mind plugging her click into place, after I'm cleaned up of course. Gratefully I allowed her to support me and help me step into the bath. Bubbles had been added and a sweet exotic scent rose from the water. I sank down and groaned appreciatively as the hot water submerged my sore limbs and muscles. Sandra knelt at the side reaching in to sponge my back and neck, rinsing away the congealed semen. The hot sponge moved along my shoulders, arms and breasts. I let out another groan as I lay back to enjoy this tender loving care.

My pussy throbbed and yearned to be touched but the bath was too intensely sweet to hurry and was I really that desperate for the prize money? I shut my eyes and pushed thoughts away to make room for eroticism to overwhelm my senses. Sandra pushed on with the sponge, ordering me to stand up at one point so that she could get around my buttocks and thighs. As Sandra parted my thighs to reach the soft inner flesh, the marine skeleton, a porous mass of interlacing fibers, brushed against my labia and pushed gently inside. Involuntarily, my knees buckled slightly.

"Sit back down," Sandra said, "lie back."

I did as I was told and immediately felt her soft fingertips between my legs. Slowly at first then more rapidly Sandra strummed on my clitoris, the water rippled and splashed on the surface. My titties bobbed above the waning bubbles, nipples pink and erect. Straining for more I heaved my body up so that I was sat on the bath rim at one end. My pussy exposed and my feet still in the warm water. Sandra stripped efficiently and stepped into the bath, kneeling between my feet. She lowered her mouth to my gaping hole and using fingers and tongue worked me to a frenzy. I arched my back forcing my pussy into her face as she pulled back the clitoral hood to tongue the pop-up button of nerve endings. My orgasm shuddered into her mouth as she sucked and slurped my juices clean. My heart thumping in my chest I thanked her. She had rescued and seduced me all within approximately fifteen minutes.

"Number nine I think I love you" I joked as Sandra embraced me with a huge white towel.

In minutes we were both ready to leave the bathroom. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for what must surely be the last knockings. As we slid back the lock of the door we heard David's whistle, far below in the hallway.

"Game over" Sandra smiled. Relief washed over me and my tired body relaxed. We held hands as we descended the stairs together clutching our game cards. Faces and bodies emerged along the way, tucking in shirts, doing up zips and smoothing hairstyles. We regrouped in the dining room and fresh champagne flowed as we chatted and giggled about our various experiences. The cards had been handed to David who now clapped his hands to draw our attention....

"And the winner is...."

I held my breath thinking of my little car and the desperately needed repairs.

"Chas! Well done mate, a grand thirteen encounters" David shook Chas' hand as he handed him the cheque.

Fuck, I thought to myself, I had been convinced I might win, nine was a respectable score, especially since it had included two totally new experiences and one of them was anal!

Everyone was congratulating Chas shaking his hand and kissing his cheeks. Finally Chas and I were face to face.

"Well done Chas" I did my best to look genuinely pleased.

"Well, thank you for helping me get there" he said, "I want you to have this," he handed me the cheque. "Uh? I don't understand"

"Look, I've got money and you did me a big favour tonight, I've been dying to try anal and so far not one of my girlfriends has let me. I'd like you to have it to say thank you."

I laughed heartily at this turn around and telling him the sad story of my little motor I gratefully accepted the thank you money. Needless to say I took Annabelle and Sandra's numbers and never passed up a chance for some hot girl-on-girl action and to this day I do like a bit of anal now and again!

To read more lusty tales visit me at http://everhony.wordpress.com

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