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August 09, 2011 01:52pm
Tales of a Lusty Lass
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

Eve Rhony's Tales of a Lusty Lass: The Party (part 1 of 3)

Tonight I'm going to tell you the story of the first time I attended a sex-party that just so happened to be the first time I had sex with a girl. I was twenty-one at the time and had split up with a boyfriend Chris six months prior.

My friend David who worked as a model-booker was the host of a yearly infamous and hedonistic party. He'd been inviting me for the past three years but I had always refused, scared of the idea of all night drinking and rampant sex with strangers.

This year, he persisted, reminding me that I had done nothing but mooch round my flat since Chris dumped me.

"For God's sake Eve, you're a good looking woman and should be out there enjoying yourself, you must come."

I thought about the prospect, an evening of getting drunk and screwing around like a whore... mmm, could I? I hadn't had sex for six months, the recent heartache had sent my libido crashing through the floor. The thought of a stranger's cock penetrating me made me feel quite nauseous.

"I don't think I could go through with it David," I said chewing my bottom lip.

He spotted the requirement for further encouragement.

"There's prize money, a game, a kind of randy hide and seek. Each time you are found you have to succumb to the finders desires. If you are the one to find, you call the shots. Some sort of sex at each encounter is mandatory, whatever your gender. The person who has found and been found the most — that is — the one who has the most sexual encounters, wins."

I stood open mouthed as the lewd possibilities flitted through my mind.

'I don"t...'

"Cash, three grand."

I was broke at the time, my car on it's last legs... one wheel on my wagon and I'm barely rolling along, and David knew it. He grinned.


In a moment of madness I agreed, regretting it as I said it but the cash dangling like a carrot before my eyes.

I won't bore you with the details of where the three grand came from, of how I tussled with the idea of sex-for-money for days and nights on end or how I eventually got myself into a taxi and arrived at the designated address.

It was a beautiful period house spread over four floors in Courtnell Street, Notting Hill. I had dressed carefully in a clinging dress, low at the back and short enough to show off my thighs. I had not bothered with underwear, believing that if I were to win the prize I would need to be ready and accessible.

David introduced me to the other guests, about twenty in all. I noticed the appraising looks with some embarrassment but told myself to leave my coyness in the hall along with my coat and bag. I knocked back a couple of large vodkas to loosen myself up and blunt my inhibitions. After dinner David announced the game. Each "player" took a score card and a pen. Names would be exchanged after each sexual act. The name that appeared the most on the players cards at the end of the night would win.

We scattered through the house looking for places to hide. I bounded up the stairs to the second floor and finding a small room I slipped inside a cupboard. As I held my breath my heart beat loud in my chest and head. Trying to calm myself I strained to hear the whistle that would indicate the start of the game.

David, presumably somewhere near the dining room, blew on his whistle. I leaned out of the cupboard to listen intently for approaching feet. Instead I heard a woman squeal, someone caught already. I heard a floorboard creak and retreated into the cupboard, waiting in trepidation. I heard someone prowling round the room. Slowly the cupboard door opened.

The room was dimly lit but I could make out the silhouette and saucy grin of a good-looking male guest, probably in his thirties. My heart was pounding and my hands trembling. I peered sheepishly from the cupboard.

"Kneel down" he whispered extracting his cock from his fly, pulling back the foreskin and pushing it toward my face. I knelt on the rug in front of the cupboard and took his solid penis in my hand.

"Blowjob" he grinned again.

I thought again of my situation, about to suck dry a stranger's cock. Pushing down the upsurge of disgust I felt, I remembered the cash to get me through this ordeal.

I licked his knob-end tentatively at first. He groaned his appreciation and I felt encouraged to take his cock between my full lips and to suck him in half way. The salty taste triggered my arousal and I remembered how much I had enjoyed giving Chris head. Before I knew it I was sucking and slurping enthusiastically, taking him into the back of my throat. The body above me was quivering, grasping my hair as I moved my head back and forth. Acknowledging my own arousal and the wetness forming between my legs, I began to enjoy my sense of wickedness and wanked his shaft as I gulped and choked on his length. Suddenly I was thirsty for his sperm.

"I want you to spunk in my mouth, I want to drink you," I whispered coarsely as I wanked him faster and cupped his balls. I felt his knees begin to buckle and knew he was close. My mouth returned to the task of sucking him for all I was worth. My enthusiasm spurred him on and in a moment spunk gushed from his throbbing cock, flooding my mouth, shooting up the back of my nose and dribbling from the corners of my satisfied grin.

I realized I had taken immense pleasure from this crude act and now could not help wondering what else the night would bring. My first pussy love? My first anal... who knew? But for now I had a scorecard to mark.

I slipped his deflated cock from between my lips, kissing and sucking the last salty drop from it's eye.

"Number One" I said as I wrote with a trembling hand, we exchanged names and marked our cards accordingly.

"Good luck" we wished each other as he left the room. I gathered my senses and gingerly opened the door, I bent down on my hands and knees, not sure why, crossing the hall I heard the distant gasps of a woman's orgasm. Again my juices made me aware of my heightened state and with my heart once again in my mouth I pushed open the next door....

Please visit me at http://everhony.wordpress.com for more Tales of a Lusty Lass [linked in the box to the right].

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show