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August 02, 2011 01:45pm
Scratch Post Sex
Source: Through Adult Industry News
by: Eve Rhony

Eve Rhony's Tales of a Lusty Lass - Scratch-post-sex, when needs must!

That Dartmoor weekend was something! Suffice to say I didnít actually get lynched or molested by a gang of twelve lesbians...oh well!

Although my fantasy wasnít realized it did get me thinking and since that weekend Iíve been obsessed with eyeing up the girls. Thereís been no sign of the gym bunnies since that one time so Iíve been casting my glances at every pair of suntanned legs and twinkly smiling eyes I see. Today the lesbian post-woman definitely gave me a special smile and intense eye contact. Although my taste is for feminine looking women I found myself thinking "I would"....

In the meantime I will have to satisfy my sexual needs with men ó in my experience they are generally more available and compliant. In fact, the old retainer I called in for duty this weekend actively relishes the prospect of being used and abused. He thinks of himself as my "scratch post" and appears quite content to let me use his body to bring myself off with little regard to his own needs.

I left a message on his voicemail: "I need your body, masturbationís not cutting the mustard."

He rang back: "When do you want me?"

"Sunday afternoon."

"See you then."

No need for tenderness or soft words just plain old lust at its best.

He showed up, grinning from ear to ear. I was ready and waiting having prepared my body to be smooth, clean and free from underwear.

I poured us both a glass of wine but this was merely to appear hospitable as I knew he would not get time to drink it. I took a sip, as did he. Before I could swallow, I kissed him and mingled the sharpness of the wine with our breath, teeth and tongues. We swallowed the alcoholic kissing juices and sucked enthusiastically at each othersí tongues. So intense was my sexual longing for fulfillment that this simple act caused my legs to buckle and my pussy to physically ache. I pushed my crotch into his, parting my legs and trying to grip his bulging groin with my stretched gash. His hand reached down and he found my panty-less state. Slipping two fingers around the wetness that presided there, he grinned again.

"You are hungry today"

"Shut up and get your cock out"

He unbuckled his belt ó far too slowly for my liking ó and unbuttoned the fly. As he began to lower his jeans I pushed him back onto the sofa. His boots still on and trousers round his ankles he sat there, pretty helpless. I straddled him so that he couldnít get away easily and reached for his cock. Pulling it out of his shorts for inspection, it didnít need much encouragement being already quite hard but the contact with my hands and the hunger on my face soon had it poking bolt upright. Slipping my body between his legs I lowered my head to examine his gorgeous cock. It was a particularly handsome specimen, no weird shape, colour or irregularities, a perfect size and shape and for me. Luscious to lick and suck and take as deep as I can, into my throat, I can feel my gullet opening to accommodate him. He enjoys this attention ó perhaps he mistakes it for my attempt to provide him with some pleasure of his own ó what is actually happening is my own arousal is intensifying. As I lick and suck at his glistening cock, my juices continue to flow and my need for penetration screams its desire through my loins.

I sit up again, straddling him once more. This time I lower my gushing hole onto his erection, shunting my way down its length till Iím sat ó up to the hilt ó full. I let out a satisfied sigh and smile at him. We kiss again, like old lovers, familiar, both knowing whatís coming next. I pull off my T.Shirt and free my bare breasts. My skirt follows, pulled up over my head to allow my naked body to loom above his partially clothed state.

Slowly I start to rock back and forth, already I feel my climax near.

Girl on top is a great position for me, for getting the depth of penetration and clitoral friction just right. In this very simple way, I fuck him till I come. Just before orgasm I shove my tits in his face forcing him to nuzzle, suck and nibble at the sweet flesh. Looking down on this site of him brings me over the edge. I blurt it out:

"Iím gonna come... all over you"

He fights for breath from between my tits:

"Let me drink you"

Thatís it. As I spasm and jerk I manage to lift myself up and plant my pulsating pussy slap bang onto his face, smothering his nose and mouth. I hear him slurping appreciatively and know heíll be there for some time before heís cleared up the mess Iíve made.

Visit me at http://everhony.wordpress.com [linked in the Related Sites box on the right of this page.]

2020 Gentlemen’s Club EXPO and Adult Nightclub & Exotic Dancer Awards Show