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February 09, 2011 12:50am
An InnerView of Katsuni
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

How lucky we here at Adult Industry News are to have the opportunity to interview a performer with a special magic, a joie de vivre! Katsuni was kind enough to go on the record and reveal much about herself in a very intimate way...

[Photo to the right of Katsuni on the AVN red carpet courtesy of Brad Fitzgerald.]

Steve Nelson: Hi Katsuni, and thank you for taking the time to go on the record with Adult Industry News. I know you must get a lot of interview requests, and I know how busy you are, but I hope to ask some things that will help us get to know you better and find out what has been happening with you. First off, I understand you have left Digital Playground. Please tell us how that came about.

Katsuni: I left Digital Playground last August. I had no specific reason to leave them. I will be honest: They are a great company to work with, do only high quality movies, are the best for marketing, they treat the performers well, scenes are easy and fun... but I do this job because it brings me new experiences and I need to do different things. I had the feeling it was time for me for change, and come back on the market, work again with other companies and people I appreciate. Of course I will always enjoy working with Digital Playground. I use to keep good relationships with my ex! [She laughs]

Steve: How long were you with Digital Playground? How did you come to be with them?

Katsuni: I've been a Digital Playground contract girl for almost 4 years. I was already in the business since 6 years and did many scenes when they asked me for a contract. That was a surprise for me but a good one! I'm very independent but I didn't wait so much before I said yes. I was aware that it was a great opportunity of career. We signed a perfect deal where I could also perform for my own company and it went very well.

Steve: What were some of the most memorable films you did for Digital Playground?

Katsuni: To me Pirates 2 was, of course, the most interesting experience and the most ambitious movie I attended. For a few days I really felt like a movie star! That was so exciting, I loved the training for the fights. I will never forget my scene with Stoya and Belladonna... I really enjoyed Nurses but I'm very proud of Fly Girls. Not so much for my own part but for the whole movie, so funny, entertaining… and with a great cast and great sex scenes. I just wish I had done more as an actress. I hope the next companies I'll work with will use more my motivation and potential to make me playing "deeper characters." In fact director Nica Noelle is working on it.

Steve: What film did you enjoy making the most? Why is that?

Katsuni: Mentally (not sexually because then I can't choose): Pirates 2 for the reasons I already explained, and you know it means something when you come from France, sign with the most prestigious adult company in USA and then play in the most expensive movie in the adult history! When I started this job I had no idea I would have a career and when I arrived in USA I couldn't believe that I would be successful. I don't forget where I'm coming from. Pirates 2 and Digital Playground are really a symbol to me. The perfect cliche of the porn American dream.

Steve: Do you plan on seeking another contract someday? I'm sure there are other companies that would love to have you under contract.

Katsuni: No, I'm glad to be fully independent. I came back to Mark Spiegler's agency, did already many scenes with different companies, and I love that. Besides, I have many other activities and can't focus on a new partnership: I must run and develop my own company of video production. (I have distribution deals in Europe, my websites…) I also have my company of lingerie, Petit Coeur, that I want to develop in USA, and my career as a feature-dancer. I also host a TV show in France and develop my name as a brand which provide me different contracts, (Fleshlight for example, French clothing line Otaku, deals with a video game company), plus a book to write… I know what I want and how, and must be free to organize my life and schedule by myself.

Steve: Now that you are representing yourself, what is the best way for shooters to contact you for bookings?

Katsuni: Through SpieglerGirls.com! Mark is my agent since I arrived in USA and he's more than that. I totally trust him. We always kept in touch, he's a great man and I respect him as he respects me. He always believed in me and I don't forget that.

Steve: There are some things I'd like to ask to get to know the real Katsuni -- What's the most important thing in your life?

Katsuni: Being in peace with myself which means being honest; to feel, express and share emotions, pleasure and love.

Steve: What is your greatest fear?

Katsuni: Giving my love, trust or devotion to people who don't deserve it or want to use me... but I take the risk.

Steve: To what faults do you feel most indulgent?

Katsuni: As long as people are not evil, do not hurt others intentionally, I try to be tolerant as much as I can but I have no indulgence for meanness and violent or aggressive attitudes.

Steve: What is the quality you most admire in a man?

Katsuni: His honesty. I can't stand cowardice. It's difficult to be honest; You have to be brave, strong, know yourself and respect others. That's a rare quality.

Steve: The quality you most admire in a woman?

Katsuni: I love women who don't behave as women but still are feminine and delicate. I mean, I love strong women with a real personality and intelligence. I don't really pay attention to women who use only their status of "women" to be watched or considered. It's too easy.

Steve: What natural gift would you most like to possess?

Katsuni: I can be grateful to my parents, I can't complain, but I wish I had a beautiful voice and sing like Pink or Norah Jones!

Steve: What would you like for an epitaph?

Katsuni: I love this question! My answer is just "To Be Continued..."

Steve: What is your greatest regret?

Katsuni: I did the mistake to reject or betray some of my friends and consider it as a necessary sacrifice in order to live a love story. That was my bigger mistake ever. I'm glad that they forgave me.

Steve: What is your most treasured possession?

Katsuni: My life... I don't just speak of my lifestyle… just being alive and in these conditions is a chance.

Steve: What do you like to do in your free time?

Katsuni: Work! [She laughs] But I also just started to take classes of guitar, salsa, rumba and Argentine tango. I also learn pole-dance. I love spending time with the people I love and do simple things like going to a good restaurant, watch movies… I just started to play video games… and I love spending time on my computer working on my social networks, websites, business… I wish I could do more like learning a new language, paint, or practice martial arts but I can't; my work takes me a lot of time and energy, especially as I travel a lot.

Steve: What kind of guy appeals to you? A bad boy? Nice guy?

Katsuni: Smart good looking guys. [Smiling broadly] Bad boys were for my 20s but they're too much trouble, and nice guys have to be tough and strong too if they want to seduce me.

Steve: Now that you are working in the Adult Industry is there any sex fantasies you still want to fulfill?

Katsuni: Of course! I can be bored sometimes as a performer if people keep asking me to do the same things, the same way… but as a woman I can tell you that my libido is even better now! I have more experience on set than off set so there are basic fantasies like having sex in an elevator or a train that turn me on… but also more pervert and sophisticated ones…

Steve: Who haven't you worked with that you would like to perform with?

Katsuni: I already worked with all the performers I wanted to perform with -- and the best ones -- but I dream to make all the girls of the business come with my mouth… Especially Lisa Ann.

Steve: Which one of your movies was the most fun to make?

Katsuni: Joker! Can't pick just one but for sure all my first ones I did for French director Alain Payet. This man was incredible. We laughed so much on set! I also like to speak about this German movie where I had to play... a TREE! My whole body and face were painted. I was probably the most ridiculous woman, but the sexiest tree of the world this day!

Steve: Are you sexually attracted to girls in your private life? Are you more into girls, boys, or both equally?

Katsuni: Yes I am. I love women and I love watching them. I like very feminine and delicate women. With them I feel like a man and I love this feeling. To make a woman come, make her feel beautiful, watching her face when she abandons herself to me… turn me on so much. I could fall in love with a woman and have a love story, but I need men (and I need one especially) so women are my second choice.

Steve: How did you get used to having sex on camera? Did it come easy for you?

Katsuni: It always has been easy and exciting to me. When I started I was extremely shy. I even couldn't go on the beach, I wasn't comfortable with my body but I always had a great chemistry with the camera and thinking of all the men -- and women -- who will watch me and touch themselves drives me crazy! Even the crew on set turns me on. Having sex on camera is really like dancing on stage, I express myself with no limits.

Steve: How much of your own sexuality did you explore before you started doing porn?

Katsuni: I used to do anal, DP, gang-bangs before I started porn but in the other side I didn't know how to touch myself! So let's say that I was already very sexually "active" and curious but I truly wasn't a real woman yet. Sex was first a game but it always has been a way to express myself.

Steve: Do you like working with new people or just the old pros, and do you like working with new people in the business or just new to you?

Katsuni: I just like working with people who love and enjoy what they do because with them it's never the same and we can share a lot. Working with new people is exciting of course. This is why I direct some castings for my company. But nothing is better than the people with who you have the perfect chemistry. To me: Manuel Ferrara for men and Belladonna for women. I could just work with them every day, I wouldn't get bored.

Steve: What type of scene do you prefer, romantic or rough?

Katsuni: Once again to me a good scene is all about the performers I'm having sex with and our chemistry. I just don't like routine and to fake, so everything is good as long as it's intense. In fact I really think it's possible to be rough and romantic in the same time.

Steve: If you were casting a movie about yourself, who would you cast to play your role?

Katsuni: Myself! It would be the role of my life. My second choice would be Winona Ryder.

Steve: What are your dreams for the future? Do you want to be involved with the adult industry for the rest of your life?

Katsuni: I'm in the adult industry right now, who knows what I'll do in 10 years? I like the idea that everything is possible but to me it's all about evolving, doing new things, keeping expressing myself. I managed to build a brand with my name so my career will always have a link with the adult industry, like my brand of lingerie for example, but more generally speaking I think that I'll always be involved in the field of sexuality and pleasure. Porn is just a way I chose, but today, even if I still love performing, I can choose other ways to express myself, like writing for example. My dream is just to keep my lifestyle, be free, have fun in my work and share my experiences.

Steve: Should we expect to see more of you on our screens soon? In what capacity?

Katsuni: Sure! You should see me soon in many movies, features and gonzos. I don't have time to perform too much but I have no doubt you will hear about my scenes. I'm moving to LA and I'm BACK! I don't want to be considered as a foreign performer anymore… (ok I know, my accent sucks…)

Steve: I think your accent is charming! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Katsuni. You've revealed a great deal about yourself, and we've gotten to know you a lot better.

Katsuni: Thank you to have given me the opportunity to tell people more about myself as a person. I really appreciated your questions!

[Follow the link "Pictures From An InnerView of Katsuni" in the box to the right for a special page from this interview.]

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