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Club Jessica Jaymes - Official Website

July 31, 2010 06:11pm
Myles' Weekend Adventures
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

MWA: Phoenix Marie, Tali De'Mar, Santa Ana California Girls

Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. My apologies for the dry spell. There were no feature dancers performing anywhere in Southern California, that I was aware of, before the weekend of July 8Th through the 10Th. Even then, there was only one feature dancer booked that weekend. (There was also EXXXotica LA from July 9Th through the 11Th.)

I was tempted to make the long drive to Santa Maria to see Brooke Banner. However, I felt obligated to drive to Las Vegas to attend the memorial service for the wife of a dear friend since high school. Therefore, I needed to stay home, prepare for the drive to Las Vegas, and get some sleep. Because of lack of sleep and not leaving Las Vegas until ten o'clock at night, by the time I woke up that Sunday, it was entirely too late to make any attempt to attend EXXXotica LA. Oh well, maybe next year, if it is held again.

This time around, I spent my weekend hanging out with a very hot adult film star and a fiery red haired walking dream! I would be honored if everyone would continue to read on to see what I am speaking about.

Phoenix Marie

Thursday, July 22ND, I drove up to the North Hollywood Blue Zebra Cabaret to say hello to Phoenix Marie and to observe her one show of the evening.

At the start of her one show, Phoenix Marie wore an all black costume. She wore a fedora-style hat and a fingerless glove on her left hand. She also wore a bustier and a pair of very, very, short shorts. Under her bustier, Phoenix Marie wore a cup-less bra with one long red ribbon hanging from each side. (Okay, so I suppose her costume wasn't quite all black.) Beneath her shorts, she wore a G-string.

At first I thought that she was wearing a garter belt and a pair of hip length sheer hose. However, as time marched on, I decided that rather than a garter belt and a pair of hose, it was actually a pair of pantyhose cut in such a way as to give the appearance of a garter belt. Phoenix Marie's footwear was a pair of high-top shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles.

Phoenix Marie performed this show to, ''Gangster Love,'' by Snoop Dogg, ''Licky,'' by Shontelle, ''Dirty Picture,'' by Taio Cruz, and, ''Pulling Me Back,'' by Jay Sean. (I'm not certain that the artist on, ''Pulling Me Back,'' was Jay Sean. I have not been able to confirm the information on the Internet, so I am going with what I was told.)

Phoenix Marie has long blonde over brown hair and blue eyes. She stands five feet nine inches tall and her weight is one hundred forty pounds. She measures 34DD-27-40. If some people are now thinking that Phoenix Marie's butt is too big, that is their opinion, one which I do not agree with. My opinion is that Phoenix Marie's entire body is beautiful, and her posterior is absolutely kissable!

In addition to being a great-looking and very sexy lady, Phoenix Marie is smart, well spoken, and very friendly. And she loves meeting and chatting with her fans. Also, Phoenix Marie is generally quite willing to give lap dances between her shows for a price of course. I've never noticed any customer returning from getting a lap dance with Phoenix Marie who didn't look pleased. In fact, they have all had a very contented look about them!

In my opinion, Phoenix Marie is a naughty girl, and I say that as a good thing. Phoenix Marie is quickly becoming one of the features I most enjoy being around. And I am proud to call her my friend.

I can't think of a single reason for anybody to ever miss an opportunity to go out to a club and see Phoenix Marie perform and meet her in person. I don't see how anybody could possibly be disappointed by the experience!

Phoenix Marie can be ogled at her official website: PhoenixMarie.com. She can also be found at: Twitter.com/PMarizzle MySpace.com/PhoenixMarieinc and Facebook.com/PMarizzle

As an extra added bonus during this evening, I got to see my beautiful friend Jamie. I know Jamie from when she used to work at another club before becoming a dancer.

If anybody where to find themselves in the Blue Zebra some evening, they should ask for Jamie and maybe even purchase a few dances with her. She does give good dances. Although, Jamie doesn't do anything that could get her thrown into jail.

Tali De'Mar

Friday, July 23rd, I went to the California Girls Gentlemen's Club, in Anaheim, to spend the evening with Miss Exotic USA Tali De'Mar and to observe all three of her shows.

To start her first show, Tali wore an all red costume. For starters, she wore a red flower in her hair, on the left side of her head, and a pair of elbow-length gloves. Next she wore a red penoir trimmed with feathers. In addition to the penoir, Tali wore a bra, corset and thong set. Under the bra were a pair of pasties with tassels, and beneath the thong was a G-string. Tali also wore a garter belt, and on her legs she wore a pair of hip-length, black, fishnet hose. (the hose were the only parts of her costume that weren't red.) Tali also wore a garter on each of her thighs at the tops of her hose. Tali's footwear for this show was a pair of high-heeled shoes with ankle straps.

During this show, Tali briefly danced with two large feather fans.

For her second show, Tali wore an all black costume. She had a feather boa hanging around her neck, and she wore a feathered headdress and a pair of elbow-length gloves. Next she wore a floor-length skirt-like piece that was open in the front. She also wore a bustier that was trimmed with feathers, a lace bra and a thong with somewhat long strings of fringe. Tali again had a pair of pasties with tassels beneath her bra. Under her thong, Tali wore a G-string, and beneath the G-string, she wore a piece of material that was decorated with a design made with gem-like sequins.

This piece had no straps and was held in place with some sort of adhesive. (In answer to a question I later asked her, Tali told me that, yes, she did have to be rather careful when removing this piece. I can well imagine!) Tali also wore a garter belt that was decorated with sequins and a pair of hip-length sheer hose. Her footwear was a pair of shoes with stiletto heels and platform soles.

Tali again danced briefly with two large feather fans during this show, and she ended the show with a game of cooter ball.

At the beginning of her final show of the evening, Tali wore an all pink costume. She wore a feathered headdress, had a feather boa around her neck, and she wore a pair of elbow-length gloves. She additionally wore a skirt-like piece that consisted of long feather boas hanging from a cord that tied around her waist. Next she wore a bustier that was decorated with sequins and a pair of ruffled panties.

Tali again wore a pair of pasties with tassels under her bustier. (It has become obvious to me that, because of all her performances being modeled after the old time burlesque shows, Tali always wears pasties.) Beneath her panties, Tali wore a G-string that was trimmed with a strip of ruffled lace across the top edge in the front. Tali's footwear during this show was a pair of stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, shoes.

Tali once again danced briefly with two large feather fans at one point in this show.

If anybody is wondering why Tali would wear tasseled pasties and do mini fan dances during each and every one of her shows, they must remember that Tali is not the usual run of the mill feature dancer. She is a trained burlesque artist.

During my time at the club during this particular evening, I had the pleasure of meeting a new dancer named Morgan.

This was only Morgan's third night dancing at the club.

Morgan is incredibly cute, and has an absolutely delicious-looking body! She also has a terrific personality and a great sense of humor.

Morgan has long brown hair with shorter blonde hair on top and blue eyes. She is five feet seven inches tall, weighs in at one hundred seventeen pounds, and her measurements are 36D-24-36.

If anybody were to find their way to this club some evening, they should look for Morgan, introduce themselves, and buy a few dances with her. I myself think that I will eventually get a dance with Morgan.

I also saw my house dancer friends Sasha and Justine, as well as a few other ladies I recognized, but unfortunately, I don't remember their stage names.

Another Helping of Tali De'Mar

Saturday, July 24Th, I went to the Santa Ana California Girls Gentlemen's Club to spend some more time with Tali De'Mar and to once again observe all three of her shows.

Tali performed the same three shows during this night that she had the night before at the Anaheim club. She explained to me that since she was dancing in a different local on the second night, she decided to do the same shows for the sake of convenience. I for one do not blame her. Why go to the trouble of unpacking the gear for three shows, then packing the gear for three different shows, if you are going to be performing in a different location each night.

So Tali wore the same all red costume for her first show with one exception. Instead of wearing a red flower in her hair on the left side of her head, she wore some red feathers.

Tali ended this show by squirting herself with a spray bottle full of water and then allowing the customers to stick dollar bills to her body. She also allowed a few of the customers to squirt her with the spray bottle.

For her second show, Tali wore the same all black costume with, once again, one exception. On this night, since she was performing in an all nude club, she didn't bother to wear the stick on crotch piece beneath her G-string.

Tali ended this show with a game of cooter ball.

Tali started her final show off wearing the same all pink costume with no exceptions.

She ended this show with the spray bottle of water and allowing tip money to be applied to her body once again. She followed that with another game of cooter ball.

Tali is one of the sweetest, most loving, women it has ever been my pleasure to know!

Tali has long red hair and brown eyes. She stands five feet three inches tall, weighs one hundred fifteen pounds, and her measurements are 36D-24-36.

In addition to being beautiful and a great performer, Tali is friendly, smart and a lot of fun to be around! In general, she has a great personality and a good sense of humor. As if that weren't enough, Tali also enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

I do highly recommend that nobody ever fail to take full advantage of any opportunity them might get to go to a club to see Tali perform and to meet her in person. It will be an enjoyable experience.

TaliDeMar.com has finally been officially launched. People can also visit Tali at: Facebook.com/TaliDeMar MySpace.com/TaliDeMar and Twitter.com/TaliDeMar

California Girls, Santa Ana

This club is certainly not the largest club I've ever been in, but it is adequate and quite comfortable. The club has been recently remodeled, and it not only looks good, but it is nicely furnished.

The club has a one drink minimum and all drinks are six dollars. The cover charge is only five dollars until 6:30 PM, and only ten dollars after that even when there is a feature dancer performing.

A person can get three dances in open booths for thirty dollars with extra songs going for ten dollars each. Or a person can buy four dances in enclosed booths for sixty dollars with extra songs going for fifteen dollars each. The big spenders can buy thirty minutes with the dancer of their choice for one hundred fifty dollars.

There are large upholstered benches, for lack of a better word, on three walls of the main club area. Once an hour, the club will give a two for one dance for only ten dollars, and the dances will take place on these benches, couches, or whatever anyone would like to call them.

Shortly after I arrived at the club, a pretty young dancer approached me and said, ''Hello! I remember you!'' It was none other than Vienna Star whom I met earlier this year at the Platinum Club in downtown Los Angeles. (I just discovered the night before that the Platinum Club has apparently been sold to the Deja Vu chain. That might explain why it said Deja Vu across the front of the club in big letters when I drove past it coming home from the Blue Zebra.)

During the evening, I had the good fortune to meet house dancers Cindy, Dixie, and a six foot tall African-American beauty named Star.

And speaking of good fortune, I finally had the extreme pleasure of meeting Simone Danalustrous.

Simone has recently signed with the Pure Talent Agency and is planning to become a touring feature dancer.

Becoming a touring feature dancer has been a big dream of hers, and she is glad to finally start having it realized. She has already acquired a certain amount of experience by being a part of a burlesque troupe called the Boozie Floozies.

Having seen Simone perform twice as a house dancer, I can honestly say that she already performs better than a few of the feature dancers I have seen in the past. She will be one to watch for. I would love nothing better than to be able to see her perform as a feature dancer in the very near future and to write more about her.

I have now learned that the burlesque troop that Simone is a part of will be having a big show at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, California. The show will take place Thursday evening, August 12Th. I am going to try to attend, and I hope that all of my readers in the southern California area will also attend.

In the meantime, if anybody happens to be in the Santa Ana area with time on their hands, why not swing by the California Girls Gentlemen's Club, find Vienna Star, Cindy, Dixie, Star and Simone Danalustrous, introduce themselves, and possibly purchase some dances. After all, every one of these ladies are lovely and very sexy women!

Okay good people, that will be a wrap for now. We should all meet back here the next time and continue the discussion of hot, gorgeous, women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

HardArt Films

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