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Kayden Kross at Twistys

April 04, 2010 11:38am
MWA: Myles' Weekend Adventures
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon Amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. I really can't think of anything profound to say about this particular weekend other than that it was filled with an extra large abundance of gorgeous women and tons of fun. Now if that might arouse the curiosity of anyone, then they should most certainly read on!

Divas of Deviance

Wednesday evening, March 24Th, I drove out to the Hustler Club in Redlands to say hello to the Divas of Deviance and to observe the first of their two shows.

The Divas of Deviance consisted of Sunny Leone, Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas.

Rather than each lady performing a solo show in turn, then doing a grand finale during which all three ladies perform at the same time, which is what I am accustomed to seeing during an, ''Extravaganza,'' all three ladies performed together at the same time during both of their shows. They also did their signings at the same time which stands to reason of course.

During the one show that I observed, Sunny wore a red corset with black trim and a red and black bikini. Beneath her bikini bottoms, Sunny wore a red and black thong.

All of these items were virtually covered with appropriately colored sequins.

Sunny's footwear was a pair of slightly above knee-length, stiletto-heeled, black boots with platform soles.

Teagan wore a black corset and a black bikini. Under her bikini bottoms, she wore a black G-string. Teagan also wore a pair of black knee-pads, and for footwear, she wore a pair of almost knee-high, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, black boots.

Alexis' costume consisted of a red and black, vertically striped, bikini, a matching thong, and a matching band around each leg at the very top of the thigh. Alexis also wore a pair of black knee-pads, and on her feet, she wore a pair of not quite knee-length black boots with stiletto heels and platform soles.

All three ladies performed very well on stage, and their interaction with randomly selected tip rail patrons was very good indeed, especially the female fans! (Their interaction with each other was a joy to watch!)

Unfortunately, I was so busy attempting to wrap my mind around everything that was going on and taking notes, I didn't recognize any of the songs the ladies performed to. And things were so fast paced and hectic after the show, there just wasn't any time to speak with the ladies, the DJ, or anybody else about the music. All I can say now is that I think all of the ladies' music was pop tunes. But who knows? I certainly don't have a single clue.

Sunny told me that to save us both some time, I should go with the Internet. She said that anything I found on the 'Net would be fairly accurate. So, according to Wikipedia.com, her measurements are 34C-24-34, she weighs one hundred ten pounds, she is five feet four inches tall, and she has black hair and brown eyes.

I thought I already had Teagan's physical statistics, but I don't. Because of that error in my thinking, I didn't ask her anything. So once again, I will have to rely on the Internet. According to Wikipedia.com, Teagan stands five feet even, weighs in at one hundred one pounds and her measurements are 34C-24-34. She has blue-green eyes, and her hair is more-or-less blonde at this time.

Alexis has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is five feet eight inches tall, weighs one hundred forty pounds and measures 34C-28-40.

Yes, I know. The forty inches might seem a bit large to some people, but trust me, Alexis' buns look positively delicious!

All three of these beautiful young women are smart, friendly, well-spoken ladies with good senses of humor. And it has been my experience that they all three enjoy meeting and chatting with their fans.

I do feel that not one single person should ever pass up an opportunity to go out to a nearby club to see any of these ladies perform and to meet them in person. The luckier people might find that the Divas of Deviance Tour is heading their way in the near future. If so, they should most definitely give themselves a triple treat!

Pay Sunny a visit at: SunnyLeone.com

Apparently Teagan still hasn't managed to get her official website launched as of yet. However, she can be found all over the Internet, so happy hunting people.

Alexis can be found at: AlexisTexas.com

Ashton Moore

Thursday, March 25Th, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to spend some time with Ashton Moore and to observe her one show of the evening.

To start this show, Ashton wore a black, bustier-style, latex-vinyl top and a pair of black, skin-tight, latex-vinyl pants with moderately flared cuffs. Both the top and the pants were decorated with red and yellow flames. Beneath the pants, Ashton wore a pair of black bikini panties. Her footwear was a pair of almost knee-length, black, high-heeled boots with platform soles.

Ashton committed very good interaction with a few randomly selected tip rail customers.

Ashton performed this show to, ''Beautiful People,'' by Marilyn Manson, ''Something in Your Mouth,'' by Nickelback, and, ''Get Stoned,'' by Hinder.

Ashton is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is five feet three inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-five pounds, and her measurements are 36DD-25-36.

Ashton Moore is one of the sweetest, friendliest, kindest women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is also smart, has a great sense of humor, and she is a very good conversationalist. As if that weren't enough, she loves to meet and chat with her fans.

I never miss a chance to go to a club to spend time with Ashton and to see her perform if I can help it, and I don't think anybody else should either. I'm certain people will enjoy the experience.

Ashton has had a new movie released recently. The title of the movie is, ''Ashton Loves Jenna.'' The cast includes Ashton Moore, of course, Jenna Jameson, Lexi Belle and Carmen McCarthy.

I can not seem to be able to locate an official website for Ashton. But, she can be found all over the Internet.

Courtney Cummz

Friday night, March 26Th, I went to the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino to say hello to Courtney Cummz and to observe her first show of the evening.

At the start of the show that I managed to observe, Courtney wore a black latex-vinyl bikini. The bikini bottoms had straps attached that went vertically up her front and over her shoulders, then one crossed over the other going down her back. Both straps had a bow attached about an inch from each end. Beneath her bikini bottoms, Courtney wore a black G-string. Her footwear was a pair of well above knee-length black boots with spike heels.

Courtney performed to, ''Meet Me Halfway,'' by the Black Eyed Peas, ''Tic Toc,'' by Keisha, ''Sexy Chick,'' by David Guetta featuring Akon, and, ''I Wonder if I Take you Home,'' by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

Courtney's interaction with the residents of the tip rail was excellent as usual. In fact, Courtney has a habit of often leaving the stage and giving mini-lap dances to some of guys in the cheap seats.

Courtney is a beautiful, intelligent, well spoken, friendly young woman. She is five feet six and one half inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-seven pounds, and her measurements are 34D-26-36. The best way that I can describe Courtney's hair is to say that it is brown with lots of blonde streaks and highlights, and she has hazel eyes.

Courtney also has a great sense of humor, and she loves to meet and chat with her fans!

I would recommendation that nobody pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see Courtney perform and to meet her in person. I do not see how anyone would not enjoy the experience.

Take a good long look at Courtney at: CourtneyCummz.com

jessica drake

After saying goodnight to Courtney, I went to the Platinum Gentlemen's Lounge in downtown Los Angeles to spend a little time with Wicked Pictures contract superstar jessica drake and to observe one of her shows.

Regarding her attire for the one show that I saw, jessica wore a tiara on her head and a pair of almost elbow-length, fingerless, black gloves on her arms. She also wore a little black jacket. The jacket was decorated with a line of white fur around the bottom. It also had a big red collar that stuck straight up behind her head. Next jessica wore a red and black bustier.

The bustier had a large red bow in front. Jessica also wore a black mini-skirt with a wide white line around bottom. The mini-skirt looked somewhat like a crinoline petticoat. Under the mini-skirt, jessica wore a pair of red bikini panties. On her legs, jessica wore a pair of above knee-length, black and white, horizontally stripped stockings over a pair of black fishnet pantyhose. On her feet, she wore a pair of stiletto-heeled black shoes.

jessica performed this show to ''Poker Face,'' by Lady GA, ''Just Dance,'' also by Lady GA, ''Bad Romance,'' again by Lady GA, ''Telephone,'' once again by Lady GA, and,'' Beautiful Dirty Rich,'' by, surprise, Lady GA! (Could it be that jessica is a big fan of Lady GA's music?)

jessica's interaction with randomly selected denizens of the tip rail is quite good indeed.

jessica is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. She is five feet eight inches tall, weighs one hundred fifteen pounds, and her measurements are 34C-25-36.

jessica drake, in addition to being beautiful, is smart, well-spoken, and very fun-loving and friendly. She also has a good sense of humor, and she truly enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

Anybody who does not take full advantage of any opportunity they may get to go to a club to see jessica perform and to meet her in person will definitely be missing out big time! So don't become a member of that pathetic group of bored people. Go see her!

jessica can be found at: jessicadrakeonline.com

Platinum Gentlemen's Lounge

Sasha, who is a good-looking mixture of African-American and German descent, was the first house dancer that spoke with me. She turned out to be a very smart, friendly lady with a good attitude. In fact, it is my opinion that Sasha sets the mark for the rest of the house girls.

If any of my readers ever find themselves in the vicinity of Platinum with some spare time on their hands, I would like for them to stop by the club, say hello to Sasha and get a couple of lap dances with her.

Another jewel I found in this club was a lady I knew from another club. What a joy it was to see her again!

All of the house dancers that I saw were good looking ladies. And of the several house dancers who spoke with me, there was not one single, ''Wanna buy a dance?'', girl in the bunch. Every dancer who spoke with me did just that. They stuck around and chatted with me for a bit. On another note, there was even a pretty, sexy-looking, and very friendly female bartender on duty. (I stopped by the club on my way home from the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino just before closing Saturday night, and there was a beautiful, extremely friendly, Asian-American lady working the bar. Since there were very few customers left that late in the evening, this super-nice lady took a bar stool next to me and we had a great conversation.

Platinum has lots of free indoor parking, and it just may be the largest club in the Los Angeles area. In fact, Platinum is bigger than a large majority of the clubs I've seen. Even the men's room was considerably larger than those in any of the other clubs I've been in with the exception of Sapphire in Las Vegas.

The club has a large bar and a good-sized stage. It also has an upstairs sky box area with a small bar that can be used for special parties or if the club simply gets really crowded on the main level.

Platinum is well furnished and has three large closed circuit televisions that I noticed. The club has several small tables and lots of comfortable chairs on both sides of the stage. There is also a good number of comfortable bar stools at the bar. In addition, there are six large booths, three on each side of the club.

Platinum has a kitchen that normally remains open until at least 2AM. And if the Caesar salad I had was any indication, the food is very good and reasonably priced.

The chef, while still a young man, informed me that he has several years of experience cooking in restaurants around Los Angeles.

Platinum has a friendly, helpful, staff. Everything about the club presents a good, friendly, atmosphere. I felt quite comfortable and safe during the time I spent there on both nights, and I will have no problem returning any time the club has a feature dancer. (Considering the royal treatment I was accorded at this club, I just might be prone to stopping in on my way home from other clubs just to say hello and hang out for a little while.)

To show just how friendly the people in Platinum can be, the club's owner and general manager took me into the private office, where the three of us sat and had a nice, quiet, conversation about the club and about other aspects of the adult entertainment industry in general.

During the course of the evening, I was told that they are setting up an area in back of the club where limos can park. There will also be a private celebrity door in the back and a hallway that leads directly to the main floor area.

At one point in the evening, the general manager took me on a grand cook's tour of the entire building and let me see everything they are doing, and planning to do, with the club.

According to the owner of the club, PlatinumLoungeLA.com will have been launched by the time this column has been published. So by all means, go take a look.

The cover charge at Platinum is only five dollars in the daytime and ten dollars at night. (Los Angeles County employees get in free in the daytime and only have to pay five dollars at night.) the club has a one drink minimum and a drink costs five dollars. The good news is that drink refills are only two dollars! Lap dances at this club cost the same as most of the southern California clubs at twenty dollars topless and forty dollars nude.

Platinum Gentlemen's Lounge is located at: 710 E. Commercial Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90012 the club's phone number is: (213) 213-1112

Brooke Haven

Saturday, March 27Th, I drove to the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino to spend the evening with Brooke Haven and to observe both of her shows.

For her first time on the stage, Brooke performed her bridal show. For this performance, Brooke wore a basically all white costume. She wore a head-piece that looked very much like a bridal veil. She also wore a bustier that laced up the back and yet had a series of hooks and eyes in the front for easier removal. Next Brooke wore a pair of bikini panties with a long train in the back much like a train of a bridal gown. Beneath the panties, she wore a thong that had pink ribbons tied in bows on each hip. Brooke's footwear was a pair of knee-high white boots with spike heels and platform soles.

During this show, Brooke performed to, ''Like a Virgin,'' by Madonna, ''White Wedding,'' by Billy Idol, ''I Hate This Part Right Now,'' by the Pussycat Dolls, and, ''Brooke Haven,'' written and performed by Xl in honor of Brooke.

For her final show of this booking, Brooke wore a long sleeved midriff jacket that was covered with white sequins and trimmed with lines of red sequins. The jacket also had six racing patches on the chest, three per side, six racing patches on the right sleeve and five on the left sleeve. It additionally had a black and white checkered flag design across the back of the shoulder area, two small crossed black and white checkered flags at mid-back, and a small racing patch at the lower back.

Brooke also wore a pair of rather revealing black briefs-style bottoms. Had the shorts been any smaller, they would have come closer to being a thong! Beneath her outer garments, Brooke wore a bra that had the breast cups covered with white sequins. The straps of the bra were covered with red sequins. There were also two crossed black and white checkered flags on each breast cup. Under the black shorts were a pair of white panties even smaller than the shorts. Brooke's footwear for this show was the same pair of boots that she wore during her first show of the evening.

For this show, Brooke opened with, ''Go Speed Racer Go,'' from the, ''Speed Racer,'' movie. (the song was performed by Ali Dee and the Deekompressors.) This was followed by, ''Imagine that,'' by R Kelly. The rest of the music for this show shall remain a mystery at least for now. I didn't recognize it, the DJ didn't remember what it had been by the time I was able to speak with him, and Brooke didn't come out after this show.

Normally Brooke makes it a point to do a signing after every one of her shows. However, on this particular evening, there was a problem. At the very end of this show, something went wrong and Brooke apparently pulled a muscle in one of her legs.

Brooke always performs well on stage, and her interaction with randomly selected tip rail customers is always quite good.

I finally remembered to speak with Brooke about her physical statistics. However, I still can't report any more than the fact that she is five feet two inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-two pounds and her bust measures 34C. Brooke really didn't know exactly what her waist and hip measurements were. I swear, if I can ever remember to do so, I am going to take a measuring tape with me someday! Then we will all know the rest of Brooke's measurements!

Brooke is not only a beautiful lady, but she is smart and very well-spoken. She is also one of the sweetest, friendliest, most charming ladies it has ever been my pleasure to know! She additionally has a great sense of humor, and she is very much a fun-loving person.

I never miss a chance to go say hello and see Brooke perform if I can help it, and I highly recommend that nobody else ever passes up an opportunity to do so either!

Brooke can be seen at: BrookeHaven.com

About five minutes before Brooke began her first show, I was standing by the bar speaking with a very pretty house dancer. I looked toward some fellows who had just entered the club. Lo and behold, two of the gentlemen entering were none other than Evan Stone and Nick Manning!

After Brooke's first show, and after saying hello and speaking with Brooke for a moment, Evan had to leave and go to Misty Stone's birthday bash. However, Nick Manning stayed for Brooke's last show.

Okay folks, that will do it for now. Let us all meet back here the next time and continue to discuss gorgeous, sexy, women! Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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