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December 10, 2009 09:17pm
MWA: PSK, Stormy Daniels, Tera Patrick
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. In this column, I will write about an evening of karaoke and two gorgeous and quite famous women. Do I now have the attention of everybody? Good, then let us proceed!


Tuesday, December 1st, I went to Sardo's, in Burbank, and hung out for a while at Pornstar Karaoke. Adult film star Nikki Hunter was there hosting of course. The only other industry people in attendance that I knew were adult film star Magdalene St. Michaels and Konnie.

Since there were very few people there that I knew, after approximately one and a half hours, I called it a night and went home.

Stormy Daniels

Thursday, December 3rd, I went to Skin Gentlemen's Lounge to speak with Stormy Daniels and to observe her first show of the evening. I was going to stay for at least one more show, but due to a lack of customers, the management decided to let Stormy call it a night and do an extra show on another night. So it should stand to reason that I too called it a night and went home.

For this one show, Stormy wore a black choker around her throat, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. She also wore a black latex-vinyl bra with two back straps each of which was decorated with a horizontal row of what appeared to be rhinestones. The bra was trimmed with strips of dark blue ruffled material, such as what crinoline petticoats are usually made from, across the top edge of the breast cups. Next came a black corset laced in the front and the back with pink ribbons and decorated with a few vertical lines of rhinestones. Stormy also wore a mini-skirt made of a dark blue ruffled and layered material that ended in points at the bottom edge. The material was the same as what was on the top edges of the breast cups of her bra. I think the, ''skirt,'' was actually a mini-slip that Stormy used for a skirt. But what do I know? Beneath her skirt, Stormy wore a black G-string like thong that was decorated with a row of sequins around the top edge. On her legs, she wore a pair of almost hip-length black fishnet hose with a two inch wide black band around the top edge of each, and on her feet, she wore a pair of black high-heeled shoes with ankle straps.

Stormy performed this show to, ''The Dope Show,'' by Marilyn Manson, ''Pussy Liquor,'' by Rob Zombie, ''Voodoo,'' by Godsmack, and, ''Undead,'' by Hollywood Undead.

Stormy ended the show with a bit that made me wish that I were a bottle of body lotion!

I thought that I already had Stormy's physical statistics, but as it turns out I don't; therefore, I will have to go with what I have found on Wikipedia. According to the website, Stormy is five feet seven inches tall, weighs one hundred thirty pounds and measures 36-26-36. While Wikipedia doesn't mention Stormy's bra cup size, I would be greatly surprised if it isn't a 'D' at the least.

I do know, without any help from the Internet, that Stormy has blonde hair and blue eyes. As long as I have known Stormy, I better know the color of her hair and eyes!

Stormy is one of the best performers around today and should not be missed! After all, she was a showgirl before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a Wicked Pictures contract star, screenwriter and director.

If addition to being very sexy and quite beautiful, it should be obvious that Stormy is very intelligent. She is also a friendly lady with a good sense of humor. As if that were not enough, Stormy truly enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans!

Given all of the above, I can think of no reason why anybody should ever pass up an opportunity to go to a club to see Stormy perform and to meet her in person. I have never heard anybody say that they were disappointed after seeing a Stormy Daniels appearance!

Stormy can be found at: StormyDaniels.com

Tera Patrick

Friday night, December 4Th, I went to the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino to see Tera Patrick. Unfortunately, I ran late and just missed her first show. I did get to speak with her between shows, and of course I stayed for her last show of the evening.

For the one show I was able to see, Tera came onto the stage with a black boa around her neck. The boa looked like feathers, but I think it might have been latex-vinyl shaped like feathers.

In the way of a costume, Tera wore a pink bustier with evenly spaced vertical lines of either small rhinestones or small, very shiny, sequins all the way around the garment. She also wore a pink, ruffled, mini-skirt. Although, the skirt appeared to be a somewhat lacy-looking mini-slip rather than an actually skirt. Under her bustier, Tera wore a cup-less black bra, and beneath her skirt thing, she wore a black garter belt. She additionally wore a pair of quite small black bikini panties with a large black bow in the back. On her legs, Tera wore a pair of mid-thigh length pink fishnet hose, and for footwear, she wore a pair of nearly knee-length black, high-heeled, pointed toed boots.

Tera performed this show to, ''Naughty Girl,'' by Beyonce, ''Pony,'' by Ginuwine, ''At Last,'' by Etta James, and, ''Single Ladies,'' by Beyonce.

Tera generally interacts well with randomly selected, and very lucky, tip rail patrons during a show!

Tera is a beautiful, exotic-looking, combination of half Thai and half English. She has long black hair and brown eyes. She is taller than the average woman standing five feet nine inches tall. She weighs one hundred twenty-one pounds and her measures are 36DD-24-34.

This intelligent lady is extremely well spoken, and she is very friendly. Plus Tera enjoys meeting her fans. Although, she doesn't often have a lot of time to sit and chat with anybody between shows. This is because of the fact that she is one of the most recognizable, beautiful and popular adult film stars in the industry. This results in the house quite often getting packed to the rafters whenever Tera makes a personal appearance! However, Tera always tries to spend at least a little bit of time with each of her fans during her signings.

Tera has learned a lot, has evolved into an entertaining performer, and should not be missed. Therefore, everybody should get out to a club to see Tera perform and to meet her in person at the first opportunity they get. I don't believe they will be disappointed with the experience.

Visit Tera's new official website at: TeraPatrick.com

Tera Patrick Revisited

Saturday evening, December 5Th, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to observe Tera Patrick's first show of the evening.

Yes, Tera performed in two different Rhinos in two evenings. If fact, she performed at three Rhinos in the one weekend. She danced one show at the Rialto Rhino Thursday evening, two shows at the City of Industry Rhino Friday evening, and two shows at the downtown Los Angeles Rhino Saturday evening. Don't ask me, I don't work for the Spearmint Rhino Corporation!

For her first show on this night, Tera wore a pair of above elbow-length black gloves. She also wore a black corset that was decorated with thin vertical lines of very small sequins or possibly rhinestones. Next she wore a ruffled red mini-skirt trimmed around the top and the bottom hem with black lace. In addition, Tera wore a black bra that had scattered spots that sparkled. I really don't know what caused the sparkling spots. Beneath her mini-skirt, Tera wore a black garter belt and a black G-string. On her legs, she wore a pair of fine, black, fishnet hose that went all the way up to the bottoms of her buttocks. Last of all, Tera wore a pair of almost knee-length, black, high-heeled, pointed toed boots.

Tera's customer interaction during this performance tended to be rather conservative, but who cares? She is Tera! And don't forget, this club has been subjected to a good amount of harassment by the Los Angeles Sex Police A.K.A. the vice squad. (It's really too bad the L.A.P.D. doesn't have any serious crime to occupy its time with. Yes, I am being extremely sarcastic.)

Tera performed to, ''Candyman,'' by Christina Aguilera, ''Slave for you,'' by Britney Spears, ''Fever,'' by Peggy Lee, and, ''Milkshake,'' by Kelis.

Another Helping of Stormy Daniels

After saying good night to Tera, I again went to Skin Gentlemen's Lounge to spend a little more time with Stormy Daniels and to observe another one of her shows.

For this particular performance, Stormy performed her dancing harem girl show.

Stormy herself referred to it as a dancing harem girl show. I think, based on the look of the costume, I might have been more inclined to call it a dancing genie show. This would have been because of the fact that Stormy's costume reminded me a lot of the costume that Barbara Eden wore in the old, ''I Dream of Genie,'' television show, only quite a bit sexier.

Stormy's costume was so elaborate that I would have to have a huge picture of Stormy in the costume covering one wall of my den to describe it, and even then I might miss something. But I will do what I can.

For starters, Stormy wore a flat, green, brimless cap with a hot pink scarf attached to it. The head cover was very much like the one worn by Barbara Eden. The entire costume was basically hot pink and green. Stormy's bra was basically green with so many things of different colors attached, it is virtually impossible to describe. The portion of Stormy's pants that went around her waist is also impossible to describe. What I do remember is that there were looped strings of green beads all the way around the waist, and the legs were hot pink material that was slit from hip to ankle on both the inside and the outside of Stormy's legs. Stormy wore a garter that was covered with red sequins on her right thigh. Beneath her harem pants, Stormy wore a green thong that was decorated with a band of red sequins around the top edge and a scattering of red sequins on the front portion. As for footwear, there was none. Stormy danced the entire show in her bare feet.

Stormy performed this show to, ''Magic Carpet Ride,'' by Steppenwolf, ''Taste of India,'' by Aerosmith, and, ''Desert Rose,'' by Sting.

And that will just about do it for another week. We should all meet back here the next time to continue the ongoing discussion of some of the hottest women in the world! Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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