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Porn for GEEKS! Meet me & my friends!

Eva Angelina at Twistys

August 01, 2009 08:50pm
MWA: PSK, Victoria Valentina, Prinzzess
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. This week started with another karaoke night followed by a stay at home night and ended with a royal night by way of a Valentina night. Now then, let us move on to the discussion of hot women!

Pornstar Karaoke Club

Tuesday, August 4Th, my family and I went to our neighbor watch group's National Night Out get together for a couple of hours. While there, in addition to speaking with neighbors and eating food, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the mayor, the chief of police, and our newly elected congresswoman.

See, I do occasionally do normal everyday world things, but no more than what is absolutely necessary to keep up appearances around the neighborhood. After the, ''party,'' had ended, I freshened up and headed up to Burbank, where I once again attended Pornstar Karaoke at Sardo's.

On this night, the only people in attendance that I knew were Konnie, Nicki Hunter, Tod Hunter, and of course, the owner, Seymour Satin. Okay, so there were a couple of security guys whose faces I recognize, and they recognize mine. Oh yes, Lucky Star was also there. I met Lucky once at a previous PSK.

As the Gomer Pyle character would say, ''surprise, surprise!'' Konnie actually remembered me for the first time on this night. Will wonders never cease!? Now don't anybody get me wrong. I like Konnie, and she is a very nice lady. She has simply taken some time to start remembering my face. But then, in Konnie's defense, I don't show up at PSK all that often.

Some of the other people that were there whom I've never met in person and still haven't actually, were Olivia Love, Roxanne Bliss, Magdalene St. Michaels and Mr. Marcus.

I did speak with a very pretty young African-American lady that said yes when I asked her if she was talent. She said her name was Nekea. I don't know if I have the spelling right or not, and I can not find the lady on the Internet to save my soul.

The music was rather loud, as usual, so I may have misunderstood her, and she may have misunderstood me.

After a couple of hours, the place was getting entirely too crowded for my taste, and since I hardly knew anybody there on this night, I got several hugs and kisses from Nicki Hunter, said goodnight, and headed home about a quarter to one in the morning.

On a last note, Tod Hunter told me that Scott Janke and his wife, adult film star Jazella Moore, had been there for a while, but that they had left shortly before I arrived. One of the reasons I attended PSK on this night was that I had hoped to meet Scott and Jazella. Oh well, maybe I'll get another chance some time in the near future.

Victoria Valentina

Friday, August 7Th, I went to the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino to spend a little time with Victoria Valentina and to observe her first two shows of the evening. (There were only two feature dancers performing in the area this weekend that I was aware of, so I stayed home, saved a little money, and rested Thursday evening.)

For Victoria's first show, she wore a white midriff blouse that had three quarter length sleeves and tied between the breasts. She also wore a small, tight, black mini-skirt. The skirt was slit halfway up its length on the outside of the left thigh, and it was covered with shiny black sequins. Beneath her blouse and her skirt, Victoria wore a red bikini bra and a red, G-string like, thong, both of which were covered with red sequins. To finish out the costume, Victoria wore a pair of white, spike-heeled, platform-soled shoes that were secured with black ankle straps.

At the start of this show, Victoria had her hair piled up on the top of her head, but she soon took the hair clip out and allowed her hair to come cascading down.

Victoria performed this show to, ''Hot for Teacher,'' by Van Halen, ''Smokin' in the Boys Room,'' by Motley Crue, ''Another Brick in the Wall,'' the version by Korn, I think, and, ''Teacher Teacher,'' by 38 Special.

At the beginning of her second show, Victoria wore a black, latex-vinyl, corselet and a sheer, black, mini-skirt. I don't think I can even begin to describe the bottom hem of the skirt. I'll just say that it went up, down, and around Victoria's thighs and buns like a roller coaster track. Beneath the corselet, Victoria wore absolutely nothing, and beneath the mini-skirt, she wore a black, G-string like, thong. For footwear, she wore a pair of mid-thigh length black boots that had stiletto heels and platform soles.

For this show, Victoria danced to, ''you Give Love a Bad Name,'' by Bon Jovi, ''Heaven's On Fire,'' by Kiss, ''Crazy Bitch,'' by Buckcherry, and, ''I Know Who you are,'' by Nickelback, I think.

Victoria is a graduate of the Pure Talent School of Dance and has been featuring for about three years now. She performs very well on stage, and her interaction with the tip rail patrons is quite good. On this night, she pulled one lucky guy onto the stage during both shows to play around with him. (it was a different customer each time.) Also during the second show, she brought a house dancer onto the stage for a little fun and affection.

Victoria has long, thick, somewhat curly, brunette hair and brown eyes, I think. (I can't believe I asked Victoria about everything else under the sun, yet I forgot to ask or pay attention to her eye color.) She is five feet two inches tall, weighs in at one hundred fifteen pounds and measures a delicious-looking 36DD-25-36.

In addition to being a beautiful lady, Victoria has a very good sense of humor, and she can intelligently converse with anybody. She also enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

So, if anybody were to learn that Victoria will be appearing in a club near to them, they should by all means get out to the club to see her perform and to her in person. Be sure to tell Victoria that I recommended her. Two more recommendations, and I get a toaster oven. I'm kidding for crying out loud.

It would appear that Victoria still doesn't have an official website. However, some good photos of her can be found at: pure-talent.com/victoria_valentino_credits.htm and LADirectModels.com


Saturday, August 8Th, I drove out to the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino to spend the evening with Prinzzess whom I've known for close to two years, but I've never seen her perform before. It was well worth an eighty-four mile one way drive!

To start her first show of the evening, Prinzzess wore a black choker around her neck that was about a half an inch wide. Next she wore a black sleeveless midriff top with lapels. The top had rhinestones glued to the edges of the lapels and in several vertical lines around the front and back. She additionally wore an item that was a cross between a pair of chaps and a pair of long pants. This item had zippers on the outsides of the legs for easy removal. Beneath the top, Prinzzess wore a red bra, and beneath the chaps/pants, she wore a pair of black bikini panties. (Why do we say, '' a pair of panties,'' when it is only one item of clothing? I suppose that one can be chalked up to the strange rules of the English language.) Beneath the bikini panties, Prinzzess wore a red G-string like thong. Last but not least, for footwear, Prinzzess wore a pair of slightly above knee-length, black, pointed-toed boots with stiletto heels.

During this show, Prinzzess performed to, ''Dirrty,'' by Christina Aguilera, ''Gimme More,'' by Britney Spears, ''Buttons,'' by the Pussycat Dolls, '' and, ''Maneater,'' by Nelly Furtado.

Prinzzess started her second show wearing a thin black choker around her throat and a black, latex-vinyl, police hat, with a silver shield in the front, on her head. She also wore a short sleeved, very short, black mini-dress that had a police uniform look about it. The dress had a police emblem patch on the right shoulder. Beneath the dress, Prinzzess wore a dark pink lace bra and bikini panties set. On her feet, she wore what appeared to be the same boots as those worn in her first show. (So what? They worked quite well with both costumes.)

Prinzzess opened this show to, ''Bad Boys,'' by Inner Circle, I think. Prinzzess told me that it wasn't the Cops theme. She said it was a club remix of the song. She followed her opening song with, ''Breaking the Law,'' by Judas Priest, ''Mrs. Officer,'' by Lil Wayne, and, ''Right Round,'' by Flo Rida.

For her final show, Prinzzess wore a sky blue pirate hat trimmed with white lace around the brim. The hat also had one small red bow on each side. Next she wore a matching pirate-style jacket. The jacket had two red ribbons laced up the back for several inches, one on either side of her back. Once the jacket was removed, she was left wearing a white bra with what looked like pink flowers on the breast cups. She also was wearing a very small, ruffled, pink petticoat. Under the petticoat, she wore a white G-string. Her footwear for this show was a pair of white, knee-length, stiletto-heeled, boots with wide cuffs at the top laced together with red ribbons. The cuffs matched her hat and jacket in color and design. (This pirate costume was the only one Prinzzess wore on this night that she didn't make herself. In fact, Prinzzess makes almost all of her costumes.)

Prinzzess performed her final show to, ''Rich Girl,'' by Gwen Stefani, ''Hey Baby,'' by No Doubt, ''Hot and Wet,'' by 112, and, ''Boom Boom Pow,'' by Black Eyed Peas.

During this show, Prinzzess came down from the stage and spent much of the first song playing with some of the customers at the tip rail and a few in the cheap seats.

Jana Jordan arrived in time for this last show and was sitting at the tip rail not too far to my right. She suddenly climbed onto the stage during the second song and proceeded to finish stripping Prinzzess nude! The ladies then began to have some fun and games with a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and a toy. I don't think that the corporate executives at the Hershey's company would have endorsed this show, but I certainly would. Come to think of it, that is exactly what I am doing at this very moment. Once a blanket was spread, and the toy and the chocolate syrup was introduced, the show got hotter than a two dollar pistol!

Needless to say, Prinzzess committed very good up close and personal interaction with the tip rail patrons and she didn't leave anybody out.

Prinzzess has long, curly, honey blonde hair and hazel eyes. I don't know whether or not Prinzzess' hair is naturally curly, and I really don't care just so long as she continues to wear it the way it is!) Prinzzess is five feet five inches tall, weighs one hundred ten pounds, and she measures a terrific-looking 34B-25-35. Before anybody says anything about the B cups, let me say that if I have ever seen a firmer, prettier, pair of natural breasts, I can't remember when or whom they belonged to.

Unfortunately, almost no one came over to buy anything from Prinzzess between her shows. The good news is that this enabled me to spend a rather goodly amount of time chatting with Prinzzess and getting to know her a bit better. It made for a very enjoyable evening on my part as least.

While this is the first time I have seen Prinzzess perform, I have run into her several times before. Even though she had nothing to prove on those previous occasions, she has always been extremely sweet and friendly to me. Also, in addition to being a very pretty young woman, she is obviously quite smart, she seems to have a great sense of humor, and she can hold an intelligent conversation with the best of them. (Yes, I like Prinzzess very much.)

Prinzzess performs so well on stage as the vast majority of feature dancers touring today. Therefore, I most definitely do recommend that no one ever pass up an opportunity to get out to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person if given a chance. I do not believe anybody would be disappointed with the experience.

Prinzzess can be checked out at: Prinzzess.com

That's a wrap! Let's all meet back here the next time and continue the ongoing discussion of unbelievably sexy women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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