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Eva Angelina at Twistys

April 11, 2008 04:30pm
MWA: Teri Weigel, Katja Kassin, 3 Girl Extravaganza, Nikki Benz, Katsuni
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. I did something that took more gasoline than I could afford to buy at the time, but it was worth it. Do I now have everybody's curiosity aroused? If so, please read on to see exactly what I am speaking of.

Teri Weigel

Wednesday, April 2nd, I drove over to Phoenix, Arizona, met an Internet friend in person for the first time, then had dinner with her at Pancho's Mexican Buffet.

After we had finished dinner and said goodnight, I went to the Hi-Liter Gentlemen's Club where I spent the evening with Teri Weigel and observed both of her shows.

For her first show of the evening, Teri wore a black halter-style top and a very short, somewhat pleated, mini-skirt. Under the mini-skirt, she wore a black G-string, and on her feet, she wore a pair of black, stiletto-heeled, shoes.

During this show, Teri bought some poor hapless guy up onto the stage, striped him down to his boxer shorts and put a pair of lacy thong panties on him under his boxers. When she attempted to remove his boxers, he got shy on her, grabbed up his clothes and fled the stage. But that was okay, Teri and everybody else in the club had a blast laughing at the poor fellow.

During her second show, Teri wore a green mini-dress that was encrusted with shiny green sequins. The mini-dress was slit down the middle in front. The two resulting edges were trimmed with a one inch wide strip of black material and the dress was held together with a series of silvery hooks and eyelets all the way down the front. Beneath the mini-dress, Teri wore a black G-string. For footwear, she wore a pair of almost knee-high, stiletto-heeled, black boots.

Teri performed both shows to various types of rock music, and she opened her second show to Marilyn Manson's, ''The Dope Show.''

During the second show, Teri brought two young men up onto the stage and had them compete for one of her DVDs by simulating sex with her. Next, she produced a vibrator. However, she did not break the local laws by performing any penetrations on herself or anybody else. Instead, she had first one, then another customer lay back on the stage and hold the vibrator as if it were their penis. She then performed oral on the vibrator. (One customer got quite a surprise when Teri bent him over the stage, held the vibrator as if it was her penis, not that she has one, then proceeded to goose the gentlemen with the vibrator several times over. [See, I've been saying all along that Teri's shows are rather unique])

As I have said many times before, whenever Teri performs, everybody has fun, mainly because no one is having any more fun that Teri herself. What can I say? The lady loves her job, and it shows! And, she is quite possibly the most popular feature around today with both club management and the house dancers. I know house dancers who actually get excited when they learn that Teri is returning to again feature where they work.

I do, of course, highly recommend that nobody ever pass up an opportunity to get out to a nearby club to see Teri perform and to meet her in person.

Teri is one of the nicest women it has ever been my pleasure to know. And, if a person treats her right, they will have a good friend for life!

Pay Teri a visit at: TotallyTeri.com


I now want to take a moment to say a little about the club. I found the Hi- Liter to be a very nicely furnished and nice looking club. In fact, the Hi-Liter is one of the best topless clubs I've ever seen!

All of the staff is exceptionally friendly, and they go out of their way to make certain that the customers are comfortable and happy.

While in the club, I was introduced to the manager on duty, Josh Gamble. Josh proved to be a very nice and helpful fellow himself.

I was also impressed with the house dancers. I was asked to buy a dance at least once by almost every dancer on duty during this evening. And, there was not one single dancer who, when I told them, ''No thank you darlin','' that did anything other than to smile and say, ''Thank you.'' A few stayed and spoke with me for a moment, and not a single one of them tried to negotiate with me, tell me what a naughty dance they would give me, or try to tell me that they were only dancing to earn money for their mother's heart transplant, which if she didn't receive by closing time that night, she would surely die.

I also met the on duty DJ during this evening. He is not only a DJ, but he is the club's entertainment director. The man's name is Dave Olson, and he has been a DJ at this club for twenty-two years continuously!

Not only is Dave an excellent DJ, but I found him to be very personable and an all around nice guy. He is also rather funny. In my opinion, Dave is one of the top club DJ's around today.

While I was waiting for Teri to finish giving a customer a lap dance in order to say goodnight and hit the road back home, a lovely dancer called MJ came up to me, introduced herself, then sat down on my lap and asked me exactly what it was that Teri had said I do when she had introduced me from the stage during her second show.

MJ chatted with me for quite some time, and never once asked me to buy a dance, to buy her a drink, or to part with any money for any other reason. Not only did she not ask me for anything, she gave me three free VIP passes! (I am hoping that, if I am ever able to return to the Hi-Liter, MJ will still be there, and that I will be able to afford to buy a couple of dances with her. If any of my readers live in, or find themselves in, the Phoenix area, and they have a little time on their hands, I want them to drop by the Hi-Liter, find MJ, tell her I said hello, and buy a couple of dances with her.

I almost forgot something. When I got home and took a close look at the business cards that both Josh and Dave had given me, I discovered that their business cards double as free VIP passes.

Once again, if any of my readers are ever in Phoenix, drop in, check out this club, and have a great time. (the cover charge is never more than seven dollars. The cost of a person's drinks all depends on what they are drinking. If I remember correctly, the bottles of water I was drinking only cost me three dollars and twenty-five cents, and unlike any other club I have been in, other that the Gold Club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the waitresses actually carried quarters in order to be able to give back exact change.)

Katja Kassin

Thursday, April 3rd, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino to say hello to Katja Kassin and to observe her final show of the evening.

For the one show I saw, Katja wore an all white costume. She mounted the stage carrying a white fan in each hand, wearing a white feather mask, and she had a long boa wrapped around her neck. She also wore a long sleeved, midriff-style, top and a Calypso-style dress that had several ribbons of silver-colored material that circled the dress horizontally. Beneath her top and her dress, Katja wore a tasseled bra and a tasseled thong. On her feet, she wore a pair of clear, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, shoes. (the whole costume, with the exception of her shoes, was decorated with lots of small silver sequins.)

Katja opened this show to a Hispanic pop music number and followed it up with other pop music that had a Hispanic flavor. In fact, her costume combined with her musical selection strongly suggested Carnival, at least it did in my mind.

Katja performs so well as a great number of features I have seen, and better than at least a few, and she interacts with the tip rail customers reasonably well.

Katja is also a good-looking woman with a nice-looking body. She is very friendly, rather charming, and fun to chat with. Plus, it is my opinion that she enjoys meeting her fans.

I feel that Katja Kassin is worth the drive to a nearby club; therefore, I would like for everybody to get out to a local club to see Katja perform and to meet her in person at their earliest convenience.

Check Katja out at: ClubKatja.com

Three Girl Extravaganza: Bridgett B, Tanya James, Holly Morgan

Friday, April 4Th, I drove out to the Rialto Spearmint Rhino to observe the, ''Three Girl Extravaganza.''

The first lady to go up for her solo show was Bridgett B. She wore a red bra, and a black mini-crinoline petticoat. Beneath the petticoat, she wore a barely there, black, G-string. Bridgett finished out her costume with a pair of clear, platform-soled, high-heeled shoes.

Bridgett performed well on the stage and committed good interaction with several randomly selected tip rail patrons.

This lady is originally from Barcelona, Spain. Trust me when I say that Spain's loss is America's gain! Bridgett has long blonde hair, and she stands five feet nine inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-five pounds and measures 34C-26-34.

I have not been able to find a website for Bridgett. Maybe somebody else will have better luck than I.

The second lady on stage for her solo show was Tanya James. She wore a black corset with metal rings, and she had two strips of black tape of some sort that formed Xs over each of her nipples. She also wore a black belt with a series of metal eyelets. Additionally, she wore a pair of black bikini bottoms and a pair of mid-thigh high, black, fishnet hose. For footwear, she wore a pair of almost knee-high, black, stiletto-heeled boots.

Tanya also has long blonde hair and is five feet eleven inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-eight pounds and measures 32C-25-35.

Ms. James also performed well on stage, and performed some good interaction with some of the tip rail squatters.

I can not seem to locate a website for Tanya, either.

Finally, Holly Morgan mounted the stage for her solo show. Holly started her show wearing an off-white and light gray, reptile skin-like pattern, mini-skirt. The skirt had a black ribbon on one hip that held the skirt together. The ribbon had a pink, furry, ball at each end. Holly also wore a pink bikini bra and a pair of pink bikini bottoms. (it turned out that the mini-skirt and the bikini bottoms were a one piece affair.) to complete her costume, Holly wore a pair of black, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, shoes.

Holly is another lady who has long blonde hair. And, she is five feet three inches tall and weighs one hundred fifteen pounds. Holly told me that her breasts measure 34C, and that the remainder of her measurements would have to remain a mystery. I don't know if this is because Holly is unsure of her waist and hip measurements, or if she just doesn't feel like giving out that information. Although, I have found something on the Internet that claims Holly's measurements are 34C-24-34. I just know that her body looks good!

For the grand finale, all three ladies went onstage at the same time. The key word here is grand!

During the finale, Bridgett B wore a black bra and G-string, leg warmers that went from her knees to her ankles and the same shoes she wore during her solo performance.

Tanya James basically wore the same outfit that she wore during her solo show with the addition of a very small, red plaid, mini-skirt.

Holly Morgan wore a very short, black, mini-dress, a red G-string and the same shoes that she wore during her solo performance.

Unfortunately, the ladies performed no girl/girl action real or simulated. However, the way they performed together was extremely sensuous and well worth paying attention to.

If I remember correctly, all three ladies performed to pop rock music.

All three of these lovely young woman are intelligent, extremely friendly, well-spoken, and they all appear to truly enjoy meeting and chatting with their fans.

I intend to go to a club to see all of these ladies perform and to chat with them any chance I get, and I expect anybody reading this to do the same. I don't think anybody would be disappointed with any one of these young women!

While I have had no luck located an official website for any of these three ladies, it has just now dawned on me that they can all be found on LADirectModels.com. There are some great photos of all three ladies on the female models page of the website, so go take a look.

Nikki Benz

Saturday, April 5Th, I drove up to the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino to spend some time with Nikki Benz and to observe her first two of three shows on this evening.

Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late, and Nikki was already on stage when I got there. Therefore, about all I can say about her costume for her first show is that she was wearing a red thong, mid-thigh length fishnet hose, and a pair of red, stiletto-heeled, platform-soled, boots. (I did see what appeared to be a black with red trim corset lying on the stage floor.)

To start her second show Nikki wore a police-style hat, and a long-sleeved, black, midriff jacket. The jacket had an official looking patch on each shoulder, and it had LAPD spelled out in big white letters on the back. Nikki also wore a pair of black pants that had zippers that ran all the way down the outside of each leg for easy removal. The pants also had two hip pockets with closing flaps. (the pants appeared to be so tight, I seriously doubt that Nikki could have gotten much of anything into those pockets.) Beneath her, ''uniform,'' Nikki wore a black string bikini bra and a black thong. On her feet, Nikki wore a pair of black shoes that had clear stiletto heels and clear platform soles.

After her first show, I told Nikki that she had me a bit confused; therefore, I had to ask her a question. I mentioned to Nikki that the last time I had seen her perform in this very club, she had told me that I was making a mistake by always writing that she had danced to rock music. I reminded her that she had told me at that time that she only performed to hip hop music. I then said that I had been under the impression that I knew what hip hop sounded like and that what she had performed her first show to on this night sounded like pop rock to me. Nikki then laughed and told me that, yes, she had performed the first show to rock. She also told me not to worry, that she would be performing her second show to hip hop, and that I would be able to tell the difference. (as it turned out, I was correct. I did know the difference between rock and hip hop. It is all a matter of paying attention to what I am hearing.)

Nikki performs well on stage, and she commits reasonably good interaction with randomly selected tip rail customers.

Nikki is also a very nice looking, intelligent, friendly woman who enjoys meeting her fans. She is also a good looking lady with blonde hair and a very desirable looking body. Plus, she has just recently had her breasts, ''overhauled,'' and they do look good! (While Nikki's breasts are now larger, she didn't go overboard with them.)

I didn't think to ask Nikki what her measurements were with her new breasts, so I'm afraid I can't report on those statistics at this time.

I honestly feel that Nikki Benz is well worth the drive to a nearby club to see her perform and to meet her in person; therefore, everybody should know what I want them to do. However, just in case, I'll spell it out. Get up off of the couch and get to a club were Nikki is featuring at the earliest convenience! It should be worth the time and effort.


I was pleasantly surprised to find adult film star Katsuni in the audience this evening. Yes, I got to meet and speak with Katsuni, finally, and I found her to be a very nice and friendly lady!

Katsuni is five feet five inches tall, weighs one hundred eight pounds and measures 34D-26-33.

This lady began working as a go-go dancer while studying to become a literature teacher. Three years later, she met a photographer from Penthouse magazine. The photographer approached her about doing some modeling, and that lead to her being asked to perform in adult films.

Fortunately for the rest of us, a sense of adventure and a love for sex lead her to make the choice to do so. She then became the first contract girl with Penthouse France.

She now has more than three hundred movies and many box and magazine covers among her credits. Not only has she become the most famous French adult film star in the world, but she is the only French star in the top ten adult film stars on the planet according to Genesis magazine.

Katsuni holds twenty-nine international awards from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico, Berlin, Barcelona, Turin and Paris, including thirteen AVN Awards, most recently for Best Foreign Female Performer of the Year (three times over) and Best Supporting Actress.

The lady has been named Best French Actress, Best European Actress and Best Foreign Female Performer in the United States. She has also been on the cover of AVN Magazine not once but twice.

Katsuni has been voted Favorite Actress by the readers of the French magazines, ''Hot Video,'' and, ''Chobix,'' plus, Rocco Siffredi asked her to be his co-star in his very last scene.

Her worldwide success has Katsuni living in Paris and Los Angeles. When in Los Angeles, Katsuni works as the first French actress under contract to Digital Playground.

Katsuni also produces and directs for her own adult video company, Katsuni LLC. She makes it her goal to always make the best films and to share her passion for sex.

Back home in France, Katsuni is the only adult film star to ever be the subject of five fifty-two minute documentaries by Mcm, and the French director Gaspar New (with Irreversible) picked Katsuni for his short film, ''We Fuck Alone.''

Because Katsuni enjoys being in front of the camera so much, she now has her own TV show on TPS Star every Saturday night, and she is one of the main characters in the upcoming mega-production, ''Pirates 2,'' (Digital Playground). She will also soon be directing her first feature for French television!

Katsuni is well known in France and Italy for her artistic stage performances and has begun feature dancing in the United States.

Katsuni began her American feature dancing career with an appearance in San Francisco's Crazy Horse. She is currently dancing in Rockstar and Hollywood, in Wolcott, Connecticut. She will later be performing in Atlanta, Georgia's Pink Pony during the days of May twelfth through the fourteenth. (Katsuni has won an award in France for Best Feature Dancer.)

If anybody learns that Katsuni will be coming to one of their nearby clubs in the near future, go see her perform, meet her in person, and give her a good helping of love and support.

For all of Katsuni's news, read her new blog at: ILoveKatsuni.com. If anybody would like to view any of her one hundred percent exclusive videos, they can be found at: KatsuniHardcore.com.

That will be all for another week. Let us all meet back here the next time to continue the discussion of gorgeous women. Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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