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October 15, 2007 03:42am
MWA: Daisy Duxe, Jenna Haze, Trina Michaels
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Myles Shaffer

Myles' Weekend Adventures: Bonjour mon amis! Comment ca va? Myles Shaffer here. Before I begin my feature reviews, I have a confession...

In order to see all the features available to me this last weekend, I needed to go to the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino to observe Teanna Kai's matinee show Friday afternoon, October the twelfth. When Friday morning rolled around, my cell phone dutifully awakened me. I then proceeded to make use of the five minute snooze feature three different times.

Finally, I decided that it was time to wake up, gather my wits, and to get a move on. Apparently, my sleep deprived brain was thinking, "Oh no you aren't, either." the next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and it was 11:45AM.

Even if I had run out the door without even bothering to comb the remainder of my hair, and if I could have had a written guarantee that there wouldn't be a single law enforcement officer between my house and the club, given the noon hour traffic in downtown Los Angeles, there was no way I could make it to the club in time.

So, the readers will have to refer to one of my past columns to read about Teanna this time around. I also must apologize to Teanna for not being able see her this time around.

Now then, let us begin the discussion of gorgeous women without further ado!

Daisy Duxe

Friday, October 11Th, I went to the Rio Gentlemen's Club to meet Daisy Duxe and to observe both of her shows of the evening.

Daisy's costume for her first show of the evening consisted of a straw cowboy hat, an orange, sleeveless, midriff top, a pair of very abbreviated blue denim shorts, and a pair of white, knee-high, platform-soled, high-heeled, latex vinyl boots. Beneath her top and her shorts, Daisy wore an orange bra with a small confederate battle flag on the front of each breast cup and an orange thong. (There is a picture of Daisy in this costume on her website.)

Daisy ended the show by smearing vanilla cake icing on various parts of her body, then placing a small cookie in the middle of the icing and having randomly selected tip rail patrons remove the cookies with their lips. She also stuck 3X5 Daisy Duxe cards to various body parts and had the tip rail customers remove them with their mouths.

Since I arrived in the middle of her first show, and Daisy was already nude from the waist up, I really didn't have time to think about her music. While one would expect this show to have at least some country music, based on the style of her costume, I seem to remember hearing rock music, but don't quote me on it. (After the show, I had to speak with Daisy about her costume in order to get all the details. Yes, I got away from the house late, once again. But this time I tried to get it in gear in time, honest. Things just didn't work out as planned.)

To start her final show of the evening, Daisy carried a medium-sized baseball bat, and wore a baseball style cap. The crown of the cap was white with simulated red stitching giving it the appearance of a baseball. The bill of the cap was green and had the appearance of artificial turf. Daisy also wore a short sleeved, white with black pin striping, baseball jersey. The jersey had a large, red, number 01 on the back. In the front, the jersey had big red letters that spelled out Daisy. Under Daisy there was a ribbon-like strip of red encasing white letters that spelled out Duxe. Additionally, Daisy wore a matching white with black pin striping mini-skirt. Beneath the jersey, she wore a white bra with two curved lines of red sequins that simulated stitching giving both breast cups the appearance of baseballs. Under her skirt Daisy wore a thong. With the exception of white side straps, the thong was covered with purple sequins. In the middle of the front, the thong had gold sequins that formed a letter 'D'. To finish out the costume, Daisy wore a narrow pink garter on her left thigh and what appeared to be the same boots on her feet. And, that was okay with me. Those boots worked very well with both costumes.

Daisy wrapped things up with a lotion show followed by doing her thing with the 3X5 Daisy Duxe cards once again.

Daisy opened this show with Trace Adkin's, "Swing," and followed it up with rock numbers that also referenced the game of baseball.

Daisy is a beautiful brunette with a terrific looking body. She admitted to me that her breasts have been enhanced, and that was okay with me, since I had to ask and would have thought they were natural if I hadn't. She wisely didn't go overboard, and they look beautiful!

The lady is also smart, well spoken, very friendly, and appears to have a great sense of humor. It also seems to me that Daisy very much enjoys meeting and chatting with her fans.

Daisy is a very good feature dancer. Not only does she perform well on stage, but her interaction with the denizens of the tip rail is very good indeed!

So everybody, get out to a club to see Daisy Duxe perform and meet her in person at the earliest opportunity. I do not believe anybody would be disappointed that they did.

Daisy can be found on her official website at: DaisyDuxe.com She can also be visited at: MySpace.com/daisyduxxx

As an unexpected extra added bonus on this evening, Daisy Duxe was being assisted by adult film starlet Juliana Jolene. Juliana has been in the industry for about a year and has been doing good things.

Unfortunately, until she reminded me, I had completely forgotten that Juliana and I had met at a recent, "Tradeshow," that probably won't survive much longer.

Juliana is a beautiful, tall, blonde with a great looking body. She also has a very good, friendly, fun-loving personality, and she is a great conversationalist. And, she is no dummy! The lady is most definitely one of the brighter bulbs on the string.

I am hoping that Juliana can convince Sal, the Rio's general manager, to book her for a feature engagement. I would love to see her perform and to review her. I have a hunch she will not let me, or anybody else for that matter, down.

JulianaJolene.com is currently under construction and will be up and running soon. In the meantime, Juliana can be found at: MySpace.com/julianajolene

Jenna Haze

Friday evening, October 12Th, I drove out to the Rialto Spearmint Rhino to say hello to Jenna Haze and to observe her first two shows of three for the night.

For various reasons, I arrived late, as usual. However, because of traffic problems and having to come all the way from Malibu, Jenna arrived several minutes after I did, so things worked out really well for me. (Don't worry about a thing, club owners and managers. Jenna is normally very professional and punctual. As an example, even though her unusual tardiness on this evening caused her first show to run somewhat late, she busted her pretty little butt to see to it that her second show started at the very minute it was scheduled to begin.)

Jenna's first show was her new, "French Maid," show. For this performance, she carried a white feather duster with a black handle onto the stage, and she wore a black choker trimmed with white lace. She also wore a black and white stripped corset trimmed with white lace and a ruffled black skirt trimmed with two half inch wide white lines around the bottom and a wide strip of white lace around the hem. Beneath all this, she wore a white bra trimmed with black on the cups and a very small black thong trimmed with a couple of pieces of white lace. On her legs she wore black fishnet hose and for footwear, she wore a pair of black, platform-soled, high-heeled, sandal-like shoes.

Jenna performed this show to rock music.

Jenna's second show was her new, "Girl Scout," show. She started this show with her hair tied in long dog ears. (This coupled with the fact that Jenna has a very cute, young looking face made her look very much like a young girl scout might.) her costume consisted of a yellow cross necktie, a girl scout green bolero style sleeveless jacket with patches made to resemble scouting patches, a white midriff top with short puffy sleeves that tied between her breasts, and a pair of girl scout green short shorts. The shorts had a yellow lacing in the front, a thin vertical yellow line down the outside of each hip, plus a thin yellow line that ran all the way around about an inch below the top of the shorts. Beneath all this, Jenna wore a yellow bra and a rather small yellow thong. On her feet, Jenna wore a pair of clear plastic, stiletto-heeled, sandal-like shoes.

Jenna also performed this show to rock music.

While this was the second time Jenna had performed in her, "Girl Scout," costume, and the third time she had performed in her, "French Maid," costume, it was the first time I've seen either costume; therefore, so far as I am concerned, they were new costumes.

Jenna has come a long way since she debuted as a feature dancer. Yes, I would have to say that Jenna performs on stage so well as the vast majority of the features available to day. And, her interaction with randomly selected tip rail squatters is always quite good.

Additionally, Jenna is a smart woman with a great sense of humor and quite possibly the most positive personality I've ever run into! She is also very cute, and even though she is on the petite side of the coin, her all natural body looks every good indeed.

I do recommend a trip to a nearby club to see Jenna perform and to meet her in person the first chance anybody may get. She is always fun to be around as well as when performing.

Check Jenna out at: JennaHaze.com

Trina Michaels

Saturday, October 13Th, I went to the downtown Los Angeles Rouge Gentlemen's Club to chat with Trina Michaels and to observe her first show of the evening.

For the show I saw, Trina wore a red fishnet top with three quarter length sleeves and an extremely short, black, mini-skirt with a large brass buckle at the waist in front and a thin line of red trim around the bottom hem. Beneath her top and skirt, Trina wore a black string bikini and a red G-string. For footwear she wore a pair of almost knee length, black, latex vinyl, platform-soled, high-heeled boots that laced up the front.

Trina performed this show to rock music.

Trina is another lady who has become a good feature in a short time. She performs well on stage, and her interaction with the residents of the tip rail is very good.

Trina is a beautiful woman with a great looking body. She is also intelligent, very well spoken and has a very good sense of humor. Plus, she does enjoy meeting and chatting with her fans.

I personally feel very fortunate to have the privilege of knowing Trina. Every time I have ever been around her since day one, she has always given me a, "Girl friend experience," too good to be believed, and this particular evening was the greatest yet! I didn't have a care in the world while in Trina's presence!

Trina can be see at: TrinaMichaelsXXX.com

Daisy Duxe Revisited

After saying goodnight to Trina, I returned to the Rio Gentlemen's Club to observe Daisy Duxe's final show of her gig and to chat with her for a few minutes.

As bad luck would have it, the one show I was able to see was the same as her first show of the evening Thursday night. However, at least I did get to see the entire show this time around.

This time, I paid attention to Daisy's music. She opened the show to Trace Adkins, "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," followed by Gretchen Wilson's, "Redneck Woman," then ended the show with a rap number I can't possibly identify. Or was it a hip hop number? Can anybody tell me the difference between rap and hip hop? Or, is it simply the same stuff with two different names?

Okay folks, that does it for another week. Why don't we all meet back here the next time to continue the discussion of beautiful and very sexy women? That sounds like a plan to me. Let's do it! Until then, everybody stay safe, have a great week, and live life as if there were no tomorrow!

Bonsoir et au revoir,
Myles Shaffer

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