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October 24, 2007 04:20pm
Danger Peligro Gefahr
Source: Adult Industry News
by: Steve Nelson

I don't want to be mean but... WATCHOUT! Maybe Sal Mckvey aka Bobby Jones will learn not to do incredibly ridiculous stuff - and - maybe this report about him will save talent the hassle of dealing with him until he does.

I received an email titled "can you please put this news on ainews..." and was concerned about the validity of the claims because I know the first name mentioned is currently represented exclusively for adult work by Metro and for mainstream Mike Esterman. I started calling and emailing the people "represented" by Sal Mckvey and people started coming out of the woodwork to tell me their stories. Here is the press release he sent and some people's comments following:

Mythic Models and Mythic Studios divisions of Mythic World Entertainment, LLC. is an Adult Modeling / Talent Management Production Company, Our Company is owned and run by Porn Stars that have been in the Adult Industry for many years. We are an Adult content provider, we shoot our own Adult content as well as shoot Adult content for other Adult companies. We have offices based in the San Fernando Valley, CA., and Carson City, NV. We will be expanding our boundaries in all aspects of the Adult Industry from Internet, Cable, Satellite and DVD's. Our Adult roster of Stars include: [I'm redacting the list of stars he mentions here out of respect for those who wish to remain off the record.] & more to come. Our movies/videos range from 'gonzo', solo, st raight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, groups, orgies, bukkaki, gangbangs and swinging lifestyle with less of a storyline to extremely high-budget movies such as Deep inside Sal Mckvey Collections. Either way, the movie is shot well and has great energy, and we never forget that we're shooting porn and that in porn, great sex is ALWAYS important! We are always seeking talent for current and upcoming projects. Become a Mythic Model You must be at least eighteen years of age and have two forms of valid ID and You will have to get an Industry Standard STD/HIV Test done and all others you work with will have them done as well. You MUST RENEW YOUR TEST EVERY 28 DAYS to be able to work. We look for the type of person who takes pride in their appearance. We look for all shapes, sizes and races. Confidence, RELIABILITY and GOOD HYGENE are DEFINTE REQUIREMENTS. New talent can average anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000 per month based on work schedules. Previous experience is not required, in fact it is preferred. To those who Qualify we will provide transportation and housing if required. Fees may apply in these situations. Sincerely, [These people redacted too] of Mythic World Entertainment, LLC - (Mythic Models),
sal mckvey
The latin king of Erotic

First, the response from the REAL owner of Mythic Models, Tony Teresi:

Hi Steve,
Thank you for not releasing what Sal Mckvey has sent you, none of that was approved by myself or any of the other business partners of Mythic World Entertainment, LLC (Mythic Models). We were in the process of doing some work with Sal Mckvey and considering bringing him into our company. A couple of months ago I sent Sal some Exclusive and Non-exclusive paperwork including 3 model/talent photo releases. Sal seems to be great at meeting established and non-established talent and we felt that he would be a great source of bringing in talent to our company and we were in consideration of possibly offering him a partnership.

For the past 2 months Sal Mckvey claimed that he had all of the paperwork (Non- Exclusive Agreements and Releases) signed by the following performers: Sal Mckvey, Jack Lawrence, Alicia Rio, Mercedes Ashley, Anjelica Lauren, Paradise, Jen X, Jaylyn Rose, Savannah Jane and TS Jena Roberts. I have spoken with Sal on several occasions to overnight all of the paperwork to my office and still he hasn't complied. I then set up a meeting with Sal and my dear friend who is helping us out Heather Pink, on 10/15/2007. I confirmed over the phone with Sal prior to his meeting with Heather Pink, that he had all of the paperwork and that he would hand deliver it to Heather. Sal then called me up and tells me on the phone hours later that night, that he had delivered all of the documents to Heather and that the meeting with her went well. Heather contacted me the following day telling me that when she met up with Sal that he said that he forgot the paperwork at home and that he would bring it to her on Friday (10/19/07).

Don't get me wrong I think Sal is a nice guy but his business practices suck, he has proven to me that he is unreliable and he does not take anything pertaining to business seriously. Sal called me about an hour or so after you and I had spoke on the phone and he still claims that he has the paperwork and that you [Steve Nelson] and Anjelica Lauren had told him, that I (Tony Teresi) of (MWE,LLC/Mythic Models) had told you that we are not doing any business with him. I told Sal that it is true and I am in this business not just to make money for the company and myself but also for the talent that we represent. I explained to him that I do not do business with shady people and in my eyes he is shady and has not been able to produce any of the said documents. I explained to him that he has put my name and the company's reputation on the line. Therefor if he had any intentions of making good and clearing his name with us, to show us some good intentions by bringing the said documents to Heather Pink. I explained to Sal that I am having a company meeting tomorrow and based on what we decide we will let him know if we would want to do any further business with him.

Sal said that he would give me the documents based on the outcome of the meeting. To me that sounds like if we tell him we will no longer do any business with him, that he will screw us out of the paperwork. So I told him that I'm not worried about the paperwork because we will contact everyone that he claims has signed on with us and we will fill them in on what transpired and we will deal with them directly to have them re-sign.

Sal claims he owns Sal Mckvey Entertainment, well that is not a legally registered company. Here at Mythic World Entertainment, LLC (Mythic Models) we pride ourselves on how we do business and we are a brand new registered (Nevada State LLC) company. I have worked in every aspect of the Adult Industry from being male talent to Shooting, editing, some directing, script work, lighting and finished product through getting it out to distribution. I am the founder of the company and my goals are to make everyone in the adult industry that we represent money. Lets face it, that's what we are all in this business for.

I believe that we can make money the honest way, as business partners I have chosen Ivan Ecchevarria aka: Blake Paris, we are talking to Nico Stallone and Heather Pink to see if they would be interested in a partnership with us. Heather is helping us in the Talent Division as long as it does not interrupt her career as an Adult performer and Nico will be in our Marketing Division as well as male talent. We will all wear many hats in this company and work together very closely to be very successful in our goals and careers. We want to implement many new ideas and improve on some old ones with our company as a whole and as a team. So we are looking for the cream of the crop, I see those qualities in Blake, Heather and Nico as well as myself.

Any future emails or press releases will come from one of us with an @mythicmodels.com extension, otherwise it is not legit. I want to thank you for your time that you spent speaking to me and Nico on the phone regarding this situation and I am looking forward to meeting you in person someday.

Thanks again,
Tony Teresi
CEO of Mythic World Entertainment, LLC.
(Mythic Models) www.mythicmodels.com

And here is what I received from Nico Stallone:

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for contacting me immediately regarding the "press release" from Sal McVey. He DOES NOT represent myself, nor does he work for Mythic Models. Please alert other performers so everyone is on the same page. I certainly am not interested in individuals who do not conduct themselves with business integrity! Thank you for reporting the facts.

Nico Stallone

To be fair, Lexi Carrington said she had the paperwork Sal gave her but she hadn't filled it out because she is taking a break and hasn't been working lately. She said if Sal could get her work it was OK that he listed her. Jen X said basically the same thing until I asked her if it was really her writing me on MySpace. It appears she had given Sal her password and been doing some work for her on her MySpace page and then had started writing me under her name - as though he was HER. When Jen heard this she got real quiet then wanted to go check her MySpace page. Since then I haven't been able to find her account.

Speaking of MySpace, Devyn Devine called me a few weeks back in TEARS about how Sal had made a fake Devyn Devine MySpace page and was portraying himself as her. Her boyfriend found it. She has stopped doing scenes for him. Retired. It didn't do their relationship any good. Devyn reported it to MySpace and the bogus account disappeared. Devyn also said that Sal told her Mercedes Ashley was his aunt. I had already received a message from Mercedes saying "Sure Steve. Spoke to him today. That is fine." when I asked if it was OK for him to use her name. I emailed her back "It it true he's your nephew?" and she had this to say:

"No the fuck he is not. Lol. This is the deal with him. He is a fan. Been knowing him for a while who has made friends with all of us girls in the porn industry and decides he wants to open up a casting agency. Asked me if he could put me on his site. I said yes, why not? I have always been my own agent, my aunt and I as a team. But if someone wants to help out. I say fuck it. Why not? LOL. How have you been Steve?

Savannah Jane says:

Hey Steve, Sal is not the owner of the company, Tony Teresi is... Sal and Heather Pink are Recruiters... They represent me NOT EXCLUSIVELY. I still have not yet received any work though them yet though, but I should be soon from the changes they are making so lets see what happens...

From Donny Long:

This guy Sal is a flaming faggot and a scam artist. He is also on heavy drugs and the reason I know this is because of Paradise, a girl that came to me for help to get away from this guy. Now I see he is listing her with this joke of a company without her permission when she is not even in the business! He is using a picture of her I took that is copy written to my company that he stole off my myspace! He will be contacted by my lawyer! Everyone beware!
Donny Long

Alicia Rio wrote back saying:

Good Morning Steve,
Thank you for forwarding this e-mail regarding my involvement with this so-called Talent Agency. First of all, from one writer to another, this press release is filled with misspelled words and bad punctuation. Second, I am not involved with ANY talent agency except my own with RioWorld, Inc. and third, Sal Mckvey is not a man (or boy) of his word and is a dishonest wanna-be!

Just for the record: Alicia Rio and RioWorld, Inc. is in NO way, shape or form involved with Mythic Models or Mythic Studios. Alicia Rio and RioWorld, Inc. is it's own conglomeration in itself. Please remove my name from this press release. Alicia Rio is available at www.aliciario.com or e-mail me at aliciarioworld@yahoo.com . The contact number is 818-919-3516.

Steve, thank you for looking out for me and my company. I am looking forward to completing the interview we first started at F.O.X.E. 2007.

Love Always,
Alicia Rio
The Latin Queen of Erotica

Jeremy Steele said Sal contacted him for a BJ scene paying $700. When asked who it was for Jeremy says Sal said "for him" implying Sal was producing, then switched and said the scene was for New Sensations. Sal allegedly pestered Jeremy with text messages to which Jeremy said he replied that "he doesn't like shooting the shit" and please call him on the phone to confirm. As it turned out Sal appears to have wasted Jeremy's time as nothing came of it. He's booked other talent for scenes as well and nothing ever comes of it.

Anjelica Lauren did have some good things to say about Sal. Things like "he saved my life" and "he grew up in an orphanage and has a brother with no arms and legs". She said Sal does these things for attention and has a lying problem. I asked her if she had met Sal's brother and she said "Of course I did." Anjelica then got off the phone to call Sal and yell at him for what he did to Devyn Devine.

Right after I got off the phone with Anjelica, Sal calls me from a private number and says a lot of words to me that really didn't make sense. Then thanks me for publishing the press releases from him in May and July, linked in the box to the right, and hangs up.

Riccardo Santini called me a couple of months ago to ask about Sal and ended the conversation with "I thought the guy smelled like bullshit" after I had alerted him to the possibility Sal wasn't all what he said he was.

Speaking of people coming out of the woodwork, from Bettie Rage:

Hi Steve...
I understand that you are doing a story on Sal Mckvey... Please read the email that I sent Sal on Myspace below:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Ms Bettie Rage
Date: Oct 8, 2007 11:34 AM

I just visited that website mythicmodels.com
1) All the info about me is incorrect... size, race, etc. etc.!
2.) I do remember having a conversation about this agency at [a dubious event], you gave me paperwork then took it back to give some other girl.
3.) Never did I authorize this website and its owners to use my image without my permission or authorization.
4.) I don't wish to be part of any agency.
5.) How long has this website been up? I have not received any calls nor emails (on MySpace) for any work. Who has gotten work from this agency?
6.) All business decision need to brought both to me and my manager (which he has no knowledge of any of this.)

All in all I wish to have my image and name removed ASAP. I do have reasons as to why I want this done now. It is of no consequence as to why but that is my wish, Sal. Please respect the fact that I am stating this message to you.

Thank you.

As you can see I was direct and firm with my request. Within a week my image and stats were removed from the website, but my image is still on the Mythic Model MySpace under the wrong name.

Being in the adult industry is about the connection one has made, yes I did indeed have Sal take some pictures of me but that was it. I do however wish him luck in his adventures but without my name or image to him.

This was his response to my email: "ok hun"

Ms Bettie Rage

You would not believe why he will never DARE talk to Cleopatra of the Nile ever again! I'm not even going to write about it because it's so disturbing!

There are more people clamoring to add their two cents to this but it's already way too long! I told Jamie "Tex" Sexton about all of this and said Sal was the kind of guy who you wanted to punch just for walking up and standing next to you and he said "trust your instincts". I wouldn't want to punch him, though. Let's just show the little weasel some love in hopes that he'll grow the fuck up!

HardArt Films

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